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He gave me a deep look and said, "Don’t act alone."

I’m busy
At din, Ye Xiangyuan said that he was going to that army.
Grandpa and sister-in-law probably saw my problem with him. He said he was going to the army, and neither of them stopped him.
But Xiao Jin said excitedly, "I’ll go to see my uncle after the holiday. I like the military camp!" "
Ye Xiangyuan touched his head and responded softly.
I hung my head and said nothing.
The next day, the weather was fine, and the leaves went away in the winter afternoon. There was no ceremony, just like going out to visit relatives and friends.
I watched the car drive out of the hospital and couldn’t tell what I was feeling.
But life always goes on.
Section 216
It’s a pity that Ye Wen and I kept an eye on Chen Shu for a while.
One day, I suddenly calculated the date and found that the court session would be held in less than half a month, and Ye Xiangyuan had already left for more than ten days.
I decided to take some extreme measure or I could watch the lawsuit lose.
Although grandpa and Ye Xiangyuan seem to have prepared for the worst, I still don’t want to give up.
I asked Ye Wen to find Chu Feipeng.
I didn’t expect to move him before. He is a Chu family, but now I can’t care so much.
I have a hunch that he must know something. After all, he brokered this contract.
品茶To my surprise, I met Li Qingqing at the gate.
Ye Wen accompanied me to the Chu ship office building that day, and Li Qingqing rushed out and stopped me directly.
I stepped back warily.
Ye Wen immediately stopped her before.
Yang Fei quickly blocked my front.
This time, Pan Dong followed Ye Xiang away from the army. He was Ye Xiangyuan’s deputy and had to participate in the military exercise. I was replaced by Yang Fei and Yuan Xi, and Yuan Xi didn’t follow him to teach Xiao Jin to fight.
Li Qingqing Qingyuan was aggressive, but for a second, she suddenly knelt down and kowtowed at me. "Ding Shishi know that you are very kind … please beg Ye Xiangyuan to beg for mercy and spare my son …"
I didn’t listen to her at all after the situation.
She cried so badly that her tears and nose flowed together, which made her look miserable.
Before I recovered, she cried again, "My husband has killed me. Please help me now …"
She was so low-spirited, so humble that her pride and scheming were gone.
I looked at her with a complicated expression.
She suddenly looked up and stared at me in blazing with anger. "Ye Xiangyuan can kill his own uncle. What’s worse, my cousin can dissuade him. I beg you to have mercy and let him spare my son …"
Because she cried and shouted and knelt down to me, there was a lot of noise, and there were many people around.
When she said this, everyone was in an uproar.
Nowadays, it is a peaceful society, and it is illegal to kill people. No wonder people react so much.
I’m a little unhappy. I’m afraid she’ll pull out his business again and wink at Ye Wen.
Ye Wen immediately called a bodyguard to help Li Qingqing.
I didn’t think that Li Qingqing just couldn’t afford to kneel, but she kowtowed. "Please, I know I have offended you before, but you are a kind-hearted woman, and you have a lot of adults. Please forgive me."
I frown at her. This is not a gesture of asking for help, but I have the guts to make a big deal out of it.
Sure enough, she continued, "If you promise me to be a cow and a horse, so many people will look at me and swear that I will do it."
I can’t help sneering.
She wants public pressure to force me to say yes.
What’s mean? What’s humble? It’s just a means of holding me hostage.
I didn’t expect that Ning Qi’s mother went to school to make trouble like this, and called the reporter to kneel at me on purpose …
Similar means
Actually, my impression of Li Qingqing is better than that of Teng Jun. At least she loves Ye Sanye very much and is good enough for the couple.
Unlike Teng Jun, who is selfish to the bone.
I remember that Ye Xiangyuan forced Teng Jun to choose to live, but even her brother and son didn’t want anyone.
Although Li Qingqing is evil, I always feel that she is not that kind of vicious person.
This estimate is also due to the death of Ye Sanye. She is disheartened and worried before she asks me.
It was her choice that was extreme. If she came quietly, maybe I would be sympathetic.
But how can I let her get what she wants?
I’ve never been alone.
Looking at her quietly for a few seconds, I said faintly, "Aunt San, you made a mistake. Your son violated the law. I don’t have the ability to save your son from prison with me and Ayuan."
Li Qingqing suddenly narrowed his eyes and stared at my eyes with a malicious folded.
Chapter 236 Spontaneous combustion
I frowned and took a step back to hide behind Yang Fei before saying, "In my opinion, he will be fine when your son is released from prison."
Li Qingqing put away her sharp eyes and turned into a pathetic sob. "If you don’t promise me, I can’t afford to kneel."
I’m a little angry that she’s forcing me to compromise.
I was just about to ask Ye Wen what to do when I suddenly felt as if there was a flash not far away.
I was immediately alert and immediately thought of that time when Ning Qi came to make trouble. This time, it should also be something like a camera, and I quickly woke Ye Wen.
Ye Wen herself noticed and made a sign to Yang Fei.
Yang Fei nodded and quietly directed his hand to the crowd.
I was relieved when they were so alert.
Look at Li Qingqing still kneeling, and my mood is a little subtle.