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He Lianyin and He Lianyin moved chairs in the class and finally listened to the teacher’s command and walked slowly behind the team.

The young man is tall and handsome, looking at the boundless sky, and his eyes are silent and profound.
"I don’t know when this will happen. Do you know this, Xiao Yin?"
约茶"Yes," HeLianYin sighed and looked at the young eyes quietly. "Brother, what do you say I expose them?"
"Expose them? Who is it? "
"It’s the person who beat her to death in the Zhang Lili incident."
"Who is it?"
"Those people in the bedroom next door"
"Liu Yun?"
"I would like to say that there is no Liuyun in that group of people, but it is likely that she has a substantive grudge against them. Others have nothing to do with Zhang Lili." Zhang Lili once helped herself that Helian Yin is a person who knows how to repay kindness. She must give her justice.
"Actually, I don’t want you to risk offending such a group of people who are about to be fired. I think they will come back for revenge later."
"Just a few of them can’t deal with me."
"What if they still have helpers?" If the group of people were expelled and some were not expelled, for example, Liu Yun was not expelled, then when they retaliated, a group of people waited outside the school, and Liu Yun would do it with them, so it would be difficult to guard against the enemy.
If he or she is around, it will be fine, but what if he doesn’t? Since several people want revenge, they will definitely choose Xiao Yin when she is alone, and her hands are not good. If the other person carries tools, she will definitely suffer.
Moreover, this incident is so big that she wants to report it anonymously. If the other party bites to death, they didn’t do it. There is no evidence and no evidence. Unless it is confronted by several people in front of the leaders, it will not be easy to solve.
"They have helpers, and so do I." He Lianyin smiled gently, and his eyes were covered with a layer of gauze. "I didn’t say expose because my words didn’t have the power."
"You mean?"
Chapter 123 Solutions
"Brother, just trust me."
That afternoon, Hector even said such a thing, and then she looked at him gently, and the warmth in her eyes gradually became sharp.
There is a kind of person in this world.
Born with an aura that makes people willing to be ministers.
Is staring with a smile, but there is a creepy chill.
He Lianyin is such a person.
Neither mind nor wisdom can detect a woman.
The air pressure in the playground of Jinling Middle School is very low.
The headmaster took the microphone and told the story of the Zhang Lili incident in dormitory 311 from the distance.
The headmaster angrily complained about the seriousness of the incident and scolded the students for their madness. Because the Zhang Lili incident caused serious remarks, the headmaster said bitterly that the incident would be handed over to the police for investigation. Instead, the students would be responsible for Zhang Lili’s second medicine. Her nerve loss was caused by Zhang Lili’s high quality, which had a great impact on her grades. If her grades dropped or she needed to repeat her sophomore year, all the students who attacked her would be responsible to the end!
Finally, the headmaster asked the students who participated in the Zhang Lili fight to turn around and turn themselves in to the guidance office. If they turn themselves in, the punishment can be mitigated. If the school finds out for itself, it is hell to pay.
Actually, we all know that this group of students who attacked Zhang Lili will be expelled. Reducing the punishment is an appropriate mitigation of compensation, which is just a decoy.
Adolescence is a time to attract cats and provoke dogs. At this age, young girls have sacred and inviolable pure school flowers in their hearts, super heartthrobs, arrogant and rebellious school grass, and naturally exaggerated little sisters. Their thoughts are not yet mature, and recognition is vanity and fame. Love is the trend, but they forget that insult is a kind of trampling on others’ personality and a kind of trauma to others’ lives. What they think is bold and famous is just a way of self-destruction, but it is stupid.
Lu Zitong promoted high-quality students.
She knows this truth well.
Face 7) forbearance, fingertips trembled slightly in the crowd.
Her family is not very good, belonging to a well-off class. She can’t afford to be hungry and cold. She can’t afford to go to a good school. She can’t go abroad. But her family is not focused on by her rich and expensive parents. She is cultivated because her mother thinks that Lu Zitong is very promising and beautiful. Her mother hopes that she will become an excellent girl. If the Zhang Lili incident is exposed, Lu Zitong can’t imagine how disappointed her mother will be.
In the past two years, she was not happy at all in Jinling Middle School. From time to time, she was bullied by the girls in her dormitory. They asked her to clean the dormitory, help them wash clothes, fold clothes and buy food. These chores consumed her most of the time, so it became more and more difficult for her to study. From the 11th at the beginning to the 5th at the present level, she had stepped on the edge of the poor students in the experimental class and almost dropped out of the experimental class.
Not that I don’t hate it.
So what if I hate it? Four of the six girls in the dormitory have a better family than her, and the other one has been playing with four people for several years. She is a new member of them. She applied to the supervisor to change the dormitory and asked her to apply to the teacher. The teacher told her to apply to the principal. The application was pushed around and she didn’t want to accept it.
She can’t change dormitories, and she can’t leave Jinling Middle School. Apart from being a key middle school, Jinling Middle School is also a famous school with a long history. It is a one-time payment for dropping out of school for three years without refund. When she was admitted to Jinling, her parents were happy to publicize it all over the world, and she took it out for a long time and paid it for her for three years at one time. I hope she can win the quota of Jinling walking abroad with her wind.
Think of here.
Lu Zitong couldn’t help feeling gloomy.