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In the next ten minutes, neither side scored a goal and entered the halftime with 11 points.

After 15 minutes, the two sides will fight again.
In the 57th minute of half-time, Lu Wenbin got Obasi’s ball by his opponent’s close watch, and he wanted Parjic to play a one-on-one match to open Lucio and Rodney to form a shot.
As a result, Lu Wenbin missed Parjic’s ball and was intercepted by Hertha Berlin defender von Belgen.
Lu Wenbin’s ball level and accuracy are still a little poor.
However, Lu Wenbin made a good shot in the 64th minute.
After receiving Copado’s ball in the frontcourt, he paused, attracted Lucio and other three opponents’ defenders, and then suddenly tilted the ball near the corner of the forbidden area.
The route and speed of the ball were just right for Obasi to throw off the defense and his full-back caught the ball first.
Then Obasi took the ball into the forbidden area and made a false shot, swinging the goalkeeper across the middle and pushing Parjic into the net easily.
Hoffenheim scored again, 21 ahead of Hertha Berlin.
Hertha Berlin tried her best to score a goal to equalize the score, but she never did.
Not only did they fail to score, but Hoffenheim scored a counter-attack goal in the 7th minute.
Young German international Beck broke the ball on the flank and then made a false move to Lu Wenbin when he was near the forbidden area. Then he suddenly entered the forbidden area and shot the ball from the gap in the goalkeeper’s post and drilled into the goal.
In the end, Hoffenheim defeated Hertha Berlin at home on 31, and continued to score three points. Lu Wenbin scored a goal, 10,000 won the game, 20,000 points in total, and 30,000 experience rewards increased by 16 levels, 4.67 million and 20,000.
Because there are still six days before a semi-final of Hamburg’s UEFA Cup, and it is a three-line home game, everyone in the team is also very tired.
Therefore, after the Hertha Bundesliga in Berlin, Ralph gave all the team two days off to have a good rest and then came back to prepare for the UEFA Cup semi-final of Hamburg.
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Hoffenheim Hertha Berlin was the first game of the 29th round of Bundesliga, and people didn’t expect what would happen next.
On the second and third day, when the Bundesliga ended, everyone was surprised to find that Wolfsburg, Bayern Munich, Hamburg and so on, the second group in the standings, lost except Hertha Berlin.
After half a season of setbacks, Hoffenheim hasn’t collapsed yet, and these competitors have unexpectedly lost their chains in this round.
So after the 29th round, Hoffenheim was 13 points ahead of Wolfsburg in the standings.
The Bundesliga has a total of one team, and there are 34 rounds of league matches at home and away. There are five rounds left before the end of the season.
A 13-point lead means that Hoffenheim will definitely be crowned the Bundesliga champion if he wins one more game in the next five rounds. On the opponent’s game results, such as
Hoffenheim and Lu Wenbin don’t believe it if they say that Hoffenheim can’t win one of the five league games.
Therefore, such a huge integral advantage can almost announce that Hoffenheim will definitely win the Bundesliga championship this season, depending on which game they choose to win according to their schedule.
This situation allows Hoffenheim to welcome Hamburg’s UEFA Cup semi-final first leg home game in a quite relaxed state of mind.
桑拿会所  title=Although there are some disadvantages in the schedule, Nihlsson and Obasi have returned and Eduardo can participate in the UEFA Cup.
The team is full of confidence and relaxed. Hoffenheim will not let Hamburg take their place in the UEFA Cup final.
After a full six days’ rest, at 2 pm on April 3rd, the first leg of the UEFA Cup semi-final of 229 season, Hoffenheim vs. Hamburg, officially started.
Hamburg lost a day’s rest because of the league, and their morale was low.
Hoffenheim, on the other hand, rested for six days and established a huge lead in the standings. The team is full of energy and high morale.
Eduardo, who was banned from participating in the national competition, even held his breath and wanted to vent his exuberant energy in the UEFA Cup.
The result of the game was predestined before the game started.
Although Hamburg tried their best to guard Lu Wenbin with Yaode and boateng, they did their best to score goals with Hoffenheim.
There is no difference in Hoffenheim’s half season except for one Ibisevic missing.
Besides, Paljic’s personal ability and teamwork have improved a lot after he participated in the competition for several months in half a season.
Lu Wenbin can also involve two or three opponents to defend, which gives Eduardo, Salihovic, Dembaba and others many offensive opportunities.
Just 4 minutes after the opening, Lu Wenbin took Hamburg team Germany and boateng to the side, and then Eduardo broke through with the ball in the middle, attracting the attention of the remaining players and then obliquely banned the area.
Deng Baba inserted the ball into the forbidden area from the side and angrily shot the ball into the net from the goalkeeper’s armpit.
Hoffenheim made a fantastic start, leading Hamburg 1 in only 4 minutes.
Hoffenheim players rushed around the stadium to celebrate the full grandstand, and the Rheinka Arena also issued a tsunami of applause and cheers.
Hoffenheim’s attack hasn’t stopped after the restart.
After enough rest, the Hoffenheim team seems to have found a half-season siege and invincible. It feels that this frustration is constant and difficult. It is very difficult to see a scene in the half-season.
In particular, Eduardo, the French participating country competition, was full of running and exploding, and he was everywhere from the forbidden area to the forbidden area of the other side.
In the 17th minute, the front of Gustavo’s forbidden area tackles and breaks Hamburg’s front waist, especially Rohovsky takes the ball.