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Zhang Hengyi looked at the side facing his camera at this time and looked around again. No matter omg or his teammates, they all looked at themselves with curiosity at this moment, so they immediately realized that they really had to explain it to them. Otherwise, if you keep going like this, you can suddenly suppress the umbrella!

I don’t know if you have noticed, but there is a very significant difference between ez releasing Q skills and releasing normal attacks.
The words just fell, but it was like a stone stirring up a thousand waves, which directly made almost all professional players suddenly have a small discussion.
After all, in their cognition, whether it is to release Q skills or to release general attack and flat cut, there will be obvious spells to raise hands, but there is still any difference between the two, which makes others confused for a while.
If it weren’t for the words from the mouth of an, the first middle school in China, I’m afraid others would have scoffed and just laughed and left.
However, it is precisely because an said this with a serious face that everyone on the side did not dare to laugh or ridicule. Instead, they all whispered and seemed to be discussing and thinking about what an’s words meant.
Ha ha, the answer is very simple, that is, ez will lift his left hand when he releases the flat cut and lift his right hand when he releases the Q skill! !” to be continued
Chapter sixtynine The first single should be ashamed!
left hand and right hand?
At this moment, the umbrella is like being suddenly hit by a flash, but when it is finished, it stays in the same place. The mouth mutters that it is very tight and Zhang Hengyi’s hand is suddenly loose, but he seems to have no idea that his hands have slipped quietly. At this time, the force is hanging in the middle.
I have to say that although he is one of the top professional players in China, he has never heard of it and never considered it. He can also distinguish what skills he releases in a moment according to the right and left hands of enemy heroes! !
He didn’t know what to say at this time. After all, he didn’t pay attention to these dynamic differences in Qiangen, but at this moment, after suddenly hearing an say this, he seemed to vaguely remember that ez was indeed crossing his hands when casting skills and slashing.
What, what? Can it still be like this? ?”
At this moment, the big brother is no less shocked than the client Xiao Umbrella, because he has been thinking about this problem all the time before, and he has considered many aspects more than in the end. It can also be attributed to it, so it is not an’s temporary luck, but at this time, after hearing that an humanity has a real reason, it makes him suddenly realize!
It turns out that ez’s arm raised when releasing skills is different from that when hitting a general attack and a flat cut! !
Release skill is to raise your right hand to make a flat cut but raise your left hand!
This is so subtle that it can be said that it really shocked every professional player present at this time!
Let them suddenly understand at this moment that they can still distinguish the enemy’s gestures in this way, and they can also give their insight to this point in such a tense game! !
At this time, although all the famous star players in the country can be said to be very famous because of getting up and shaking hands, they suddenly heard an’s answer, which was simply beyond imagination, and then all the departments froze in place.
One by one, either frowning or gently holding the bar, or leaning on the side of the highbacked chair, but they are unified, almost at the same time, they are all thinking about it with an incredible expression.
Personally, they hit this new door that no one has ever touched before.
And that’s why they are one of the top professional players in China. They are here at the moment!
I really understand an.
What is better than yourself! ! !
But just from such an extremely subtle detail is enough to reflect the gap between the two! !
An ah an
The first single name in other countries! !
What a shame! ! !
the amount? What’s this? What’s this? Why did you shake hands and stay there? ?”
At this time, the doll looked at the brain screen in front of her eyes, and the angle of view had just been specially cut by the director, but she was extremely surprised to find that the handshake etiquette after the game should be quickly ended, and it was actually stuck there when it was an’s turn to shake hands! ?
Omg lost the game. Is it going to get back after the game? ?
I seem to have seen this just now. It seems that when an shook hands with Xiao Umbrella, Xiao Umbrella took the initiative to ask something, and then an gave him an answer on the spot, and then it became like this.
Miller is also a black line at this time. Obviously, there are some confusion about the situation. After all, the two teams, we and omg, have been veterans for many years. How can something go wrong when they shake hands symbolically?
You know, there have been many similar situations before, perhaps because you are angry at losing the game or are still thinking about the specific circumstances of the previous game, so a player on the losing side ignored the other side when they came to shake hands in a friendly way.
约茶This directly leads to the fact that after the game, not only the player is sprayed as a dog, but also his team will be implicated and discredited. For the old team who has been on the battlefield for a long time, nothing will go wrong at this symbolic moment.
But what the hell is this situation? ?
And because lpl is a largescale regular competition, to be fair, all the contestants are in the competition room with good sound insulation effect, so that the contestants will not hear the explanation sound outside and will not be affected by the noise.
Then, by the same token, you can’t hear what’s going on outside, so the audience and commentators outside have no idea that the dialogue is rooted.
Ah, well, well, it seems that the communication between the two players has been completed. At this time, they have all walked out of the venue in harmony. Now let’s cheer and shout to welcome the winners of a game, the we team boys!
Fortunately, however, this embarrassing scene only lasted for a few seconds, and soon all the professional players realized that the occasion was wrong, so they moved their steps one after another, followed by the passion and shouts of thousands of live audiences, and slowly walked to the stage of the game to meet their own.
Glory moment!
Hello, everyone, I’m Xiao Cang. Now I’ve come to the break room to have a rest. After today’s exciting game, let’s interview five boys who just unfortunately lost to the we team omg ~
Since the weekly game lasts for a total of three days, there are only two games every day. At this time, after the game between we and omg is over, today’s game is naturally over.
So Xiao Cang, the special host of today’s game, came to omg’s lounge at the first time after the game to prepare an interview with an omg team that just narrowly lost to the top title of the we team standings.
Hi ~ Hello everyone, I’m Xiao Cang
Hello, Sister Cang
Hey, Sister Cang, hello.
How did Sister Cang become beautiful again today?
Fouryearold Xiao Cang plus himself is the reason why he was a veteran of the competition circle, and he was elected by the Olympic Committee to hand over the Olympic torch during the Beijing Olympic Games in 2 years. The boys who are just in their early 2 s are naturally very kind when they face Xiao Cang, a sister in the competition circle.
Soon, this interview with omg after the game was successfully drawn to the end in experienced Xiao Cang, but at the end of the interview, Xiao Cang couldn’t help but directly ask an umbrella with a curious face.
Well, actually, I’m still curious. I don’t know what you two said when you shook hands with an at that time.
Xiao Cang knows that although this question may be a little sensitive, it is definitely a question that the audience pay most attention to and expect. After all, at that time, because the pilot cut the camera directly to an, almost all the audience watching the live broadcast had already noticed the embarrassing scene that happened at the competition venue.
Therefore, since we have come to interview omg, adding ourselves is indeed very curious about this problem, so Xiao Cang finally asked in front of the small umbrella because of his impatience.
eh? Ah, hi, actually, I didn’t say anything, that is, in the second game, didn’t I ez go after the remnant fisherman? But in the end, I was directly killed by an, and I was killed because I came here to help ez raise my hand to make him mistake when cutting flat. I wanted to release Q skills and then cheat the fisherman out of E skills.
But who knows that when I first hit the general attack and flat cut, he seemed to have expected it, but he didn’t directly hand over his e skill. Instead, it was when I took over the Q skill that it helped the e skill to directly avoid my Q and then completed this wave of extreme blood killing.
At this time, Xiao Umbrella once again talked about being killed by an fisherman, but there was surprisingly no other emotion. She neither complained that she was unlucky nor belittled an, so as to save herself from being killed.
On the contrary, it is very indifferent, just like being shown a face of people who are not him, calmly telling the real reason why he will be killed by the fisherman.
Ah, I get it. Were you asking an what could have guessed that when you first raised your hand, it was a general attack and a flat cut instead of a more likely Q skill?
Xiao Cang suddenly realized after hearing this. After all, in that situation at that time, most people must be thinking about directly taking away a Q skill. Where did the fisherman think so much about winding around the small umbrella? After thinking about a situation, he was finally killed by the an fisherman to the limit. So it is conceivable that he was depressed and puzzled in his heart.
And Xiao Cang is even more curious after knowing the cause and effect of the incident. What magic did An use at that time to directly guess that his first hand movement was actually to confuse his eyes?
What’s more, I wonder that Umbrella couldn’t help asking an directly at the game site at the first time after the game.
Hey, he didn’t guess, but the real reason was that I didn’t know it until he told me himself.
Umbrella at this time is not from get is wry smile, I can’t help but turned to look at the side that is almost an expression with yourself teammates that is quite embarrassing continued.
In fact, ez lifts his left hand when he releases the flat cut, but lifts his right hand if he releases his skills! !”
Just before the small umbrella voice just fell, it was curious and ready to listen to the answer from the small umbrella mouth with a light smile. Xiao Cang was just like when it was still.
Just stay there!
I didn’t know this until he told me himself. Oh, I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect it.

Almost can’t resist Yang Long activity was numb with cold, thinking like a flash in my heart maybe wait until I get used to the changing law of new ability, even if it’s the 15th order peak, the strong can be more relaxed.

Suddenly there was a loud noise in the distance, which made Yang Long hold back his reverie in his mind. When he turned his sight, he found that a torrent of energy mixed with several iron filings had hit his eyes from somewhere in the city.
Kill the ranger? Yang Long mind flashed a fragment raised his right hand ahead of virtual push.
A wisp of pale blue fog quickly appeared beside Yang Long, and as his thoughts condensed in front of him, a shield composed of broken airflow was formed to block himself completely.
Moment energy torrent then hit.
Magic energy, metal mixed together, track rotation is accelerating like a highspeed rotation, and Jin Gangzuan severely chiselled on the surface of the shield composed of gas strength, making a toothache noise.
At one time, Yang Long’s position was swallowed up by the fivemeter diameter energy torrent, and the solid mountain wall nearby was also scraped by waves every second, and a large amount of stony gravel fell towards the mountain wall.
Almost half a minute later, the mountain wall was about ten meters high, and the wound has increased by more than thirty meters, and the energy torrent offensive has gradually weakened. After a few seconds, it disappeared in the air and stood at the edge of the wound.
Impressively is always maintained a posture hard to meet the enemy a secret skill Yang Long.
Sure enough, the 15thorder enemy has threatened me. Yang Long secretly thought and affirmed his previous estimate.
Compared with the previous ice gun technique, just this torrent of energy, Yang Long not only easily fought hard, but also spared no effort to finally perceive the release of the blow, the enemy’s hiding position, the other party’s general physical strength and other orders.
It’s a city with a strength of about 14 orders, which is located more than 150 meters to the left of Yang Long.
Since I perceive it, don’t try to run! Yang Long undo block in front of the shield composed of gas strength without looking at your feet slightly bent squat is preparing to power toward being killed ranger jump suddenly fierce looked up at yi? That’s
品茶论坛A black spot, almost invisible to the naked eye, appeared from the crystal tree wall in the night, and then quickly fell in less than two seconds, then crossed the kilometer distance and bumped into the old butcher.
Actually, it was a human warrior who held his hands high and his sword was erect and fell into a frenzy.
Looked up and looked up at the sky. Yang Long’s sight just touched the human warrior, and he felt a surge of murder hanging over his body. The familiar face made the old butcher a little startled than anger and madness.
Are you? !” Yang Long pupil suddenly shrink a big pale blue fog in the body.
Rushing in, the human soldiers directly hit the wound on the mountain wall of Yang Long, which was shrouded in blue fog, and immediately exploded a large amount of dust and smoke. A destructive shock wave spread from the original center of Yang Long in the direction of Crystal Tree Wall City.
And the mountain wall reinforced by magic repeatedly made a clicking sound, like building blocks piled together, the whole mountain collapsed and covered everything in the smoke.
On the other side, the city was caught in a sea of fire, swept by the shock wave, uprooted like a turfgrass, and the remains were thrown high like a salute in the dark night.
Seven strong men of different races and heights came together from their respective hiding places because of this shock wave, namely four night elf professionals, two human professionals and one blood elf professional.
The body of that night elf who was kil by Yang Long was also held by two night elves.
Oh no! A resolute male night elf with a height of more than three meters is holding a female night elf thief with a sunken chest in her arms and crying and shouting, Liv, Liv! Please don’t leave me!
The other three night elves were also depressed under the influence of their peers. One of them looked younger, dressed as a druid, dressed as a male night elf, and muttered to himself in a trance, Nature is incredible.
It’s not your fault, said the elder night elf, relieved when he found that his companion was mentally abnormal.
Pseudosuperstrength, strong body vitality is very strong, and it is reasonable to say that it has suffered fatal injuries, but for the beheading or destruction of the head, it can save one’s life when it is treated.
However, when the incubation period comes, the night elves are ready to rescue their companions who have been hit hard by Yang Long instantly, only to find that in a few seconds, both companions have completely died, and the natural forces have finished sending them out.
Now is not the time to be sad, night elf, said the female blood elf, half serious and half gloating. That human may not be dead yet!
It’s no secret that the blood elves and the night elves have been at odds because their ancestors were exiled.
Hearing the words of female blood elves, several night elves were angry at first, and then looked at each other with dignity. After that, the oldest night elf said, Impossible, right? Storm kingdom humans, didn’t you say
Ps weekend is estimated to be hopeless again, but after some death, I hope to return to the state of 1 shift every day next week, and I will be good for more than a month.
NO535 Leo Fuding
No535 Leo Fuding
Nicholas’s great manpower can really reach the 15 th order. Answer that human beings are an old man who speaks slowly and forcefully and can’t recognize his emotions. But from the point of view of the fight just now, maybe there is really no way to control Bin Grofi.
Perhaps it is the statement that Ying Zheng has not waited for several others to respond. In the smoke and dust formed by the collapsed mountain, a tall figure pooped up and flew out of the mudcovered area and stayed in the oblique sky of several strong people.
Impressively, it is said by all that Bin Grofei, that is, the old butcher Yang Longren.
Easily deal with spotless before compared with this moment, Yang Long suspected a lot of mess, covered in mud, not to mention that his left hand was elbowbroken, and half of his body was stained with blood, and his energy was also a little sluggish
The pie mouth spit out one mouthful blood. Yang Long looked down at several enemies. The fighting spirit in his eyes not only did not decrease, but emerged more strongly. The corners of his mouth hooked up with a sneer. Oh, are there seven others?
Seven pseudosuperorder strong men looked up at Yang Long or their allies who were caught by Yang Long in the right hand.
Lord Nicholas! Earlier speaking, the elderly human stared at Bai. Yang Long grabbed his throat with one hand and was already in a coma. Nicholas looked at the old butcher’s eyes and could not conceal his panic. You traitor!
The old man Yang Long also knew that it was when he grasped the true meaning of dark strength that he killed seven highorder and toporder adventurers, and another pseudosuperorder strong man came to hand over the storm kingdom to attract the strong man, Walson Freimore, a thief in MI 7.
Yo, it’s an acquaintance again. Yang Long said, Don’t wait for each other to finish, it’s a wrist move.

"Inter Milan’s defence also made a mistake. Materazzi made a low-level mistake like Iankel. He took the lead."

"It’s strange that Lu Wenbin can’t catch such an opportunity in the forbidden area."
Hoffenheim players rushed to celebrate the stadium, and Inter Milan players were bereaved.
Lu Wenbin’s second goal stunned Inter Milan.
It’s too short at this time
Champions League history has never heard of scoring twice in three minutes.
The head coach had just reached the instruction to swing the bus to the death, and then Lu Wenbin scored twice in 3 minutes to equalize the score.
And like Hoffenheim’s experience, Materazzi’s low-level mistake led to the goal, which also hit Inter Milan players hard
Half-time Hoffenheim was hit hard, and half-time Inter Milan was hit hard.
Materazzi lifted his jersey and covered his face, looking ashamed.
Mourinho slammed the bottle in his hand and splashed a piece of water on the sidelines.
After breaking the water bottle, Mourinho had to start thinking about how to play the next game.
Attacking Inter Milan has been playing against counter-tactics, and the attacking players are not defensive enough, so they may not be able to defend themselves.
Obviously Hoffenheim has been crazy, and Lu Wenbin has been crazy.
Materazzi’s mistake is one thing, but Lu Wenbin can sweep the ball into the door frame and score a goal without stopping shooting, which is the embodiment of Lu Wenbin’s personal ability.
Mourinho was caught in a dilemma and asked for a monthly ticket.
Chapter 3 Count the seconds to kill
The game resumed when Mourinho was still hesitant about how to play the game.
夜网论坛  title=Hoffenheim was not satisfied with equalizing the score, but Lu Wenbin scored twice in 3 minutes and launched a more violent offensive.
Everyone wants to continue to rally to reverse the score.
In the next few minutes, Inter Milan couldn’t even cross the half-court.
Even if Inter get the ball, Zuculini and others will be crazy to force it back.
Seeing this, Mourinho’s gambling genes are gone.
Being equalized by Hoffenheim’s two goals in three minutes, Mourinho was very unhappy and his strategy of defending the championship by throwing a bus failed.
Although it is a draw now, there is still a chance to win until the penalty shoot-out, and Inter Milan’s goalkeeper strength and players’ penalty kick strength are better than Hoffenheim’s
However, kicking penalty kicks is more a test of luck, and experienced Inter Milan players may not necessarily win the penalty shootout.
Mourinho doesn’t want to stick to the end of the 12-minute game and then pin his hopes of winning the championship on the luck of kicking a penalty.
Besides, it is a question whether the average age and overall physical fitness of Inter Milan can last until the end of the 12-minute game.
Therefore, Mourinho simply did nothing, and the center Diego Milito changed to 37 years old, and his physical fitness has begun to decline seriously. Captain Sati changed to 4132 and fought with Hoffenheim, hoping to solve the battle in 9 minutes.
Lu Wenbin was handed over to Cambiaso to watch the defense alone.
Although there is one person missing from the defense line to guard him, Lu Wenbin seems to be out of luck.
When it came, the two sides fought against each other, but neither of them scored.
Milito’s shot in the forbidden area was blocked by chasing Zuculini.
Lu Wenbin also had a wonderful backhand shot which was saved by Cesar, otherwise it would be a classic goal in the Champions League final.
In this game, the injury time was 4 minutes until the third minute of injury time, and neither side had scored a goal. The score was still 22.
It’s already 93 minutes and 3 seconds, and everyone knows that Hoffenheim and Inter Milan are going to play overtime.
At this time, when Deng Baba was preparing to break through the bottom line, it caused the defender Qi Wu to foul. Hoffenheim got an Italian ball outside the forbidden area less than 5 meters from the bottom line.
The corner kick in this position doesn’t make much difference, but it is a little closer to the goal than the corner kick.
But it’s also difficult to score a direct Italian shot.
Lu Wenbin, a former Hoffenheim who won this position, never took the penalty, but let his teammates take him to the forbidden area to help him run and bounce for the header.
But this time Eduardo looked at two Inter players, Stankovic and Milito, who were lined up in front of the ball. He waved to Lu Wenbin to let him pass.
Running around the forbidden area, Lu Wenbin ran over and asked Eduardo, "What’s the matter?"

Jiang Xiao’s rejection made Rong Lu have to take back his hand. I must be sorry for her choice after my company’s grade is discharged from the hospital.

That Mrs. Jiang has a good rehabilitation hospital. I’ve already said hello. I won’t bother Mrs. Jiang as long as you live. Mrs. Jiang will get together sometimes.
Rong Lu turned to leave and just walked to the door. Jiang Xiaoyin floated up behind him. Rong Zong’s demolition thing is just a few hundred thousand. Don’t go to a little money and dig again. It will happen.
It’s advice! Of course, Jiang Xiao also has selfishness, that is, he is afraid that his wife Rong Shi will encounter such dangerous things again.
Of course, of course, prosecutor Jiang, please rest assured that I have sent someone to deal with it.
Rong Lu clearly knows what Jiang Xiao cares about. It’s not a day or two for him to mix in E city. After answering with a smile, he took the driver out of the static ward. The man leaned deeply and couldn’t figure out what was going on in his heart.
Jiang Xiao took a look at his wife lying in a hospital bed and took out a cellular phone to call Jiang Guqin Lv Chen.
Lv Chen give me a trip to take wealthy family back
Come here.
Hang up after get Lv Chen should.
Why should I go back to Beijing? Jing Zhi was in a panic after hearing his order to Lv Chen. She didn’t want to go back to his house to raise a baby there. She didn’t know how much to eat. She was so fucking bitter that she wouldn’t go.
When you go home, my mother Pei Yi will take care of me before you can work safely.
I can take care of myself, but you don’t take care of me. Quietly, she won’t go to Beijing to kill her, and she won’t think of going to his house for the next time. His house is a mess, and his mother Suli’s face is a living hell. This time, when another man is injured, she doesn’t know what her mother will say.
Can you? He can’t get out of bed with these words, but he will try to be brave and take care of himself.
I can’t move, but I have my mother and my mother to take care of me.
Your mother should do as your father does. Don’t make trouble for your mother. She has been tired for a generation. I know that there are servants in my family. I know that you are biased against my mother. Now you are pregnant with our Jiang family. She won’t do anything to you. Jiang Xiao tried to persuade her that it was impossible. He also had to forcibly send her back to Beijing. During this period, he should stay there for two or three months when he was working on a case in Kyoto, and he could also take care of her.
I’m so sick that I can’t even take care of myself. Dad knows that his words are soft. She can’t give mom any more trouble. Mom is tired enough to take care of her father. Suffer the indignities! It’s okay. She can bear it with her teeth. If you want to make mom relaxed,
Seeing his wife’s head down and no longer gnawing at Jiang Xiao’s eyes, with a sly smile, I knew that his wife was a filial child and had no confidence in her father and mother.
Jingzhi was in a wheelchair with her hands sliding and rolling, and the wheelchair slid to the windowsill. There were several bunches of irises on the windowsill, which made people insert them beautifully in the morning. A few flowers were mixed with white flowers and looked unique.
Stretched out his hand and opened a window, a ray of sunshine shone into the room, closed his eyes and looked up. She smelled the unique sunshine, with a faint smell of grass and soil. Last night, a heavy rain and strong wind blew off some new blooms in the garden. The rain poured over the world, and the clouds in the sky were always clean and white, as if they didn’t contain a trace of human dust. In the blink of an eye, she had lived in Jiangzhai for almost ten days. Mrs. Jiang Su Li saw that it was not difficult for her to be injured in the leg and pregnant with Jiangjia’s flesh and blood. She also said a lot of help to her
Liu Shu came back from her parents’ home with her yesterday. At this moment, the mother and daughter are wearing flowers and laughing in the courtyard, and she is about to taste this family happiness! In the past two days, her leg injury recovered quickly. The doctor told her to try to grow up, but every time she fell back into the wheelchair. Pei Yi and several people took turns pushing her to the yard for a ride all day, eating and sleeping all day, and eating very happily. Last night, Jiang Xiao came back, as if he was busy at work and tired after taking a shower, and fell into bed, sleeping soundly. Because he woke up during the day and wanted to turn around in the dead of night, it was good to see him so tired.
She sat in a wheelchair and watched the sun on the horizon slowly turn yellow like blood, and the sun gradually turned into beautiful clouds. Then a celebrity came to ask, Does Second Mistress want to eat in the building?
Bring it! I don’t know why she doesn’t want to go upstairs for dinner tonight, because she seems to have heard Jiang Moyin, the man who is not responsible for Liu Shu. He is Jiang Xiao’s eldest brother. It is reasonable to say that she should respect him, but since she saw him punching and kicking Liu Shu, she has an unspeakable dislike for him.
Good the servant came back with a wooden tray with a big bowl of chicken soup and a small dish of purple vegetables. What’s the name of chicken blood dishes in my hometown? Chinese medicine says this dish has the function of nourishing brain and blood!
After the servant stepped back, she picked up the chopsticks and didn’t eat much. About half an hour later, the celebrity came to wash the dishes upstairs again.
The blossoming hongxia outside the window has been swallowed up by the darkness, and the darkness has come. She shouted at the door, Purple chrysanthemum comes in.
Well, here comes Second Mistress. Ziju is responsible for waiting on her young girl. She has been moving all the time. When she heard her call, she rushed into her bedroom. Second Mistress has something to do?
Come and help me. I want to take a bath. Ok Ziju came over and put her hands on the handles on both sides of the wheelchair and pushed her into the bathroom. She also carefully unzipped the back of her dress and lifted her from the chair, then carefully and cautiously put her into the warm tub.
Ziju, you go out first lay in the bathtub smoothly. Although the skirt was soaked with water, the curve of the body was bare and the zipper on the back of the skirt was already open, she still didn’t want Ziju to see her whole naked body.
Good Ziju is a spiritual girl who knows what the owner is doing, hangs her head and puts her hands and fingers on her abdomen and exits the bathroom in a polite way.
Purple chrysanthemum went out and covered the door thoughtfully, only then did she dare to take off her dress boldly. The white tape on the injured thigh had been removed, revealing a small wound. The wound was a pink cross with a faint trace on all sides. The tape was attached and removed. The wound healed slowly, but it could not be touched with water. I’m afraid there will be another problem. She carefully moved her leg to the edge of the bathtub, then picked up the bath flower by the bathtub, squeezed two drops of bath lotion, poured the bath lotion on her palm and soaked it with water foam. A fresh shower gel and fragrance filled the air on the clear water. She moved very quickly and soon washed herself. The water in the bathtub was very warm and overflowed her shoulder blades. She was enjoying this rare comfort in the bathtub, and her eyelids became heavier and heavier. I don’t know when she fell asleep.
I feel that someone’s dry hair slowly opened his eyes by wiping his body and saw Jiang Xiao’s handsome masculine outline.
Are you back? hmm! The man didn’t talk much and helped her dry her body, so he turned and walked into the bathroom. When he came out soon, he had washed his body texture, divided his chest, and a few drops of water kept slipping. He was wrapped in a beige bath towel, and his hair was wet and he came up to her with a dry towel.
What did you do today?
He dried his hair, and he found out how to blow her hair, and then he was considerate. She wore pajamas, and her thick fingertips swept over her chest, bringing her waves of unprecedented fighting. At the end of the millet, she got into bed, pulled her long hair aside, and her thin lips imprinted her neck. One after another, she kissed her passionately, and gradually rose to each other’s bodies in a warm atmosphere …
No, no, no, suddenly something got into Jing Zhi’s mind, and she realized that her body was different at ordinary times, and she was pregnant. She couldn’t do this kind of stimulating movement any more.
Jiang Xiao lamented a big palm caress and asked her abdomen stop for a minute earnestly, Is he all right?
hmm! Go to sleep! It is also a kind of faint happiness that the lamp sleeps and the palm reaches over and embraces her full body because of pregnancy.
Jing Zhi slept soundly that night. Maybe Jiang Xiao slept beside her! When she woke up the next day, he was no longer around, reaching out and touching the pillow. The cold temperature of the pillow fabric crept through her fingertips, saying that the man had long since left. Ziju tried to get out of bed alone and hop into the wheelchair. At this time, she opened the door and came in and pushed her into the bathroom to wash. When she finished washing her teeth, she took her toothbrush to the faucet to wash it and prepared to put a clean toothbrush in that cup. The dress was a white shirt that Jiang Xiao bought last night.
Purple chrysanthemum will take out this shirt of the second young master and wash it.
Yes, replied Ziju, reaching for his shirt and looking down, she uttered a surprise. Second mistress, what is this? Purple chrysanthemum is a 15or 16yearold girl who saw a red seal on a white shirt and quickly got it in front of Jingzhi.
Is it blood? Is the second young master injured?
Jingzhi raised his eyes and fell right on the red print, which was a rose color print. Although it was faint in some places, you could still tell that it was a beautiful woman’s lip print.
Women’s lip prints? These four words flashed across my mind, and I knew that I was stunned. There was a red seal at the neckline of my white shirt. What did this say?
I don’t know what to think about, but the red mark is like blood red, calling to her that something seems to be slowly losing …
☆, budding Chapter 75 Small three gorgeous return
Jingzhi raised his eyes and fell right on the red print, which was a rose color print. Although it was faint in some places, you could still tell that it was a beautiful woman’s lip print.
Women’s lip prints? These four words flashed across my mind, and I knew that I was stunned. There was a red seal at the neckline of my white shirt. What did this say?
I don’t know what to think about, but the red mark like blood red tells her that something seems to be slowly losing …
Second mistress, what’s wrong with you? Seeing that she looks pale and dazed, she just saw a mass of blood. Second mistress’s face is so poor. Ziju, after all, is very careful and simple and curious, so of course she asked.
It’s okay, Ziju, you can take it to wash for the second young master! Don’t want to let the purple chrysanthemum girl have a chance to guess and tell her quietly.
Good second housewife Zi Ju walked out with a white shirt in her hand. Rub the soap in the red seal several times to keep it from leaving traces.
Zi Ju went out with clothes, and Jing Zhi was in a wheelchair with one heart. There was always a voice in her heart telling her that Jing Zhi didn’t want to think about it. Jiang Xiao wouldn’t betray you. He was so kind to you, but there was another voice saying that he didn’t necessarily love you much. It is normal for him to have his wife, but now he is her husband. She can’t let her take him away and let the baby be born without her father. Now Jing Zhi really regrets it. Why should she have a baby so rashly? If it weren’t for this child, maybe she wouldn’t worry so much.
All day long, she was immersed in this contradictory and painful mentality and wanted to make a conversation with Jiang Xiao to find out that there was a red lip print on her collar. It was even a misunderstanding, which made him feel that he didn’t have deep feelings for him. Now she is a pregnant woman, and it is impossible to stop her from thinking and she is extremely afraid. What if there is a woman outside Jiang Xiao?
What should we do? Thinking of this possibility, she swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty. She couldn’t get down to business. The bright rose lip print kept popping up in her mind. If there was a woman outside Jiang Xiao, she would say I didn’t give it to you smartly.
She can’t do it. After all, he is her husband now, regardless of her. Is this marriage like the beginning? Jing Zhi was so upset that she began to wonder if she didn’t do well there. Suddenly, last night, the lingering images of entanglements woke her up suddenly. Could it be that she couldn’t let him enjoy herself because she was pregnant, so he went out to eat wild food?
The room was stuffy, and she felt it was difficult to breathe. Jade Finger grasped the handle of the wheelchair and rolled it slowly out of the bedroom, and then Liu Shu came upstairs with sweet greetings.
Why don’t I make you a cup of tea?
Ziju saw that Second Mistress rolled out of the room in a wheelchair and was hiding around the corner to peek at Ziju and came around quickly.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Second mistress wants a building?
Jing Zhi listened intently for a while and heard the sound of a bowl breaking in the building, followed by Liu Shu slapping her crisp face, and then she severely blamed and angered The dead girl would not have been born if she had known, and she couldn’t even hold a bowl.
Liu Shu, what do you mean? Jiang Mo’s cold and harsh voice floated to Jiang Gu’s living room, and a tense war at home was about to break out.

Yu’s brother-in-law and Gao Zhiqiu started out together, because after they reunited, they lived a life of a fairy couple every day. I thought about it and there was nothing to write. Let’s just write a story about when they met 25 years ago. Yu’s brother-in-law was the youngest school at that time, and Gao Zhiqiu was 19 years old and just went to college. By the way, I also wrote a story about the three Yujia brothers when they were young.

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☆ 5. Who did you live with when you got divorced?
A shopping mall near D.
Huang Xiaoyu and Li Lili have many common topics in beauty, and a threesome is the most silent one.
Although the other two did not deliberately show or crowd out, the personality caused by the living environment since childhood still made her clearly aware of the gap between them
品茶论坛  title=Especially when buying sunscreen, watching those two people buy such expensive things without blinking, Gao Zhiqiu’s heart hurts like something.
When she came to school, she brought a semester of study and life. After being stolen, although the kind-hearted person gave a lot of money, it was not her own money after all.
Gao Zhiqiu has already thought about going out to work to earn money after class when he stops military training.
"Don’t you buy Zhiqiu?" Huang Xiaoyu asked
Gao Zhiqiu shook his head. "I won’t buy it."
"Buy it or you’ll die of sunburn," Huang Xiaoyu advised.
Section 715
Gao Zhiqiu has made up her mind that things are too expensive. She really can’t afford to get rid of them. She would rather get a tan than go hungry.
Huang Xiaoyu also wanted to say that Li Lili quietly pulled her arm and said, "Forget it if you don’t buy it. Let’s go to dinner."
Gao Zhiqiu secretly breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t expect that the place to eat turned out to be a well-decorated small restaurant next door. The high price of vegetables scared the hell out of her.
"Zhiqiu, please order one. Let’s order one dish each, and then aa." Huang Xiaoyu said.
Gao Zhiqiu frowned and looked back and forth for half a day and finally said, "Then … moo Shu pork."
Vegetarian and moderate in price, it will neither be petty nor appear swollen and fat.
Li Lili smiled and stretched out his hand to call member.
After dinner, the three returned to the dormitory together.
A good summer night on the university campus.
Huang Xiaoyu said as he walked, "Do you know that it is said that Tianlai gave us military training as a special soldier in the army?"
"Special forces?" Li Lili surprised "wouldn’t it be very strict? Mama ah I’m afraid … "
"What are you afraid of? We are all college students. How can they be strict?" Huang Xiaoyu said with a smile, "I mainly want to tell you that the chief instructor is the youngest school in China at present. It is said that he is also called the’ male god in the army’ and he must be very handsome."
"Wow, handsome boy? Then don’t we have eyes? "
"Yeah, maybe we can have a vigorous love affair with the instructor then."
"You want to be beautiful!"
"Why can’t you think …"
Two people frolicking next to Gao Zhiqiu couldn’t help but think of the scene at the entrance of the afternoon train.
That soldier … seems like a real person.
"Zhiqiu" Huang Xiaoyu suddenly gathered around her again. "Don’t be angry when I ask you a question."
Gao Zhiqiu looked at her in surprise. "How come? Ask."
"Do you have a boyfriend?" Huang Xiaoyu asked
"No" Gao Zhiqiu shook his head honestly.
"True or false?" Huang Xiaoyu doesn’t believe that "I heard people say that boys who study art can be charming. How can you not like boys because you are so beautiful?"
Gao Zhiqiu said, "I really didn’t come to study in high school. How can I have puppy love?"
What’s more, if she really fell in love early, it is estimated that her mother would have broken her leg a long time ago.
"But you’re not in college now. You can fall in love." Huang Xiaoyu added.
Gao Zhiqiu smiled noncommittally.
The school rules are to get camouflage in the classroom at 9 o’clock.
Get up early the next morning, a girl’s dormitory is busy, and the washstand outside is even more crowded. There are only two rows of faucets that add up to less than six, but the girls in the whole building are crowded together …

"No!" This person suddenly bent his left leg slightly, bent his right arm and drew a circle with his right palm, and pushed it out!

"Is he going to do it now?" Ling Feiyang thought of here a dashed posture faster than this person head has blocked the van in front of the elders!
Unexpectedly, however, this palm of his hand was not taken to Elder Fan, but to a flagpole beside Elder Fan!
This palm force looks very powerful, but this flagpole, which is two fingers thick, is still!
The gray beggar’s palm is both rigid and flexible, and he can send and receive freely. It is the first move of "Kang Long has regrets"!
"Flying what are you excited about? Will I hurt my own people if I keep calling? " The beggar in gray smiled and said to Ling Feiyang, "Even if someone can pretend to be my appearance, can you learn this trick of’ Kang Long has regrets’?"
"Even if you learn a few tricks, it may not be surprising!" Ling Feiyang said
"good! Then I will show you these ten palms! " The beggar in gray folded his left hand to the hook and took his right hand, and pushed Ling Feiyang out with two fingers and a half fists and a half palms. It was a trick to "hide the dragon"!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly flicker to avoid this person suddenly jumped up and slapped Ling Feiyang with his right palm commanding, and it was a "flying dragon day"!
Ling Feiyang didn’t strike back, but he kept flying and dodged. He was more and more surprised to see that this person would put the dragon in the palm of his hand.
"This man seems to have learned ten palms and his palms are strong. Is he really seven males?" Ling Feiyang had doubts about his judgment just now!
"No!" Seeing that the beggar in gray is about to finish playing Ling Feiyang, he finally found a problem!
Although this gray beggar’s palm method is very similar to the dragon’s ten palms, it seems to lack an "aura"!
In those days, in order to rescue Song Guotai, Zhao Hongling and Hong Qigong, they went to Mongolia to fight side by side. I have seen Hong Qigong put the dragon in the palm of my hand many times!
Every palm of Hong Qigong’s Ten Dragons exudes a kind of personality charm or is carrying a generation of heroes with awe-inspiring righteousness!
And this person used the dragon ten palms without Hong Qigong hair palm that kind of feeling but also seems to be with some evil!
This kind of "righteousness" and "evil" is a kind of unclear and inexplicable. However, Ling Feiyang actually perceived this "aura" with his rich combat experience and powerful energy field!
约茶"Although this person is a fake, I am the only one who can perceive this aura and can’t debunk this person’s ID card …" Ling Feiyang thought that he suddenly jumped back two feet away and shouted, "You are really good, but I want to learn how to beat a dog with a stick!"
Actually, just now, the six-bag brother named Shang Zhen Beggars’ Sect has seen this person’s beating the dog with a cudgel. Ling Feiyang didn’t really want this gray beggar to beat the dog with a cudgel again to make him take off his gloves!
Because the martial arts of beating a dog with a stick is very exquisite, the palm of a bamboo stick keeps turning, and the fingers must be flexible. Huang Rong has long told Ling Feiyang that if you wear gloves, this stick will be made by the root method!
However, Ling Feiyang never imagined that the beggar in gray smiled after hearing Ling Feiyang’s words and stretched his left hand to his right hand to pick this glove!
Ling Feiyang immediately looked at the beggar’s right hand in gray and found that the man’s right hand actually had four fingers, and the index finger was uniformly broken from the finger root, which turned out to be a withdrawal from Hong Qigong!
"Master Hong!" Brother XuanYuanTai Beggars’ Sect also saw this scene at the same time, and they all exclaimed!
"You didn’t hesitate to break your finger in order to impersonate Mr. Hong!" Ling Feiyang cried
"Since the broken fingers? That’s ridiculous! I keep screaming. This finger was broken twenty years ago! Ling Shaoxia, if you make trouble again, don’t blame me! " The beggar in gray suddenly waved his bamboo stick and attacked Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang had to pull out a long sword from behind to cast a real sword. This man fought and fought for dozens of strokes. Ling Feiyang gradually found that although the martial arts he made lacked "aura", it was really a dog-beating technique!
The beggar in gray suddenly shook his stick and jumped out of the battle group. He jumped to the edge of the platform and shouted to the platform, "Brothers Ling Shaoxia was deceived by traitors and framed me. I always told you what to do about this!"
"Hong Lao Wang made it really a slap in the face, Ling Shaoxia. You wronged a good man!" Taiwanese businessmen shouted in shock
"Ling Shaoxia, please calm down!" Another clean clothes sent seven bags of younger brother also cried
"Ling Shaoxia, he is really Master Hong!" Even a dirty clothes sent six bags of younger brothers to shout out.
Fan Yuantai, the elder, saw that most of the beggars’ brothers were convinced of the identity of this man’s leader, so he also said to Ling Feiyang, "Ling Shaoxia, I also think this man is Hong Lao’s leader!"
"You said you were old Wang Hong, so let me ask you something!" Ling Feiyang had a brainwave and suddenly said, "You once loved a woman when you were young. What was her name?"
"I always call a generation is love to eat but never loved a woman! What’s more, I’m a beggar, and my clothes are smelly and dirty, so where can I find a woman? " The beggar in gray asked Ling Feiyang, "Ling Feiyang, I’d like to know what you mean by asking this. Do you want to always ask the avatar to find some stains?"
"Hey you this fake and shoddy production lies don’t have a toothache? How dare you say that I am always called a woman! " Ling Feiyang hasn’t answered yet, but a very loud voice is coming from the high platform crowd! to be continued
Chapter 491 Confrontation
Ling Feiyang, a fake beggar in gray in Hong Qigong, fought bravely at the Junshan Conference in Dongting Lake, but this beggar in gray was so watertight that many beggars believed him!
However, at this moment, another middle-aged beggar came out of the crowd and jumped into XuanYuanTai!
Although this person looks very similar to a beggar in gray, he looks dignified and his brow exudes awe-inspiring righteousness. Ling Feiyang has already judged by intuition that this person is Hong Qigong, the former leader of the Beggars’ Sect!
"It’s so good that the Seven Duke didn’t have an accident!" Ling Feiyang’s heart fell to the ground with a big stone, but then he found that Hong Qigong looked rather pale and seemed to have been seriously injured.
See two "Hong Qigong" appeared at the same time, all the beggars’ brothers were shocked. Most people can’t tell which is true or false!
The beggar in gray immediately became nervous when he saw Hong Qigong suddenly appear, but he immediately recovered his composure and shouted to the beggar brothers in Gaotai, "How dare this man pretend to be the master brothers and arrest him for me!"
Because most of the Beggars’ Brothers have entered the heart first, they all think that this later middle-aged beggar is a fake. A dozen Beggars’ Brothers suddenly drew their weapons and charged at the real Hong Qigong!
"Who dares to do it!" Ling Feiyang suddenly yelled that this dozen beggar brothers were shocked by Ling Feiyang’s roar and no longer dared to continue to rush to Hong Qigong!
"Ling Feiyang, did you do everything possible to cover up this fake Wang and have already taken refuge in the Mongols?" The beggar in gray suddenly questioned Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang didn’t answer the question. Hong Qigong suddenly shouted, "Brothers, be calm and listen to the two of us. We can tell if it’s true or false!"
Hong Qigong turned to the beggar in gray and said, "You just said that I don’t have a woman’s favor, which is really too small for me. In fact, I did have a woman when I was young. Her name was Cheng Xueyi …"
"You don’t know how to behave, and you can even say such a thing!" The beggar in gray began to scold, "Our Beggars’ Guild Leaders are all lifelong nationals, and we have never heard of anyone marrying and having children. If you really let people like you become Beggars’ Guild Leaders, I’m afraid it will bring trouble to our whole Beggars’ Guild!"
"We beggars’ sect is not Shaolin Temple, where there are so many rules and regulations? Beggars’ brothers don’t have women but because women can’t look at us … "Hong Qigong said.
"Then why did you say this woman would love you?" The beggar in gray immediately asked Hong Qigong.
"That’s because when she met me, I was a rich man, and then my family was framed by a traitor, so I became a beggar." Hong Qigong said according to the truth.
"It’s ridiculous that you said these words, so why didn’t she abandon you after you became a beggar? Is it because raw rice has been cooked? " The beggar in gray continued to ask persistently.
"You fake Wang, please keep your mouth shut!" Lu Youjiao suddenly came forward and pointed to the beggar in gray and scolded him.
The beggar in gray was slightly stunned and immediately said, "Lu Youjiao, why don’t you talk about this fake Wang instead of me!"
"You are false wang! Today, among the brothers of the Beggars’ Sect, I, Lu Youjiao, grew up with Hong Lao Wang and had a life-long friendship. When Hong Lao Wang was young, I knew everything in Lu Youjiao’s heart! This Cheng Xueyi girl does exist, and her emotional experience with Hong Lao Wang can never be made up! Hong Lao Wang said these things to prove his identity, but you, a fake Wang, know nothing about these things! " Lu Youjiao seems to have identified the truth and gushed.
After hearing Lu Youjiao’s remarks, the brothers of Gaotai Beggars’ Sect began to talk about it again. Hong Qigong continued to ask the beggar in gray, "You said that you must have done a lot of heroic deeds as a leader of Beggars’ Sect, so how many traitors have you killed in your life?"
"I always call this life although chivalrous but also won’t literally kill people! A person’s life is precious unless he has committed a heinous crime. Forgive him! There are about a dozen people in the specific number! " Gray beggar immediately said
"Human life is precious? That sounds good to you! But since you’ve killed more than a dozen people, it’s eleven. Twelve? Or nineteen? How can you say that’ human life is precious’ if you can’t even remember the specific figures? " Hong Qigong didn’t pause and then said, "I tell you that I have killed 231 traitors in my life, and each of these 231 people has a blood debt for his damn reason!"
"Hong Lao Wang, Lu Youjiao, I still remember that at that time, thirty-three Xu Guo experts slaughtered a Song village, and twenty of them all killed the koo people. Just that time, your old man killed twenty-five people!" Lu Youjiao suddenly beside said.

When the body has changed, it is difficult to look at it with a frown. After scolding the root number three, the root number three is quiet.

In the end, he was caught in a fire, not to mention that she had a pair of black leggings left in her bust, and the whole person hung on him in an ambiguous and weird posture
Lying on the ground in that skirt
Fortunately, there were no outsiders in the courtyard …
At that time, she was so afraid that it was almost a cry for life. I didn’t expect that she would have such deep feelings for the root number three now.
"Captain Yu, captain Yu?" Ear to three fat call at the same time the arm was pulled by a soft little hand.
"Doctor, she’s calling you." Chang Huan Yan wakes up.
Yu Yu’s Adam’s apple slipped quickly before turning to three fat. "What’s the matter?"
"Now that you’re here, do you want to do a review?" Three fat asked earnestly.
"No" Yu Yu said and turned to Chang Huanyan. "It’s getting late. Go home."
Chang Huan Yan looked at him with a wink and nodded hesitantly.
As soon as the two figures left, the root number three immediately resumed the previous prone posture, and there was no spirit.
Three fat went to the cage and tried to open his mouth and shouted, "Root number three?"
Root number three didn’t respond. I didn’t even look up at her.
"Root number three, do you want to eat meat tonight?" Three fat looked at the root number three eyes black pupil than quiet joys and sorrows … None!
"Do you hear the root number three?" She shouted again.
Root number three "…"
Still no response
Qin Yinnai frowned.
The root number three is one. purebred tibetan mastiff is supposed to be very wild.
I still remember the first time Yu Yu sent it to the police force, and the ferocity and ferocity made her feel a little guilty after being a doctor for so many years.
Section 59
Who knows that as soon as Yu Yu left the root number three, he was painfully prone. Whoever called it ignored the lively and excited feeling when he first came.
When Yu Yu came to see it the next day, the root number three regained his spirit and kept screaming around him … It was a contrast!
Three fat shook his head and finally turned to leave.
When I got to the car, I often couldn’t help but say with some caution, "What did the doctor just say you wanted to review?"
Yu Yu stretched out his hand and pulled the gear tone and said, "There’s nothing wrong with it."
"…" Chang Huan yan corners of the mouth twitched quickly.
桑拿Then she quickly turned to look out the window.
Does she really want to love him? But I just happened to hear it, and is he her husband or her baby, in case something happens in the future …
The man’s low and serious voice suddenly sounded.
Chang Huanyan "…"
She bowed her head and silently despised herself while wearing the safety belt.
What a dog! It’s meddling!
Why don’t you care if he doesn’t know that he is a man who doesn’t understand amorous feelings?
Yu Yu glanced at his right hand side when he broke the car gear, and saw her frowning and pouting, and her face was full of annoyance.
Can’t help but fundus quickly across a smile.
But he still didn’t say anything. When he stepped on the soles of his feet in front, he drove the car out smoothly.
Spent all the way in silence

"I’m glad you can admit that you are Mrs. Lin." Lin Mo-chen’s eyes flashed with surprise when she admitted her identity. "And that husband was so sweet just now. Please call again and listen."

"Lin Mochen, you are sick." She just wanted to be angry with her father and dog.
"Mrs. Lin, you are medicine." Lin Mochen held her small bar with the other hand.
He spat at her face with the smell of tea.
Such intimacy still makes Lu feel uneasy.
She wants to struggle, but she dare not stand still for fear of getting burned.
"Mrs. Lin, there are two of us here. Take it easy." Mrs. Lin Mo-chen clapped her hands and shook her waist. She felt her body tense. "Even if we do something else, it’s normal."
His suggestive language made Lu feel ashamed, and his face was white with rouge, water and snow, and his skin was particularly white and red, like a ripe strawberry, which made people want to take a bite.
"Mrs. Lin blushed, is it not as hot as take off your coat?" Lin Mochen’s big palm has stopped from her waist, and her fingertips groped for the invisible zipper.
"Don’t fool around here, Lin Mo-chen." Lu You-hua’s slight discoloration is really afraid that Lin Mo-chen is bold.
"Mrs. Lin means that you can’t fool around here, but you can fool around at home." Lin Mo-chen picked up the words "Then let’s go home and satisfy you."
He misinterpreted the meaning of landing worries and made her really want to bite him.
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☆ 64 Who made Mrs. Lin so delicious?
Go home and satisfy her?
How can he say that his face is not red and he is panting
She won’t fall into his trap!
Lu sorrow extremely resentful eyes mercilessly stare at Lin Mochen.
While Lin Mo-chen looked at her angry, angry and lovely, but she was not annoyed at all. She smiled even more brightly than before.
"It’s so easy to get angry?" Lin Mo-chen pinched her cheeks and her fingertips felt very smooth.
"Are you still laughing when I am angry?" Lu You reached out and patted off his hand holding his face. "Let go!"
He was so handsome when he came, and now his smile is even softer. He has some cold lines, and the whole person is like the warm afterglow of the sunset falling into people’s hearts.
Lu sorrow looked at such a beautiful city. Lin Mo Chen’s deep ink eyes were gentle enough to drown people.
Her heart began to jump uncontrollably again, shaking her chest clearly and strongly.
She clutched her fingers a little messy.
"Mrs. Lin, do you know? You are so cute that I want to eat you in one bite. "Lin Mochen loosened his hand and looked at the frankness and sorrow.
All the women around Lin Mo-chen are like a model carved out. Before him, there are ladies who dare not speak loudly, eat, drink soup, have no sound, never have a temper and always smile.
桑拿会所They won’t be as angry as Lu You, and they will flee even if they refuse.
Perhaps he has never been so disgusted by women, and he feels worried about Lu, so that women are fresh and arouse men’s desire.
But there is no denying that she is also different, which makes him want to get to know each other.
"Lin Mochen, how can you be so rogue?" Lu you can’t find the words to form this man.
She’s pinned down by him every time. No!
"Ahem … Mrs. Lin, this is called husband and wife’s interest, which is the best way to enhance the relationship between husband and wife." Lin Mo-chen has been giving her a gift and her fingers are dexterous and faded by two inches.
Lu sorrow sensed that his body was so tight and stiff that it was not very trembling.
She clenched her rosy lip and raised her hand to stop him.
But he put her hands behind her with the other hand, holding her firmly in his arms and letting her move.
"There are so many people here, so it’s not good." Lu You even said that his voice was a little shaky.
"There are two of us here, and no one will bother us." Lin Mo-chen, a thin fan, gently vomited ambiguous language, but his fingers still didn’t stop because of Lu’s refusal.
Lu sorrow drew a gasp and felt that his back skin was crawling with bare air. Even his pores were open and his palms were wet and greasy.
"Lin Mo Chen …" Lu sorrow once again export words have been soft to have no strength.