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"I know." Fu Qianfan was a little embarrassed. Ji Silan made the words so white in front of so many people. Shouldn’t he have told her privately?

Ji Silan thinks that now we are all a family, there is no need to hide. Old lady Gao and Hu Meijing are both reasonable people, especially Gao Zhiyuan, who has never refuted her training just now. Ji Silan thinks that she will have an obedient child.
"Mother-in-law, don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Qianfan so that she won’t get tired." Gao Zhiyuan is now more and more eager to please Jisilan. Fu Qianfan robbed the front without saying anything.
"In-laws, don’t you trust me and grandma Zhiyuan? We will also take good care of Qianfan. We just don’t trust Zhiyuan and Qianfan to stay in Z city, so that Zhiyuan can finish the things in Z city as soon as possible and then return to S city with us, so that we can help take care of Qianfan and not chat alone."
Hu Meijing’s words make sense to Ji Silan. It’s better for a mother to know what to worry about when she is a mother. With Hu Meijing and Fu Qianfan around to take care of Ji Silan, there is really no worry at all now. Hu Meijing is just like her when she is a mother.
"Yes, you should leave Zhiyuan with Qianfan Z City, and we won’t agree with your in-laws. You are so right. Qianfan’s father and I also agree that it is better to go back to S City than our home."
The more Ji Silan talked with Hu Meijing, the more tacit understanding they got. They began to discuss the marriage with Mrs. Gao in a proper way. "It’s good for you to decide on this in-laws day. I think these days are pretty good. You can’t go wrong in choosing which one."
Ji Silan has lived for most of his life, although he can’t choose a day, but he can still tell which day is good and which day is bad. Usually, he hears people say that a lot of three aunts and six wives will have to talk when they get together.
The red paper is also clearly written. After reading it again, Ji Silan also knows that it is really a particularly good day this year, and Ji Silan knows that the Gaos thought is rooted in a lot of hard work.
The old lady Gao didn’t take Ji Silan as an outsider and just put it bluntly. "I prefer June, which is just the right time. At that time, Fu Qianfan’s belly will not be too obvious and appropriate, and it will not be too tired. What do you think?"
This time, Fu Yingfan also wore his reading glasses and began to study the red paper. Fu Yingfan knows a little better than Ji Silan. Fu Yingfan is a teacher with a wider knowledge. Fu Yingfan is also very satisfied when he looks at it.
June is now more than a month away. If it is an ordinary family wedding, it is enough to prepare the old lady Gao to choose this. In many ways, Fu Qianfan will not refuse if she considers Fu Yingfan and Ji Silan.
"June, then." Fu Yingfan made a final decision, and so things settled. The old lady Gao was naturally very happy, and Hu Meijing had no opinion. Gao Zhiyuan even wished that the horse would marry Fu Qianfan and go home.
品茶论坛Ji Silan left things to Fu Yingfan to talk about. She had to go back and finish her lunch. Hu Meijing and Fu Qianfan wanted to help, but Ji Silan refused. "It’s almost a little bit. It’s good to be in-laws. You and Qianfan want to sit."
After Jisilan left, the old lady Gao discussed it with Fu Yingfan. "In-laws in catering, what do you mean by how to go to S city first and then come back to W city to do it once? Do you think it is appropriate to go to S city air ticket hotel? Zhiyuan will do a good job in-laws. You need to give Zhiyuan the list, which is better than W city banquet in-laws. You can also tell Zhiyuan what you mean."
Fu Yingfan shook his head. "How can this be done? Our relatives here will be handled by us." The relatives of the woman’s family should have the woman to handle it. How can we trouble the Gaos thought?
Now Fu Qianfan is pregnant, and Fu Yingfan doesn’t want to do too much. It’s enough to put a banquet once. If the Ministry arranges S’s city office to go back and forth with accommodation, he should make a good calculation. The money should also be paid by Fu Yingfan from his side. Calculate how many people he can invite.
"Father-in-law, you can marry Fu Qianfan to me. This is your greatest gift to me. Leave the wedding and banquet to me."
Gao Zhiyuan said that the old lady Gao also followed closely, "It’s in-laws. We are all family. What else should we divide? You, me, the wedding and the banquet should be left to young people to think about. We should just sit and wait for that day."
"Zhiyuan has been secretly preparing for the wedding for several months. We know that young people have a set of ideas for young people, and we can’t care so much. Then let Zhiyuan mean it, and we can’t worry so much."
Fu Yingfan doesn’t know that Gao Zhiyuan has done so much. He and Ji Silan are only now beginning to prepare. It started a few months ago. Fu Yingfan looked at Gao Zhiyuan again and his eyes changed. Gao Zhiyuan is really a deep man and a thoughtful man. He will be very relieved if he gives things to Gao Zhiyuan.
Fu Yingfan hesitated. Ji Silan came out holding fruit. Just now, the old lady Gao talked to Fu Yingfan. Ji Silan heard it in the kitchen.
Ji Silan put the fruit bowl and said to Fu Yingfan, "You should listen to your in-laws and achieve something about the wedding and banquet." Then Ji Silan went back to the kitchen.
With Ji Silan’s words, Fu Yingfan no longer insisted on "Well, then let Zhiyuan do it." Fu Yingfan also took Gao Jiagen by surprise. This little money is that he has been holding on to Gao Zhiyuan, and he must do it better and more beautifully than him.
"In-laws, you don’t need any pressure to take advantage. It’s our Gaos that married your good daughter. It’s our Gaos that owe you this, and we will never finish it." The old lady Gao comforted.
Fu Yingfan came up with a job, and the old lady in a high mood understood people too well. If she were someone else, she wouldn’t want to take the biggest advantage.
After listening to the old lady Gao’s words, Fu Yingfan’s pressure is less, and her face expression is also stretched a lot. "The banquet will be done in S city. If you don’t do it now, you can’t run around our relatives. I will draw up a list and give it to Zhiyuan Zhiyuan. How do you arrange it?"
"No problem father-in-law you rest assured" Gao Zhiyuan also readily agreed.
Fu Yingfan Fu Qianfan’s first practice made Mrs. Gao and Hu Meijing appreciate Fu Qianfan’s really good parents and their in-laws
Everything is settled in the marriage, and everyone feels relaxed. Sometimes they eat fruit and drink tea and chat, mainly because the old lady Hu Meijing chats with Fu Yingfan, and Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan just talk about love stories and novels and laugh.
JiSilan also quickly prepared lunch Fu Qianfan was pressed to sit still and Gao Zhiyuan took the initiative to take up the food.
The old lady Gao sat in the main seat, Hu Meijing, Gao Zhiyuan and Fu Qianfan sat on one side, Fu Yingfan and Ji Silan sat on the other side, and a total of more than 20 dishes filled the table.
While eating a sumptuous lunch, the group talked about homeliness. The two families got to know each other better and closer, and the atmosphere became better and better. The dining table overflowed with laughter.
In the afternoon, everyone talked about the wedding and Fu Qianfan’s pregnancy except Gao Laotai, who slept for a while.
Dinner was prepared by Ji Silan and Hu Meijing. Fu Qianfan was looked at by everyone. Gao Zhiyuan was another one who didn’t know what to do. Hu Meijing came.
Ji Silan and Hu Meijing, even if they cook, don’t hinder them from chatting. Their enthusiasm for chatting is as good as that of the stove in the kitchen.
The plane ticket was booked at Fu’s house for one night, and Gao Zhiyuan didn’t book another hotel, so he slept at Fu’s house directly. He certainly couldn’t be separated from Fu Qianfan, and Fu Qianfan certainly wanted to stay at home, and Gao Zhiyuan didn’t trust to put the old lady Gao and Hu Meijing in the hotel, and everyone who could sleep here was just enough, so it was even more difficult.
After washing, Gao Zhiyuan went back to Fu Qianfan’s room. When he came back, Gao Zhiyuan went in once and didn’t see the root clearly. This time, Gao Zhiyuan couldn’t help but look at a Fu Qianfan’s room.
Fu Qianfan’s room is quite small. With a double bed, a wardrobe and a table, there is no furniture. The furnishings are very simple.
I don’t want to know that it’s Fu Qianfan who once liked the star Gao Zhiyuan. I looked at it carefully. It turns out that Fu Qianfan liked this type of desktop when he was a child, and there are several plush dolls. It seems that Fu Qianfan always takes some Gao Zhiyuan with him wherever he goes, and he doesn’t feel strange when he looks at it, just like Ming City.
"What are you looking at?" Fu Qianfan also came back after washing up. When she saw Gao Zhiyuan walking around her room, Fu Qianfan was very uncomfortable. It was even smaller after Gao Zhiyuan came in, as if there were Gao Zhiyuan footprints everywhere.
Gao Zhiyuan smiled at Fu Qianfan and walked away. He picked up Fu Qianfan in one hand "just to see what the director was like when you were a child."
Fu Qianfan hugged Gao Zhiyuan Boming City, so Gao Zhiyuan held her back to bed from the bathroom every day. Now Gao Zhiyuan still doesn’t forget this habit in her home. Gao Zhiyuan just doesn’t want her to be tired.