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At that time Kyoto

It was a party when Han Cheng Li learned the news.
Some people remember that Xu Ran, a once infamous helper, set up a children’s fund to help those poor children in mountainous areas.
Xu Ran’s name is once again famous in Kyoto.
But this time is different from the past.
夜网论坛This is the first time he has heard this name since the woman left.
The hand holding the glass can’t help tightening.
Later, he did go to the woman, but she didn’t come back once and even changed her cell phone number.
He searched all over Kyoto, but he couldn’t find that woman named Xu Ran anymore.
Someone around said, "Are you sure it’s the same Xu Ran?"
Someone said, "It’s her. Look at the photos!"
Han Cheng Li’s eyes couldn’t help glancing at the picture of the man’s mobile phone. The woman’s short hair in a sports suit was very different from her original image.
It’s a figure, but it seems to be enough for him to recognize her!
Someone beside me said, "All that glitters is not gold. Who would have thought that a woman like that could make such a move?"
At that time, the slanderous praise was uneven
Palm flash Han Cheng Li spilled a cup of liquid without knowing it.
Put that cup on and he strode out.
I don’t know if it is because he is too excited that he is in a hurry
Xu Ran Children’s Fund Lin Ya chose an office building in the city and county to help professionals from other places, which also saved her a lot of trouble.
Of course, it is obviously unrealistic to always count on others to help, so Lin Ya began to let Xu Ran get in touch with such things, not to be familiar with them, but to be familiar with every link.
On Saturday morning, Xu Ran was forced to read a pile of materials.
Eyes swept through the rows of well-meaning people’s names and finally fixed the three words of Han Cheng Li
Look around. Ten lines are all that bastard’s name!
This shameless man actually donated 500,000 times.
Xu Ran stared at that name and couldn’t help shaking his head. This person has to donate money in such a high profile!
He is afraid of her blindness after so many times!
The school at the top of the mountain on Monday
Linya plays games with the children during the class break.
Liu Yuan and Xu Ran glances. The man took a picture of the smiling woman with his mobile phone.
Then pass the phone to Xu Ran and say, "You decide who to send it to."
Xu Ran frowned and grabbed his cell phone. I can’t stand his old woman.
Directly dig out the Muchuan number "You have to relax and be a good person and a bad person. I’ll do it! When she asks, you can say that I took your mobile phone to Mu Chuanfa! "
Then she decisively pressed the send button.
That turtle grandson of Shimuchuan did call her, but she didn’t tell him that Lin Ya was with her.
Her eyes are almost the same, and her foundation has received a lot of donations from that man.
Be kind. People pay so much money. You have to disclose the information!
Besides, it seems really unkind for the old lady who longed for her to call her and ask Lin Ya to hold her back so much.
If there is a problem, you should always make it clear.
At that time Kyoto
The man in the meeting room of Mu’s building put the table and the mobile phone shook.
He has been very sensitive to the movement of his mobile phone recently, and he picked it up almost without a pause.
Regardless of the field, my eyes will open.
A picture from Lu Yuan
The woman is blindfolded and surrounded by a group of children.
He suddenly shook his mobile phone and smiled at so many pairs of eyes.
Time market
Lin Ya didn’t know that she was calculated by the two men, took off the cloth covered with her face and walked towards the two men with a smile.
Took Xu Ran’s cup and drank a mouthful of water, only to find that the two men had strange expressions.
Dark and bright eyes narrowed, and she insisted, "Did something happen that I didn’t know?"
Xu Ran busy a wave a female student cried "lily with them back to the classroom"
The girl frowned at Liu Yuan but saw that the man looked as usual. "Why are you pushing me?"
Linya gave him a suspicious look and then snorted and walked behind him to push him.
taohuajian moutain stream
The old lady sat on the sofa and sighed, "Sichuan is elegant and elegant …"
Thinking of her great-grandson old lady who met her by chance is really going to sigh her life!
"It’s always our family that has wronged her."
Muchuan frowned and said, "I want to go out."
"Go on, go on. I can’t explain it clearly. Let me explain."
Three days later, Muchuan travel-stained came to the city.
That woman is playing games with those children.
Far Xu Ran saw busy people secretly waving to the children to get out of the way.
Lin Ya knew that they were blindfolded and turned in circles. "Xiao Li Xiao Yin, who should I catch first?"
Suddenly it seems quiet around, and Lin Ya frowned faintly.
Without waiting for her to think carefully about what is different, she seems to meet someone when she turns around.
Reaching over with her hands, she smiled. "Got you!"
She made a move, but the palm felt different.
Hard is more like a man’s chest!
Realizing that she touched the wrong person, she realized that she would stop.
But in the future, I have to take back my hand and be grasped by that man