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Lu Qing eyes color cold cold "to check"

Mo Wen wan stared at Weibo for half a ring and the corners of his mouth were coldly hooked up.
It seems that Lu Qing Qin Miao Miao has not been made public. Even if she becomes the heir to Sue’s family, it is also a matter of circulation, and the outsiders are unclear.
In this case, there are some things that can be manipulated.
She made an anonymous call to a reporter in Maiwen.
"I’m a little bit in Yao Guang entertainment President Qin Miao black material do you want to listen to"
When Van Gogh received the message, he was a little stuffy and was kicked out of the premiere. It was already very uncomfortable. He wanted to post a message, but it was banned by the editor-in-chief, saying that people were well-connected and could not easily offend other businesses. It was also a minor celebrity. He always liked shooting stars and made a lot of money for the company.
Now that I’m humiliated, I can’t even send a message black.
"Who are you?"
"It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that I can give you a sum of money to get rid of Qin Miaomiao."
"I want one million," Versace opened his mouth. I didn’t expect the other party to answer it in one bite
"It’s not a problem if you can hack her to death for me."
It seems that Qin Miao Miao’s enemy is good.
Anyway, he has long wanted to do it himself, and with this money, it is not a problem.
However, Maiwen Entertainment is a good platform, and you can also play a big game with it before you go.
"Well, I’ll do it for you."
Black, he’s the best. He still needs to collect some material.
Mo Wenwan looked at the net, Qin Miao, video photos, trees show in Lin will be destroyed.
She didn’t behave well when she made such a big noise when Mrs. Lu made a public appearance outside. Isn’t it sorry that she didn’t play some tricks?
Tell her to call her John.
However, she always knew that planning was necessary. She couldn’t expose herself. She had to find some guns. She had to think about what guns there were:
Chapter 345 You four no four silly?
The topic of reincarnation has become a hot topic, with a total box office rate of 400 million in seven days.
After all, this kind of really brain-burning suspense film in the Chinese market is almost extinct.
This is not a popcorn-like film, but it is a film worthy of scrutiny and repeated observation. The strange structure of the film is amazing enough
Of course, director Gao Hu doesn’t need to praise Jiao Jiao Lan too much, but he has gained a lot.
Jiao Jiao, this is an instant hit. This woman who is more handsome than men is naturally going up.
And the return of the Arashi king also played a beautiful battle.
How many first-line stars quit the entertainment circle, even if they return later, the chance of turning red again is very small.
After all, the entertainment circle is updating too fast, but Lan’s strength has proved a little. He is still the genius winner who surprised the whole entertainment circle in those days.
At this time, the talented film actor is being mad at Qin Miaomiao.
"Cousin, what do you mean?"
Lan’s Uber face is a bit stiff.
"Simon, Simon, can we change our name to Lan Lan?"
Qin Miaomiao sneered, "I have the right to correct you as your aunt. You can’t have a long snack. I’m also your elder. What’s the matter with you? My aunt expressed her evil intentions to you. What will others think and say about you?"
Arashi’s face is not so simple as stiff, staring at her eyes low way
桑拿按摩"I haven’t seen Simon for so long, and your eloquence is good."
Qin Miao Miao put his hand on his chest and patted him on the shoulder with a heavy heart.
"My cousins have a second phase, and I’m also white, but isn’t this second phase too long?"
Lan corners of the mouth sobbed "I’m sad I didn’t tell you"
Well, just don’t admit it. It seems that the goods changed their policy when they saw that the route was not good.
Good. This is a master who is not afraid of making trouble.
"I didn’t have a winner before. Do you want your agent to sign it for me?"
Arashi one leng immediately laughed.
"How Simon Simon want to sign me"