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This round is better than the boat

Li Yu looked around uneasily in the darkness. A gentle and graceful girl came in the direction of Zhongxin Middle School. She slowly walked into the spotlight, clean and expressionless, but her eyes were sharp and she looked down on people’s arrogance.
"Get up," she said to Li Yu, who had failed. Her expression was as contemptuous as looking at a pile of garbage.
Liyu pale passive Nuo Nuo up.
What’s going on? !
Everyone looked at each other.
Li Yu was the champion last year, but this girl can’t put her in the eye. Is there a better master than her in Yixin Middle School?
Just when everyone is puzzled.
Liyu left in frustration.
The girl sat leisurely and gracefully, but it was as cold as a snake. She smiled and said to the boat, "My name is Lingling. You are so interesting. I want to challenge you."
Linlin’s eyes are very charming, just like she is about to eat Yu Zhou, teasing and excited.
The two schools are now one to one, and there are still four rounds of competition. The first three rounds of competition are free to play after listening.
If Yu Zhou doesn’t want to fight her, he can also change people halfway, but he has just shown the level of ten, and no one dares to stir for the time being. After all, the level of ten is like a god for high school students.
Everyone recognized him.
In this tense and exciting atmosphere, Yu Zhou replied with a smile, "I’m not interested, I’m dull."
Linlin’s head almost hit the piano key. This guy says it’s cold humor? Or are you born to stay like this?
She looked suspiciously at Yu Zhou’s eyes and corners of his mouth. "Please start, teacher."
The piano rang in the distance.
A new wave of tinkling has struck again. This time, the player has changed behind him, and the tunes of the foreign pianist are full of joy but not as relaxed as before. The jury saw that the students of both sides were superb and unanimously decided to raise the level of this competition. The foreign pianist was very interested in the boat, and even more interested in challenging the girl in the boat, and decided to play a big game.
The music of foreign pianist just fell.
Silent as death
Not many people can recognize this song and pop it up.
Linlin is not in a hurry, but slightly raises his eyelids and looks at Yu Zhou’s eyes. "I’ll give you the opportunity, you go first."
Section 5
Yu Zhou smiled modestly. "It’s a pity that wild bees are flying, but I can’t play it."
Field shock
It is actually the top ten difficult songs "Wild Bees Flying"
"Uh-huh" Linlin smiled briskly. "Then it’s my turn to play."
按摩She smiled and put her finger on the piano key. The snow-white finger seemed to be equipped with a fast-acting motor. She kept tinkling and drumming and played a song that was amazing, and the wild bees were flying.
End of a song
The scene was as white as death.
Four is quiet.
It was only a moment later that someone recovered and exclaimed, "Oh, my God, she actually played it-!"
The song "Wild Bees Flying" ranks among the top ten difficult songs, one of which needs ten attainments to be played at the boat level, just keeping the tenth level can’t play such a track.
However, he is a very modest person. Seeing Linlin playing this song, the level must be terrible. The white face slightly shows the worship of "You are awesome."
After all, linlin is a sophomore, and he is two or three years old. He has always respected his elders and stared at her with eyes flashing and innocent.
Lingling laughed, but it was a bit ironic. She turned on the piano stand microphone like a finger. The microphone was turned on when playing and turned off after playing. She gently turned on the sound and it was crisp.
"How powerful are you? It turns out that you are so defeated."
The words were amplified by the microphone and passed to everyone’s ears at the scene. Lingling was so arrogant that she won the game and humiliated others. Li Yucai was so afraid that she would sit in a trembling position.
The discussion started again.
The students here in the international school are so angry that they named her in the dark. "Is it necessary for this linlin to be so crazy?" If you win, you win. Is it necessary to humiliate people like this? "
"Bad tutoring, right? Bite everyone you see."