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Wenfuxiao smell speech let go of her hand and looked up at her. As soon as she saw her, she looked at herself and thought about her father’s repeated exhortations and Zhao Tingyun.

Then nodded and agreed.
Zhao Tingting smiled instantly and hurriedly helped Wen Fuxiao to get up. When he couldn’t see, his mouth was slightly proud.
Arriving at the scene, Haitian’s excitement is not like a ribbon-cutting.
There are several layers of reporters around here, and there are many onlookers, and some people from the society are present.
He frowned slightly and asked Zhao Tingting, "Why are there so many people?"
Zhao Tingting smiled and returned to him. "All parties in Haitian look more important. Naturally, there will be more celebrities."
Wenfuxiao nodded and reluctantly believed this statement, but I didn’t see Zhao Tingting turn his head for a flash and calculate it.
The ribbon-cutting was successfully completed, and it was Zhao Tingting’s turn to make the final speech.
But see Zhao Tingting face greatly raise a smile and glanced at WenFuXiao.
"I am today"
Wen Fuxiao looked at her word for word and suddenly jumped with a bad feeling in his heart.
"I want to announce a happy event to you through this happy event in Haitian today." She sighed slightly. "On the 15th of next month, I will join hands with Wen Fu Xiao Xi, president of the Wenshi Group, hoping to get your blessing."
The words fell for a while and a burst of applause rang.
Zhao Tingting smiled like a flower at Wen Fuxiao.
WenFuXiao slightly leng leng just to react incredible looking at Zhao Tingting moment rising anger in my heart, but all the waves to break out in the palm of your hand.
He can’t turn against Zhao Tingting here.
Realizing this, he said something in response to Zhao Tingting before leaving with a stiff smile on his face.
After everything, Wen Fuxiao strode away, got into the car door angrily and went straight away.
Zhao Tingting didn’t talk to him. In a hurry, he also drove after him.
Until wenfuxiao office wenfuxiao roars and sweeps everything on the desk to the ground, making a deafening noise.
Zhao Tingting, who had just come in, was startled by his actions, covering his ears and ceiling, shouting and retreating.
Wenfuxiao also don’t shout back "out".
"Help xiao you listen to me" Zhao Tingting refused to hurriedly came in and took WenFu xiao hand begged.
Wenfuxiao shook off Zhao Tingting’s hand and turned to stare at her with anger. "Tell me about how you made it public that we are going to get married."
Zhao Tingting looked at him slightly leng leng and immediately yelled "Wen Fuxiao, it’s not a big secret in the circle where you and I are getting married. Can’t I just say it?"
WenFuXiao sneer at a face of expression and his usual mild very different see Zhao Tingting are a little scared.
He looked gloomy, took a deep breath and nodded.
"Yes, we are engaged, but Zhao Tingting, have you forgotten our agreement three years ago?"
Zhao Tingting eyes a shock with a what.
How could she forget the agreement made three years ago?
I can’t help but smile when I think of it
When Wen Fuxiao saw her appearance, she knew in her heart that "three years ago, you and I agreed to let go of each other if we didn’t love each other three years later. Now it’s time to let go in Zhao Tingting for about three years."
Say that finish this sentence Wen Fu Xiao Shu breathed a sigh of relief and raised my hand to hold his forehead and turned his back on Zhao Tingting.
Zhao Tingting stare big eyes in shock.
To react, I rushed over and hugged Wen Fuxiao’s narrow waist and shook my head desperately. "I don’t want you to know what I care about you, so why do you do this to me?"
She blushed at the thought, "Are you still unable to forget ChuYan? Are you still unable to forget her?"
Wen Fu Xiao’s anger rose slightly at the bottom of his heart, but he endured it and broke down vigorously. Zhao Tingting held his hand and he turned his head and stared at her.
"Zhao Tingting is not the cause of Xiaoyan." He earnestly endured his anger in his heart. "Even if it wasn’t for Xiaoyan, I wouldn’t like you. You know it’s not suitable for us to go like this. It’s not good for you and me."
"No" Zhao Tingting has always been a serious young lady, but Wen Fuxiao always loses his discretion carelessly.
She rushed to embrace Wen Fuxiao again. "I know you still like Chu Yan Wen Fuxiao. I am not afraid that I will wait for you when you are bitter and difficult again."
Wen Fuxiao is her. Can she be her?
She has already told the world that they are getting married. If Wen Fuxiao breaks up with her at this time, what should the outside world think of her?
Besides, she was unwilling to help Xiao Rang out after so many years of hard love.
桑拿会所Wenfuxiao was pestered by her for so long to accumulate anger and finally broke out with a loud roar "Zhao Tingting" and pushed Zhao Tingting away.
At most, Wen Fuxiao scolded her a few words, but this time he pushed her away and hit the sofa.
Zhao Tingting sat down and was suddenly stunned by his cow. It took him a long time to return to absolute being slightly.
Wenfuxiao is also a little dull, looking at his hand and then looking at Zhao Tingting with some guilt.
But at the thought of her independent Zhang these things, I was so angry.
He was cruel and turned his back to Zhao Tingting coldly. "You go home, I want to be alone."
Zhao Tingting looked up at his back after hearing this sentence.
Against the light, some people can’t see his figure clearly. What did she look like when she first met him?
She can’t even remember.
It’s just wishful thinking to correct entanglement for so many years.
If it weren’t for an accident with my brother three years ago, I’m afraid that Wen Fuxiao might not be in front of her today.
She suddenly became confused.
No, nobody won in the end.
She used to be in love with Wen Fuxiao, no matter whether this love is not or has changed. Now that she has held her hand tightly, she will never let him have a second chance to escape.
At this moment, she closed her face and held the sofa armrest up and cut her clothes and hair.
Look at Wen Fuxiao calmly. At this moment, she resumed the arrogant darling daughter of Zhao.
She looked at Wenfuxiaoyin insipid. "Well, I’ll go first. Don’t be too angry."
Heard footsteps slowly away behind Wen Fuxiao glanced at the world outside the landing window.
Suddenly, I kicked the trash can at my feet and bounced it to the glass window and bounced it again.
He took two steps back. Jiang Jiang held the desk and the corner of the table was steady