Reyes also did a great job of turning Hertha rightback into a screen.

But I didn’t expect to meet a plug Passareira in the last step!
It is incredible that this young centreback who is only ten years old has shown maturity beyond his age.
Central defenders, like goalkeepers, rely on experience.
In these two positions, it is rare to see the situation that kids are in charge. Many central defenders don’t mature until they are twentyfour or five years old, which is even later.
But then again, just because there are few kids in charge doesn’t mean there aren’t.
And if someone can be independent at a young age, then say that this small future is limitless, and it must be a big shot!
That’s what Sai Passareira is doing now.
Cappagli felt as if he had witnessed the famous battle of a talented central defender …
The most powerful team in the second division attacked to refine a rough stone, and then a bright diamond burst out of it.
This Passareira card is very experienced. He can always appear in the most critical position. In addition, his judgment ability is also excellent. He can always get the landing point before Michelle …
Compared with him, Michelle seems to be a young woman.
But Michelle is the best center in the team. If he were to change, it would mean that Seville would give up the wing tactics and return to the ground.
This is obviously not possible. This frequent replacement tactic will make your team feel at a loss and never know what to do.
But he can’t sit back and watch this situation, because the team will become less confident if they play like this.
He is going to make adjustments.
Taking advantage of a dead ball opportunity, he rushed to the sidelines and shouted to Girmes, Harvey! ! !”
Harvey Girmes quickly turned to look at the head coach. From this sound, it seems that the head coach is in a bad mood …
Of course, my right side was suddenly turned into a sieve by the other side, and no one would be in a good mood.
What are you doing? Don’t despise the other person because he is a sixteenyearold child! ! Give me strength! Show your real kung fu! Otherwise, you will all go to the bench at half time!
Generally speaking, for his coach, this sentence is just a means to motivate players to perform positively.
But for Chang Sheng, this is a naked threat! If anyone doesn’t listen, he’ll really wait to go to the bench. If he doesn’t repent, he’ll wait for himself in the stands and then team B.
It takes a lot of effort and steps for every player to become a first team player, so there are so many steps for them to be unlucky.
Harvey Girmes did not dare to neglect him. He hurriedly called Mista to defend himself. Come back and help Rondo! He can’t stand it alone!
Cappagli was also nervous to make adjustments when she was constantly yelling at Girmes.
He called second striker Loren to his side and gave him a facetoface lecture. Go and tell Michelle that he is mainly responsible for attracting the attention of that Passareira. If you pull out you, you score!
夜网论坛Loren should be happy to be entrusted with the task, but he hesitated. But sir … heading is not my specialty …
Cappagli is not good at heading. Can’t you even head once? ! You can always seize one opportunity out of ten, right?
See the head coach angry Loren nodded that’s no problem that’s no problem …
Cappagli pushed the other side back. Come on, tell Michelle to cooperate with you!
Cappagli’s strategy was to get Michelle to attract Sey Passareira’s attention and then Loren took the opportunity to make a dash.
He can see that Sese Passareira is the tallest player in Hertha’s defense and the best header. Pedro canizares, with captain’s armband, is less than one meter tall and heading is not his specialty. If you keep sending the ball to the penalty area here, you can always seize the opportunity.
He asked Loren that he couldn’t catch ten chances even once, which was his worst plan. He thought Loren might need five chances to score.
After all, it’s great for Reyes to create opportunities for him here.
Hertha defends Reyes on the wing, which is the source of Cappagli’s confidence. He believes that if he continues to play like this, he will always win.
The game resumed after the adjustment of the coaches of both sides.
Reyes is still the main direction of Seville.
And Hertha also strengthen his defense.
Most of the time, Harvey Jimes and Rondo defend him.
Sometimes mista will join in.
But Chang Sheng found that the situation did not improve.
Although increasing the number of people makes it difficult for Reyes to break through, he no longer succeeds every time he breaks through.
But this has aroused Reyes’ fighting spirit. Even if he fails, he will still challenge Hertha’s defense.
The Seville fans at Pisjuan Stadium also cheered him on, which made him full of motivation and fighting spirit.
And winning also see Reyes quite some more frustrated more brave posture.
In addition, there is a danger in front of Hertha.
Passareira was pulled out of the defensive position by Michelle, and then Lorenz took the opportunity to cut in and wait for a shot.
This created a lot of trouble for Hertha’s goal …
Can’t go on like this.
But what’s wrong with adjusting yourself?
It’s obviously not normal that two or three people can’t prevent Reyes and let him fight more and more bravely.
I remember Reyes is not such a person …
Evervictorious thought
Then a light flashed through his mind.
He finally knows what the problem is!
Selfdefense, although there are many people, is purely defensive.
But this is no matter!