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JiCancan knew that continuing to resist was also throwing straws against the wind. She endured the pain and pleaded

Third brother, please be gentle, ok?
Tang Jixiu’s every move is obviously like venting anger.
However, JiCancan thought about it for a long time, and he was never angry.
He gently provoked Qi Cancan to force her to look at herself.
How can I train you, Shen Sixun, to be more satisfied with Qi Cancan? After all, you are my whore. If the technology is too different, people will say I teach you.
His voice is low and frivolous, and it is hard to hide the taste in his eyes.
JiCancan corners of the mouth climbed a wry smile, she wanted to push him away and refuse him, but her body didn’t listen to her at all.
Her eyes stared at Tang Jixiu’s cold eyes with silk hatred.
Don’t look at me like that.
Tang Jixiu frowned slightly, and he hated her very much. This picture was like being forced by a strong woman. The whole person turned over and asked her to turn her back on herself. His hand reached her smoothly without a trace of fat, and the abdomen was slightly lifted.
Come and make it louder.
Then straight into her body.
JiCancan buried his face in the pillow and bit his lip hard not to make a sound.
But Ji Tang Xiu seems to be deliberately simple and rhythmically stimulating her, but at that time the desire broke through the rational room and echoed with her delicate breathing.
In a trance, she heard Tang Jixiu’s satisfaction and praise
Well done, I will give you a big surprise;
桑拿网  title=Chapter 44 satisfaction
After Ji Tang Xiu wiped her dry, Qi Cancan realized that his clothes were what they were when they came, and they are still what they are now.
It’s always her who is always in a mess
She climbed into bed weakly and felt that her waist was not her own at this moment. Listening to the dripping water in the bathroom, her eyelids became heavier and heavier.
In a daze, I don’t know how long it took her to feel that the bed on her side was sunken, and then there was a great dislike for men in her ear.
Qi Cancan, are you dirty?
Immediately behind a piece of cool Tang Jixiu opened her cheek by the fingertip force.
Take a shower
JiCancan yawned a lot and reluctantly rolled out of the bed and groped for slippers in the dark for a long time. She squinted into the bathroom and opened the shower. At that moment, she instantly woke up and cursed a few words in her heart. Tang Jixiu was really a pervert, and he was about to fall in the autumn. He also took a cold bath.
When she comes out of the bathroom, Tang Jixiu still stays in her bed.
JiCancan couldn’t help frowning show eyebrow this fellow bravery is getting fatter and fatter.
Don’t go and wait for others to find out.
I have to admit that this feeling of stealing is really exciting, but when the lust fades, she will still be a little worried. After all, there are many people in the house, and they can’t stand the snooping.
Ji Tang revised hanging eyes fiddling with mobile phone smell head also didn’t lift light sneered.
I don’t know who will come to your second floor.
JiCancan, if you think about it carefully, it’s true. Tang Zhai is the one with the least status. It seems that no one will come except for routine cleaning.
You’re not leaving tonight.
She asked a question carefully. Tang Jixiu didn’t answer it, but she didn’t deny it. It seems that it depends on this posture.
JiCancan dragged herself to the corner of the bed and let Ji Tang fix the cover tightly. She dared to gently pull over a small corner, but her heart was so abnormal that there was a little secret joy. They had never slept with Tang Jixiu. For her, it was like leaving Cinderella at twelve o’clock when she arrived at her pants. It was absolutely impossible to accompany her to the sky.
giggle at what
Tang Jixiu meaning turned to see JiCancan a face of idiot can’t help but light tut.
Qi Cancan laughs foolishly, but you can’t tell him that you have unrealistic fantasies. Anyway, she has a long brain and she can fantasize as she likes, and Tang Jixiu won’t know. Honestly, they are quite like a newlywed.
When Tang Jixiu was ready to fall asleep, JiCancan suddenly jumped at him and picked his eyebrows at him.
Moment she shower gel fragrance filled his nose Tang Jixiu some don’t open the face cold to say
Stay away
Even if it is only once in my life, Qi Cancan wants to sleep quietly in his arms. She buries her head in his strong chest and feels particularly at ease listening to his heavy and powerful heartbeat.
Tang Jixiu’s patience didn’t push her away and let her be small.
Third brother, you just said you would reward me, right?
JiCancan raised his head and looked at him with blazing eyes.
What can you tell me?
I have to say that she is still looking forward to it. Although Ji Tang xiu is extremely unwilling to strip her, she is quite satisfied with the ending.
I really want to know
Tang Jixiu raised my hand and touched her. There was a hint of no smile in her cheeks.
JiCancan nodded heavily.
I like both diamonds and real bags.
She made a joke on purpose, although it wasn’t funny. If he gave it to her, she might like it even if it was a piece of shit.
Tang Jixiu closed his eyes and fingered her lips gently.
You don’t go to class early in the afternoon and fly directly to the film and television joint project of Los Angeles company. You go with it.
He paused and raised an elusive smile at the corner of his mouth

This kind of good thing, Galome is a woman and a woman with good looks and small assets. Who doesn’t want it?

The two brothers stared at Luo Mei like flies all the way.
Luo Mei knows the seriousness and her current identity. Many pharmacists’ friends, especially male pharmacists, showed their greed for Luo Mei some time ago.
If it weren’t for the sudden forced recruitment by the military, it would be hard for Luo Mei, a poor girl, to fall into which noble or professional bed to be continued.
Solomoy cherishes the fact that he can get enough military industry and gain a firm foothold with the army, and it is best to get rid of this embarrassing situation by connecting with some people in the army.
It’s a pity that the two brothers who just set off are like dog skin plasters to give Romegan no breathing space.
I prefer to be quiet. Grandpa Shan smiled and didn’t explain much, but in the eyes of the Turk brothers, he was jealous.
Because Luo Mei sat next to Grandpa Shan, she actually started talking like this.
Although I am somewhat interested in a heterosexual active mountain master, I really don’t have any interest in shooting the breeze at this time. I’m a little tired and go to the carriage to rest first. Polite farewell nodded at the two old men. Mountain master looked at the hostile gaze of the two brothers, and hid in the carriage.
Luo Mei was disappointed, but the two old people changed their senses slightly for Master Shan.
Hiding in the carriage, Sun Yatsen thoughtfully connected the shadow again.
Eyes flashing, Master Shan finally gave up his plan to attack. Ten kilometers away from the motorcade, a group of dead people are dragging their feet. The number is small, but not many bones are converted into experience values. After all, this time, it is going deep into the Orc Empire, and there are plenty of opportunities to display their means.
This time, in addition to condensing weightloss drugs to the army, Master Shan will also stabilize magic drugs from time to time, but this time, Master Shan will go back to the army alive and record his contribution, which will double or even triple the compensation for Master Shan.
These are all revealed to Master Shan by the major general. After all, half of Master Shan’s potions are now earned by him. How can he not care?
Knowing the details of compensation has many advantages over those ignorant companions, Master Shan.
However, Master Shan’s main goal is that the undead have heard that there are a large number of undead in the orc empire, and a small number of semidemons have been finely doped in the imperial city, which has formed a certain scale of chaos.
Although it seems to be a good way to gain energy spar and increase experience value all the time, after all, it is a lack of war materials. The general has slightly woken up Master Shan once, which means to buy but not too much. If it attracts the attention of the military inspection brigade, even the less general will lose Master Shan.
In fact, even if the general doesn’t say anything about Shanye, he is ready to stop the acquisition. After all, this acquisition can’t last long, and it is easy to attract others’ attention and cause trouble. Shanye will buy it for a while and then give up this road.
However, smallscale acquisitions have never stopped, which is a way to gain experience.
Now that I have my own team, I want to win the war to get what I want. After all, compared with the purchase of spar, it is obvious that war gives me more experience.
What’s more, this campaign is dealing with the undead, and there is no pressure.
Didn’t give up the monitoring of these small undead. Grandpa closed his eyes and waited to start again.
Master Shan’s mind is all about gaining experience, so it seems very lowkey, but lowkey doesn’t mean trouble won’t happen.
夜网论坛The bigbreasted woman deliberately sat next to Master Shan when she went back after lunch. The two brothers looked at each other and became more hostile to Master Shan.
Master Shan’s eyelids seemed to be afraid, but they were too lazy to pay attention.
Turco sitting next to Luo Mei or just sticking to each other’s body Luo Mei had to simply squeeze into the mountain.
I don’t want to make trouble. Although it is a happy thing for a fragrant woman to stick to herself, at this time, my attention is focused on the smallscale encounter in front of me. My face suddenly looks a little unhappy and looks at Turk. Mr. Turk, is your ass big? Why is it always crowded on my side? Mountain Ye suddenly let several people in the carriage qi qi zheng immediately, and then two old men laughed in stitches, even the younger brother opposite Turk couldn’t help laughing.
Teke’s thin face was immediately blushed and his neck was thick. He argued that Mr. Sam, the carriage is bumpy, don’t take offense. He said that he took the initiative to move aside and moved away from Luo Mei.
Because two old men are nearby, Turk is also not good at hair. He glared at me with a sullen face and giggled. My younger brother stopped laughing, but Turk hated Master Shan and occasionally looked at him with malice and gnashing hatred.
Master Shan was unmoved, but the old god was still looking at the shadow and handing me the image.
The undead is coming! The dead come! !” Trembling glide, however, was soon followed by a loud roar from the whole team. Those who disturb the morale will be beheaded! !” Accompanied by this roar, a large number of cold weapons were swish when they were drawn.
After all, the quality of the rescue forces organized by the military is not comparable to that of the lords and mixed soldiers, and this little riot was immediately stopped.
The team once again, although the speed is a little slower, but everyone’s hearts are much more secure.
After all, the Teke brothers have never seen the world before, and they usually stay in the laboratory. When they hear about the undead, they immediately throw their usual manners and arrogance into their crotch.
But two old men have seen the world, and their faces have changed slightly and they have returned to normal.
Luo Mei is also scared. She wants to find a place where she lives. She is also shivering next to Teke. Of course, it’s not Luo Mei’s choice. Anyway, it’s crowded here. Luo Mei puts women’s reserve on the mountain.

He smiled bitterly. "You always don’t believe me … How many times do I have to tell you before you believe you? It’s really important in my heart."

There was a sarcastic smile on my lips.
He wry smile even more way, "I leave you and the child is really a threat, Ye Ershao, but I am so hypocritical that I won’t really hurt you."
I sneer. "You let Xiao Yan stay here. Do you think I won’t be persecuted by her?"
He hesitated, "Xiaoyan is elsewhere …"
I waited for him to explain.
But he turned the tables. "You should know that Ye Ershao has always benefited you … At the beginning, he asked you to be the general manager of Chu’s ship, but only because he knew that I was behind Chen Shu and I knew that I had deep feelings for you, so he asked you to deal with me."
Chapter 313 Always die
I can’t help but leng leng.
There are several meanings in this statement.
First of all, he directly admitted that Chen Shu was instructed by him.
All this makes sense, and the Li family teamed up with Chu to try to contain Ye Xiangyuan.
Now Ye Xiangyuan deal with li jiaqi his help is understandable.
He said that Ye Xiangyuan knew early that he and Chen Shu had also helped me to deal with him.
I remember when I was the general manager of Chu’s ship, my grandfather did say that this was Ye Xiangyuan, which meant that Ye Xiangyuan let me stay at home after seeing me pregnant …
I can’t say what it’s like at the moment.
Actually, I believe Han Qingshan a little … Ye Xiangyuan is very likely to benefit me …
That’s why I feel complicated.
Both of them have a lot to calculate.
Section 2
They all benefit me.
But in fact, Han Qingshan kidnapped me to benefit me, so I’m not as angry as I am because I don’t know him well, and to some extent, I’m against him.
He just said once again that he likes me and that Ye Xiangyuan also knows, but I still doubt the possibility of this kind of liking after listening to it without even the slightest ripple.
But the leaves are far different.
I used to sleep with him, and I loved him deeply. I was heartbroken when he cheated me and cheated me and benefited me.
So Han Qingshan’s remarks have caused a certain impact in my heart
Ye Xiangyuan has always been a coup d’ é tat. He even found out the background of Han Qingshan. Then it must be clear that Li Mulin betrayed him. Then he will let me be caught by Han Qingshan?
Maybe … He deliberately sent me and Xiao Jin to Han Qingshan as hostages to relax Han Qingshan’s vigilance?
I guessed at random, and my head became a mess.
Han Qingshan suddenly came to hold my wrist and said, "I am sincere to you at the right time."
He made a sincere gesture and looked very sincere.
I’m bored. I withdraw my hand
He let me go, but he still looked at me calmly and said, "Forget Ye Ershao and come with me. I will treat you well."
I didn’t even move my brow and sneered, "You imprisoned me and want me to come with you?"
Han Qingshan’s eyes flashed inside, and his emotions were fleeting. Then he continued to look at me with affection. He sincerely said, "I will let you go when things are over, and then I will pursue you again …"
Is it over?
I frowned.
What is the end of things for him?
I asked, "Do you mean to kill Ye Xiangyuan by ending?"
Han Qingshan micro leng seems to be didn’t expect me to be so direct.
His eyes flashed again without denying it.
My heart sank
He was quiet for a moment before he slowly said, "Ye Er and I always have to die to be completely finished."
I listened with fear.
What does he mean?
I said, "Why do you have to go against Ye Ershao because you are behind the scenes?"
I asked this question directly. I always doubted him before, but Ye Xiangyuan didn’t give him a seal, and I can’t treat him as a real enemy.
But judging from the way he kidnapped us now, I think I should be right to doubt it.
Han Qingshan looked at me for a long time before sighing, "I am supporting Li Wenqi. Ye Ershao is the biggest obstacle. I must get rid of him."
I listened to my heart is not a quiver.
When Ye Sanye was arrested, Ye Xiangyuan told me that Dad and Uncle Ye died because the Li family colluded with foreign forces at that time.
I don’t know if Ye Xiangyuan can handle it if the Han family began to decorate it more than twenty years ago.
As soon as I get worried, I really want to wake him up quickly and be careful with Ye Xiangyuan.
It’s a pity that I can’t do anything now that I’m imprisoned in disguise by Han Qingshan.
I was in a hurry, but it suddenly occurred to me that I was going to stay away from these right and wrong because I couldn’t let go of the leaves.
桑拿网But Ye Xiangyuan may really regard me as a person of beneficial value as Han Qingshan said …
I am utterly confused at the moment.
Suddenly I saw that Han Qingshan was looking at me in a general way, and I quickly gathered my thoughts.
I know that he won’t let us go, and it’s certainly hard to get anything from him.
I wanted to take a step back and talk to him about conditions. "Can you take Xiaoyan away …"
Han Qingshan was silent and didn’t answer.
I can’t help laughing in my heart.
He keeps saying that he likes me, but that’s all.
And Ye Xiangyuan is no different.
Han Qingshan may have seen my cold face and opened my mouth and seemed to want to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything.
I sarcastically said, "It seems that you are not going to take her away, but want her to continue to torture me … I am curious about what Xiaoyan did to you. At the beginning, you did not hesitate to expose the thorns to save her, but now you are so protective of her."

Ok, Han Dongyu stopped teasing the good news. I got up and went to Taiwan to pay the money before the real fish feast came to the good news. I was scared to death with a long breath. The rules here really allow me to eat as much as I catch.

Wu Zhen and Xin Tong’s position and good news can be seen not far from their table.
Xintong doesn’t talk much. Most of the time, he looks after his uncle with his head down. Most of the time, he is cautious. It seems that hanging out with his uncle is not a pleasure but a pain.
The good news is that Han Dongyu doesn’t understand that Xintong is only ten years old, which should be the age of being cheerful, lively, playful and laughing. He saw that Xintong had many characteristics, but she didn’t show up. Han Dongyu has never seen Xintong smile until now, and he doesn’t know what deprived a girl of happiness.
Wu Zhen was very interested in pulling out all the fishbones one by one before serving them to Xintong, just like Xintong is a baby who can’t do anything, but even if Wu Zhen took good care of Gu Xintong, he ate fish silently and said thank you politely.
Good news here fed the five zangorgans temple and began to look around. Seeing Xintong get up and go to health, she told Han Dongyu that she also went to health.
Although hygiene is separate, the place where people wash their hands outside is the public.
Jiayin deliberately washed her hands and arranged her hair in order to have a close contact with the girl. It would be better if she could say a word or two.
Sometimes when a girl washes her hands and sleeves, it’s good news to see that the girl’s little arm seems to have some blue and purple. When she looks at it from a different angle in the mirror, she finds that Xintong has her head down and her collarbone skin is also blue and purple!
Jiayin didn’t resist the temptation and asked, Little sister, did you get bruised on your arm by accident?
When Xin Tong heard the good news, he was so busy that he pulled the sleeve and replied, It’s not that I’m not injured. This is … it’s a birthmark.
The good news is that the girl is more and more surprised to have a birthmark. It is not surprising that there is a bluepurple birthmark. But it is strange that since it is a birthmark, why are you so nervous?
The girl doesn’t seem to want to talk to Jiayin any more. She wiped her hands and went out. Jiayin dawdled out and went back to her seat and quietly told Han Dongyu, I feel strange.
Han Dongyu frown what strange? Is there something unclean in the restaurant hygiene?
Jiayin shook her head and said, I just saw that Xin Tong’s arm and clavicle were all blue and purple, showing bruises after injury, but when I asked her how she was injured, she actually said it was a birthmark.
324 domestic violence
Han Dongyu eyebrows puckering Xin Tong arm has a bluish purple birthmark? How is it possible that the weather is still warm when we meet? She is wearing short sleeves and her arms are not blue at all.
Good news mysteriously leaned over, so I will feel strange. I guess Xintong must have been abused! Domestic violence is her uncle! Even if she is injured, she dare not say that Cheng is more afraid of that uncle today!
Han Dongyu’s brow puckered tighter. Good news! You’ve watched too many bloody dramas. You can actually think of these messes. Even if Xintong is injured, it should be an accident. How can it be a domestic violence, let alone a Wu Zhen hand? Look at Wu Zhen’s thoughtfulness and meticulous care for Xintong.
Good news pie mouth and know how to write the word sanctimonious? Do you know how to pronounce the word pseudojun? Do you know there is another word called pervert? I think Wu Zhen is very likely to be a hypocritical pervert! All his love and care for Xintong now is to cover up his mistakes to her or make up for his confusion and guilt!
Han Dongyu raised his forehead. The more you say the good news, the more outrageous it is. I’m sorry if you don’t write a novel.
Good news hey hey smiled I this time the brain opens a lot? Sorry, that may be that I really think too much.
The good news is gone, but Han Dongyu’s heart can no longer be calm. What happened to Xintong’s girl? She once met a stray dog who was squatting on the side of the road and crying. She was injured this time and said that the birthmark was small. What was on her mind when she shouldered her tender shoulders?
Section 36
And just when Xintong went to health, why did Wu Zhen naturally take her backpack to check her personal belongings, even her mobile phone, and looked at it for a long time until Xintong came out from behind and he did not move to put the mobile phone back in place.
Wu Zhen is Xintong’s guardian again. She is also an adult, and she also has private things and things. You can’t just open it and peek.
Is Wu Zhen really as good as saying that he is a hypocritical pervert and pseudogentleman?
Han Dongyu didn’t have the heart to eat anything, so he left the restaurant with Jiayin and went to the picking garden to pick Jiayin. I hate that I can’t move all the picking gardens back to Nai Hanyu. It’s a Buick, not a truck.
Back to the city, I picked out some good news and brought them back to Han Dongyu’s parents. All the rest were discharged to the door of the villa halfway up the mountain.
At this time, it should be returned to the company. Zhou Chuhan actually came out of the villa and looked at a circle of agricultural and sideline products and a few dirty wives, just like a village woman who went to town to buy food.
My husband came to see me catch a big fish! Jiayin’s little face is a little red and full of smug smiles.
Zhou Chuhan saw the good news and resumed this smile. His heart finally fell. He came over to see the good news and presented a treasure, pointing to the bucket and raising his eyebrows. Are you sure you caught this and didn’t buy it at the farmer’s market?
Husband, this is really my catch! This fish is very strong and almost dragged me into the water. If Brother Dongyu hadn’t even grabbed me with fish, I would have become a mermaid today. The good news is that she caught the fish and pointed to her clothes. Look at me holding the fish and soiling it. Smell it and smell it.
Well, I believe that you are picking so many fruits and vegetables to open a supermarket? Zhou Chuhan looked at a lot of vegetables and fruits and joked.
The good news lit a lot of things and said, This … can be juiced, this can be cooked, this can be made into salads and canned fruits. Anyway, it’s right to have them all. Come and help me move back. We want these things to make a big meal in the evening!
Zhou Chuhan indulged in saying, Well, just do as you say. Now our first priority is to move these things back.
Yes! Good news deliberately came to attention and was naughty. For many days, the haze and surgical failure were completely swept away, and good news became combative again.
The dinner was very rich, except for several delicious vegetables. After that, a big fish cooked several ways to eat fish head and boiled soup. Half of the fish made sashimi, and the other half made braised fish tail to make it bigger. It was simply beautiful to eat four fish.
Failure is frustrating, but make persistent efforts to adjust your mood. Maybe if you are in a good mood, there will be good news when you are pregnant.
After a few days, Jiayin went to Qin Jie’s to check that it would take another month to do it again. If it is done then, the fragile palace will be more unstable.
Jiayin accepts the status quo and tries to keep her mood full, waiting for an operation.
A few days later, Jiaxing called Jiayin and said that her mother was not in a good state these days. I don’t know if she was ill.
Hearing the good news, I immediately decided to go back to see my mother, Zhou Chuhan. I didn’t trust the good news. I insisted on going with them alone. When they arrived in S City by plane, I immediately arranged for Wang Yuee to go to the hospital for a physical examination, but it was strange that the results of the examination were nothing, but it was a fact that Wang Yuee had recently lost her hair and her bones hurt.
Jiaxing and Jiayin didn’t know what to do. Zhou Chuhan comforted them not to worry, so they really went to the United States to find Dr. Chris to see what was going on.
As a result, Wang Yuee couldn’t get out for a while. She was arranged to be hospitalized for conservative treatment first.
Wang Yuee is much thinner than before, and she looks more haggard and old. It’s good news to see her mother in pain, but she doesn’t know how to help alleviate the pain and stay by the bed.
Wang Yuee has believed in Buddhism since her divorce. She began to believe in Buddhism in order to calm her heart, but slowly she also realized some insights from Buddhism. She has now looked down on all the pain and took her daughter’s hand and said, Jiayin’s mother owes you this generation. Many mothers are karma now, and her mother doesn’t feel wronged at all.
Good news throat choked Mom, what are you talking about? You have never owed me anything. On the contrary, you have given me life, which means that my whole generation can never repay my kindness.
Mom brought you and your brother to this world but didn’t do her duty of love. It’s mom’s fault. Mom doesn’t want anything else now. I just hope that when your brother grows up, a girl will not abandon his legs and really love him. I hope you and Chu Han can have a good result.
品茶论坛Zhou Chuhan handed Wang Yuee two big red marriage certificates. Mom, we have already registered and always wanted to give you a surprise. It’s really a shame to tell you now.

He gave me a deep look and said, "Don’t act alone."

I’m busy
At din, Ye Xiangyuan said that he was going to that army.
Grandpa and sister-in-law probably saw my problem with him. He said he was going to the army, and neither of them stopped him.
But Xiao Jin said excitedly, "I’ll go to see my uncle after the holiday. I like the military camp!" "
Ye Xiangyuan touched his head and responded softly.
I hung my head and said nothing.
The next day, the weather was fine, and the leaves went away in the winter afternoon. There was no ceremony, just like going out to visit relatives and friends.
I watched the car drive out of the hospital and couldn’t tell what I was feeling.
But life always goes on.
Section 216
It’s a pity that Ye Wen and I kept an eye on Chen Shu for a while.
One day, I suddenly calculated the date and found that the court session would be held in less than half a month, and Ye Xiangyuan had already left for more than ten days.
I decided to take some extreme measure or I could watch the lawsuit lose.
Although grandpa and Ye Xiangyuan seem to have prepared for the worst, I still don’t want to give up.
I asked Ye Wen to find Chu Feipeng.
I didn’t expect to move him before. He is a Chu family, but now I can’t care so much.
I have a hunch that he must know something. After all, he brokered this contract.
品茶To my surprise, I met Li Qingqing at the gate.
Ye Wen accompanied me to the Chu ship office building that day, and Li Qingqing rushed out and stopped me directly.
I stepped back warily.
Ye Wen immediately stopped her before.
Yang Fei quickly blocked my front.
This time, Pan Dong followed Ye Xiang away from the army. He was Ye Xiangyuan’s deputy and had to participate in the military exercise. I was replaced by Yang Fei and Yuan Xi, and Yuan Xi didn’t follow him to teach Xiao Jin to fight.
Li Qingqing Qingyuan was aggressive, but for a second, she suddenly knelt down and kowtowed at me. "Ding Shishi know that you are very kind … please beg Ye Xiangyuan to beg for mercy and spare my son …"
I didn’t listen to her at all after the situation.
She cried so badly that her tears and nose flowed together, which made her look miserable.
Before I recovered, she cried again, "My husband has killed me. Please help me now …"
She was so low-spirited, so humble that her pride and scheming were gone.
I looked at her with a complicated expression.
She suddenly looked up and stared at me in blazing with anger. "Ye Xiangyuan can kill his own uncle. What’s worse, my cousin can dissuade him. I beg you to have mercy and let him spare my son …"
Because she cried and shouted and knelt down to me, there was a lot of noise, and there were many people around.
When she said this, everyone was in an uproar.
Nowadays, it is a peaceful society, and it is illegal to kill people. No wonder people react so much.
I’m a little unhappy. I’m afraid she’ll pull out his business again and wink at Ye Wen.
Ye Wen immediately called a bodyguard to help Li Qingqing.
I didn’t think that Li Qingqing just couldn’t afford to kneel, but she kowtowed. "Please, I know I have offended you before, but you are a kind-hearted woman, and you have a lot of adults. Please forgive me."
I frown at her. This is not a gesture of asking for help, but I have the guts to make a big deal out of it.
Sure enough, she continued, "If you promise me to be a cow and a horse, so many people will look at me and swear that I will do it."
I can’t help sneering.
She wants public pressure to force me to say yes.
What’s mean? What’s humble? It’s just a means of holding me hostage.
I didn’t expect that Ning Qi’s mother went to school to make trouble like this, and called the reporter to kneel at me on purpose …
Similar means
Actually, my impression of Li Qingqing is better than that of Teng Jun. At least she loves Ye Sanye very much and is good enough for the couple.
Unlike Teng Jun, who is selfish to the bone.
I remember that Ye Xiangyuan forced Teng Jun to choose to live, but even her brother and son didn’t want anyone.
Although Li Qingqing is evil, I always feel that she is not that kind of vicious person.
This estimate is also due to the death of Ye Sanye. She is disheartened and worried before she asks me.
It was her choice that was extreme. If she came quietly, maybe I would be sympathetic.
But how can I let her get what she wants?
I’ve never been alone.
Looking at her quietly for a few seconds, I said faintly, "Aunt San, you made a mistake. Your son violated the law. I don’t have the ability to save your son from prison with me and Ayuan."
Li Qingqing suddenly narrowed his eyes and stared at my eyes with a malicious folded.
Chapter 236 Spontaneous combustion
I frowned and took a step back to hide behind Yang Fei before saying, "In my opinion, he will be fine when your son is released from prison."
Li Qingqing put away her sharp eyes and turned into a pathetic sob. "If you don’t promise me, I can’t afford to kneel."
I’m a little angry that she’s forcing me to compromise.
I was just about to ask Ye Wen what to do when I suddenly felt as if there was a flash not far away.
I was immediately alert and immediately thought of that time when Ning Qi came to make trouble. This time, it should also be something like a camera, and I quickly woke Ye Wen.
Ye Wen herself noticed and made a sign to Yang Fei.
Yang Fei nodded and quietly directed his hand to the crowd.
I was relieved when they were so alert.
Look at Li Qingqing still kneeling, and my mood is a little subtle.

Nine ye leisurely poured a cup of tea and said

"Now that I’m here, I’ll just meet you and see what kind of person you are married to. Do you deserve it?"
Qin Miao Miao blushed and coughed a few times. "The ninth uncle, please go easy on him."
"How can I protect him now? In this case, I have to try him hard. Old four will go to meet him."
The black dress person who has been standing by immediately went out. The man’s kind of momentum is unusual, and he feels like practicing.
Qin Miao Miao got a little nervous and pulled his cuffs slightly coquetry and said
"Nine uncle don’t hurt him?"
Ninth Master glanced at her. "Your elbow turned outwards so soon."
"At least he’s my husband. I have to protect him."
Master Jiu said, "I know how to care for people, but I don’t know how to honor my elders."
Qin Miao Miao a surprised nine uncle he is jealous?
She quickly poured him tea and water, and picked up his shoulders for him, and his mouth became very sweet.
"I’m not sensible, Uncle Jiu. Don’t be angry. It’s so uncomfortable."
"too light"
"Oh, oh, then I’ll focus."
Qin Miao Miao was very clever when he became a masseur, and he was very considerate. Seeing that he was tired, he even rubbed his temples for him.
Then a LengLi sound.
"Qin Miao Miao what are you doing":
Chapter 165 Small Brocade I’ll find you a husband.
Qin Miao Miao stiff turned around and saw coming to act quickly. Lu Qing had a cold face and his eyes were full of anger.
He pulled her into his arms and his eyes were cold, which would freeze people into ice.
He looked at the ninth master and stared at him coldly as if he were in essence.
"Nine lords"
Nine lords looked up and saw his one eye. It’s not good, but it’s too cold. It’s estimated that Brocade can’t stand it.
"Let her go"
Lu Qing’s body froze and his face became more gloomy. This is his wife. He actually let him go. Are you kidding?
"That Lu Qing, you are hurting me."
At Qin Miaomiao Lu Qing coldly, he was almost mad, but forced himself to suppress the cold way.
"You like pear orchards"
"Ha, this pear garden is really good."
Come in with me, Xiao er’s calf is a little shaky. Hey, hey, I’m young, madam. Do you want to stay?
Didn’t you see Lu Shao’s face? Master Jiu just sent someone to stop those people from being beaten up, okay?
Lu Qing continue to ask again
"Reluctant to leave"
Qin Miaomiao realized that something was wrong and hurriedly shook his head.
"No, I’m already planning to leave."
At this time, Nine Lords spoke faintly. "Little Brocade is going to throw me away so soon."
"Hey, hey, you’re only forty years old, and you’re not old at all."
Just after saying this, she felt that being held by Lu Qing had a severe pain in the palm of her hand, and the tears were about to come out.
Lu Qing face float a strange smile word for word
"Well proportioned and charming, how do you like old men?"
I wiped him. It means jealous.
How could she forget that Lu Qing is a big jealousy altar? Misunderstanding is definitely a misunderstanding.
品茶论坛"Lu Qing, you misunderstood him. He is my uncle."
"Qin family and Su family don’t have any money."
Besides, this is the Su family, not the so-called branch of Yanjing, several ancient families, and the Qin family, if they are ranked according to seniority, they will not be ranked, not to mention they are almost bankrupt now.
Qin Miao Miao looked at this dangerous man and was already anxious. How can she explain this?
While nine ye spoke again.
"It doesn’t seem to be a good match for Xiao Jin-er to be so generous. I’ll find you another husband."
My uncle, how can I find a niece like you? Even if I want to find her, I have to wait until she leaves, okay?
Lu Qing has been unable to resist punching at this time and attacked his ninth uncle. However, two figures have blocked the front of the ninth master, and from the skill point of view, it is not weak at all.
Lu Qing followed the two men in a dogfight, and he didn’t show mercy to the meat at all.
Qin Miao Miao nasty hurriedly said
"Uncle Jiu, don’t let them hurt him."
"Why does this hurt?"
"It’s unfair for two to deal with one."
Nine uncle fundus cold light micro "unfair property old six you also if he even beat these four people that is not qualified to take you out of this pear garden"
Qin Miao Miao a listen to face suddenly turned white, she forgot nine tertiary sex.
If Lu Qing can’t stand this test, she is not qualified to be her husband.
She didn’t speak again, fearing that if she continued to plead, Uncle Jiu would make those people heavier.

Last season, Lu Wenbin Hoffenheim defended the Bundesliga Golden Boot with 52 goals in the Bundesliga and also defended the European Golden Boot.

Lu Wenbin scored 52 league goals in 31 appearances, which also set a new record for his highest goal and highest score in the European Golden Boot Award.
With more than five league goals in a season, his players can probably look up to it.
Perhaps only Lu Wenbin himself can hope to break this record.
After the European Golden Boot Awards Ceremony, the sixth round of Serie A of Inter Milan vs Juventus 21211 officially started at 21 pm.
In this game, Juventus No.1 goalkeeper Buffon showed Lu Wenbin the power of a world-class goalkeeper.
In the 17th minute, Lu Wenbin was offside and received a single shot from Steward. As a result, his single shot was blocked by Buffon’s leg.
Lu Wenbin’s rare goalkeeper failed to shoot in a one-on-one duel.
In addition, Juventus midfielder Melo and chiellini keep a close eye on their opponents’ overall defense, which makes it very difficult for Lu Wenbin to get a shot.
Lu Wenbin got only five or six shots in the whole half-time, and his opponent interfered with him. He hit the doorframe three times and Buffon jumped out.
Good Juventus’ own offensive line is also not playing well. Iaquinta missed an opportunity to make up the shot less than 10 meters in front of the door.
Both sides entered the halftime with the score.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides changed sides and fought again. Mourinho asked Lu Wenbin to strengthen the number of assists.
One of the important reasons why Lu Wenbin didn’t score at half-time was that Juventus focused on defending other players.
Fame and the pre-opening European Golden Boot Awards ceremony made Juventus almost win the defense of Lu Wenbin.
Juventus’ defensive center of gravity has not changed at half time.
So in the 59th minute, Lu Wenbin broke through Melo and chiellini in a row in the counterattack, attracting the remaining two defenders to himself. Suddenly, his ankle shook and the ball went to the other side of the forbidden area.
桑拿论坛  title=Juventus players were shocked and kept bowing their heads with the ball. How did Lu Wenbin see the other side?
This is the full field of vision.
Sometimes without looking up carefully, Lu Wenbin can know the other side of the opponent’s defense zone at a glance when he is running.
Sure enough, Eto ‘o kicked the ball to the goal with a volley at high speed on the other side.
Buffon responded quickly and saved the ball, but it didn’t help.
Eto’ o’s volley was too strong. Although Buffon stabbed the ball, he still hit the post and bounced into the net.
Lu Wenbin assisted Eto ‘o to score. Inter Milan finally broke the deadlock and led Juventus 1.
This Inter Milan can play a real defensive counterattack with peace of mind.
Juventus had to attack as a whole to try to equalize the score.
However, after the overall pressure, Juve’s backcourt is bound to expand, leaving Lu Wenbin and Eto’ o, two super-fast strikers, with a bigger sprint.
Gallo Wenbin assisted the first goal, and the Juventus defender also had to devote part of his energy to defending Eto ‘o.
So Lu Wenbin’s opportunity came.
It was only ten minutes before the first goal, and in the 69th minute, Juventus striker Quagliarella’s ball was intercepted by Lucio.
Lucio, who broke the ball, did not give full play to his characteristics as a defender with a knife this time, but decisively gave the ball to the winger Stankovic.
Then Stankovic didn’t stick the ball, turned around and adjusted it. After that, Lu Wenbin was forced to go straight with an oblique foot, and at the same time, he successfully inserted the ball at a high speed near the corner of the forbidden area against offside.
Lu Wenbin’s full speed was too fast. When he received the ball, he left behind and the defender didn’t catch up with him yet.
Lu Wenbin naturally won’t wave opportunities.
Facing the plugging near corner, Buffon Lu Wenbin took a long-range arc with his foot.

Yutingchuan seemed to have some induction and suddenly looked over at the whole Song Dynasty.

The smoke curled thin and the outline of his eyebrows and eyes became softer.
What did the man next to him say? Song Qingcheng guessed that he should introduce himself to the other party and then saw Yutingchuan reaching out to her slightly to let her pass.
Song Qingcheng walked over to the two men and naturally put his hand in Yu Tingchuan’s palm and heard Yu Tingchuan introduce her to "Gu Huaichen, a business friend"
Also surnamed Gu? Song city suddenly look at each other.
The other party smiled at her and said after a while, "I’ll say hello to my uncle first and talk to you later."
Yutingchuan nodded and watched each other go to the banquet hall door.
"You have so many friends" Song Qingcheng sighed with emotion.
Yu Tingchuan withdrew his eyes and pressed the cigarette butt into the ashtray on the dining table. He said, "Gu Gu Yuan Tang went to Jiangcheng to find him after he went to Jiangcheng."
"Shouldn’t I be looking for you when I go to Jiangcheng?"
Song Qingcheng shook hands. "Aren’t you rich?"
Yutingchuan smiled faintly and pinched her finger. "Look for me. Whatever you want."
"…" Song city also smiled.
At about six forty, all the guests began to sit down.
Yutingchuan took Song Qingcheng and Fu Min, the mother and daughter, to sit together. Soon Jiang Chi came too, just to gather a number of people for this table. Mr. Gu came back from the VIP lounge and shared a table with them. The person sitting at the same table was a wealthy businessman in Nancheng.
At seven o’clock sharp, the wedding ceremony officially began.
The whole banquet hall was lit with lights on both sides of the red carpet
At this time of Hengyang has been in front of the podium.
Wang Mingxiu was wearing a shoulder-length wedding dress, and her father was holding a long white embroidered dress coming slowly from the door. Apart from two flower girl, she followed Gu Qingwei, who was wearing a smoky pink evening gift, and another young girl was also wearing a different dress of the same color with a bunch of flowers in her hand.
"Is that Muheng?" Yujing to the whole song ear said
The banquet position Yujing sat next to Song Qingcheng.
Men are generally not interested in this kind of wedding banquet. Yu Tingchuan is talking with Jiang Chi, and their voices are so low that they can hear them clearly.
Song Qingcheng went to Taiwan to look carefully and found that the girl next to Gu Qingwei was really a sly language.
"Why does she still come to the family wedding?"
Fu Min coughed gently next to him.
Yujing immediately shut up.
Yu Jing went to wash her hands while she was talking at the MC.
Come back with a beaming face and Song Qingcheng’s novel "I met Teacher Ji outside and didn’t expect their family to have contacts with their family"
At this time, there was a little mistake in the ceremony platform, which attracted the guests to raise their heads.
The bride sprained her ankle and almost fell off the podium. Fortunately, the groom grabbed the bride’s waist with a load of eyes and put his arms around her for a short time, which frightened the backstage guests and began to applaud.
When the groom puts on the wedding ring for the bride, Yu Jing looks at her deskmate’s second uncle and finds that his left finger is really carrying a platinum ring. Then he goes to see Song Qingcheng wearing the same ring. He can’t help but pull Song Qingcheng’s sleeve and ask, "Didn’t my second uncle buy you a diamond ring?"
Smell speech Song Qingcheng looked at his hand ring and smiled shallowly. "Is this bad?"
"It’s good to be simple and generous." Yu Jing glanced at Taiwan and said, "Don’t women like a diamond ring? It’s so big to wear."
Song Qingcheng said, "Come back to Yunxi Road to show you."
Yu Jing looked skeptical. "Is it really there?"
"Why are you lying?" Song Qingcheng was amused by her antics.
"Then I take back what I just said."
Yujing took a sip of juice and smashed it. "I really envy you and my second uncle. When I first talked to you, I thought this beauty was the experimental class. Banhua was really beautiful and got good grades. You followed me home. I never thought you could be good with my second uncle."
Words fall YuJing suddenly "I’ll be back when I go outside for a trip to the horse"
Fu Min frowned at her impudence. "What to do?"
Yu Jing casually said, "Go wash your hands."
"I haven’t been there just now."
"Then I’ll go with the whole city." Yujing rolled her eyes and stretched out her hand to pull aside the whole city. "Aren’t you going to wash your hands? I’m with you."
The whole Song Dynasty saw that she was using herself as a cover. I didn’t know what medicine she was selling in the gourd, but I still put the tablecloth up. "Then let’s go."
Said didn’t forget and YuTingChuan inform a..
Yujingjin washes his hands and waits for her outside Song Qingcheng.
I met Mu Heng’s language.
Muheng language looked at the whole song dynasty with a look in his eyes. Compared with the whole song dynasty, he looked as usual. Muheng language seemed to have encountered a wolf, butch, and could not help but glance back before washing his hands.
桑拿论坛The whole song dynasty had to take the initiative to provoke MuHeng language here.
Yu Jing hasn’t come out in the past five minutes or so.
Song Qingcheng walked in and asked.
"The whole city, you go home first." Yujing uttered a pant sound from a certain interval. "I seem to have diarrhea. I don’t know how long it will take me to go back after I finish the toilet."
"Are you sure it’s okay?" Song Qingcheng is not very at ease
Yu Jing said, "Nothing is just that my stomach is not very comfortable. You don’t wait for me."
The whole song dynasty waited for a few minutes in the corridor again to see Yujingzhen coming out for a while before returning to the banquet hall alone.
Wash your hands in Yujing listening to the noise outside for a long time before opening the partition door.
As a result, I saw the language in front of the washstand.
Muheng language is finishing skirt mirror when I caught a glimpse of Yujing turned supercilious look. She doesn’t like the whole song dynasty, and naturally she doesn’t like this silly sweet girl around the whole song dynasty.
Yu Jing is sure that Song Qingcheng has left, and just about to leave behind him, there is a slow voice of Muheng. "Do you like Ji teacher in your school?"
"…" Yujing turned her head and her ears were a little red. "What are you talking about?"
Mu Heng shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don’t admit that I want to help you."
Yu Jing was a little shaken and asked, "How do you know Teacher Ji?" Back to her, she realized that Liangcheng was very close to Muheng.
"Well, if you want to know, you can know it."
Mu Heng washed his hands and said casually, "I can call him an uncle because of seniority." He turned to look at Yu Jing and chuckled, "There are many girls who like him. I heard that he is going to get married soon, so you must hurry up."
"True or false?" Yujing is somewhat absent-minded