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Can’t he be nervous?

Qin Xiong has entered the restricted area!
Qin Xiong has entered the restricted area! ! !
According to reason, Yasuyuki Konno’s shovel theory is to force Qin Xiong to change the ball control directly to Qin Xiong’s foot ball or to block Qin Xiong’s shooting line, which is equivalent to reducing Qin Xiong’s shooting angle
Eiji kawashima can immediately expand his defensive area before abandoning the door.
But Yasuyuki Konno’s tackle is angry, angry or fucking angry!
桑拿网Eiji kawashima’s moving forward is equivalent to giving the goal to Qin Xiong, giving up his pit like a toilet to Qin Xiong, and they all bowed and said, Dad, please!
Qin Xiong didn’t even think about choosing the shooting angle and directly pushed the ball into the near angle with his arch.
The Japanese team is startled!
I can’t believe the facts before me.
Seven years ago, they went to China to participate in the Asian Cup and didn’t do their best.
After seven years, they can’t say that they sent the strongest array, but at least 5% strength!
But their performance was worse than that of the Japanese team seven years ago. It was a complete mess!
The reason may be that there is a China team that is not the China team seven years ago.
Qin Xiong is not a fledgling Qin Xiong seven years ago!
The Japanese team is full of blood to avenge their defeat in the Asian Cup final seven years ago. Now it is not like revenge, but more like lying in China and being pooped by China!
Not * * * * but completely humiliated!
Because they still have some strength.
Qin team scored twice! Qin scored twice! The Japanese team’s defense line was completely chaotic. After the Qin team entered the restricted area from the sideline line alone, we saw Yasuyuki Konno fall to the ground with no warning. Although it looked like it was directed at the Qin team from the general direction, it was too far away from the Qin team. Did Yasuyuki Konno have a skateboard himself? Can he slide all the way to the front of the Qin team? Well, his defense this time is a bit funny! But we can understand that he must be under too much pressure. The threat and fear brought by the Qin team made the Japanese players play abnormally!
Mr. Celoni punched the coach’s seat baffle on the sidelines.
The Japanese team came to Qatar with pride and selfconfidence, but now it was swallowed directly by the China team and then pulled out by the China team!
The game is over!
The Japanese team carefully planned the technical and tactical body to collapse after losing control of emotions.
The team’s defense line was hit hard again before the halftime end.
When almost all the defenders saw Qin Xiong as a thorn in their side, Qin Xiong stepped into the dangerous area 40 yards away from the goal with his football, the Japanese team surrounded him. If they had guns in their hands, they would certainly fire at Qin Xiong!
But in this way, the contraction exposed too much to Qin Xiong’s defense line
Qin Xiong easily defeated the entire defense line of the Japanese team with one foot over the top.
After Zhang Pengfei’s successful offside, he entered the restricted area and Han Peng followed suit.
Eiji kawashima abandoned the door and Zhang Pengfei pushed the ball across Han Peng to the door and scored the third goal!
All the players in Japan want to lie on the ground and close their eyes. Will there be stars at night?
On that day, there was no light in the hearts of players and fans? !
China scored the third goal! The third ball! This is the Asian Cup final! China led Japan 30 at halftime!
Qin sent a key ball, which broke the Japanese team’s defense. Zhang Pengfei privately gave the ball to Han Peng in the restricted area, and then Han Peng succeeded in pushing the shot, which was an unprecedented blow to the Japanese team!
They must have thought that they would lose so thoroughly against China!
Is there any chance for the Japanese team?
I believe there will be no more!
Absolutely not!
They hit one less man and the morale of the army was disrupted and fell to the bottom!
Let’s take a look at the China team’s unity and unity, and it’s so hot. I believe that the China team will not give the Japanese team a chance, and they will always be desperate and miserable, and never want to think about this game!
China fans in the stands are crazy.
They shouted, Never give up in this life! I live and die in China!
Everyone is shouting this sentence with pride on his face.
Nowadays, the cohesion of China fans is extremely strong, which has made the world sit up and take notice on the World Cup stage!
In the Asian Cup stage, China fans are enthusiastic. Even after China lost to Australia in the group stage, there were not many fans complaining. Many fans would praise China’s performance and cheer for the team!
At the end of the halfgame, China walked into the dressing room with high morale, while the Japanese team shamed as if they were attending a funeral and hobbled towards the players’ aisle.
In the dressing room, Gao Hongbo praised the team’s performance and then made a halftime plan.
The China team is in the bag if it wants to make no mistakes on its own.
In the rest, Qin Xiong got up and said to his teammates, I want to say that the oneday penalty for Yasuhito Endō is an explanation for you. I know that what I did was immoral because the humiliation was too strong, but I will do what is good for the team. You will definitely ask what I didn’t do in Europe.
This is actually a question in the hearts of teammates.
As Qin Xiong angered Yasuhito Endō, he could have done it often in Europe, and it should be tried and tested.
Qin Xiongkou explained, There are two reasons. First, the overall strength of the team I play for is at the top of Europe. If there is a significant gap between our opponent’s strength and ours, then I don’t have to make an angry impact on the opponent’s player. This is the root cause. Second, if our opponent’s strength reaches a certain height, the average level of the opponent’s players is also high, and the overall combat strength of the team is also very strong. Then I want to humiliate the opponent’s player again and again, which not only reduces the offensive efficiency, but also has a high probability of failure. At the same time On the contrary, although the Japanese team has a firstclass level in Asia, they are secondrate at best in Europe! Japanese players are still humble in their posture. They will be rude but dare not invade with the purpose of killing their opponents. I hope you can understand and hope that you will stay calm when you meet your opponents!
Qin Xiong said it was straightforward. In Europe, if he dared to attack the same opponent twice, he would actually be at great risk to face his opponent. A tackle was aimed at breaking his leg! To be continued h:7424212
[The first roll of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. It has come and gone in a hurry.]
read; China players can understand Qin Xiong’s practice. He always puts team interests first. At this moment, everyone stood up and gave Qin Xiong a definite response.
Zhao Xu said, Qin team, you said we were all in vain. In fact, you were always taking risks when you were present. You personally took a lot of risks. I hope you are also white. The last thing we want to see now is that you are injured.
Other players nodded in succession.
The first time Qin Xiong was injured in the national team was in the final of the Olympic Games, when the media made a lot of noise and the players of the China team felt bad.
Qin Xiong smiled at everyone and then said, Well, let’s not talk about this. Let’s cheer up and do a good job at halftime and then lift our trophy and go home with honor!
Go home with honor!
The China team shouted with one heart and then walked out of the locker room with high fighting spirit.
Although the mentality of the Japanese team was restored after the halftime adjustment, the bad situation did not make them immediately turn around at half time.
The China team became more brave in the Vietnam War and took the initiative to slow down the pace with a threegoal lead.
The halftime performance of the Japanese team has improved significantly.
Nai China focused more on defense, making it difficult for them to pose a threat to China’s goal.
In the overall situation, Qin Xiong has also converged.
In half a month, the Champions League knockout will be rekindled, and he has to wake up to avoid injury.
During the game, the minutes passed by, and the Japanese team was quite desperate.
Za Celoni tried to turn the tide by changing people one after another, but with little success.
In his eyes, he saw a China team with tenacious fighting spirit, and Qin Xiong was the most shining one.

Well, I recently looked at the house in SH city and found you a fairly good place with better facilities than here. Chen Ranxin said seriously.

Lin God knows he was right.
It really is to move.
LSPL is in z city, LPL is in SH city, and it is naturally impossible to play LPL league here.
A few people have high expectations for going to SH, but they are a little disappointed at the thought of leaving this place conveniently.
Lin Tian looked around, and it was full of memories. Lin Tian knew that he wouldn’t appreciate it after years of estimation, and it was Ye Han who wanted to do things.
A few people have looked at it carefully for a week or four, even if they have been cynical and fat.
It’s good to be away. People are born with many new things.
But … Lin Tian thought for a moment and then asked Chen Ranxin, What about Xinjie Building?
The building is rented to Lin Tianer. What if their Z team leaves them?
Chen Ranxin seems to have thought of this for a long time. She said, Don’t worry, I have arranged for them to stay here for at least three years. Three years should be able to bring the real estate.
Sister Xin is indeed the reincarnation of Guanyin Bodhisattva. Fat is actually worried about Lin Tianer. They are relieved to hear Chen Ranxin say so.
Return the Bodhisattva. Are you the reincarnation of Pig Ring? Chen Ran heart laughed
Fat shrugged his shoulders and answered, How is it possible that I have to be at least a canopy marshal?
Is that all fucking different?
A few people made a few jokes, which were a little intentional and meant to leave here, and they were all in a low mood. Saying a few jokes also made everyone feel better.
The heart elder sister when do we start? Is there a schedule out? Meng Fan asked.
After such a period of time, Meng Fan’s health has improved a lot, and things should not happen now.
The schedule has come out. We got firsthand information. We played the LPL opener.
Opening game?
Lin Tian and others are all leng.
This kind of thing is more important. Generally, it is played by two strong teams. Although the Z team is also a strong team, it can’t be compared with those teams that have long been famous.
品茶论坛Then who are our opponents? Lin day immediately asked the key!
They immediately looked at the past only to find that Chen Ran heart was complicated.
A few bad feelings rose in everyone’s heart. For a moment, Chen Ranxin said, Our opponent is the CR team.
When I heard these three letters, several people showed surprised expressions. Fat people and others all exclaimed, Holy shit! CR team!
LPL league ranked first team CR!
CR team called the strongest team in China, but there are a large number of top players in it!
The five positions are the top teams at present!
Even if a team meets, there will be pressure, let alone forming a Z team that has just entered the LPL League for a long time.
The CR team can be said to be sitting on the throne, the team is like a tiger, and the Z team is a bit like a newborn calf.
That’s bullshit? Our first opponent is the CR team? ?” At this time Xingyu Lin also said
Except for Lin Tian’s accident, several others were surprised.
But the fact … Lin day is also very surprised and surprised.
Playing CR team is also a very difficult thing for Lin Tian, and it is recognized as a strong team.
Because we are the biggest dark horse industry in LSPL, we have also recognized that this is the first competition between LSPL and LPL. Chen Ranxin said seriously.
First pair first
This stunt is still very good
We’ll learn how to deal with each other’s details when we play. It’s not too important to win or lose. After all, we are newcomers. Chen Ranxin said to several people.
They immediately nodded.
But Ye Han has different opinions.
He shrugged his shoulders and said, the game is to win. We have no friendship with CR team. There is no friendship. The first game is the second word.
Brother Tian is domineering, then you will be arry.
Although you can’t be timid, you should remain humble when you meet a strong team. At this time, Han Xiao’s mouth seems to be educational, but it actually recognizes Lin Tian’s statement
We’ll talk about it then. Now you need to prepare a luggage. We may start soon, and the team words have been changed for you. Now it’s very cold. We don’t want to have any injuries, Chen Ranxin said seriously
Meng Fan’s face turned red. Although Chen Ranxin didn’t specifically refer to Meng Fan, Meng Fan still felt that Chen Ranxin was talking about himself.
He said, Well, I won’t.
Chen Ranxin patted Meng Fan on the shoulder. I’m not talking about you, but I want to say that we should refuse this kind of thing and our team should not always be plagued by injuries.
Several people immediately nodded Chen Ranxin said yes.
Playing a game often causes pain, which is naturally a very troublesome thing.
Everyone gathered to pack up after the meeting.
Fat while packing to Lin Tiandao ? Are you afraid that the horse will have a new journey? You call me a fat man and I’ll protect you.
You call me grandpa one day, and I will protect you. Ye Han answered while cleaning up.
Fat immediately said, Wow, I’m so angry with fat. Are you serious?

I wanted to take a ride and walk less. I didn’t want to kiss for no reason!

What a loss!
Are you happy to see Mr. Mu stealing incense successfully?
Mr. Mu, calm down. Yeah, okay.
The spectators scoffed at your happy flight! Pack what!
Mr. mu’s evil smile, I want more than that, you make it ~
Someone slaps the table and yells, What do you want? What do you want? You fox!
☆ 4 Isn’t he your fiance? !
David and Alice have been home for about thirty minutes.
Left, right, etc. Lin Ya hasn’t come back yet. The man is worried about taking out his cell phone and calling in the past.
Alice has been blaming herself for taking Lin Ya’s place in the temporary past.
However, at that time, Lin Ya had fallen asleep in Muchuan Car.
Muchuan looked sideways at the woman beside her, whose eyelashes were long, thick and soft, covering her eyelids quietly and softly.
The man’s eyes moved lightly and frowned to see her lips touching a hair and reaching down carefully …
I was going to help her take off the hair, but a sudden cell phone bell interrupted him and woke Lin Ya.
As soon as the girl frowned and opened her eyes, she saw that her eyes were enlarged and her face was close at hand before she touched her mobile phone.
Muchuan’s face is less than three centimeters away from her, and the man has trapped her in a strange posture.
Look very like to … molest her!
Lin Ya’s eyes flashed a trace of anger, but a strong masculine breath lingered around her, white and pretty, and she couldn’t stop heating up.
So close that she could almost see the pores of his face.
Lin Ya’s little heart plops.
Then show eyebrow cluster carefully against the door back some to avoid the distance with this man.
Muchuan doesn’t know why, but she looks very cute in this panic!
A smile appeared in the man’s eyes, and he played a teasing mind.
You’re welcome to gather together. It looks like you’re staring at the hair on her mouth. I explained solemnly, "I’ll take it off for you."
Lin Ya consciously tried to avoid it, but she was already close to the door. Her head leaned back and hit the window glass!
With this sound, the man grabbed her head and took it to his arms with the load of eyes.
About the force is too strong Lin Ya again … Tragedy hit his chest again!
The man’s hard chest hit her nose with a tingle.
Lin Ya cursed what to do by staying in such a good shape!
After she recovered, she pushed the man away and stared at him!
Muchuan Gherardini looked at her and was not annoyed.
"I’ve always liked to help others!" he said in a light tone.
Lin Ya more think more gas gnashing openings "Mr Mu really warm-hearted! But at least ask people if they need it! "
God knows what possessed her to steal his car! The key to being taken advantage of now is that this man takes advantage of it!
If she reason with him like this, this man will definitely refute her slander!
This car is really humbled!
The girl couldn’t help but reach out and touch her nose again. Mu Chuan couldn’t help frowning when she saw this move and asked, "Does it still hurt?"
A man’s heart faint flush a trace of love.
Lin Ya angrily said, "A cat cries and consumes false compassion!"
Mu Chuan chuckled at his side and then said solemnly, "Oh, I forgot that everyone said that Miss Lin’s face was whole. Let me see if it was damaged?"
When the man finished speaking, he seemed to want to study whether her nose was true or not.
Lin Ya was annoyed and suppressed for a long time.
Twist a head and stare at him by his first name "Muchuan!"
I don’t feel right until I finish yelling …
The carriage was quiet for a while.
How long has it been since Muchuan was Zheng that no one dared to call him by his first name? At present, this woman seems to be angry and angry, and I don’t know if she coincides with someone in my memory.
This tone, this look is really like it!
The man’s eyes flashed a meaningful flash and then sat back to his position without moving.
Laughing, "I think it’s wrong. I think Miss Lin’s nose is really cruel!"
Lin Ya, the man didn’t peep out anything and was relieved.
Some secretly blame themselves for being reckless just now.
Bowing her head, she turned out her mobile phone in her bag.
Didn’t get david
Muchuan corner glanced at the face name and then looked up at the window and said, "Here we are."
Stop when you get off the bus.
Lin Ya received her mobile phone and thanked her. When she looked up, david and Alice were already waiting for the door.
I’m afraid I’ll stay with this old fox and drive the car as soon as I open the door.
She was so flustered that she even forgot to take out her shoes.
It was not until the soles of her feet stepped on the hot cement road that she remembered those forgotten carriage shoes.
When I turned around and was about to open the door to get it, I saw Muchuan, the man carrying her shoes, coming from the other side of the car.
He carried those ladies’ high heels naturally without any sense of disobedience.
Lin Ya stretched out his hand to thank the approaching man. "Thank you, Mu …"
按摩But before she finished, she saw the man bend down and put his shoes at her feet? !
Lin Ya whole person alpha males this person also some too considerate …
All the people were dumbfounded.

Eye to be Chen Mo soldiers in the chase team suddenly took out a piece of blood ruby crystallization force to Chen Mo to chase a direction to throw a piece of blood ruby in Chen Mo road ahead.

If you want Chen Mo to keep chasing you, you’ll run into the crazy redeyed rabbit.
They still have this thing!
Chen Mo saw the flying blood ruby crystal horse step back quickly.
He doesn’t want to deal with crazy redeyed rabbits anymore.
When Chen Mo retreated, the crazy redeyed rabbit tore again and appeared in front of the blood ruby crystal
After appearing, the crazy redeyed rabbit’s red eyes looked around and seemed to want someone to slap him or her.
However, when it saw that there was no one nearby, Chen Mo and African team players were far away, it was too lazy to pay attention. It just grabbed the blood ruby crystal and left.
See where you can run!
Looking at the African team Chen Mo a sneer at.
He doesn’t believe that these six people can escape from him. Even if he is pulled for a while, he won’t be able to chase after six people.
He’s coming again!
African team players didn’t escape far and saw Chen Mo chasing them. Six people couldn’t help being more anxious.
There is no way for six people to let the soldiers throw out a blood ruby crystal to stop Chen Mo’s pursuit.
If we don’t lose them, Chen Mo will chase them and fight Chen Mo. They really don’t have the courage to compete with Chen Mo. Assassin players know very well how powerful this Eastern player is.
The crazy redeye rabbit reappeared. With the previous experience, Chen Mo simply stepped back some distance and continued to chase around the crazy redeye rabbit.
In this way, the distance between African players and him will become less during this period, and he will catch up faster.
Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the African players to find out that Chen Mo was not far behind them.
If I had known, I wouldn’t have provoked him.
Six people regret it.
But it’s too late to say anything now. Six people can bite their teeth again and continue to throw bleeding ruby crystals to stop Chen Mo from pursuing.
There are so many blood ruby crystals!
Chen Mo couldn’t help feeling that the African team was so lucky when he saw that they threw bleeding ruby crystals again and again to stop his pursuit.
If I hadn’t met him, this team would really be able to bleed a lot of ruby crystal pits.
However, when the African team threw the bloody ruby crystal for the first time to attract the crazy redeyed rabbit to block Chen Mo’s way, this time the crazy redeyed rabbit took the bloody ruby crystal, but instead of leaving the horse, he stared at the African team in the distance. As soon as he roared and jumped, his huge body chased after the African team.
Bang bang bang! ! !
Crazy RedEye Rabbit’s huge palm shot several African teams in a row, and six people were shot by crazy RedEye Rabbit.
桑拿会所They don’t have special defense skills like the silence, and they turn into white light death one by one in the middle after being shot.
Seeing this, Chen Mo was slightly stunned.
Let him think it over.
It seems lucky that the African team got so many blood ruby crystals, but it is actually a trap.
If the African team simply crystallized the blood ruby to attract crazy redeyed rabbits to come and have a big fight, there would be no problem.
However, if the African team keeps making blood ruby crystals in a certain amount, I’m afraid it will be stared at by crazy redeyed rabbits because it keeps making blood ruby crystals stained with blood ruby crystals in the tenth time.
It is natural to be stared at by a monster with the strongest level. Even if Chen Mo is stared at by a crazy redeyed rabbit, it will be a very troublesome thing.
The crazy redeyed rabbit killed six people in Africa in twos and threes, and Chen Mosui received a unified indication.
He was teaching an African assassin before, and the crazy redeyed rabbit killed six people, and then he took the credit.
Chen Mo is a little surprised by this, but of course he won’t have any opinions.
The crazy redeyed rabbit killed six people in the African team and then tore apart again, leaving six bodies that were gradually fading.
Chen Mo walked over and saw that six people left a skill stone tablet.
Skills fake death!
Chen Mo saw this skill and couldn’t help thinking that he was killed, but it was an African assassin who didn’t die.
Fake death will record the current coordinates of the player, and then in three minutes, the player will get a fake death state, in which the player’s blood volume and defense ability are greatly reduced. However, the killed player will not really die, but will return to the position where the skills are recorded. If the player does not want to randomly drop the body props, he must preset a kind of props that must be 100% dropped after death. This kind of props must be recognized as rare by the system.

"I know." Fu Qianfan was a little embarrassed. Ji Silan made the words so white in front of so many people. Shouldn’t he have told her privately?

Ji Silan thinks that now we are all a family, there is no need to hide. Old lady Gao and Hu Meijing are both reasonable people, especially Gao Zhiyuan, who has never refuted her training just now. Ji Silan thinks that she will have an obedient child.
"Mother-in-law, don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Qianfan so that she won’t get tired." Gao Zhiyuan is now more and more eager to please Jisilan. Fu Qianfan robbed the front without saying anything.
"In-laws, don’t you trust me and grandma Zhiyuan? We will also take good care of Qianfan. We just don’t trust Zhiyuan and Qianfan to stay in Z city, so that Zhiyuan can finish the things in Z city as soon as possible and then return to S city with us, so that we can help take care of Qianfan and not chat alone."
Hu Meijing’s words make sense to Ji Silan. It’s better for a mother to know what to worry about when she is a mother. With Hu Meijing and Fu Qianfan around to take care of Ji Silan, there is really no worry at all now. Hu Meijing is just like her when she is a mother.
"Yes, you should leave Zhiyuan with Qianfan Z City, and we won’t agree with your in-laws. You are so right. Qianfan’s father and I also agree that it is better to go back to S City than our home."
The more Ji Silan talked with Hu Meijing, the more tacit understanding they got. They began to discuss the marriage with Mrs. Gao in a proper way. "It’s good for you to decide on this in-laws day. I think these days are pretty good. You can’t go wrong in choosing which one."
Ji Silan has lived for most of his life, although he can’t choose a day, but he can still tell which day is good and which day is bad. Usually, he hears people say that a lot of three aunts and six wives will have to talk when they get together.
The red paper is also clearly written. After reading it again, Ji Silan also knows that it is really a particularly good day this year, and Ji Silan knows that the Gaos thought is rooted in a lot of hard work.
The old lady Gao didn’t take Ji Silan as an outsider and just put it bluntly. "I prefer June, which is just the right time. At that time, Fu Qianfan’s belly will not be too obvious and appropriate, and it will not be too tired. What do you think?"
This time, Fu Yingfan also wore his reading glasses and began to study the red paper. Fu Yingfan knows a little better than Ji Silan. Fu Yingfan is a teacher with a wider knowledge. Fu Yingfan is also very satisfied when he looks at it.
June is now more than a month away. If it is an ordinary family wedding, it is enough to prepare the old lady Gao to choose this. In many ways, Fu Qianfan will not refuse if she considers Fu Yingfan and Ji Silan.
"June, then." Fu Yingfan made a final decision, and so things settled. The old lady Gao was naturally very happy, and Hu Meijing had no opinion. Gao Zhiyuan even wished that the horse would marry Fu Qianfan and go home.
品茶论坛Ji Silan left things to Fu Yingfan to talk about. She had to go back and finish her lunch. Hu Meijing and Fu Qianfan wanted to help, but Ji Silan refused. "It’s almost a little bit. It’s good to be in-laws. You and Qianfan want to sit."
After Jisilan left, the old lady Gao discussed it with Fu Yingfan. "In-laws in catering, what do you mean by how to go to S city first and then come back to W city to do it once? Do you think it is appropriate to go to S city air ticket hotel? Zhiyuan will do a good job in-laws. You need to give Zhiyuan the list, which is better than W city banquet in-laws. You can also tell Zhiyuan what you mean."
Fu Yingfan shook his head. "How can this be done? Our relatives here will be handled by us." The relatives of the woman’s family should have the woman to handle it. How can we trouble the Gaos thought?
Now Fu Qianfan is pregnant, and Fu Yingfan doesn’t want to do too much. It’s enough to put a banquet once. If the Ministry arranges S’s city office to go back and forth with accommodation, he should make a good calculation. The money should also be paid by Fu Yingfan from his side. Calculate how many people he can invite.
"Father-in-law, you can marry Fu Qianfan to me. This is your greatest gift to me. Leave the wedding and banquet to me."
Gao Zhiyuan said that the old lady Gao also followed closely, "It’s in-laws. We are all family. What else should we divide? You, me, the wedding and the banquet should be left to young people to think about. We should just sit and wait for that day."
"Zhiyuan has been secretly preparing for the wedding for several months. We know that young people have a set of ideas for young people, and we can’t care so much. Then let Zhiyuan mean it, and we can’t worry so much."
Fu Yingfan doesn’t know that Gao Zhiyuan has done so much. He and Ji Silan are only now beginning to prepare. It started a few months ago. Fu Yingfan looked at Gao Zhiyuan again and his eyes changed. Gao Zhiyuan is really a deep man and a thoughtful man. He will be very relieved if he gives things to Gao Zhiyuan.
Fu Yingfan hesitated. Ji Silan came out holding fruit. Just now, the old lady Gao talked to Fu Yingfan. Ji Silan heard it in the kitchen.
Ji Silan put the fruit bowl and said to Fu Yingfan, "You should listen to your in-laws and achieve something about the wedding and banquet." Then Ji Silan went back to the kitchen.
With Ji Silan’s words, Fu Yingfan no longer insisted on "Well, then let Zhiyuan do it." Fu Yingfan also took Gao Jiagen by surprise. This little money is that he has been holding on to Gao Zhiyuan, and he must do it better and more beautifully than him.
"In-laws, you don’t need any pressure to take advantage. It’s our Gaos that married your good daughter. It’s our Gaos that owe you this, and we will never finish it." The old lady Gao comforted.
Fu Yingfan came up with a job, and the old lady in a high mood understood people too well. If she were someone else, she wouldn’t want to take the biggest advantage.
After listening to the old lady Gao’s words, Fu Yingfan’s pressure is less, and her face expression is also stretched a lot. "The banquet will be done in S city. If you don’t do it now, you can’t run around our relatives. I will draw up a list and give it to Zhiyuan Zhiyuan. How do you arrange it?"
"No problem father-in-law you rest assured" Gao Zhiyuan also readily agreed.
Fu Yingfan Fu Qianfan’s first practice made Mrs. Gao and Hu Meijing appreciate Fu Qianfan’s really good parents and their in-laws
Everything is settled in the marriage, and everyone feels relaxed. Sometimes they eat fruit and drink tea and chat, mainly because the old lady Hu Meijing chats with Fu Yingfan, and Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan just talk about love stories and novels and laugh.
JiSilan also quickly prepared lunch Fu Qianfan was pressed to sit still and Gao Zhiyuan took the initiative to take up the food.
The old lady Gao sat in the main seat, Hu Meijing, Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan sat on one side, Fu Yingfan and Ji Silan sat on the other side, and a total of more than 20 dishes filled the table.
While eating a sumptuous lunch, the group talked about homeliness. The two families got to know each other better and closer, and the atmosphere became better and better. The dining table overflowed with laughter.
In the afternoon, everyone talked about the wedding and Fu Qianfan’s pregnancy except Gao Laotai, who slept for a while.
Dinner was prepared by Ji Silan and Hu Meijing. Fu Qianfan was looked at by everyone. Gao Zhiyuan was another one who didn’t know what to do. Hu Meijing came.
Ji Silan and Hu Meijing, even if they cook, don’t hinder them from chatting. Their enthusiasm for chatting is as good as that of the stove in the kitchen.
The plane ticket was booked at Fu’s house for one night, and Gao Zhiyuan didn’t book another hotel, so he slept at Fu’s house directly. He certainly couldn’t be separated from Fu Qianfan, and Fu Qianfan certainly wanted to stay at home, and Gao Zhiyuan didn’t trust to put the old lady Gao and Hu Meijing in the hotel, and everyone who could sleep here was just enough, so it was even more difficult.
After washing, Gao Zhiyuan went back to Fu Qianfan’s room. When he came back, Gao Zhiyuan went in once and didn’t see the root clearly. This time, Gao Zhiyuan couldn’t help but look at a Fu Qianfan’s room.
Fu Qianfan’s room is quite small. With a double bed, a wardrobe and a table, there is no furniture. The furnishings are very simple.
I don’t want to know that it’s Fu Qianfan who once liked the star Gao Zhiyuan. I looked at it carefully. It turns out that Fu Qianfan liked this type of desktop when he was a child, and there are several plush dolls. It seems that Fu Qianfan always takes some Gao Zhiyuan with him wherever he goes, and he doesn’t feel strange when he looks at it, just like Ming City.
"What are you looking at?" Fu Qianfan also came back after washing up. When she saw Gao Zhiyuan walking around her room, Fu Qianfan was very uncomfortable. It was even smaller after Gao Zhiyuan came in, as if there were Gao Zhiyuan footprints everywhere.
Gao Zhiyuan smiled at Fu Qianfan and walked away. He picked up Fu Qianfan in one hand "just to see what the director was like when you were a child."
Fu Qianfan hugged Gao Zhiyuan Boming City, so Gao Zhiyuan held her back to bed from the bathroom every day. Now Gao Zhiyuan still doesn’t forget this habit in her home. Gao Zhiyuan just doesn’t want her to be tired.

He Lianyin and He Lianyin moved chairs in the class and finally listened to the teacher’s command and walked slowly behind the team.

The young man is tall and handsome, looking at the boundless sky, and his eyes are silent and profound.
"I don’t know when this will happen. Do you know this, Xiao Yin?"
约茶"Yes," HeLianYin sighed and looked at the young eyes quietly. "Brother, what do you say I expose them?"
"Expose them? Who is it? "
"It’s the person who beat her to death in the Zhang Lili incident."
"Who is it?"
"Those people in the bedroom next door"
"Liu Yun?"
"I would like to say that there is no Liuyun in that group of people, but it is likely that she has a substantive grudge against them. Others have nothing to do with Zhang Lili." Zhang Lili once helped herself that Helian Yin is a person who knows how to repay kindness. She must give her justice.
"Actually, I don’t want you to risk offending such a group of people who are about to be fired. I think they will come back for revenge later."
"Just a few of them can’t deal with me."
"What if they still have helpers?" If the group of people were expelled and some were not expelled, for example, Liu Yun was not expelled, then when they retaliated, a group of people waited outside the school, and Liu Yun would do it with them, so it would be difficult to guard against the enemy.
If he or she is around, it will be fine, but what if he doesn’t? Since several people want revenge, they will definitely choose Xiao Yin when she is alone, and her hands are not good. If the other person carries tools, she will definitely suffer.
Moreover, this incident is so big that she wants to report it anonymously. If the other party bites to death, they didn’t do it. There is no evidence and no evidence. Unless it is confronted by several people in front of the leaders, it will not be easy to solve.
"They have helpers, and so do I." He Lianyin smiled gently, and his eyes were covered with a layer of gauze. "I didn’t say expose because my words didn’t have the power."
"You mean?"
Chapter 123 Solutions
"Brother, just trust me."
That afternoon, Hector even said such a thing, and then she looked at him gently, and the warmth in her eyes gradually became sharp.
There is a kind of person in this world.
Born with an aura that makes people willing to be ministers.
Is staring with a smile, but there is a creepy chill.
He Lianyin is such a person.
Neither mind nor wisdom can detect a woman.
The air pressure in the playground of Jinling Middle School is very low.
The headmaster took the microphone and told the story of the Zhang Lili incident in dormitory 311 from the distance.
The headmaster angrily complained about the seriousness of the incident and scolded the students for their madness. Because the Zhang Lili incident caused serious remarks, the headmaster said bitterly that the incident would be handed over to the police for investigation. Instead, the students would be responsible for Zhang Lili’s second medicine. Her nerve loss was caused by Zhang Lili’s high quality, which had a great impact on her grades. If her grades dropped or she needed to repeat her sophomore year, all the students who attacked her would be responsible to the end!
Finally, the headmaster asked the students who participated in the Zhang Lili fight to turn around and turn themselves in to the guidance office. If they turn themselves in, the punishment can be mitigated. If the school finds out for itself, it is hell to pay.
Actually, we all know that this group of students who attacked Zhang Lili will be expelled. Reducing the punishment is an appropriate mitigation of compensation, which is just a decoy.
Adolescence is a time to attract cats and provoke dogs. At this age, young girls have sacred and inviolable pure school flowers in their hearts, super heartthrobs, arrogant and rebellious school grass, and naturally exaggerated little sisters. Their thoughts are not yet mature, and recognition is vanity and fame. Love is the trend, but they forget that insult is a kind of trampling on others’ personality and a kind of trauma to others’ lives. What they think is bold and famous is just a way of self-destruction, but it is stupid.
Lu Zitong promoted high-quality students.
She knows this truth well.
Face 7) forbearance, fingertips trembled slightly in the crowd.
Her family is not very good, belonging to a well-off class. She can’t afford to be hungry and cold. She can’t afford to go to a good school. She can’t go abroad. But her family is not focused on by her rich and expensive parents. She is cultivated because her mother thinks that Lu Zitong is very promising and beautiful. Her mother hopes that she will become an excellent girl. If the Zhang Lili incident is exposed, Lu Zitong can’t imagine how disappointed her mother will be.
In the past two years, she was not happy at all in Jinling Middle School. From time to time, she was bullied by the girls in her dormitory. They asked her to clean the dormitory, help them wash clothes, fold clothes and buy food. These chores consumed her most of the time, so it became more and more difficult for her to study. From the 11th at the beginning to the 5th at the present level, she had stepped on the edge of the poor students in the experimental class and almost dropped out of the experimental class.
Not that I don’t hate it.
So what if I hate it? Four of the six girls in the dormitory have a better family than her, and the other one has been playing with four people for several years. She is a new member of them. She applied to the supervisor to change the dormitory and asked her to apply to the teacher. The teacher told her to apply to the principal. The application was pushed around and she didn’t want to accept it.
She can’t change dormitories, and she can’t leave Jinling Middle School. Apart from being a key middle school, Jinling Middle School is also a famous school with a long history. It is a one-time payment for dropping out of school for three years without refund. When she was admitted to Jinling, her parents were happy to publicize it all over the world, and she took it out for a long time and paid it for her for three years at one time. I hope she can win the quota of Jinling walking abroad with her wind.
Think of here.
Lu Zitong couldn’t help feeling gloomy.

In the next ten minutes, neither side scored a goal and entered the halftime with 11 points.

After 15 minutes, the two sides will fight again.
In the 57th minute of half-time, Lu Wenbin got Obasi’s ball by his opponent’s close watch, and he wanted Parjic to play a one-on-one match to open Lucio and Rodney to form a shot.
As a result, Lu Wenbin missed Parjic’s ball and was intercepted by Hertha Berlin defender von Belgen.
Lu Wenbin’s ball level and accuracy are still a little poor.
However, Lu Wenbin made a good shot in the 64th minute.
After receiving Copado’s ball in the frontcourt, he paused, attracted Lucio and other three opponents’ defenders, and then suddenly tilted the ball near the corner of the forbidden area.
The route and speed of the ball were just right for Obasi to throw off the defense and his full-back caught the ball first.
Then Obasi took the ball into the forbidden area and made a false shot, swinging the goalkeeper across the middle and pushing Parjic into the net easily.
Hoffenheim scored again, 21 ahead of Hertha Berlin.
Hertha Berlin tried her best to score a goal to equalize the score, but she never did.
Not only did they fail to score, but Hoffenheim scored a counter-attack goal in the 7th minute.
Young German international Beck broke the ball on the flank and then made a false move to Lu Wenbin when he was near the forbidden area. Then he suddenly entered the forbidden area and shot the ball from the gap in the goalkeeper’s post and drilled into the goal.
In the end, Hoffenheim defeated Hertha Berlin at home on 31, and continued to score three points. Lu Wenbin scored a goal, 10,000 won the game, 20,000 points in total, and 30,000 experience rewards increased by 16 levels, 4.67 million and 20,000.
Because there are still six days before a semi-final of Hamburg’s UEFA Cup, and it is a three-line home game, everyone in the team is also very tired.
Therefore, after the Hertha Bundesliga in Berlin, Ralph gave all the team two days off to have a good rest and then came back to prepare for the UEFA Cup semi-final of Hamburg.
Chapter 261 How to play how to have a monthly ticket 15 plus more
Hoffenheim Hertha Berlin was the first game of the 29th round of Bundesliga, and people didn’t expect what would happen next.
On the second and third day, when the Bundesliga ended, everyone was surprised to find that Wolfsburg, Bayern Munich, Hamburg and so on, the second group in the standings, lost except Hertha Berlin.
After half a season of setbacks, Hoffenheim hasn’t collapsed yet, and these competitors have unexpectedly lost their chains in this round.
So after the 29th round, Hoffenheim was 13 points ahead of Wolfsburg in the standings.
The Bundesliga has a total of one team, and there are 34 rounds of league matches at home and away. There are five rounds left before the end of the season.
A 13-point lead means that Hoffenheim will definitely be crowned the Bundesliga champion if he wins one more game in the next five rounds. On the opponent’s game results, such as
Hoffenheim and Lu Wenbin don’t believe it if they say that Hoffenheim can’t win one of the five league games.
Therefore, such a huge integral advantage can almost announce that Hoffenheim will definitely win the Bundesliga championship this season, depending on which game they choose to win according to their schedule.
This situation allows Hoffenheim to welcome Hamburg’s UEFA Cup semi-final first leg home game in a quite relaxed state of mind.
桑拿会所  title=Although there are some disadvantages in the schedule, Nihlsson and Obasi have returned and Eduardo can participate in the UEFA Cup.
The team is full of confidence and relaxed. Hoffenheim will not let Hamburg take their place in the UEFA Cup final.
After a full six days’ rest, at 2 pm on April 3rd, the first leg of the UEFA Cup semi-final of 229 season, Hoffenheim vs. Hamburg, officially started.
Hamburg lost a day’s rest because of the league, and their morale was low.
Hoffenheim, on the other hand, rested for six days and established a huge lead in the standings. The team is full of energy and high morale.
Eduardo, who was banned from participating in the national competition, even held his breath and wanted to vent his exuberant energy in the UEFA Cup.
The result of the game was predestined before the game started.
Although Hamburg tried their best to guard Lu Wenbin with Yaode and boateng, they did their best to score goals with Hoffenheim.
There is no difference in Hoffenheim’s half season except for one Ibisevic missing.
Besides, Paljic’s personal ability and teamwork have improved a lot after he participated in the competition for several months in half a season.
Lu Wenbin can also involve two or three opponents to defend, which gives Eduardo, Salihovic, Dembaba and others many offensive opportunities.
Just 4 minutes after the opening, Lu Wenbin took Hamburg team Germany and boateng to the side, and then Eduardo broke through with the ball in the middle, attracting the attention of the remaining players and then obliquely banned the area.
Deng Baba inserted the ball into the forbidden area from the side and angrily shot the ball into the net from the goalkeeper’s armpit.
Hoffenheim made a fantastic start, leading Hamburg 1 in only 4 minutes.
Hoffenheim players rushed around the stadium to celebrate the full grandstand, and the Rheinka Arena also issued a tsunami of applause and cheers.
Hoffenheim’s attack hasn’t stopped after the restart.
After enough rest, the Hoffenheim team seems to have found a half-season siege and invincible. It feels that this frustration is constant and difficult. It is very difficult to see a scene in the half-season.
In particular, Eduardo, the French participating country competition, was full of running and exploding, and he was everywhere from the forbidden area to the forbidden area of the other side.
In the 17th minute, the front of Gustavo’s forbidden area tackles and breaks Hamburg’s front waist, especially Rohovsky takes the ball.

"Sometimes just coming here for a few days is a holiday," Li Jing said.

I pulled the corners of my mouth lightly and said, "When did you learn to enjoy it?"
Li Jingxiao said, "I will enjoy it when I come. It’s just a matter of the past."
"Lily, if you want to live here, I’m very welcome," said Li Jing, looking at me.
Why did you come here in such a mess without asking me?
I looked at him and was silent. He didn’t say anything. I knew he didn’t want to force me.
But I think it’s necessary to explain my situation to him clearly, so that he will be involved.
Thinking of this, I said, "Li Jing, don’t you even ask me what time I was here in the middle of the night?"
Li Jing took my order and said "eat first". I nodded and ate and watched what he said.
"No matter what happens, I will keep your mother and daughter safe here," he continued.
It’s false to say that I’m not moved. I appreciate even a glass of water when I help.
"Thank you, but there may really be danger. The Wei family will come to rob the bamboo," I said.
"Don’t be afraid that it’s so remote here that you shouldn’t find it here. I’ll pay attention to it if you live at ease." Li Jing first showed surprise but soon returned to normal.
I nodded, and now I really need someone who is so small as a bamboo and can’t camp out with me.
Therefore, bamboo and I lived here, and Li Jing drove outside to buy me clothes, bamboo and all kinds of things, which were bought nearby, were not too good, so I set my mind at ease.
People in the mountain village know that Li Jing is here, and both my mother and daughter have come to see it strange, but the people here are really simple and have brought us a lot of eggs, vegetables and other foods.
There is also an old lady who knows that bamboo eats milk powder and sent a lot of fresh goat milk from her home. I shirked it, but I took it all.
I thought I would let Li Jing send them some money later. After Li Jing knew it, he naturally promised to live here for a few days, and no stranger came to find me at ease.
Every day, I read and sing to the bamboo or chat with the villagers. It’s not a bad day.
These two days, after the school holiday, there is an extra 10-and 9-year-old girl who came here to chat with me. Her name is Xiao Fang, and she is ready for college.
Come to chat with me and see Li Jinglai, her eyes are shining, but she is too shy and nervous to talk to Li Jing. I can see that this girl likes Li Jing.
I know a lot about Li Jing when I get acquainted with the villagers. The villagers all say that several girls like Li Jing, make the boys in the village jealous and come to Li Jing’s trouble.
I naturally used it as a joke, but I couldn’t listen to it and used it to amuse Li Jing. When he saw this, he could make me happy and didn’t even get annoyed.
If he had responded positively to me like this when I loved him, I’m afraid it would be a different situation now.
Now … after all, I have to see Wei Qingqing to find out what happened, so I asked Li Jing to help me find Wei Qingqing.
"… I don’t believe that he will rob bamboo. After all, I told him that it would be impossible for him to talk." I said.
Li Jing listened to my words but was silent for a long time before saying, "Okay, I’ll think of some way to find him, but lily, what if it’s really a ghost behind him?" I hope you don’t blindly believe him all the time. Have you ever known him? How many things did he hide from you? "
Li Jing’s words made me fall into my mind and extricate myself. Yes, the left and right sides are just a transaction. My marriage with Wei Qingyi is a transaction, and now the children have to trade with them. How indifferent the Wei family is!
Is this the world of the rich? Or is society not me?
After all, I think too much. How can Wei Qingyi like me? Confession can get his response, but the result is …
But when I think that Wei Qingkui is kind to me on weekdays, is there any fake in my eyes? I think I’m evil influence, and I can’t understand whether I love you or not.
Li Jing, who has been waiting for many days, told me that I can’t force him too much without information. After all, not everyone has the ability to defend himself.
Haori has always been isolated from me. Have you only been hiding here for a few days? Less than half a month later, the Wei family called again. When those people blocked the door, I was calm.
The bearer was Wei Ke, who looked at me like a cat playing with a mouse. I endured it and pretended not to understand it. I tried my best to look innocent.
About no3 is just a deal. Chapter IV is amazing.
夜网论坛No matter how calm it is, it is also strong support.
Li Jing stopped Wei Ke and said, "I should call you an’ uncle’ according to seniority. Uncle Wei is afraid that there is no reason to break into houses."
"Hey, isn’t this Li Gugong? How? Uncle Wei didn’t invite me in when he came to your door. It seems that there is no such hospitality. " Wei Ke exaggeratedly said
Li Jing wanted to climb up the friendship and block Wei Ke from letting him in, but Wei Ke cleverly countered this point and Li Jing failed.
I was afraid that Li Jing would offend the Wei family and said, "Li Jing, let them come in. I don’t think running is the way. It’s better to make it clear to them."
Li Jing nodded at my words and held out his hand and said, "Uncle Wei, please!"
Weike ha ha smiled and stepped into the door. Several bodyguards guarded the door and two maids followed him into the house and into the kitchen.
Li Jing and I looked at each other and entered the house together. Weike had been sitting on the sofa with a big makin knife. I was wondering to sit on one side and Li Jing on the other.
Wei Ke said, "What Mo Yanli and I want to talk about is a private matter. Should Li Jiagong avoid it?"
It was a question, but the tone was sure that Wei Ke had finished acting like a host. Li Jing frowned and just wanted to say something. I stopped, "Li Jing, why don’t you go upstairs?"
Li Jing’s face sank at my words, but he still went upstairs with bamboo in his arms.

Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it.
Brother, let’s join hands together …
A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front of him, and the other party disappeared.
This … turned out to be a master!
The man was dazed, and it took him a long time to turn around.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Sharp and unparalleled firm but gentle, one after another bombarded the dusty world clock. Every blow has the same strength, and it has the power of thousands of horses, which is unmatched.
Fang Yun hid in the clock of heaven and earth, only to feel the whole body shaking. That strong vibration almost scattered the whole body skeleton. If it weren’t for the combination of the Five Pr ison Bones Emperor, I’m afraid I would be injured just a few times.
Strong shock wave impact, let Fang Yun have a kind of incarnation boat, in the storm, the feeling of sharp bumps. The whole body qi is also extracted and absorbed at an incredible speed.
What a terrible power!
Fang Yun secretly disturb. He is now only able to cultivate the five products of Tian Chong, but he can’t reach the point where he can quickly absorb the true qi from many planes of vanity and instantly replenish the consumption of the true qi . In other people, there is a universal clock, and now it is dead. But Fang Yun abruptly resisted.
Fang Yun long breath, rolling the true qi, immediately from the puppet body, take out. Fill the true qi in an instant.
The bell body trembled at the sound of om The blue sword curtain disappears. Fang Yun finally wore this sword curtain.
In a short moment, in Fang Yun’s perception. It is extremely long.
Good magic weapon, incredibly can block bronze sword curtain! It’s really a waste of time for a strong man who can use these instruments. Let us use them!
Yin zhi’s voice, Fang Yun’s head, black robe bulging, big sleeves open, like a huge night bird. Fang Yun looked up and saw a pair of sen’s cold eyes, as if to pierce Fang Yun.
Yin and Yang go against the chaos!
The sleeve robe was opened, and a black paw, full of evil spirits, came out from the sleeve robe. I saw the palm, a pat in the void, and there was a stream of true qi, which was divided into black and white, and separated from its sleeve. A spin in the void, immediately bear fire transpiration, roll to Fang Yun.
Fang Yun only felt that the world was dark, as if he were in an endless darkness. And over the night, in January, the sky shines, red as fire and white as silver. At the moment of staring, there is an invisible force, as if to peel off the soul and inhale it.
Don’t dare to show off in front of me!
Fang Yun nu smile, eyes flashing, dark void, immediately broken. This fighter who uses the way of Yin and Yang’s rebellion leans out with one hand, only a few inches away from Baihui point above his head.
I dare to break ground on my head, and I will send you to the West today!