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Yu’s brother-in-law and Gao Zhiqiu started out together, because after they reunited, they lived a life of a fairy couple every day. I thought about it and there was nothing to write. Let’s just write a story about when they met 25 years ago. Yu’s brother-in-law was the youngest school at that time, and Gao Zhiqiu was 19 years old and just went to college. By the way, I also wrote a story about the three Yujia brothers when they were young.

The space is not long, and it will end soon, followed by the growth of small ink and ink, and finally it should be Xiaobai jiujiu. The preliminary arrangement is that everyone can freely choose to subscribe.
☆ 5. Who did you live with when you got divorced?
A shopping mall near D.
Huang Xiaoyu and Li Lili have many common topics in beauty, and a threesome is the most silent one.
Although the other two did not deliberately show or crowd out, the personality caused by the living environment since childhood still made her clearly aware of the gap between them
品茶论坛  title=Especially when buying sunscreen, watching those two people buy such expensive things without blinking, Gao Zhiqiu’s heart hurts like something.
When she came to school, she brought a semester of study and life. After being stolen, although the kind-hearted person gave a lot of money, it was not her own money after all.
Gao Zhiqiu has already thought about going out to work to earn money after class when he stops military training.
"Don’t you buy Zhiqiu?" Huang Xiaoyu asked
Gao Zhiqiu shook his head. "I won’t buy it."
"Buy it or you’ll die of sunburn," Huang Xiaoyu advised.
Section 715
Gao Zhiqiu has made up her mind that things are too expensive. She really can’t afford to get rid of them. She would rather get a tan than go hungry.
Huang Xiaoyu also wanted to say that Li Lili quietly pulled her arm and said, "Forget it if you don’t buy it. Let’s go to dinner."
Gao Zhiqiu secretly breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t expect that the place to eat turned out to be a well-decorated small restaurant next door. The high price of vegetables scared the hell out of her.
"Zhiqiu, please order one. Let’s order one dish each, and then aa." Huang Xiaoyu said.
Gao Zhiqiu frowned and looked back and forth for half a day and finally said, "Then … moo Shu pork."
Vegetarian and moderate in price, it will neither be petty nor appear swollen and fat.
Li Lili smiled and stretched out his hand to call member.
After dinner, the three returned to the dormitory together.
A good summer night on the university campus.
Huang Xiaoyu said as he walked, "Do you know that it is said that Tianlai gave us military training as a special soldier in the army?"
"Special forces?" Li Lili surprised "wouldn’t it be very strict? Mama ah I’m afraid … "
"What are you afraid of? We are all college students. How can they be strict?" Huang Xiaoyu said with a smile, "I mainly want to tell you that the chief instructor is the youngest school in China at present. It is said that he is also called the’ male god in the army’ and he must be very handsome."
"Wow, handsome boy? Then don’t we have eyes? "
"Yeah, maybe we can have a vigorous love affair with the instructor then."
"You want to be beautiful!"
"Why can’t you think …"
Two people frolicking next to Gao Zhiqiu couldn’t help but think of the scene at the entrance of the afternoon train.
That soldier … seems like a real person.
"Zhiqiu" Huang Xiaoyu suddenly gathered around her again. "Don’t be angry when I ask you a question."
Gao Zhiqiu looked at her in surprise. "How come? Ask."
"Do you have a boyfriend?" Huang Xiaoyu asked
"No" Gao Zhiqiu shook his head honestly.
"True or false?" Huang Xiaoyu doesn’t believe that "I heard people say that boys who study art can be charming. How can you not like boys because you are so beautiful?"
Gao Zhiqiu said, "I really didn’t come to study in high school. How can I have puppy love?"
What’s more, if she really fell in love early, it is estimated that her mother would have broken her leg a long time ago.
"But you’re not in college now. You can fall in love." Huang Xiaoyu added.
Gao Zhiqiu smiled noncommittally.
The school rules are to get camouflage in the classroom at 9 o’clock.
Get up early the next morning, a girl’s dormitory is busy, and the washstand outside is even more crowded. There are only two rows of faucets that add up to less than six, but the girls in the whole building are crowded together …