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Chang Huanyan was "hitched" to death and forgot to take off hairband in her robe.

How naive you look at it now!
Nai Neng picked hairband and threw a so-called tone "hairband" into the cane chair next to him.
Yu Yu looked at hairband again and then looked up at the night. "It’s a nice day tonight."
Chang Huanyan "…"
Where is it?
桑拿论坛"Do you want to see the stars?" Depression in a word directly let her almost fell to the ground.
The corner of my eye is pounding for several times.
I’m going to live alone to see some stars!
Seeing that she pursed her lips and refused to allow Yu Yu to stir up an eyebrow slightly, she said, "Didn’t you just say you wanted to see the stars?"
"…" Chang Huanyan was speechless and faced him with a serious expression. He nodded and asked, "What do you think?"
"I’ll teach you," Yu Yu said, pulling her small hand and letting her pull the pole to the surface behind the telescope to adapt to her height.
"Eyes here" warm hand put her shoulder gently press the sign.
"Oh," Chang Huan Yan can gather together his face in the past.
"See?" The man has a low magnetic voice, and she brushed behind her ear.
Chang Huanyan carefully looked at the past through the mirror. When she saw one star after another shining in the sky, she was surprised as if she had discovered a new continent. "Wow, it’s so beautiful to see the stars!"
Yu Yu listened to her excitement, and her firm face gradually revealed a smile.
He controlled the handrail with one hand and slowly moved along the angle to make her see more clearly and clearly.
The quiet balcony is gently lit, and the two people will be together, with a hazy glow and a long shadow on the ground.
Chang Huan Yan watched it with great interest for a while and finally remembered the real thing tonight again.
She pushed open the pole and straightened up.
I wanted to talk, but suddenly I put a hard chest on my back. She quickly felt the warmth and elasticity through the robe … His heart beat steadily again and again.
"What’s the matter?" Yu Yu’s voice sounded low in her ear.
Chang Huanyan realized that she was almost surrounded by him, even though he lost an arm, even though she was still wearing a nightgown, his arms looked particularly innocent girl.
She didn’t speak, but slowly turned around and put her arms around his waist and put it on.
A fragrant smell that belong to a woman came from her body at once.
Yu Yu’s eyes slowly fell on her white and delicate cheeks.
Chang Huan Yan’s skin is very thin, and the light shines more like a piece of jade with good texture and long black curly hair, which is dialed by her department to reveal a large beautiful shoulder and neck line on one side of her shoulder.
The robe is loose and crumbling, and her exquisite figure makes her waist more slender.
When she was depressed, she put her hand in her waist and arms, and her weak bones were as warm and clever as a beloved kitten.
"Don’t want to see it?" He asked in a low voice.
Breathing through the nose and mouth, her forehead tickled and brushed with scorching temperature.
Chang Huan Yan nodded his head and felt that his waist strength was heavier.
Some words don’t need to be said anymore.
Section 66
Chang Huan-yan raised her head and kissed her lips firmly in the instant of depression.