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Because there is no better person to try a marriage.

He has the advantage of getting the moon first.
After dinner, Lu sorrow was cleaned up, and Lin Mochen went out of the apartment with her and took the stairs.
When they were preparing to part, Lu You hesitated to speak, "It’s the engagement ceremony of Chi Yiming and Miss Song, and I have received the invitation to attend the ceremony."
"I’ll go with you that day." Lin Mo-chen has put the doorknob at the door with one hand, and a small piece of diamond cufflinks are bright, unique and elegant.
"No … no, I’m just going to send a red envelope." Lu sorrow hastily shook his head.
Although she tried to face up to this marriage, she didn’t have the courage to let others know about them.
After all, the Chisong wedding banquet was crowded with people. If they were out, wouldn’t they give him more trouble? Just spend their day quietly.
"In this case, dress up beautifully." Lin Mochen didn’t force her.
"Well" Lu sorrow smile eyebrow eye bent like a crescent moon.
Her smile is very infectious, which makes people feel warm and comfortable. If you meet something sad again, you will feel the healing power and regain your confidence when you see her smile. That’s the magic of her smile.
Lin Mochen also evoked the radian of lip angle. He reached out and took out his wallet from his handmade suit bag, opened it, took out a gold card from it and handed it to her.
This card and the one belonging to Gu Nanqing in Su Man’s hand are a grade-specific custom-carved name pinyin, unique design and tiny details processing are all identity display.
Black card body, golden decoration, noble, luxurious and steady, just like others, it has the bearing and posture of a king.
There are not many people who can own this kind of gold card.
It is not surprising that Lin Mochen is the owner.
"I …" Lu sorrow refused words haven’t say export Lin Mo Chen interrupted her.
"Go shopping with your friends and buy more beautiful gifts. Charge me to your husband. What I don’t lack most is money, but someone who spends money for me." Lin Mochen said and pulled her hand and put the gold card in her palm. "The more Mrs. Lin spends, the more sense of accomplishment Mr. Lin will feel that earning that money is no longer a bunch of cold numbers but meaningful to me."
Lu sorrow looked at the card in his hand, though it was a thin one, but he felt as if it weighed one thousand kilograms.
A man is willing to give his money to a woman conditionally, which means that this man values this woman.
Although money is not the only criterion to measure a man’s heart for a woman, it is an important criterion.
She is not greedy for money, but she also moved him to be considerate.
"Lin Mo Chen … I …" Lu looked at him with watery eyes.
Don’t say anything. It’s a man’s job to marry me. I can’t be wronged. I will give it to you if you can. Besides, I want Mrs. Lin to cook for me every day. Is this a bribe for Mrs. Lin?
"Cooking is no problem …" Lu thought she could repay him for being good to herself.
"Then it’s a date." Lin Mochen put her hand from her shoulder to the back of her head and quickly her red lips stole a fragrance. "Drive carefully."
He let go of Lu you and opened the door, and drove the car away from the parking lot first.
Lu sorrow wait for a while in situ sunshine, her white fingertips caressed her lips and still remained his breath.
The heart has begun to get out of control, and the disorder has not subsided for a long time …
Actually, it feels really good. She thinks she can make a good wife.
"Shit …"
It’s only after more than an hour that I think of Su Man waiting for her in Yilin restaurant.
Lu sorrow hurriedly drove to the restaurant. Sure enough, Su Man had already eaten lunch, so he looked sad.
"Lu sorrow you let me say you what good? Leave me here for over an hour and you won’t answer? What’s wrong with you? " Su Man painted exquisitely, and Diane frowned with discontent.
"I’m sorry I was delayed for a long time." Lu sorrow took Su Man’s hand and sprinkled jiao and begged her to forgive me. "Now my horse is going shopping with you. I’m all about you at noon. Don’t be angry. You won’t be beautiful if you watch out for long wrinkles."
Her cell phone was muted and not set back.
约茶Su Man held up her sunglasses slightly like a queen. "Remember that you owe me one."
They went out of the box together. Su Man suddenly remembered something. "Little worry, I have a big discovery today. Do you want to know?"
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