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I saw everyone’s face changed greatly.

The actress’s face also gives birth to timidity, but soon she said, "Yan Jie, don’t beg him. I have a lot of advertising contracts now. I can’t believe the company will hide me …"
Xiao Yanli interrupted her "Shut up!"
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t even give the actress a look. He took a look at Xiaoyan and looked like a dull wave. Then he turned to me and said, "Go."
I followed until I was out of the fool’s door, and I took a heavy breath.
Section 2
Ye Xiangyuan Yuzryha sent me back. He was picked up by another car.
I feel relaxed instead.
Lu Ye Wen comforted me with a smile. "Ding Jie, don’t just be angry with those people. It’s just a few small roles."
Of course I’m not at ease. I’m worried that Ye Xiangyuan is afraid that he will continue to look for me as a shield.
After a week, Ye Xiangyuan didn’t contact me, and no one came to me. When he met him at school on Wednesday, he nodded at me.
I’m completely at ease.
It’s uncle Wang from Wenlu who keeps coming to the news.
According to our idea, we wanted Wen Lu to be sentenced again, but the Wen family moved around and finally got a year.
This is the result of Uncle Wang and Uncle Wen trying to run.
Uncle Wang revealed that Wen’s backer, the Imperial City, had some status, and Wenlu was picked out. I don’t know which noble person stepped in to help us before Wenlu was punished.
I can’t help thinking of Ye Xiangyuan.
It should be him.
Besides, I can’t think of anyone who can do this. My parents and friends are all in the field of scientific research. Although some of them are respected experts, they have not entered the real circle.
品茶Is Ye Xiangyuan didn’t take the initiative to this matter I also can when I don’t know.
But I think who is the backer behind the Wen family?
I attended the day Wen Lu was sentenced.
I’m still satisfied with the final trial result, as long as Wen Lu and Ning Qi are punished.
Uncle Wang suddenly asked me in a low voice, "Are you familiar with Second Young Master Ye?"
I think that when Ye Xiangyuan appeared in the parking lot that day, his reaction with Uncle Wen must have been to know Ye Xiangyuan …
I laughed when I thought of this. "I don’t know him very well. He just helped me a little."
Uncle Wang was thoughtful and didn’t ask.
The affair of cheating on me was over, and my life was calm again.
I didn’t expect Xiaoyan to find the door again after half a month.
Ye Xiangyuan said that Xiaoyan would come to me when she didn’t have time …
I can’t help but bemoan whether he is reliable or not.
Xiaoyan blocked me directly and told me to go with her.
Of course I can’t promise.
Xiaoyan sneered, "This is not your choice."
My heart is tight.
I’m completely unprepared this time. If she comes hard, where can I resist?
I want to seize the opportunity to escape Xiao Yan’s hand, but I am surrounded and pushed.
What surprised me even more was that there was another person in the car who was impressively Wen Lu.
Chapter 24 Do you know what I can do to help her?
A lot of speculation flashed through my mind and I finally remained silent.
Wen Lu looked at me proudly. "Is it a surprise?"
I’m really surprised, but at the moment I’m more worried about my own safety.
If it is Xiaoyan, I still have some confidence in dealing with her. After all, my contradictions with her all stem from Ye Xiangyuan, and I can explain to her clearly.
But Wen Lu had a problem with me and I set it up again. If she wants to get back at me, I can’t escape.
See Xiaoyan car I busy said "it seems that you helped her, but you should check Ye Xiangyuan is my side"
Xiaoyan stared at me coldly.
I looked her in the eye without weakness. "Aren’t you afraid that he will give you trouble?"
Xiaoyan sneered, "Don’t scare me. I know he hasn’t come to see you for many days."
It seems that she was prepared for staring at me.
I looked at her straight and said, "I think you know his character, and you can’t deny that he won’t leave me alone."
May be these words to stimulate her Xiaoyan face became ferocious gnashing way "you he is sincere to you? It’s a bit presumptuous of you to try to cling to him on your terms! "
Wen Lu added fuel to the fire. "Don’t dream, Ye Ershao is impossible. You blame Yan Jie!"
I ignored her and turned to Xiaoyan. "Think again, you know him better than I do, and I won’t allow others to touch me."
Of course, this statement is based on Ye Wen’s remarks to me a few days ago. Two popular florets have been completely banned and will never appear on the screen again.
I checked the news online, and the two people really changed their roles and even the recorded programs were stopped.
Although Ye Wen said that the handling was very low-key and there were no rumors on the Internet, the whole entertainment circle knew that it was the second young master Ye’s personal order, and the reason was only because the two men said a few disrespectful words to me.