Almost can’t resist Yang Long activity was numb with cold, thinking like a flash in my heart maybe wait until I get used to the changing law of new ability, even if it’s the 15th order peak, the strong can be more relaxed.

Suddenly there was a loud noise in the distance, which made Yang Long hold back his reverie in his mind. When he turned his sight, he found that a torrent of energy mixed with several iron filings had hit his eyes from somewhere in the city.
Kill the ranger? Yang Long mind flashed a fragment raised his right hand ahead of virtual push.
A wisp of pale blue fog quickly appeared beside Yang Long, and as his thoughts condensed in front of him, a shield composed of broken airflow was formed to block himself completely.
Moment energy torrent then hit.
Magic energy, metal mixed together, track rotation is accelerating like a highspeed rotation, and Jin Gangzuan severely chiselled on the surface of the shield composed of gas strength, making a toothache noise.
At one time, Yang Long’s position was swallowed up by the fivemeter diameter energy torrent, and the solid mountain wall nearby was also scraped by waves every second, and a large amount of stony gravel fell towards the mountain wall.
Almost half a minute later, the mountain wall was about ten meters high, and the wound has increased by more than thirty meters, and the energy torrent offensive has gradually weakened. After a few seconds, it disappeared in the air and stood at the edge of the wound.
Impressively is always maintained a posture hard to meet the enemy a secret skill Yang Long.
Sure enough, the 15thorder enemy has threatened me. Yang Long secretly thought and affirmed his previous estimate.
Compared with the previous ice gun technique, just this torrent of energy, Yang Long not only easily fought hard, but also spared no effort to finally perceive the release of the blow, the enemy’s hiding position, the other party’s general physical strength and other orders.
It’s a city with a strength of about 14 orders, which is located more than 150 meters to the left of Yang Long.
Since I perceive it, don’t try to run! Yang Long undo block in front of the shield composed of gas strength without looking at your feet slightly bent squat is preparing to power toward being killed ranger jump suddenly fierce looked up at yi? That’s
品茶论坛A black spot, almost invisible to the naked eye, appeared from the crystal tree wall in the night, and then quickly fell in less than two seconds, then crossed the kilometer distance and bumped into the old butcher.
Actually, it was a human warrior who held his hands high and his sword was erect and fell into a frenzy.
Looked up and looked up at the sky. Yang Long’s sight just touched the human warrior, and he felt a surge of murder hanging over his body. The familiar face made the old butcher a little startled than anger and madness.
Are you? !” Yang Long pupil suddenly shrink a big pale blue fog in the body.
Rushing in, the human soldiers directly hit the wound on the mountain wall of Yang Long, which was shrouded in blue fog, and immediately exploded a large amount of dust and smoke. A destructive shock wave spread from the original center of Yang Long in the direction of Crystal Tree Wall City.
And the mountain wall reinforced by magic repeatedly made a clicking sound, like building blocks piled together, the whole mountain collapsed and covered everything in the smoke.
On the other side, the city was caught in a sea of fire, swept by the shock wave, uprooted like a turfgrass, and the remains were thrown high like a salute in the dark night.
Seven strong men of different races and heights came together from their respective hiding places because of this shock wave, namely four night elf professionals, two human professionals and one blood elf professional.
The body of that night elf who was kil by Yang Long was also held by two night elves.
Oh no! A resolute male night elf with a height of more than three meters is holding a female night elf thief with a sunken chest in her arms and crying and shouting, Liv, Liv! Please don’t leave me!
The other three night elves were also depressed under the influence of their peers. One of them looked younger, dressed as a druid, dressed as a male night elf, and muttered to himself in a trance, Nature is incredible.
It’s not your fault, said the elder night elf, relieved when he found that his companion was mentally abnormal.
Pseudosuperstrength, strong body vitality is very strong, and it is reasonable to say that it has suffered fatal injuries, but for the beheading or destruction of the head, it can save one’s life when it is treated.
However, when the incubation period comes, the night elves are ready to rescue their companions who have been hit hard by Yang Long instantly, only to find that in a few seconds, both companions have completely died, and the natural forces have finished sending them out.
Now is not the time to be sad, night elf, said the female blood elf, half serious and half gloating. That human may not be dead yet!
It’s no secret that the blood elves and the night elves have been at odds because their ancestors were exiled.
Hearing the words of female blood elves, several night elves were angry at first, and then looked at each other with dignity. After that, the oldest night elf said, Impossible, right? Storm kingdom humans, didn’t you say
Ps weekend is estimated to be hopeless again, but after some death, I hope to return to the state of 1 shift every day next week, and I will be good for more than a month.
NO535 Leo Fuding
No535 Leo Fuding
Nicholas’s great manpower can really reach the 15 th order. Answer that human beings are an old man who speaks slowly and forcefully and can’t recognize his emotions. But from the point of view of the fight just now, maybe there is really no way to control Bin Grofi.
Perhaps it is the statement that Ying Zheng has not waited for several others to respond. In the smoke and dust formed by the collapsed mountain, a tall figure pooped up and flew out of the mudcovered area and stayed in the oblique sky of several strong people.
Impressively, it is said by all that Bin Grofei, that is, the old butcher Yang Longren.
Easily deal with spotless before compared with this moment, Yang Long suspected a lot of mess, covered in mud, not to mention that his left hand was elbowbroken, and half of his body was stained with blood, and his energy was also a little sluggish
The pie mouth spit out one mouthful blood. Yang Long looked down at several enemies. The fighting spirit in his eyes not only did not decrease, but emerged more strongly. The corners of his mouth hooked up with a sneer. Oh, are there seven others?
Seven pseudosuperorder strong men looked up at Yang Long or their allies who were caught by Yang Long in the right hand.
Lord Nicholas! Earlier speaking, the elderly human stared at Bai. Yang Long grabbed his throat with one hand and was already in a coma. Nicholas looked at the old butcher’s eyes and could not conceal his panic. You traitor!
The old man Yang Long also knew that it was when he grasped the true meaning of dark strength that he killed seven highorder and toporder adventurers, and another pseudosuperorder strong man came to hand over the storm kingdom to attract the strong man, Walson Freimore, a thief in MI 7.
Yo, it’s an acquaintance again. Yang Long said, Don’t wait for each other to finish, it’s a wrist move.