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Lin Xiaoxiao and his assistant looked at each other in a daze and couldn’t understand her.

As soon as the assistant opens the photo album of the mobile phone in a hurry, "you will see it yourself."
Two people’s eyes to the photo. Four eyes suddenly opened wide:
Chapter 52 Good taste
Lin Xiaoxiao is the first time to see two people showing love outside. You know, Lu Qing and Qin Miao are not high-profile people and don’t like to show their love in front of people.
"Is this really good? If manager Qin finds out, will it?"
Lin Xiaoxiao saw the little assistant make a face of killing people, and she pushed it angrily. She made a noise, "You are stupid, they spread dog food. What can’t we see? Please forward this photo to me quickly."
Thinking that maybe the photos could be sent to the scene later, she urged her assistant to forward the photos to Lin Xiaoxiao and asked her not to let Qin Xiaoxiao know.
"Now I know that you were afraid. Didn’t you have a lot of guts when you took pictures just now?"
The assistant scratched his head awkwardly. "I thought the picture was so beautiful that I couldn’t hold it back for a while."
"All right, all right, anyway, the three of us know that you don’t spill the beans, and I will never tell them." Lin Xiaoxiao said, taking a look at the signboard and looking at it with a sly look, a pair of little lovers came slowly not far away.
Lu Qing and Qin Miao Miao walked hand in hand into the outdoor rest room behind the set and saw the smile at a glance exaggerated. Lin Xiaoxiao three people looked at each other and three pairs of eyes came and went particularly eye-catching.
"Lin Xiaoxiao, do you want to see through a hole in me?"
Lin Xiaoxiao, who was ruthlessly interrupted by Lu Qing, was embarrassed and quick. "How can we be happy when you come?"
"Yes, yes."
"We are all happy."
Qin Miao Miao looked at the three of them and thought it was not normal. Is it because Lu Qing suddenly came over and got a fright? It doesn’t look like they haven’t seen Lu Qing before.
Lu Qing’s eyes looked towards the studio not far away, firmly grasped Qin Miaomiao and said gently, "Take me around."
Qin Miao Miao wanted to mean to say "good"
Lan finished a close-up, and the makeup artist was mending his makeup.
He inadvertently looked around and accidentally saw Qin Miaomiao and a man come into his field of vision.
The appearance of Lu Qing is another critical blow to Lan, especially seeing Qin Miaomiao and his relationship with two people look very good, which makes his heart become jealous.
Lan’s eyes were too persistent. Lu Qing saw clearly and turned to look at the woman around him with a low eyebrow and a little smile. "Don’t introduce me?"
"Okay, let me introduce you." Said Qin Miaomiao, supercilious and straight-shouldered. Lan looked at his eyes and said, "This is Lu Qing and this is Lan, our first hero."
喝茶约茶Although Qin Miaomiao took the initiative to introduce her, she knew that both sides must know each other. She looked at Lan calmly in amazement and asked for a stir in her eyes.
"Hello, Mr. Lu"
"Hello, sir"
The palms of the two men shook briefly and separated quickly.
Qin Miao Miao’s eyes belong to Lan except Lu Qing. She is considerate of others and considers things very well. Although there are other men around her, she still knows a lot about Lan people through this period.
I saw Mr. Wang’s acting just now. It seems that you have a good eye;
Chapter 53 Despise
Said landing qing bowed their heads and hugged Qin Miaomiao shoulder the whole people become more from.
Probably Qin Miaomiao illusion. She thinks that Lu Qing’s eyes are not friendly.
At this time, Lin Xiaoxiao made up her makeup. She glanced at it from a distance and talked. The three of them chatted and brushed their circle of friends. Then in the circle of friends, they saw someone sending a photo of a holiday in the blue sea, blue sky and seaside, and put a few exaggerated laughter expressions.
"This man really enjoys going on holiday without saying a word. Wait a minute. Will he go alone or with others?"
Lin Xiaoxiao made a whisper in his heart and looked at someone in amazement. When he opened a photo, he found that one of them was a back figure and the back was still the back of three men. So the problem came.
Take pictures of the three men. Is it a man or a woman?
With this doubt, Lin Xiaoxiao left a message and sent a contemptuous expression.
"Xiaoxiao, you still have two minutes to prepare."
Lin Xiaoxiao nodded and handed the mobile phone to the assistant. When she closed her eyes slightly and opened them again, she became a simple woman.
"Who are you? Who the hell are you? I’m not afraid of you if you come out."
Trembling and guilty, she quietly came to the underground room in a weed. She saw a black shadow. She was so scared that she fell twice in a row without paying attention to her knee bleeding.
Lan’s eyes have been spinning in the plot. She watched Lin Xiaoxiao perform alone, which was very lively and the actress could easily interpret the fear side.
Lu Qing’s eyes have been wandering back and forth between Qin Miao and Lan.
He doesn’t want to think much, but Lan feels very threatening to him, and he sometimes looks at Qin Miaomiao with amorous eyes, which makes him crazy.