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Yutingchuan seemed to have some induction and suddenly looked over at the whole Song Dynasty.

The smoke curled thin and the outline of his eyebrows and eyes became softer.
What did the man next to him say? Song Qingcheng guessed that he should introduce himself to the other party and then saw Yutingchuan reaching out to her slightly to let her pass.
Song Qingcheng walked over to the two men and naturally put his hand in Yu Tingchuan’s palm and heard Yu Tingchuan introduce her to "Gu Huaichen, a business friend"
Also surnamed Gu? Song city suddenly look at each other.
The other party smiled at her and said after a while, "I’ll say hello to my uncle first and talk to you later."
Yutingchuan nodded and watched each other go to the banquet hall door.
"You have so many friends" Song Qingcheng sighed with emotion.
Yu Tingchuan withdrew his eyes and pressed the cigarette butt into the ashtray on the dining table. He said, "Gu Gu Yuan Tang went to Jiangcheng to find him after he went to Jiangcheng."
"Shouldn’t I be looking for you when I go to Jiangcheng?"
Song Qingcheng shook hands. "Aren’t you rich?"
Yutingchuan smiled faintly and pinched her finger. "Look for me. Whatever you want."
"…" Song city also smiled.
At about six forty, all the guests began to sit down.
Yutingchuan took Song Qingcheng and Fu Min, the mother and daughter, to sit together. Soon Jiang Chi came too, just to gather a number of people for this table. Mr. Gu came back from the VIP lounge and shared a table with them. The person sitting at the same table was a wealthy businessman in Nancheng.
At seven o’clock sharp, the wedding ceremony officially began.
The whole banquet hall was lit with lights on both sides of the red carpet
At this time of Hengyang has been in front of the podium.
Wang Mingxiu was wearing a shoulder-length wedding dress, and her father was holding a long white embroidered dress coming slowly from the door. Apart from two flower girl, she followed Gu Qingwei, who was wearing a smoky pink evening gift, and another young girl was also wearing a different dress of the same color with a bunch of flowers in her hand.
"Is that Muheng?" Yujing to the whole song ear said
The banquet position Yujing sat next to Song Qingcheng.
Men are generally not interested in this kind of wedding banquet. Yu Tingchuan is talking with Jiang Chi, and their voices are so low that they can hear them clearly.
Song Qingcheng went to Taiwan to look carefully and found that the girl next to Gu Qingwei was really a sly language.
"Why does she still come to the family wedding?"
Fu Min coughed gently next to him.
Yujing immediately shut up.
Yu Jing went to wash her hands while she was talking at the MC.
Come back with a beaming face and Song Qingcheng’s novel "I met Teacher Ji outside and didn’t expect their family to have contacts with their family"
At this time, there was a little mistake in the ceremony platform, which attracted the guests to raise their heads.
The bride sprained her ankle and almost fell off the podium. Fortunately, the groom grabbed the bride’s waist with a load of eyes and put his arms around her for a short time, which frightened the backstage guests and began to applaud.
When the groom puts on the wedding ring for the bride, Yu Jing looks at her deskmate’s second uncle and finds that his left finger is really carrying a platinum ring. Then he goes to see Song Qingcheng wearing the same ring. He can’t help but pull Song Qingcheng’s sleeve and ask, "Didn’t my second uncle buy you a diamond ring?"
Smell speech Song Qingcheng looked at his hand ring and smiled shallowly. "Is this bad?"
"It’s good to be simple and generous." Yu Jing glanced at Taiwan and said, "Don’t women like a diamond ring? It’s so big to wear."
Song Qingcheng said, "Come back to Yunxi Road to show you."
Yu Jing looked skeptical. "Is it really there?"
"Why are you lying?" Song Qingcheng was amused by her antics.
"Then I take back what I just said."
Yujing took a sip of juice and smashed it. "I really envy you and my second uncle. When I first talked to you, I thought this beauty was the experimental class. Banhua was really beautiful and got good grades. You followed me home. I never thought you could be good with my second uncle."
Words fall YuJing suddenly "I’ll be back when I go outside for a trip to the horse"
Fu Min frowned at her impudence. "What to do?"
Yu Jing casually said, "Go wash your hands."
"I haven’t been there just now."
"Then I’ll go with the whole city." Yujing rolled her eyes and stretched out her hand to pull aside the whole city. "Aren’t you going to wash your hands? I’m with you."
The whole Song Dynasty saw that she was using herself as a cover. I didn’t know what medicine she was selling in the gourd, but I still put the tablecloth up. "Then let’s go."
Said didn’t forget and YuTingChuan inform a..
Yujingjin washes his hands and waits for her outside Song Qingcheng.
I met Mu Heng’s language.
Muheng language looked at the whole song dynasty with a look in his eyes. Compared with the whole song dynasty, he looked as usual. Muheng language seemed to have encountered a wolf, butch, and could not help but glance back before washing his hands.
桑拿论坛The whole song dynasty had to take the initiative to provoke MuHeng language here.
Yu Jing hasn’t come out in the past five minutes or so.
Song Qingcheng walked in and asked.
"The whole city, you go home first." Yujing uttered a pant sound from a certain interval. "I seem to have diarrhea. I don’t know how long it will take me to go back after I finish the toilet."
"Are you sure it’s okay?" Song Qingcheng is not very at ease
Yu Jing said, "Nothing is just that my stomach is not very comfortable. You don’t wait for me."
The whole song dynasty waited for a few minutes in the corridor again to see Yujingzhen coming out for a while before returning to the banquet hall alone.
Wash your hands in Yujing listening to the noise outside for a long time before opening the partition door.
As a result, I saw the language in front of the washstand.
Muheng language is finishing skirt mirror when I caught a glimpse of Yujing turned supercilious look. She doesn’t like the whole song dynasty, and naturally she doesn’t like this silly sweet girl around the whole song dynasty.
Yu Jing is sure that Song Qingcheng has left, and just about to leave behind him, there is a slow voice of Muheng. "Do you like Ji teacher in your school?"
"…" Yujing turned her head and her ears were a little red. "What are you talking about?"
Mu Heng shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don’t admit that I want to help you."
Yu Jing was a little shaken and asked, "How do you know Teacher Ji?" Back to her, she realized that Liangcheng was very close to Muheng.
"Well, if you want to know, you can know it."
Mu Heng washed his hands and said casually, "I can call him an uncle because of seniority." He turned to look at Yu Jing and chuckled, "There are many girls who like him. I heard that he is going to get married soon, so you must hurry up."
"True or false?" Yujing is somewhat absent-minded