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"No!" This person suddenly bent his left leg slightly, bent his right arm and drew a circle with his right palm, and pushed it out!

"Is he going to do it now?" Ling Feiyang thought of here a dashed posture faster than this person head has blocked the van in front of the elders!
Unexpectedly, however, this palm of his hand was not taken to Elder Fan, but to a flagpole beside Elder Fan!
This palm force looks very powerful, but this flagpole, which is two fingers thick, is still!
The gray beggar’s palm is both rigid and flexible, and he can send and receive freely. It is the first move of "Kang Long has regrets"!
"Flying what are you excited about? Will I hurt my own people if I keep calling? " The beggar in gray smiled and said to Ling Feiyang, "Even if someone can pretend to be my appearance, can you learn this trick of’ Kang Long has regrets’?"
"Even if you learn a few tricks, it may not be surprising!" Ling Feiyang said
"good! Then I will show you these ten palms! " The beggar in gray folded his left hand to the hook and took his right hand, and pushed Ling Feiyang out with two fingers and a half fists and a half palms. It was a trick to "hide the dragon"!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly flicker to avoid this person suddenly jumped up and slapped Ling Feiyang with his right palm commanding, and it was a "flying dragon day"!
Ling Feiyang didn’t strike back, but he kept flying and dodged. He was more and more surprised to see that this person would put the dragon in the palm of his hand.
"This man seems to have learned ten palms and his palms are strong. Is he really seven males?" Ling Feiyang had doubts about his judgment just now!
"No!" Seeing that the beggar in gray is about to finish playing Ling Feiyang, he finally found a problem!
Although this gray beggar’s palm method is very similar to the dragon’s ten palms, it seems to lack an "aura"!
In those days, in order to rescue Song Guotai, Zhao Hongling and Hong Qigong, they went to Mongolia to fight side by side. I have seen Hong Qigong put the dragon in the palm of my hand many times!
Every palm of Hong Qigong’s Ten Dragons exudes a kind of personality charm or is carrying a generation of heroes with awe-inspiring righteousness!
And this person used the dragon ten palms without Hong Qigong hair palm that kind of feeling but also seems to be with some evil!
This kind of "righteousness" and "evil" is a kind of unclear and inexplicable. However, Ling Feiyang actually perceived this "aura" with his rich combat experience and powerful energy field!
约茶"Although this person is a fake, I am the only one who can perceive this aura and can’t debunk this person’s ID card …" Ling Feiyang thought that he suddenly jumped back two feet away and shouted, "You are really good, but I want to learn how to beat a dog with a stick!"
Actually, just now, the six-bag brother named Shang Zhen Beggars’ Sect has seen this person’s beating the dog with a cudgel. Ling Feiyang didn’t really want this gray beggar to beat the dog with a cudgel again to make him take off his gloves!
Because the martial arts of beating a dog with a stick is very exquisite, the palm of a bamboo stick keeps turning, and the fingers must be flexible. Huang Rong has long told Ling Feiyang that if you wear gloves, this stick will be made by the root method!
However, Ling Feiyang never imagined that the beggar in gray smiled after hearing Ling Feiyang’s words and stretched his left hand to his right hand to pick this glove!
Ling Feiyang immediately looked at the beggar’s right hand in gray and found that the man’s right hand actually had four fingers, and the index finger was uniformly broken from the finger root, which turned out to be a withdrawal from Hong Qigong!
"Master Hong!" Brother XuanYuanTai Beggars’ Sect also saw this scene at the same time, and they all exclaimed!
"You didn’t hesitate to break your finger in order to impersonate Mr. Hong!" Ling Feiyang cried
"Since the broken fingers? That’s ridiculous! I keep screaming. This finger was broken twenty years ago! Ling Shaoxia, if you make trouble again, don’t blame me! " The beggar in gray suddenly waved his bamboo stick and attacked Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang had to pull out a long sword from behind to cast a real sword. This man fought and fought for dozens of strokes. Ling Feiyang gradually found that although the martial arts he made lacked "aura", it was really a dog-beating technique!
The beggar in gray suddenly shook his stick and jumped out of the battle group. He jumped to the edge of the platform and shouted to the platform, "Brothers Ling Shaoxia was deceived by traitors and framed me. I always told you what to do about this!"
"Hong Lao Wang made it really a slap in the face, Ling Shaoxia. You wronged a good man!" Taiwanese businessmen shouted in shock
"Ling Shaoxia, please calm down!" Another clean clothes sent seven bags of younger brother also cried
"Ling Shaoxia, he is really Master Hong!" Even a dirty clothes sent six bags of younger brothers to shout out.
Fan Yuantai, the elder, saw that most of the beggars’ brothers were convinced of the identity of this man’s leader, so he also said to Ling Feiyang, "Ling Shaoxia, I also think this man is Hong Lao’s leader!"
"You said you were old Wang Hong, so let me ask you something!" Ling Feiyang had a brainwave and suddenly said, "You once loved a woman when you were young. What was her name?"
"I always call a generation is love to eat but never loved a woman! What’s more, I’m a beggar, and my clothes are smelly and dirty, so where can I find a woman? " The beggar in gray asked Ling Feiyang, "Ling Feiyang, I’d like to know what you mean by asking this. Do you want to always ask the avatar to find some stains?"
"Hey you this fake and shoddy production lies don’t have a toothache? How dare you say that I am always called a woman! " Ling Feiyang hasn’t answered yet, but a very loud voice is coming from the high platform crowd! to be continued
Chapter 491 Confrontation
Ling Feiyang, a fake beggar in gray in Hong Qigong, fought bravely at the Junshan Conference in Dongting Lake, but this beggar in gray was so watertight that many beggars believed him!
However, at this moment, another middle-aged beggar came out of the crowd and jumped into XuanYuanTai!
Although this person looks very similar to a beggar in gray, he looks dignified and his brow exudes awe-inspiring righteousness. Ling Feiyang has already judged by intuition that this person is Hong Qigong, the former leader of the Beggars’ Sect!
"It’s so good that the Seven Duke didn’t have an accident!" Ling Feiyang’s heart fell to the ground with a big stone, but then he found that Hong Qigong looked rather pale and seemed to have been seriously injured.
See two "Hong Qigong" appeared at the same time, all the beggars’ brothers were shocked. Most people can’t tell which is true or false!
The beggar in gray immediately became nervous when he saw Hong Qigong suddenly appear, but he immediately recovered his composure and shouted to the beggar brothers in Gaotai, "How dare this man pretend to be the master brothers and arrest him for me!"
Because most of the Beggars’ Brothers have entered the heart first, they all think that this later middle-aged beggar is a fake. A dozen Beggars’ Brothers suddenly drew their weapons and charged at the real Hong Qigong!
"Who dares to do it!" Ling Feiyang suddenly yelled that this dozen beggar brothers were shocked by Ling Feiyang’s roar and no longer dared to continue to rush to Hong Qigong!
"Ling Feiyang, did you do everything possible to cover up this fake Wang and have already taken refuge in the Mongols?" The beggar in gray suddenly questioned Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang didn’t answer the question. Hong Qigong suddenly shouted, "Brothers, be calm and listen to the two of us. We can tell if it’s true or false!"
Hong Qigong turned to the beggar in gray and said, "You just said that I don’t have a woman’s favor, which is really too small for me. In fact, I did have a woman when I was young. Her name was Cheng Xueyi …"
"You don’t know how to behave, and you can even say such a thing!" The beggar in gray began to scold, "Our Beggars’ Guild Leaders are all lifelong nationals, and we have never heard of anyone marrying and having children. If you really let people like you become Beggars’ Guild Leaders, I’m afraid it will bring trouble to our whole Beggars’ Guild!"
"We beggars’ sect is not Shaolin Temple, where there are so many rules and regulations? Beggars’ brothers don’t have women but because women can’t look at us … "Hong Qigong said.
"Then why did you say this woman would love you?" The beggar in gray immediately asked Hong Qigong.
"That’s because when she met me, I was a rich man, and then my family was framed by a traitor, so I became a beggar." Hong Qigong said according to the truth.
"It’s ridiculous that you said these words, so why didn’t she abandon you after you became a beggar? Is it because raw rice has been cooked? " The beggar in gray continued to ask persistently.
"You fake Wang, please keep your mouth shut!" Lu Youjiao suddenly came forward and pointed to the beggar in gray and scolded him.
The beggar in gray was slightly stunned and immediately said, "Lu Youjiao, why don’t you talk about this fake Wang instead of me!"
"You are false wang! Today, among the brothers of the Beggars’ Sect, I, Lu Youjiao, grew up with Hong Lao Wang and had a life-long friendship. When Hong Lao Wang was young, I knew everything in Lu Youjiao’s heart! This Cheng Xueyi girl does exist, and her emotional experience with Hong Lao Wang can never be made up! Hong Lao Wang said these things to prove his identity, but you, a fake Wang, know nothing about these things! " Lu Youjiao seems to have identified the truth and gushed.
After hearing Lu Youjiao’s remarks, the brothers of Gaotai Beggars’ Sect began to talk about it again. Hong Qigong continued to ask the beggar in gray, "You said that you must have done a lot of heroic deeds as a leader of Beggars’ Sect, so how many traitors have you killed in your life?"
"I always call this life although chivalrous but also won’t literally kill people! A person’s life is precious unless he has committed a heinous crime. Forgive him! There are about a dozen people in the specific number! " Gray beggar immediately said
"Human life is precious? That sounds good to you! But since you’ve killed more than a dozen people, it’s eleven. Twelve? Or nineteen? How can you say that’ human life is precious’ if you can’t even remember the specific figures? " Hong Qigong didn’t pause and then said, "I tell you that I have killed 231 traitors in my life, and each of these 231 people has a blood debt for his damn reason!"
"Hong Lao Wang, Lu Youjiao, I still remember that at that time, thirty-three Xu Guo experts slaughtered a Song village, and twenty of them all killed the koo people. Just that time, your old man killed twenty-five people!" Lu Youjiao suddenly beside said.