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Age 49291
Xuanzong, a professional civil servant Xuanxiu belongs to.
Blood volume is 4.71 million.
Xuanli 2.79 million
Force 442341
Intelligence 14
If you don’t spit, you will die.
Skills spit but are easy to choke back.
Love to spit, the mad emperor despises the mad emperor, and he is tired of being choked and rolled.
The first civil servant and the first person who followed the mad emperor calendar for 500 years at the peak of the character’s minor cultivation.
Remarks: This is the only civil servant who has not been mad at the emperor or grieved.
Huo Jiujian is crazy to realize that he may have come to a world he is very familiar with. Think about what he is living in. This room should be a simple-looking carriage, but the inside is small and connected, so it can be expanded as needed.
I didn’t expect Qin Xiao’s dream world to coincide with the words he read before her bed every day for more than six years and to build such an image. I have to admit that Qin Xiao’s painting accomplishments are enviable
If it hadn’t been for the accident, I’m afraid she would have become a young painter.
The scene he is in now is crazy, and some impressions are that the story started not long ago.
Qin Xiao’s mother, Yan Chu-30, was not the wife of Qin family. She didn’t come from the first place, but she had to dress up as a boy all the time because Yan Chu-30 was eager to tell a big lie. Qin Xiao’s house was troubled by many difficulties. She simply asked her father, Qin Fan, to give her a word and let her go out of the house. Although Qin Fan loved my house, she died. He was also ordered to make an expedition and nodded in agreement. The man, Jun Qian, followed Qin Xiao out of the house under the pseudonym Yan Qing.
After leaving the government, the two went south to settle down in Nanzhuang and let Qin Xiao enter the school.
When Junkuang took over the role, they should have passed two or three risks and made a group of outlaws.
Some of the plots are too crazy for him to remember, but he was impressed by the first meeting between the crazy emperor and Qin Xiao. After all, there was no one who touched porcelain three times.
You crazy through a calendar.
At the end of the 17th Yan Dynasty, Emperor Mad officially ascended the throne in the 10th year.
After a long time in the garage, I looked at the almost unchanging scenery outside the window, and I couldn’t help sighing, "How many days have you been cheap?"
"Are you all right?" The speed slowed down. Nine swords lifted the curtain and looked at the crooked imperial concubine couch holding a jade cup. "You just seemed to give me a nickname."
"No, no, no, nothing. You heard me wrong." You crazy one leng seemed to call Huo Jiujian’s nickname casually.
"Huijun, today is your 375123rd single day," said Jiujian. "You asked once when you combed your hair. Did you admit your Alzheimer’s disease?"
"When I didn’t ask," you left the pie mouth. Are you a little expert at ending the topic?
Isn’t it single dog? I’m single. I’m proud that you’re single, too. What the hell are you coming to me to hurt each other?
"With all due respect, are you sure you don’t want to go back?" There was a hint of ridicule in Jiujian’s voice. "With all due respect, you skipped work alone. At least the ministers have someone to cry about, and now even I have run away with them."
桑拿按摩"Stop" jun crazy ruthlessly frowned feeling didn’t listen to nine swords to say a few words, as if to blow up, so he is still a cheap cheap good this guy nonsense I really can’t stand it.
Before you finish your crazy headache, you spoke again. "You are not young. It’s time to abdicate and make way. I can continue to close when you retire."
"You’ve been a half-step emperor for hundreds of years, and you won’t die for ten thousand years. Is it necessary to be in such a hurry?" Jun laughed wildly. "It seems that you like to stay in Beijing and listen to those old men ramble."
"I don’t know who is older." Nine swords sighed meaningfully. "If Dong’s adult knows that you are wandering around his home, you can’t get a town people to welcome you." He put the car curtain before entering the car. "Besides, can you really see Miss Qin?"
Jun Kuang snorted, "If you don’t talk, no one will be dumb." He decided to end the topic of no nutrition and didn’t forget to say, "You should avoid more passers-by."
"I save" nine swords a smile
According to the nine swords, they can see Qin Xiao the next day.
The first encounter between Junkuang and Qin Xiao was staying at the inn, and the second encounter the next day was touching porcelain.
This means that they will stay in the same inn with Qin Xiao in the evening.
If this dream is conceived by Qin Xiao little by little according to his novels, then the possibility that the little girl is Qin Xiao is assured.
I can’t tell you how excited I am at the thought of meeting Qin Xiao.
At this time, he was especially grateful to Huo Jiujian, even if he was just a mouse, he was grateful enough to know that there was still a chance to awaken Qin Xiao in his dream.
There are not many people in the town, but it’s getting late. The train stopped for a while. Jiujian told him to find an inn that looked clean.
Junkuang slightly jumped out of the car and stepped into the inn; Nine swords stuffed a piece of broken silver and arranged for the store man to take the carriage away and follow him in.
I don’t want to take my eyes off the little doll when I hear the crisp boy scout look back.
Chapter III How can your sister rest assured that others can raise her?
The little doll is about six or seven years old. Her skin is like fine porcelain, her hair is satin-like, and her head is tied into a bunch of silver hair buttons to fix it.
Wearing a retro linen men’s suit style, black texture, red buckle and a red lotus embroidered on the left corner.
The outer cover is a cotton and linen cloak with the same Tang suit. The neckline and cuffs are decorated with embroidered red lotus, which is dragged to the foot surface and faintly exposed from the opening. The trouser legs are decorated with golden red four lines, in addition to other decorations.
You can’t even listen to other people’s speeches. Even Jiujian didn’t hear him ask if he wanted to go to a famous restaurant in the town to invite him to a table for twelve seats.
His attention was focused on the doll until the other person frowned uncomfortably and turned and ran back to the room.
"Jun" Jiujian has never seen his emperor so stupid and gently cough an elbow.
Segmented reading 2
Stabbed Junichi.
It happened that the little doll came back to the house and stared at Jiujian crazily. "What is it that you can’t do?"
"No, it’s nothing." Nine swords corners of the mouth took a sniffle and motioned for the store man to lead the way.
When you see someone you want to see, you’re crazy and you’re not in the mood to listen to Jiujian’s nagging. Just wash your face and lie in bed and let the other person help yourself.
When washing his face, he saw from the water that his face was not as listless and emaciated as it is now, but as high-spirited and slightly delicate as it was seven years ago.
Nine swords came to persuade you to sleep crazily. If you are not used to it, you might as well go to a carriage and live independently. The living in a small room is as luxurious as that in the Beijing Palace. He is not very white. Why do you want to go further and further and make a special trip to stay?
Jun frantically closed his eyes and began to sort out his knowledge of the world.
Along the way, he saw that most of the buildings were a little antique, but the antique taste was too strong, but the business atmosphere was a little more; The booth is also like the kind of east cooking and rice stalls, which are not as good as the well-equipped costume drama scenes.
The environment of the building department is also so decorated, but most of them are antique, but they don’t pay attention to feng shui and orientation like real ancient decoration; Back and forth, just a few guests are doing mechanical reciprocating motion like a game ui.
These prove that he is in Qin Xiao’s dream.