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She felt as if she were in a steamer with a high temperature of several hundred degrees, and her body had already been sweaty, and her thin pajamas were wet.

Water … Qin Leran shouted a word huskily for a long time.
桑拿会所She felt that her voice was hoarse and her body was almost evaporated. She really wanted to drink water … but she was too weak to have any strength.
Don’t say that getting up is just moving and shouting for help. I have no heart to struggle for a while, and she fell asleep again.
Although her elders have raised her well in recent years, she has practiced dance and martial arts since childhood to keep fit, and her physical fitness is not bad, but because she was taken out of her mother’s abdomen by caesarean section before, she was almost killed by a premature baby that year, and her physical fitness is very poor.
Usually, when she is not sick, she is a healthy and lively pinktooted child. When she is sick, it is difficult to get better. This has been the case all these years. When she is sick, her family is all around her.
The year before last, when she was sixteen, she went to attend the classmates. She held a birthday party and caught a cold when she came home because of a little rain in the open air.
At that time, her father was so distressed that she almost razed the openair party club. Fortunately, her mother was sensible and persuaded her father.
When she was ill that time, she stayed for half a month and felt better. She felt that she was going to be moldy.
Therefore, she is particularly afraid of getting sick. Usually, her diet is strictly in accordance with the nutritionist’s allocation. She tries her best to make herself healthy.
Then mom and dad don’t either. She’s worried that she will feel better herself.
I don’t know how long it took Qin Leran to feel as if she had gone through the Yamaraja Temple, and she finally had some consciousness.
Her head is still heavy and her body is hot, but she can vaguely hear the people around her, talking about their novels
Section 394
These sounds are strange, not her father, not her mother, not a relative of hers.
Qin Leran tried to open his eyes and saw a strange man. He frowned and said, Miss Qin is in a special situation and I dare not give her medicine easily.
Dr. Li she is not a high fever? Why can’t you give her medicine? The question is Lin Jiacheng sound. It sounds nervous.
Of course he’s nervous. Mr. President asked him to take care of his guests. His family fell ill. Now Mr. President has called all his personal doctors. Can it not make people nervous?
Her constitution is very special. It should be that the former doctor gave her some special antibody drugs. I dare not make a move without knowing what the former doctor gave her. This kind of constitution is rare. Once the wrong medicine is disastrous, the doctor dare not touch it.
But if her high fever burns again … If the fever reaches 40 degrees, the body organs will be burned out.
The doctor added, Just try to find a way for her family to let the doctor in charge of her tell me what antibody medicine to give her before.
Qin Leran knew what antibody medicine she had taken. She tried to open her mouth to tell the doctor that Nellie Degen couldn’t make a sound.
Do you have Miss Qin’s family style, Xiao Xiao? Lin Jiacheng looked to one side and was already anxious. Lin Xiaoxiao saw that she had been so distressed that she shed tears.
I … Lin Xiaoxiao wiped her tears. I don’t know her family style. I don’t know anything.
She was so anxious that she had been classmates and friends with Qin Leran for so many years. Why didn’t she leave a message for Qin Leran’s family?
Lin Jiacheng said, Don’t cry if you don’t know.
He really can’t do anything about this silly sister. When he doesn’t know what to do, his cell phone rings in his trouser pocket.
He took out a look and saw that it was the president’s office. He immediately answered respectfully, Mr. President?
I don’t know what the president said at the other end. Lin Jiacheng kept nodding and finally said, I know. My horse told Dr. Li.
Lin Jiacheng really admire them. Mr. President knows such obvious things as little girls so clearly.
However, Qin Leran has antibody drugs, which is not something that Nan Zhai asked people to check, but when he was with little Xiao Ran, the doctor injected her with antibody drugs every week, and he never left her side.
Dr. Li knew how to take the medicine after Lin Jiacheng told him the news he heard from Mr. President.
It wasn’t long after Qin Leran was given the injection medicine, her body was much more relaxed, but the fever didn’t go away so quickly.
If the fever reaches 40 degrees, it will probably burn into pneumonia if it is treated later. Fortunately, the doctor told her that she had taken measures to reduce her fever when she took antibody medicine.
Qin Leran’s fever didn’t go up again, but I don’t know what happened, but it won’t go away for a while. The doctor is also impatient, but he can’t hurry. Her constitution can’t be too large, so she can slowly reduce her fever.
Qin Leran’s head has long been burnt out, but his mouth is still vaguely reading My brother Ran Ran is very difficult to grow up and come to you. You must admit it.

At that time Kyoto

It was a party when Han Cheng Li learned the news.
Some people remember that Xu Ran, a once infamous helper, set up a children’s fund to help those poor children in mountainous areas.
Xu Ran’s name is once again famous in Kyoto.
But this time is different from the past.
夜网论坛This is the first time he has heard this name since the woman left.
The hand holding the glass can’t help tightening.
Later, he did go to the woman, but she didn’t come back once and even changed her cell phone number.
He searched all over Kyoto, but he couldn’t find that woman named Xu Ran anymore.
Someone around said, "Are you sure it’s the same Xu Ran?"
Someone said, "It’s her. Look at the photos!"
Han Cheng Li’s eyes couldn’t help glancing at the picture of the man’s mobile phone. The woman’s short hair in a sports suit was very different from her original image.
It’s a figure, but it seems to be enough for him to recognize her!
Someone beside me said, "All that glitters is not gold. Who would have thought that a woman like that could make such a move?"
At that time, the slanderous praise was uneven
Palm flash Han Cheng Li spilled a cup of liquid without knowing it.
Put that cup on and he strode out.
I don’t know if it is because he is too excited that he is in a hurry
Xu Ran Children’s Fund Lin Ya chose an office building in the city and county to help professionals from other places, which also saved her a lot of trouble.
Of course, it is obviously unrealistic to always count on others to help, so Lin Ya began to let Xu Ran get in touch with such things, not to be familiar with them, but to be familiar with every link.
On Saturday morning, Xu Ran was forced to read a pile of materials.
Eyes swept through the rows of well-meaning people’s names and finally fixed the three words of Han Cheng Li
Look around. Ten lines are all that bastard’s name!
This shameless man actually donated 500,000 times.
Xu Ran stared at that name and couldn’t help shaking his head. This person has to donate money in such a high profile!
He is afraid of her blindness after so many times!
The school at the top of the mountain on Monday
Linya plays games with the children during the class break.
Liu Yuan and Xu Ran glances. The man took a picture of the smiling woman with his mobile phone.
Then pass the phone to Xu Ran and say, "You decide who to send it to."
Xu Ran frowned and grabbed his cell phone. I can’t stand his old woman.
Directly dig out the Muchuan number "You have to relax and be a good person and a bad person. I’ll do it! When she asks, you can say that I took your mobile phone to Mu Chuanfa! "
Then she decisively pressed the send button.
That turtle grandson of Shimuchuan did call her, but she didn’t tell him that Lin Ya was with her.
Her eyes are almost the same, and her foundation has received a lot of donations from that man.
Be kind. People pay so much money. You have to disclose the information!
Besides, it seems really unkind for the old lady who longed for her to call her and ask Lin Ya to hold her back so much.
If there is a problem, you should always make it clear.
At that time Kyoto
The man in the meeting room of Mu’s building put the table and the mobile phone shook.
He has been very sensitive to the movement of his mobile phone recently, and he picked it up almost without a pause.
Regardless of the field, my eyes will open.
A picture from Lu Yuan
The woman is blindfolded and surrounded by a group of children.
He suddenly shook his mobile phone and smiled at so many pairs of eyes.
Time market
Lin Ya didn’t know that she was calculated by the two men, took off the cloth covered with her face and walked towards the two men with a smile.
Took Xu Ran’s cup and drank a mouthful of water, only to find that the two men had strange expressions.
Dark and bright eyes narrowed, and she insisted, "Did something happen that I didn’t know?"
Xu Ran busy a wave a female student cried "lily with them back to the classroom"
The girl frowned at Liu Yuan but saw that the man looked as usual. "Why are you pushing me?"
Linya gave him a suspicious look and then snorted and walked behind him to push him.
taohuajian moutain stream
The old lady sat on the sofa and sighed, "Sichuan is elegant and elegant …"
Thinking of her great-grandson old lady who met her by chance is really going to sigh her life!
"It’s always our family that has wronged her."
Muchuan frowned and said, "I want to go out."
"Go on, go on. I can’t explain it clearly. Let me explain."
Three days later, Muchuan travel-stained came to the city.
That woman is playing games with those children.
Far Xu Ran saw busy people secretly waving to the children to get out of the way.
Lin Ya knew that they were blindfolded and turned in circles. "Xiao Li Xiao Yin, who should I catch first?"
Suddenly it seems quiet around, and Lin Ya frowned faintly.
Without waiting for her to think carefully about what is different, she seems to meet someone when she turns around.
Reaching over with her hands, she smiled. "Got you!"
She made a move, but the palm felt different.
Hard is more like a man’s chest!
Realizing that she touched the wrong person, she realized that she would stop.
But in the future, I have to take back my hand and be grasped by that man

This round is better than the boat

Li Yu looked around uneasily in the darkness. A gentle and graceful girl came in the direction of Zhongxin Middle School. She slowly walked into the spotlight, clean and expressionless, but her eyes were sharp and she looked down on people’s arrogance.
"Get up," she said to Li Yu, who had failed. Her expression was as contemptuous as looking at a pile of garbage.
Liyu pale passive Nuo Nuo up.
What’s going on? !
Everyone looked at each other.
Li Yu was the champion last year, but this girl can’t put her in the eye. Is there a better master than her in Yixin Middle School?
Just when everyone is puzzled.
Liyu left in frustration.
The girl sat leisurely and gracefully, but it was as cold as a snake. She smiled and said to the boat, "My name is Lingling. You are so interesting. I want to challenge you."
Linlin’s eyes are very charming, just like she is about to eat Yu Zhou, teasing and excited.
The two schools are now one to one, and there are still four rounds of competition. The first three rounds of competition are free to play after listening.
If Yu Zhou doesn’t want to fight her, he can also change people halfway, but he has just shown the level of ten, and no one dares to stir for the time being. After all, the level of ten is like a god for high school students.
Everyone recognized him.
In this tense and exciting atmosphere, Yu Zhou replied with a smile, "I’m not interested, I’m dull."
Linlin’s head almost hit the piano key. This guy says it’s cold humor? Or are you born to stay like this?
She looked suspiciously at Yu Zhou’s eyes and corners of his mouth. "Please start, teacher."
The piano rang in the distance.
A new wave of tinkling has struck again. This time, the player has changed behind him, and the tunes of the foreign pianist are full of joy but not as relaxed as before. The jury saw that the students of both sides were superb and unanimously decided to raise the level of this competition. The foreign pianist was very interested in the boat, and even more interested in challenging the girl in the boat, and decided to play a big game.
The music of foreign pianist just fell.
Silent as death
Not many people can recognize this song and pop it up.
Linlin is not in a hurry, but slightly raises his eyelids and looks at Yu Zhou’s eyes. "I’ll give you the opportunity, you go first."
Section 5
Yu Zhou smiled modestly. "It’s a pity that wild bees are flying, but I can’t play it."
Field shock
It is actually the top ten difficult songs "Wild Bees Flying"
"Uh-huh" Linlin smiled briskly. "Then it’s my turn to play."
按摩She smiled and put her finger on the piano key. The snow-white finger seemed to be equipped with a fast-acting motor. She kept tinkling and drumming and played a song that was amazing, and the wild bees were flying.
End of a song
The scene was as white as death.
Four is quiet.
It was only a moment later that someone recovered and exclaimed, "Oh, my God, she actually played it-!"
The song "Wild Bees Flying" ranks among the top ten difficult songs, one of which needs ten attainments to be played at the boat level, just keeping the tenth level can’t play such a track.
However, he is a very modest person. Seeing Linlin playing this song, the level must be terrible. The white face slightly shows the worship of "You are awesome."
After all, linlin is a sophomore, and he is two or three years old. He has always respected his elders and stared at her with eyes flashing and innocent.
Lingling laughed, but it was a bit ironic. She turned on the piano stand microphone like a finger. The microphone was turned on when playing and turned off after playing. She gently turned on the sound and it was crisp.
"How powerful are you? It turns out that you are so defeated."
The words were amplified by the microphone and passed to everyone’s ears at the scene. Lingling was so arrogant that she won the game and humiliated others. Li Yucai was so afraid that she would sit in a trembling position.
The discussion started again.
The students here in the international school are so angry that they named her in the dark. "Is it necessary for this linlin to be so crazy?" If you win, you win. Is it necessary to humiliate people like this? "
"Bad tutoring, right? Bite everyone you see."

He smiled bitterly. "You always don’t believe me … How many times do I have to tell you before you believe you? It’s really important in my heart."

There was a sarcastic smile on my lips.
He wry smile even more way, "I leave you and the child is really a threat, Ye Ershao, but I am so hypocritical that I won’t really hurt you."
I sneer. "You let Xiao Yan stay here. Do you think I won’t be persecuted by her?"
He hesitated, "Xiaoyan is elsewhere …"
I waited for him to explain.
But he turned the tables. "You should know that Ye Ershao has always benefited you … At the beginning, he asked you to be the general manager of Chu’s ship, but only because he knew that I was behind Chen Shu and I knew that I had deep feelings for you, so he asked you to deal with me."
Chapter 313 Always die
I can’t help but leng leng.
There are several meanings in this statement.
First of all, he directly admitted that Chen Shu was instructed by him.
All this makes sense, and the Li family teamed up with Chu to try to contain Ye Xiangyuan.
Now Ye Xiangyuan deal with li jiaqi his help is understandable.
He said that Ye Xiangyuan knew early that he and Chen Shu had also helped me to deal with him.
I remember when I was the general manager of Chu’s ship, my grandfather did say that this was Ye Xiangyuan, which meant that Ye Xiangyuan let me stay at home after seeing me pregnant …
I can’t say what it’s like at the moment.
Actually, I believe Han Qingshan a little … Ye Xiangyuan is very likely to benefit me …
That’s why I feel complicated.
Both of them have a lot to calculate.
Section 2
They all benefit me.
But in fact, Han Qingshan kidnapped me to benefit me, so I’m not as angry as I am because I don’t know him well, and to some extent, I’m against him.
He just said once again that he likes me and that Ye Xiangyuan also knows, but I still doubt the possibility of this kind of liking after listening to it without even the slightest ripple.
But the leaves are far different.
I used to sleep with him, and I loved him deeply. I was heartbroken when he cheated me and cheated me and benefited me.
So Han Qingshan’s remarks have caused a certain impact in my heart
Ye Xiangyuan has always been a coup d’ é tat. He even found out the background of Han Qingshan. Then it must be clear that Li Mulin betrayed him. Then he will let me be caught by Han Qingshan?
Maybe … He deliberately sent me and Xiao Jin to Han Qingshan as hostages to relax Han Qingshan’s vigilance?
I guessed at random, and my head became a mess.
Han Qingshan suddenly came to hold my wrist and said, "I am sincere to you at the right time."
He made a sincere gesture and looked very sincere.
I’m bored. I withdraw my hand
He let me go, but he still looked at me calmly and said, "Forget Ye Ershao and come with me. I will treat you well."
I didn’t even move my brow and sneered, "You imprisoned me and want me to come with you?"
Han Qingshan’s eyes flashed inside, and his emotions were fleeting. Then he continued to look at me with affection. He sincerely said, "I will let you go when things are over, and then I will pursue you again …"
Is it over?
I frowned.
What is the end of things for him?
I asked, "Do you mean to kill Ye Xiangyuan by ending?"
Han Qingshan micro leng seems to be didn’t expect me to be so direct.
His eyes flashed again without denying it.
My heart sank
He was quiet for a moment before he slowly said, "Ye Er and I always have to die to be completely finished."
I listened with fear.
What does he mean?
I said, "Why do you have to go against Ye Ershao because you are behind the scenes?"
I asked this question directly. I always doubted him before, but Ye Xiangyuan didn’t give him a seal, and I can’t treat him as a real enemy.
But judging from the way he kidnapped us now, I think I should be right to doubt it.
Han Qingshan looked at me for a long time before sighing, "I am supporting Li Wenqi. Ye Ershao is the biggest obstacle. I must get rid of him."
I listened to my heart is not a quiver.
When Ye Sanye was arrested, Ye Xiangyuan told me that Dad and Uncle Ye died because the Li family colluded with foreign forces at that time.
I don’t know if Ye Xiangyuan can handle it if the Han family began to decorate it more than twenty years ago.
As soon as I get worried, I really want to wake him up quickly and be careful with Ye Xiangyuan.
It’s a pity that I can’t do anything now that I’m imprisoned in disguise by Han Qingshan.
I was in a hurry, but it suddenly occurred to me that I was going to stay away from these right and wrong because I couldn’t let go of the leaves.
桑拿网But Ye Xiangyuan may really regard me as a person of beneficial value as Han Qingshan said …
I am utterly confused at the moment.
Suddenly I saw that Han Qingshan was looking at me in a general way, and I quickly gathered my thoughts.
I know that he won’t let us go, and it’s certainly hard to get anything from him.
I wanted to take a step back and talk to him about conditions. "Can you take Xiaoyan away …"
Han Qingshan was silent and didn’t answer.
I can’t help laughing in my heart.
He keeps saying that he likes me, but that’s all.
And Ye Xiangyuan is no different.
Han Qingshan may have seen my cold face and opened my mouth and seemed to want to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything.
I sarcastically said, "It seems that you are not going to take her away, but want her to continue to torture me … I am curious about what Xiaoyan did to you. At the beginning, you did not hesitate to expose the thorns to save her, but now you are so protective of her."

He felt a pain in his heart

But if he doesn’t say it’s okay, the only thing is that he can’t help it.
If you hadn’t gone looking for trouble, the labor and capital would be cool and arrogant, beating people instead of being down and out, bleeding here.
Section 23
If she hadn’t answered that, she would have suffered this foreign crime here now.
It’s all because of you, you old man, it’s all because of you. The only thing that looks at him now is his stinking face.
I don’t know how to punish myself if there is no one for a while, so she is still smart and preemptive.
But I don’t know what to say, and the more I feel wronged.
I wonder if it is because of this old man that she feels very wronged.
It’s all you and I who destroy you. Believe it or not, I let you go begging and bankrupt you. The only hand pounded Mo Yu’s rigid chest
Ink royal looked at his arms kept moving people just stop bleeding and flow out.
Don’t touch your forehead. Mo Yu’s knifeshaped eyebrows are wrinkled, so they are so quiet.
Can’t you behave yourself?
Don’t let those bastards mess with me first. It’s really a matter of mud. Don’t let him serve his ancestors.
Be quiet, you still have a reason, don’t you? Mo Yu hugged people and wouldn’t let her touch.
It’s all because of you, anyway, it’s because of you. The only thing that can be ignored is those who enjoy the ink in front of them.
Ink royal looked at his little wife with a sigh.
Can’t you be spoiled if you can’t scold this?
But who made him older than her?
Okay, okay, it’s all because of me. I don’t want to move, okay? Holding people in my arms, Mo Yu Nai.
Of course, it’s because of you, old man, that you are beautiful with me. The only one who continues to beat people?
Xing Yun was surprised to see the two people get along with each other in the front mirror.
His small temper is not something that ordinary people can bear. From childhood to adulthood, he is the one he fears most.
Poof but the only sentence I heard later made him drive fast and he couldn’t help but spit it out.
Beautiful as flowers? Fall in love with the country Close the moon and be ashamed of flowers? She’s sure she’s talking about herself now.
Her face foundation keeps dropping black eye shadow, thick eyebrows, exaggerated blush and red lips.
From that point of view, it is not related to these words, is it?
The only reflection when I hear this sound is that I don’t know myself when I turn my head and see it.
Does he have nothing to do when he is sick? He likes to watch people get along with each other. The only person who saw him was embarrassed.
Not shy, but fierce.
Sisterinlaw, I was wrong looked at someone around her and said carefully at once.
That man is very bitter.
Before the sound of Don’t talk while driving was restored, it was cold and hard, and there was no emotion at all.
Xingyun took a deep breath and tried to suppress the idea of wanting to hit someone when he heard the ink imperial words.
It’s really favoritism. At least they are iron brothers for more than 20 years!
The front is the hospital. There are some jams. Xingyun looked at the front and blocked the vehicle with a frown.
Now the lion behind him won’t listen to his reasons.
I don’t want to go to the hospital, I don’t want to go to the hospital. When I heard this, the sound of Mo Yu’s arms was a little sharp
Just some unclear consciousness is heard ink royal finely sound didn’t know the ink royal want to take her to the hospital.
Good obedient ink royal patiently coaxed his little wife in his arms.
☆ Chapter 26 You are my ancestor.
I don’t want to go to the hospital, I don’t want to go to the hospital. The only thing I struggled despite my forehead wound.
After you are my ancestor
But the ink royal looked at the fresh blood out immediately panic.
Don’t touch your husband. Take you to the hospital and have a look. Your forehead wound needs debridement or it will get infected.
Ink royal feel the first half has been smooth, it must be the second half of this little girl to torment him.
It happened that he had no choice.
桑拿会所  title=Xing Yun looked at his friend’s gentle and spoiled eyes.
The corners of the mouth are covered with black lines. Is this a wife or a daughter?
I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go. There are only tears flashing in my eyes, looking at Mo Yu, which is somewhat delicate and touching.
The only thing that sticks out his slender hands, holds the ink neck and buries his cheek at the shoulder socket.
I’m afraid of the big cuttlefish, I’m afraid … I felt the only trembling in my body and voice and the wetness in my shoulder socket.
The ink imperial body tightened and bit his teeth. He didn’t know why she was so afraid of the hospital.
But if she goes like this, she will definitely go into shock due to excessive blood loss.
Looking at the surrounding situation is more and more blocked ink royal holding people open the door of the car.
Xingyun, you immediately make a phone call to the military general hospital to send me the best doctor. Say that finish, holding people and turning away.
This road is very blocked at noon, and the only one is walking towards another fork in the road.
Where is the traffic flow not right?
I don’t want to go to the hospital, I don’t want to go. The only hand held Mo Yu Bo Le, and he had some pain.
But these are not his notes now. The most important thing now is to take a taxi back.
Well, we don’t go, we don’t go. Be good Mo Yu walked quickly while coaxing people.
Mo Yu, a perennial army exerciser, naturally didn’t spend much effort holding the only such a thin person.

Chang Huanyan was "hitched" to death and forgot to take off hairband in her robe.

How naive you look at it now!
Nai Neng picked hairband and threw a so-called tone "hairband" into the cane chair next to him.
Yu Yu looked at hairband again and then looked up at the night. "It’s a nice day tonight."
Chang Huanyan "…"
Where is it?
桑拿论坛"Do you want to see the stars?" Depression in a word directly let her almost fell to the ground.
The corner of my eye is pounding for several times.
I’m going to live alone to see some stars!
Seeing that she pursed her lips and refused to allow Yu Yu to stir up an eyebrow slightly, she said, "Didn’t you just say you wanted to see the stars?"
"…" Chang Huanyan was speechless and faced him with a serious expression. He nodded and asked, "What do you think?"
"I’ll teach you," Yu Yu said, pulling her small hand and letting her pull the pole to the surface behind the telescope to adapt to her height.
"Eyes here" warm hand put her shoulder gently press the sign.
"Oh," Chang Huan Yan can gather together his face in the past.
"See?" The man has a low magnetic voice, and she brushed behind her ear.
Chang Huanyan carefully looked at the past through the mirror. When she saw one star after another shining in the sky, she was surprised as if she had discovered a new continent. "Wow, it’s so beautiful to see the stars!"
Yu Yu listened to her excitement, and her firm face gradually revealed a smile.
He controlled the handrail with one hand and slowly moved along the angle to make her see more clearly and clearly.
The quiet balcony is gently lit, and the two people will be together, with a hazy glow and a long shadow on the ground.
Chang Huan Yan watched it with great interest for a while and finally remembered the real thing tonight again.
She pushed open the pole and straightened up.
I wanted to talk, but suddenly I put a hard chest on my back. She quickly felt the warmth and elasticity through the robe … His heart beat steadily again and again.
"What’s the matter?" Yu Yu’s voice sounded low in her ear.
Chang Huanyan realized that she was almost surrounded by him, even though he lost an arm, even though she was still wearing a nightgown, his arms looked particularly innocent girl.
She didn’t speak, but slowly turned around and put her arms around his waist and put it on.
A fragrant smell that belong to a woman came from her body at once.
Yu Yu’s eyes slowly fell on her white and delicate cheeks.
Chang Huan Yan’s skin is very thin, and the light shines more like a piece of jade with good texture and long black curly hair, which is dialed by her department to reveal a large beautiful shoulder and neck line on one side of her shoulder.
The robe is loose and crumbling, and her exquisite figure makes her waist more slender.
When she was depressed, she put her hand in her waist and arms, and her weak bones were as warm and clever as a beloved kitten.
"Don’t want to see it?" He asked in a low voice.
Breathing through the nose and mouth, her forehead tickled and brushed with scorching temperature.
Chang Huan Yan nodded his head and felt that his waist strength was heavier.
Some words don’t need to be said anymore.
Section 66
Chang Huan-yan raised her head and kissed her lips firmly in the instant of depression.

Fortunately, at this time, the room words rang and Han Yan frowned, so that she could get up and answer the words "hello" first.

Gao Xiaoxiao sat on the sofa and looked at him.
Room fixed-line TV cabinet where his shirt is a little wrinkled and one corner is still loose, and his trousers are also half hung. As he moves his trousers and hips, he shakes back and forth as if he is about to fall off from the tight and tight place at any time … The whole person is lazy and casual, and reveals an unruly.
"Okay, I know, the horse will go."
Listen to this, it should be the floor calling for dinner.
After talking, Han Han came up to her. It was a coincidence that the coffee table phone rang.
Without thinking, Gao Xiaoxiao reached over and picked it up. The name displayed on the screen was "Lu San"
Handing the words to Han Shu, he sat down and put his hand around her shoulder. "What’s the matter?"
Gao Xiaoxiao heard the deep man faint, but he couldn’t hear clearly what he said.
"But see you then."
Hang up the phone after Han Shan threw her hands around her and said, "My wife, I’ll go to Jinsheng the night after tomorrow, and I’ll go to the sin night, and I’ll treat you."
"Oh" Gao Xiaoxiao blinked and nodded "OK"
It seems that there will be another happy event at home recently.
Section 493
Looking at her obedient and clever sample, Han Tao’s eyes were dark and his long arms suddenly tightened, and he held her tightly and kissed her lips as soon as he bowed his head.
"Well …" Gao Xiaoxiao nai.
Well, I didn’t get away with it after all
Close your eyes and let him kiss you for a while before you say, "Be careful with the children."
Han Shu picked her eyebrows and touched her flat belly gently. The tone was spoiled. "Little Mo Mo is good and close your eyes."
Gao Xiaoxiao blinked. "Little ink?"
"Well, how about my niece’s nickname? Do you like it?" Han Han said this name, the eyes are soft and the eyebrows are not good. I can see that … it’s quite proud.
"Small ink ink? Small ink ink ….. "Gao Xiaoxiao read and read" yeah, it’s nice. It’s just paired with Xiaobai. By the way, did you get the name? What is it called? "
"I’ve thought about several names, Han Moxue, Han Momo, Han Mo, and Han Monian … which one do you like?"
Gao Xiaoxiao pondered for a long time. "Everything sounds good."
Han Shu knew she would say this, so she pinched her waist and said, "Then I’ll think about our daughter’s name. It must be nice and easy to remember."
"Good" Gao Xiaoxiao nodded with a smile. Anyway, she has given her daughter a name and she is happy to worry.
Little ink?
That sounds really cute
Sunset west
"Don’t let him get away!" One cry after another pierced the sky.
He often ran forward desperately and gasped. His heart "plopped" as if he were about to jump out of his chest, like a careless foot tripped, and then he fell to the ground.
Before he got up, there was a flurry of footsteps behind him, and then he was quickly dragged back and dragged on.
"Let me go!" Often shout loudly
Even if he can fight this abandoned construction site again and there is no helper around him, he can’t beat these seven hooligans.
The leader looked at him with a pair of eyes smoking a cigarette, and his tone was disdainful. "Do you think this is the small time to beat you?"
I often stare at the situation with my eyes open, screaming "One-on-one!"
That guy named "Xiao" immediately lifted his foot and kicked his belly. "One-on-one, I’ll let you one-on-one! Come on, one on one! Looking for a smoke! Grass! "
I often feel that my stomach hurts and my insides almost move.
He twisted his teeth and rushed over, but his arms were pulled by the roots, so he couldn’t move or return his hands.
Smiled, punched and kicked, and worked harder.
桑拿按摩I often have a bloody taste in my mouth, but the newborn calf is not afraid of being beaten by the tiger and keeps shouting "If something happens, you will kill me!" "
"Ha ha" a cold light suddenly his eyes lit up with a cold knife face, and his face took two small notes, proud and arrogant. "Look at this fine-boned meat. What will happen if you cut your face a few times? Do you dare to grab a horse with me later? "
Chang Jing is not afraid of "bah" at all. He vomited a little face with one mouthful phlegm. "If something happens, you can row a man like a gentleman. When I am afraid of you, you are a turtle grandson! Even if I destroy it, I won’t like you! "

Lu Qing eyes color cold cold "to check"

Mo Wen wan stared at Weibo for half a ring and the corners of his mouth were coldly hooked up.
It seems that Lu Qing Qin Miao Miao has not been made public. Even if she becomes the heir to Sue’s family, it is also a matter of circulation, and the outsiders are unclear.
In this case, there are some things that can be manipulated.
She made an anonymous call to a reporter in Maiwen.
"I’m a little bit in Yao Guang entertainment President Qin Miao black material do you want to listen to"
When Van Gogh received the message, he was a little stuffy and was kicked out of the premiere. It was already very uncomfortable. He wanted to post a message, but it was banned by the editor-in-chief, saying that people were well-connected and could not easily offend other businesses. It was also a minor celebrity. He always liked shooting stars and made a lot of money for the company.
Now that I’m humiliated, I can’t even send a message black.
"Who are you?"
"It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that I can give you a sum of money to get rid of Qin Miaomiao."
"I want one million," Versace opened his mouth. I didn’t expect the other party to answer it in one bite
"It’s not a problem if you can hack her to death for me."
It seems that Qin Miao Miao’s enemy is good.
Anyway, he has long wanted to do it himself, and with this money, it is not a problem.
However, Maiwen Entertainment is a good platform, and you can also play a big game with it before you go.
"Well, I’ll do it for you."
Black, he’s the best. He still needs to collect some material.
Mo Wenwan looked at the net, Qin Miao, video photos, trees show in Lin will be destroyed.
She didn’t behave well when she made such a big noise when Mrs. Lu made a public appearance outside. Isn’t it sorry that she didn’t play some tricks?
Tell her to call her John.
However, she always knew that planning was necessary. She couldn’t expose herself. She had to find some guns. She had to think about what guns there were:
Chapter 345 You four no four silly?
The topic of reincarnation has become a hot topic, with a total box office rate of 400 million in seven days.
After all, this kind of really brain-burning suspense film in the Chinese market is almost extinct.
This is not a popcorn-like film, but it is a film worthy of scrutiny and repeated observation. The strange structure of the film is amazing enough
Of course, director Gao Hu doesn’t need to praise Jiao Jiao Lan too much, but he has gained a lot.
Jiao Jiao, this is an instant hit. This woman who is more handsome than men is naturally going up.
And the return of the Arashi king also played a beautiful battle.
How many first-line stars quit the entertainment circle, even if they return later, the chance of turning red again is very small.
After all, the entertainment circle is updating too fast, but Lan’s strength has proved a little. He is still the genius winner who surprised the whole entertainment circle in those days.
At this time, the talented film actor is being mad at Qin Miaomiao.
"Cousin, what do you mean?"
Lan’s Uber face is a bit stiff.
"Simon, Simon, can we change our name to Lan Lan?"
Qin Miaomiao sneered, "I have the right to correct you as your aunt. You can’t have a long snack. I’m also your elder. What’s the matter with you? My aunt expressed her evil intentions to you. What will others think and say about you?"
Arashi’s face is not so simple as stiff, staring at her eyes low way
桑拿按摩"I haven’t seen Simon for so long, and your eloquence is good."
Qin Miao Miao put his hand on his chest and patted him on the shoulder with a heavy heart.
"My cousins have a second phase, and I’m also white, but isn’t this second phase too long?"
Lan corners of the mouth sobbed "I’m sad I didn’t tell you"
Well, just don’t admit it. It seems that the goods changed their policy when they saw that the route was not good.
Good. This is a master who is not afraid of making trouble.
"I didn’t have a winner before. Do you want your agent to sign it for me?"
Arashi one leng immediately laughed.
"How Simon Simon want to sign me"

"No!" This person suddenly bent his left leg slightly, bent his right arm and drew a circle with his right palm, and pushed it out!

"Is he going to do it now?" Ling Feiyang thought of here a dashed posture faster than this person head has blocked the van in front of the elders!
Unexpectedly, however, this palm of his hand was not taken to Elder Fan, but to a flagpole beside Elder Fan!
This palm force looks very powerful, but this flagpole, which is two fingers thick, is still!
The gray beggar’s palm is both rigid and flexible, and he can send and receive freely. It is the first move of "Kang Long has regrets"!
"Flying what are you excited about? Will I hurt my own people if I keep calling? " The beggar in gray smiled and said to Ling Feiyang, "Even if someone can pretend to be my appearance, can you learn this trick of’ Kang Long has regrets’?"
"Even if you learn a few tricks, it may not be surprising!" Ling Feiyang said
"good! Then I will show you these ten palms! " The beggar in gray folded his left hand to the hook and took his right hand, and pushed Ling Feiyang out with two fingers and a half fists and a half palms. It was a trick to "hide the dragon"!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly flicker to avoid this person suddenly jumped up and slapped Ling Feiyang with his right palm commanding, and it was a "flying dragon day"!
Ling Feiyang didn’t strike back, but he kept flying and dodged. He was more and more surprised to see that this person would put the dragon in the palm of his hand.
"This man seems to have learned ten palms and his palms are strong. Is he really seven males?" Ling Feiyang had doubts about his judgment just now!
"No!" Seeing that the beggar in gray is about to finish playing Ling Feiyang, he finally found a problem!
Although this gray beggar’s palm method is very similar to the dragon’s ten palms, it seems to lack an "aura"!
In those days, in order to rescue Song Guotai, Zhao Hongling and Hong Qigong, they went to Mongolia to fight side by side. I have seen Hong Qigong put the dragon in the palm of my hand many times!
Every palm of Hong Qigong’s Ten Dragons exudes a kind of personality charm or is carrying a generation of heroes with awe-inspiring righteousness!
And this person used the dragon ten palms without Hong Qigong hair palm that kind of feeling but also seems to be with some evil!
This kind of "righteousness" and "evil" is a kind of unclear and inexplicable. However, Ling Feiyang actually perceived this "aura" with his rich combat experience and powerful energy field!
约茶"Although this person is a fake, I am the only one who can perceive this aura and can’t debunk this person’s ID card …" Ling Feiyang thought that he suddenly jumped back two feet away and shouted, "You are really good, but I want to learn how to beat a dog with a stick!"
Actually, just now, the six-bag brother named Shang Zhen Beggars’ Sect has seen this person’s beating the dog with a cudgel. Ling Feiyang didn’t really want this gray beggar to beat the dog with a cudgel again to make him take off his gloves!
Because the martial arts of beating a dog with a stick is very exquisite, the palm of a bamboo stick keeps turning, and the fingers must be flexible. Huang Rong has long told Ling Feiyang that if you wear gloves, this stick will be made by the root method!
However, Ling Feiyang never imagined that the beggar in gray smiled after hearing Ling Feiyang’s words and stretched his left hand to his right hand to pick this glove!
Ling Feiyang immediately looked at the beggar’s right hand in gray and found that the man’s right hand actually had four fingers, and the index finger was uniformly broken from the finger root, which turned out to be a withdrawal from Hong Qigong!
"Master Hong!" Brother XuanYuanTai Beggars’ Sect also saw this scene at the same time, and they all exclaimed!
"You didn’t hesitate to break your finger in order to impersonate Mr. Hong!" Ling Feiyang cried
"Since the broken fingers? That’s ridiculous! I keep screaming. This finger was broken twenty years ago! Ling Shaoxia, if you make trouble again, don’t blame me! " The beggar in gray suddenly waved his bamboo stick and attacked Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang had to pull out a long sword from behind to cast a real sword. This man fought and fought for dozens of strokes. Ling Feiyang gradually found that although the martial arts he made lacked "aura", it was really a dog-beating technique!
The beggar in gray suddenly shook his stick and jumped out of the battle group. He jumped to the edge of the platform and shouted to the platform, "Brothers Ling Shaoxia was deceived by traitors and framed me. I always told you what to do about this!"
"Hong Lao Wang made it really a slap in the face, Ling Shaoxia. You wronged a good man!" Taiwanese businessmen shouted in shock
"Ling Shaoxia, please calm down!" Another clean clothes sent seven bags of younger brother also cried
"Ling Shaoxia, he is really Master Hong!" Even a dirty clothes sent six bags of younger brothers to shout out.
Fan Yuantai, the elder, saw that most of the beggars’ brothers were convinced of the identity of this man’s leader, so he also said to Ling Feiyang, "Ling Shaoxia, I also think this man is Hong Lao’s leader!"
"You said you were old Wang Hong, so let me ask you something!" Ling Feiyang had a brainwave and suddenly said, "You once loved a woman when you were young. What was her name?"
"I always call a generation is love to eat but never loved a woman! What’s more, I’m a beggar, and my clothes are smelly and dirty, so where can I find a woman? " The beggar in gray asked Ling Feiyang, "Ling Feiyang, I’d like to know what you mean by asking this. Do you want to always ask the avatar to find some stains?"
"Hey you this fake and shoddy production lies don’t have a toothache? How dare you say that I am always called a woman! " Ling Feiyang hasn’t answered yet, but a very loud voice is coming from the high platform crowd! to be continued
Chapter 491 Confrontation
Ling Feiyang, a fake beggar in gray in Hong Qigong, fought bravely at the Junshan Conference in Dongting Lake, but this beggar in gray was so watertight that many beggars believed him!
However, at this moment, another middle-aged beggar came out of the crowd and jumped into XuanYuanTai!
Although this person looks very similar to a beggar in gray, he looks dignified and his brow exudes awe-inspiring righteousness. Ling Feiyang has already judged by intuition that this person is Hong Qigong, the former leader of the Beggars’ Sect!
"It’s so good that the Seven Duke didn’t have an accident!" Ling Feiyang’s heart fell to the ground with a big stone, but then he found that Hong Qigong looked rather pale and seemed to have been seriously injured.
See two "Hong Qigong" appeared at the same time, all the beggars’ brothers were shocked. Most people can’t tell which is true or false!
The beggar in gray immediately became nervous when he saw Hong Qigong suddenly appear, but he immediately recovered his composure and shouted to the beggar brothers in Gaotai, "How dare this man pretend to be the master brothers and arrest him for me!"
Because most of the Beggars’ Brothers have entered the heart first, they all think that this later middle-aged beggar is a fake. A dozen Beggars’ Brothers suddenly drew their weapons and charged at the real Hong Qigong!
"Who dares to do it!" Ling Feiyang suddenly yelled that this dozen beggar brothers were shocked by Ling Feiyang’s roar and no longer dared to continue to rush to Hong Qigong!
"Ling Feiyang, did you do everything possible to cover up this fake Wang and have already taken refuge in the Mongols?" The beggar in gray suddenly questioned Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang didn’t answer the question. Hong Qigong suddenly shouted, "Brothers, be calm and listen to the two of us. We can tell if it’s true or false!"
Hong Qigong turned to the beggar in gray and said, "You just said that I don’t have a woman’s favor, which is really too small for me. In fact, I did have a woman when I was young. Her name was Cheng Xueyi …"
"You don’t know how to behave, and you can even say such a thing!" The beggar in gray began to scold, "Our Beggars’ Guild Leaders are all lifelong nationals, and we have never heard of anyone marrying and having children. If you really let people like you become Beggars’ Guild Leaders, I’m afraid it will bring trouble to our whole Beggars’ Guild!"
"We beggars’ sect is not Shaolin Temple, where there are so many rules and regulations? Beggars’ brothers don’t have women but because women can’t look at us … "Hong Qigong said.
"Then why did you say this woman would love you?" The beggar in gray immediately asked Hong Qigong.
"That’s because when she met me, I was a rich man, and then my family was framed by a traitor, so I became a beggar." Hong Qigong said according to the truth.
"It’s ridiculous that you said these words, so why didn’t she abandon you after you became a beggar? Is it because raw rice has been cooked? " The beggar in gray continued to ask persistently.
"You fake Wang, please keep your mouth shut!" Lu Youjiao suddenly came forward and pointed to the beggar in gray and scolded him.
The beggar in gray was slightly stunned and immediately said, "Lu Youjiao, why don’t you talk about this fake Wang instead of me!"
"You are false wang! Today, among the brothers of the Beggars’ Sect, I, Lu Youjiao, grew up with Hong Lao Wang and had a life-long friendship. When Hong Lao Wang was young, I knew everything in Lu Youjiao’s heart! This Cheng Xueyi girl does exist, and her emotional experience with Hong Lao Wang can never be made up! Hong Lao Wang said these things to prove his identity, but you, a fake Wang, know nothing about these things! " Lu Youjiao seems to have identified the truth and gushed.
After hearing Lu Youjiao’s remarks, the brothers of Gaotai Beggars’ Sect began to talk about it again. Hong Qigong continued to ask the beggar in gray, "You said that you must have done a lot of heroic deeds as a leader of Beggars’ Sect, so how many traitors have you killed in your life?"
"I always call this life although chivalrous but also won’t literally kill people! A person’s life is precious unless he has committed a heinous crime. Forgive him! There are about a dozen people in the specific number! " Gray beggar immediately said
"Human life is precious? That sounds good to you! But since you’ve killed more than a dozen people, it’s eleven. Twelve? Or nineteen? How can you say that’ human life is precious’ if you can’t even remember the specific figures? " Hong Qigong didn’t pause and then said, "I tell you that I have killed 231 traitors in my life, and each of these 231 people has a blood debt for his damn reason!"
"Hong Lao Wang, Lu Youjiao, I still remember that at that time, thirty-three Xu Guo experts slaughtered a Song village, and twenty of them all killed the koo people. Just that time, your old man killed twenty-five people!" Lu Youjiao suddenly beside said.

When the body has changed, it is difficult to look at it with a frown. After scolding the root number three, the root number three is quiet.

In the end, he was caught in a fire, not to mention that she had a pair of black leggings left in her bust, and the whole person hung on him in an ambiguous and weird posture
Lying on the ground in that skirt
Fortunately, there were no outsiders in the courtyard …
At that time, she was so afraid that it was almost a cry for life. I didn’t expect that she would have such deep feelings for the root number three now.
"Captain Yu, captain Yu?" Ear to three fat call at the same time the arm was pulled by a soft little hand.
"Doctor, she’s calling you." Chang Huan Yan wakes up.
Yu Yu’s Adam’s apple slipped quickly before turning to three fat. "What’s the matter?"
"Now that you’re here, do you want to do a review?" Three fat asked earnestly.
"No" Yu Yu said and turned to Chang Huanyan. "It’s getting late. Go home."
Chang Huan Yan looked at him with a wink and nodded hesitantly.
As soon as the two figures left, the root number three immediately resumed the previous prone posture, and there was no spirit.
Three fat went to the cage and tried to open his mouth and shouted, "Root number three?"
Root number three didn’t respond. I didn’t even look up at her.
"Root number three, do you want to eat meat tonight?" Three fat looked at the root number three eyes black pupil than quiet joys and sorrows … None!
"Do you hear the root number three?" She shouted again.
Root number three "…"
Still no response
Qin Yinnai frowned.
The root number three is one. purebred tibetan mastiff is supposed to be very wild.
I still remember the first time Yu Yu sent it to the police force, and the ferocity and ferocity made her feel a little guilty after being a doctor for so many years.
Section 59
Who knows that as soon as Yu Yu left the root number three, he was painfully prone. Whoever called it ignored the lively and excited feeling when he first came.
When Yu Yu came to see it the next day, the root number three regained his spirit and kept screaming around him … It was a contrast!
Three fat shook his head and finally turned to leave.
When I got to the car, I often couldn’t help but say with some caution, "What did the doctor just say you wanted to review?"
Yu Yu stretched out his hand and pulled the gear tone and said, "There’s nothing wrong with it."
"…" Chang Huan yan corners of the mouth twitched quickly.
桑拿Then she quickly turned to look out the window.
Does she really want to love him? But I just happened to hear it, and is he her husband or her baby, in case something happens in the future …
The man’s low and serious voice suddenly sounded.
Chang Huanyan "…"
She bowed her head and silently despised herself while wearing the safety belt.
What a dog! It’s meddling!
Why don’t you care if he doesn’t know that he is a man who doesn’t understand amorous feelings?
Yu Yu glanced at his right hand side when he broke the car gear, and saw her frowning and pouting, and her face was full of annoyance.
Can’t help but fundus quickly across a smile.
But he still didn’t say anything. When he stepped on the soles of his feet in front, he drove the car out smoothly.
Spent all the way in silence

My mother suddenly shouted "Fire! Fire! Come out, everyone! It’s on fire! "

I screamed on purpose just now to attract more people.
But obviously, my mother’s method is more effective. Some neighbors heard the sound and ran out, and some security guards rushed over and gathered around us.
Because I have lived in this community for more than ten years, all the neighbors have known each other.
Seeing that my mother and I were freezing, an aunt quickly took out her cotton-padded jacket and put it on my mother and me.
Ning Qi’s fucking estimation is that he began to wipe his tears when he saw more and more people unable to implement the plan. "You are a good boy at the right time, so don’t dispute with us …"
I don’t want to hear it at all. I want to go home quickly and turn on the heating to warm my body.
But she hugged my leg faster than me and cried, "You cheated on me, too. Why should you blame my son?" Come on, you all broke up peacefully and secretly hurt my son! How can you be so vicious! "
Sure enough, it’s the same trick again, throwing dirty water at me regardless
I don’t care if she pulls her feet back.
But obviously she made up her mind not to let me go, and she was so strong that she clung to my leg.
Ning Qi suddenly took out a stack of photos and sent them to the neighbors, indignant. "Let’s see if this is a photo of her cheating with so many men. Can I not break up with her? But she was angry but deliberately retaliated against me … Let’s help judge whether I should bother her!"
I saw my parents’ faces changed.
Those photos were taken during the kidnapping of Ning Qi.
So many neighbors have seen it. Will they believe Ningqi? What will they think of me and my parents?
My heart is cold and I can’t wait to tear Ningqi up.
Ning Qi also won sympathy. "I was the one who lost my sight and was so ruthless in easy virtue. Fortunately, everyone said it was early, wasn’t it?"
Two neighbors who didn’t know me very well began to look at me with strange eyes.
I don’t want to confront Ningqi here, which is a joke, but I don’t want to embarrass my parents.
I was about to open my mouth when I suddenly kowtowed to my mother. "Please spare our family. If you take the house away, our family will have to live on the streets."
Section 27
….. I finally know they make such a purpose.
But hasn’t the room already written the names of Wen Lu and Ning Qi?
I stared at Ning Qi and said, "You should go to Wen Lu and ask her to give you the room."
Ning Qi glared at me angrily. "She said you took the house away. How could you be so vicious!"
I simply find it ridiculous.
That suite didn’t come with me long ago. Even if the Wen family was investigated, it should have been taken away by the bank. How could it come back to me?
I don’t know whether Wen Lu used this remark to cheat Ning Qi or Ning Qi deliberately said it. Anyway, I have nothing to do and change a suite for him.
Ningqi went on, "If you don’t give money to the house, it’s ok, otherwise our family will hang your door!"
I can see that they are here today, and they will not stop until they get what they want.
I tilted my head and said to my parents, "Call the police …"
桑拿按摩Words haven’t say that finish ning chess his mama screamed and cried "you happily abandon my son outside with men don’t say also want to harm our family, I fight with you …"
My dad interrupted her angrily, "Shut up if you want money!"
Chapter 32 I hope my uncle and aunt will give me a chance
Finally, I went to my house to negotiate.
Watching the fun, the neighbors were kept out, but a few of them were good friends with my parents and were invited in as witnesses.
Ning Qi asked for two million. His reason was that the property of the Wen family was frozen, and the two million would be used as working capital for the Wen family.
I don’t believe his story at all.
Finally, my dad will make a decision, and our family will pay 1 million yuan, or we will call the police to see who can cross who.
Ning Qi was unwilling, but Ning Qi’s father agreed.
My dad took out a piece of paper and wrote a few lines and handed it to Ning Qi. "There is still one condition. You can’t bother us again after signing this thing."
Ning chess looks unhappy after reading it. It seems that he still wants to argue about something.
My dad’s face sank. "You don’t have to sign it, but you don’t want that one million! If you want to continue to make trouble with us, Ding Jiafeng will accompany you to the end! "
Maybe it was my dad’s momentum that shocked me, maybe it was the Qian Ning chess family that finally pressed the red handprint.
Black and white was put away by my dad in front of Ning’s family and several neighbors.
Ning Qi got up to look at me and said, "Who told you to frame Xiaolu for this million to save the Xiaolu family? It’s also a virtue for you!"

After discovering that Segal was a sham, the China team also held fast to the defense foundation and increased the number of counterattacks.

In the 17th minute, Segal’s attack was interrupted again.
This time, Dewey, the central defender, intercepted the ball from konate, the opponent’s striker, to Zhang Linpeng and Zhang Linpeng launched the attack.
Lu Wenbin Zhang Linpeng broke the ball successfully and immediately turned over and rushed to the other half. Tournament Lei also took the lead in approaching the other defender’s line.
Then Lu Wenbin was about to catch Zhang Linpeng’s ball offside, and a man passed by Cao Yunding. Even though Lu Wenbin succeeded in offside at a 45-degree angle, Segal received the ball behind the guard line.
However, Lu Wenbin didn’t stop the ball well, and it was a little bit too big. Segal goalkeeper Ma saw it and immediately rushed out of the forbidden area to destroy the ball.
But Lu Wenbin’s speed is too scary.
If Lu Wenbin is allowed to take part in the sprint, he may run for a second. This football is definitely unique.
Although Ma knew that Lu Wenbin was fast, he still didn’t predict Lu Wenbin’s speed enough in the fast-paced competition.
Lu Wenbin not only quickly started to throw off the pursuers behind him, but also grabbed the goalkeeper. The previous Marseille roundabout also passed the horse.
Rushing out of the forbidden area, the handball horse can watch Lu Wenbin pass him and hit the door successfully.
Lu Wenbin counterattacked in the 17th minute, and China scored the first goal: China 1 Segal.
Chapter 592 Advance into the semi-finals
Lu Wenbin’s goal completely stabilized the morale of the China team, while Segal was naturally closed.
However, sometimes the football field is accident-prone, and it is not that the situation is dominant and the psychological advantage can always lead.
After the opening attack failed to score a goal, the Segal players came a little impetuous.
桑拿论坛Now that the score is behind, it is naturally more anxious.
Therefore, after the game resumed, Segal’s attack relied more on vowing to score goals.
Although African players are less disciplined, their physical fitness and momentum are better than those of other continental players.
Segal made a mistake in the 27th minute of continuous oppressive attack on China. Defender Jiang Peng tackled Segal striker Kubari in the forbidden area, which not only won a yellow card, but also gave his opponent a penalty.
Konate took the penalty and kicked it into the corner. Ceng Cheng even jumped in the wrong direction.
Segal equalized the score in the stands, and Segal fans jumped and danced excitedly to celebrate.
Jiang Peng was very upset and listless, and regretted the foul in the forbidden zone just now.
But just then captain Lu Wenbin came over and patted him on the shoulder and said, "Get up and defend the line. It’s just a penalty. We will definitely score more goals from them later."
At the same time, the China fans’ songs sang the motherland’s songs in the stands, and the floating of the Millennium Stadium brought a new force to Jiang Peng.
Jiang Peng nodded. "Captain, rest assured that I won’t make such a mistake again."
His teammates also came to comfort Jiang Peng and then resumed the game.
In fact, Lu Wenbin is right. Segal’s penalty kick has a great chance.
Half-time matches followed. Although Segal’s players were boosted by the equaliser, they never broke China’s goal.
On the contrary, in the 41st minute, China team completed a long-distance attack by Lu Wenbin, and finally succeeded in hanging the shot against the attacking goalkeeper.
Lu Wenbin scored twice and China led again by 21.
All China fans gave warm applause and cheers at the scene and in front of the camera.
With 21 points, the two sides entered the halftime.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides fought again. Segal still used their excellent black physique to start the attack and wanted to score a goal while China was not paying attention.
But this time, the China team was psychologically prepared, and it was not surprising that all the attacks in Segal were stopped.
Steady defense, while the China team did not forget to counterattack.
In the 73rd minute, Segal’s shot outside the forbidden area was confiscated by Ceng Cheng. Ceng Cheng threw the ball and launched an attack. The China team fought back again.
However, this time Lu Wenbin took part in the defensive position and has come to fight back against the sharp knife.
But Lu Wenbin has the ability of master ball assists.
Ceng Cheng threw the ball at Wu Xi’s foot, and Wu Xi spiked it and gave it to Lu Wenbin after dodging the other striker’s counter-grab.
Lei Wu turned around and rushed to Segal half-court when Ceng Cheng threw the ball and attacked.
When Lei Wu was about to be offside, Lu Wenbin threw the ball out with a precise straight plug.

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.