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Fortunately, at this time, the room words rang and Han Yan frowned, so that she could get up and answer the words "hello" first.

Gao Xiaoxiao sat on the sofa and looked at him.
Room fixed-line TV cabinet where his shirt is a little wrinkled and one corner is still loose, and his trousers are also half hung. As he moves his trousers and hips, he shakes back and forth as if he is about to fall off from the tight and tight place at any time … The whole person is lazy and casual, and reveals an unruly.
"Okay, I know, the horse will go."
Listen to this, it should be the floor calling for dinner.
After talking, Han Han came up to her. It was a coincidence that the coffee table phone rang.
Without thinking, Gao Xiaoxiao reached over and picked it up. The name displayed on the screen was "Lu San"
Handing the words to Han Shu, he sat down and put his hand around her shoulder. "What’s the matter?"
Gao Xiaoxiao heard the deep man faint, but he couldn’t hear clearly what he said.
"But see you then."
Hang up the phone after Han Shan threw her hands around her and said, "My wife, I’ll go to Jinsheng the night after tomorrow, and I’ll go to the sin night, and I’ll treat you."
"Oh" Gao Xiaoxiao blinked and nodded "OK"
It seems that there will be another happy event at home recently.
Section 493
Looking at her obedient and clever sample, Han Tao’s eyes were dark and his long arms suddenly tightened, and he held her tightly and kissed her lips as soon as he bowed his head.
"Well …" Gao Xiaoxiao nai.
Well, I didn’t get away with it after all
Close your eyes and let him kiss you for a while before you say, "Be careful with the children."
Han Shu picked her eyebrows and touched her flat belly gently. The tone was spoiled. "Little Mo Mo is good and close your eyes."
Gao Xiaoxiao blinked. "Little ink?"
"Well, how about my niece’s nickname? Do you like it?" Han Han said this name, the eyes are soft and the eyebrows are not good. I can see that … it’s quite proud.
"Small ink ink? Small ink ink ….. "Gao Xiaoxiao read and read" yeah, it’s nice. It’s just paired with Xiaobai. By the way, did you get the name? What is it called? "
"I’ve thought about several names, Han Moxue, Han Momo, Han Mo, and Han Monian … which one do you like?"
Gao Xiaoxiao pondered for a long time. "Everything sounds good."
Han Shu knew she would say this, so she pinched her waist and said, "Then I’ll think about our daughter’s name. It must be nice and easy to remember."
"Good" Gao Xiaoxiao nodded with a smile. Anyway, she has given her daughter a name and she is happy to worry.
Little ink?
That sounds really cute
Sunset west
"Don’t let him get away!" One cry after another pierced the sky.
He often ran forward desperately and gasped. His heart "plopped" as if he were about to jump out of his chest, like a careless foot tripped, and then he fell to the ground.
Before he got up, there was a flurry of footsteps behind him, and then he was quickly dragged back and dragged on.
"Let me go!" Often shout loudly
Even if he can fight this abandoned construction site again and there is no helper around him, he can’t beat these seven hooligans.
The leader looked at him with a pair of eyes smoking a cigarette, and his tone was disdainful. "Do you think this is the small time to beat you?"
I often stare at the situation with my eyes open, screaming "One-on-one!"
That guy named "Xiao" immediately lifted his foot and kicked his belly. "One-on-one, I’ll let you one-on-one! Come on, one on one! Looking for a smoke! Grass! "
I often feel that my stomach hurts and my insides almost move.
He twisted his teeth and rushed over, but his arms were pulled by the roots, so he couldn’t move or return his hands.
Smiled, punched and kicked, and worked harder.
桑拿按摩I often have a bloody taste in my mouth, but the newborn calf is not afraid of being beaten by the tiger and keeps shouting "If something happens, you will kill me!" "
"Ha ha" a cold light suddenly his eyes lit up with a cold knife face, and his face took two small notes, proud and arrogant. "Look at this fine-boned meat. What will happen if you cut your face a few times? Do you dare to grab a horse with me later? "
Chang Jing is not afraid of "bah" at all. He vomited a little face with one mouthful phlegm. "If something happens, you can row a man like a gentleman. When I am afraid of you, you are a turtle grandson! Even if I destroy it, I won’t like you! "