She felt as if she were in a steamer with a high temperature of several hundred degrees, and her body had already been sweaty, and her thin pajamas were wet.

Water … Qin Leran shouted a word huskily for a long time.
桑拿会所She felt that her voice was hoarse and her body was almost evaporated. She really wanted to drink water … but she was too weak to have any strength.
Don’t say that getting up is just moving and shouting for help. I have no heart to struggle for a while, and she fell asleep again.
Although her elders have raised her well in recent years, she has practiced dance and martial arts since childhood to keep fit, and her physical fitness is not bad, but because she was taken out of her mother’s abdomen by caesarean section before, she was almost killed by a premature baby that year, and her physical fitness is very poor.
Usually, when she is not sick, she is a healthy and lively pinktooted child. When she is sick, it is difficult to get better. This has been the case all these years. When she is sick, her family is all around her.
The year before last, when she was sixteen, she went to attend the classmates. She held a birthday party and caught a cold when she came home because of a little rain in the open air.
At that time, her father was so distressed that she almost razed the openair party club. Fortunately, her mother was sensible and persuaded her father.
When she was ill that time, she stayed for half a month and felt better. She felt that she was going to be moldy.
Therefore, she is particularly afraid of getting sick. Usually, her diet is strictly in accordance with the nutritionist’s allocation. She tries her best to make herself healthy.
Then mom and dad don’t either. She’s worried that she will feel better herself.
I don’t know how long it took Qin Leran to feel as if she had gone through the Yamaraja Temple, and she finally had some consciousness.
Her head is still heavy and her body is hot, but she can vaguely hear the people around her, talking about their novels
Section 394
These sounds are strange, not her father, not her mother, not a relative of hers.
Qin Leran tried to open his eyes and saw a strange man. He frowned and said, Miss Qin is in a special situation and I dare not give her medicine easily.
Dr. Li she is not a high fever? Why can’t you give her medicine? The question is Lin Jiacheng sound. It sounds nervous.
Of course he’s nervous. Mr. President asked him to take care of his guests. His family fell ill. Now Mr. President has called all his personal doctors. Can it not make people nervous?
Her constitution is very special. It should be that the former doctor gave her some special antibody drugs. I dare not make a move without knowing what the former doctor gave her. This kind of constitution is rare. Once the wrong medicine is disastrous, the doctor dare not touch it.
But if her high fever burns again … If the fever reaches 40 degrees, the body organs will be burned out.
The doctor added, Just try to find a way for her family to let the doctor in charge of her tell me what antibody medicine to give her before.
Qin Leran knew what antibody medicine she had taken. She tried to open her mouth to tell the doctor that Nellie Degen couldn’t make a sound.
Do you have Miss Qin’s family style, Xiao Xiao? Lin Jiacheng looked to one side and was already anxious. Lin Xiaoxiao saw that she had been so distressed that she shed tears.
I … Lin Xiaoxiao wiped her tears. I don’t know her family style. I don’t know anything.
She was so anxious that she had been classmates and friends with Qin Leran for so many years. Why didn’t she leave a message for Qin Leran’s family?
Lin Jiacheng said, Don’t cry if you don’t know.
He really can’t do anything about this silly sister. When he doesn’t know what to do, his cell phone rings in his trouser pocket.
He took out a look and saw that it was the president’s office. He immediately answered respectfully, Mr. President?
I don’t know what the president said at the other end. Lin Jiacheng kept nodding and finally said, I know. My horse told Dr. Li.
Lin Jiacheng really admire them. Mr. President knows such obvious things as little girls so clearly.
However, Qin Leran has antibody drugs, which is not something that Nan Zhai asked people to check, but when he was with little Xiao Ran, the doctor injected her with antibody drugs every week, and he never left her side.
Dr. Li knew how to take the medicine after Lin Jiacheng told him the news he heard from Mr. President.
It wasn’t long after Qin Leran was given the injection medicine, her body was much more relaxed, but the fever didn’t go away so quickly.
If the fever reaches 40 degrees, it will probably burn into pneumonia if it is treated later. Fortunately, the doctor told her that she had taken measures to reduce her fever when she took antibody medicine.
Qin Leran’s fever didn’t go up again, but I don’t know what happened, but it won’t go away for a while. The doctor is also impatient, but he can’t hurry. Her constitution can’t be too large, so she can slowly reduce her fever.
Qin Leran’s head has long been burnt out, but his mouth is still vaguely reading My brother Ran Ran is very difficult to grow up and come to you. You must admit it.