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My mother suddenly shouted "Fire! Fire! Come out, everyone! It’s on fire! "

I screamed on purpose just now to attract more people.
But obviously, my mother’s method is more effective. Some neighbors heard the sound and ran out, and some security guards rushed over and gathered around us.
Because I have lived in this community for more than ten years, all the neighbors have known each other.
Seeing that my mother and I were freezing, an aunt quickly took out her cotton-padded jacket and put it on my mother and me.
Ning Qi’s fucking estimation is that he began to wipe his tears when he saw more and more people unable to implement the plan. "You are a good boy at the right time, so don’t dispute with us …"
I don’t want to hear it at all. I want to go home quickly and turn on the heating to warm my body.
But she hugged my leg faster than me and cried, "You cheated on me, too. Why should you blame my son?" Come on, you all broke up peacefully and secretly hurt my son! How can you be so vicious! "
Sure enough, it’s the same trick again, throwing dirty water at me regardless
I don’t care if she pulls her feet back.
But obviously she made up her mind not to let me go, and she was so strong that she clung to my leg.
Ning Qi suddenly took out a stack of photos and sent them to the neighbors, indignant. "Let’s see if this is a photo of her cheating with so many men. Can I not break up with her? But she was angry but deliberately retaliated against me … Let’s help judge whether I should bother her!"
I saw my parents’ faces changed.
Those photos were taken during the kidnapping of Ning Qi.
So many neighbors have seen it. Will they believe Ningqi? What will they think of me and my parents?
My heart is cold and I can’t wait to tear Ningqi up.
Ning Qi also won sympathy. "I was the one who lost my sight and was so ruthless in easy virtue. Fortunately, everyone said it was early, wasn’t it?"
Two neighbors who didn’t know me very well began to look at me with strange eyes.
I don’t want to confront Ningqi here, which is a joke, but I don’t want to embarrass my parents.
I was about to open my mouth when I suddenly kowtowed to my mother. "Please spare our family. If you take the house away, our family will have to live on the streets."
Section 27
….. I finally know they make such a purpose.
But hasn’t the room already written the names of Wen Lu and Ning Qi?
I stared at Ning Qi and said, "You should go to Wen Lu and ask her to give you the room."
Ning Qi glared at me angrily. "She said you took the house away. How could you be so vicious!"
I simply find it ridiculous.
That suite didn’t come with me long ago. Even if the Wen family was investigated, it should have been taken away by the bank. How could it come back to me?
I don’t know whether Wen Lu used this remark to cheat Ning Qi or Ning Qi deliberately said it. Anyway, I have nothing to do and change a suite for him.
Ningqi went on, "If you don’t give money to the house, it’s ok, otherwise our family will hang your door!"
I can see that they are here today, and they will not stop until they get what they want.
I tilted my head and said to my parents, "Call the police …"
桑拿按摩Words haven’t say that finish ning chess his mama screamed and cried "you happily abandon my son outside with men don’t say also want to harm our family, I fight with you …"
My dad interrupted her angrily, "Shut up if you want money!"
Chapter 32 I hope my uncle and aunt will give me a chance
Finally, I went to my house to negotiate.
Watching the fun, the neighbors were kept out, but a few of them were good friends with my parents and were invited in as witnesses.
Ning Qi asked for two million. His reason was that the property of the Wen family was frozen, and the two million would be used as working capital for the Wen family.
I don’t believe his story at all.
Finally, my dad will make a decision, and our family will pay 1 million yuan, or we will call the police to see who can cross who.
Ning Qi was unwilling, but Ning Qi’s father agreed.
My dad took out a piece of paper and wrote a few lines and handed it to Ning Qi. "There is still one condition. You can’t bother us again after signing this thing."
Ning chess looks unhappy after reading it. It seems that he still wants to argue about something.
My dad’s face sank. "You don’t have to sign it, but you don’t want that one million! If you want to continue to make trouble with us, Ding Jiafeng will accompany you to the end! "
Maybe it was my dad’s momentum that shocked me, maybe it was the Qian Ning chess family that finally pressed the red handprint.
Black and white was put away by my dad in front of Ning’s family and several neighbors.
Ning Qi got up to look at me and said, "Who told you to frame Xiaolu for this million to save the Xiaolu family? It’s also a virtue for you!"