Yogger Salon has completely lost his mind and threatened Enzo, the most powerful ancient god.

In the deep sea, Enzo didn’t respond immediately. It seemed to be considering it, or it might be a threat from the other side.
After a while, it responded, Yogsalon, remember our hostages. Do you really think you can threaten me by this means?
So what! Only in this world will I lose my head and take refuge in you, a sinister guy!
Jugsalon is not outspoken, but what he said is also true.
Even if they are in different ancient gods, individuals can reach each other’s ideas. Although their actions and fates are different, they are still close to each other in the end.
However, the history of this timeline has evolved to this time, which has been extremely unfavorable to the ancient gods. Other timelines, Yogsalon, have also joined forces with Enzos, but it is by no means in this period that the final joint result is not the case now.
Even if it did sell Enzo information to mortals in this timeline, it would have no effect on them in other timelines.
Anyway, they all want each other to die!
Enzos obviously understood this. He was silent for a while and then slowly said, In this case, I have a proposal.
Jiang Weihan determined a position after passing through the gate made by Bader, and then said, We are now in the real head and throat of Yougesalon, and it is estimated that we can reach our destination in a few more times!
He is now in the throat of Yogsalon. A group of Yogsalon’s minions are eyeing him, but there is no threat from these miscellaneous soldiers. The heroes attacked immediately after passing through the gate.
Jiang Weihan rushed to the front to take everyone to a shuttle point.
If Budd’s strength is not limited, he can deliver the door at almost two points in Azeroth, but now he has not recovered his strength, and his body is suppressed by the other side’s strength in Yougesalon, and each door can shuttle no more than 1,500 meters in a straight line.
Jiang Weihan must be responsible for finding the best path if he knows the body structure of Yogsalon.
Now he is leading everyone to a shuttle point, and without any accident, he can shuttle to a similar nasal cavity of the other party once.
Yogsalon doesn’t need to breathe and naturally has no nostrils. That cavity is just some kind of temporary energy organ.
To get there, they will be close to Yogsalon’s brainif nothing happens, they will reach their destination in half an hour.
Jiang Weihan estimated that the cavity of Yogsalon’s personality must have gathered its most powerful minions. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to delay everyone’s progress.
But when I really came to this place, Jiang Weihan found himself guessing wrong! to be continued
Chapter 336 No one has ever reached the field
桑拿论坛This cavity is like a huge cave, and the surface of the meat wall is secreting viscous semipermeable liquid. From the top, gluebound silk threads hang like a cave and separated by a curtain. It is difficult for people to walk on the surface like glue.
This environment is bound to affect the fighting capacity of heroes. If Yogsalon arranges its best minions here, it may really delay them for a while.
But it didn’t do it.
There are only a few people opposite Jiang Weihan, and one of them is his acquaintancedistorted Loken.
When Jiang Weihan was pitted into the first gastric sac of Yogsalon, he finally won unexpectedly. Compared with Yogsalon, he suffered heavy losses. In order to prevent Jiang Weihan from catching the distorted Loken, he had to move this guy to a safer place.
At this moment, Loken is still Anke, but the Yugsarong people are in danger.
It has completely ignored the arrival of Titan watchers. If it is doomed to die, what is the difference between being killed by these heroes and being killed by Titan’s reshaping the planet?
Distorted Loken’s situation is not that several huge tentacles have deeply penetrated his body. The Titan guardian who betrayed the Pantheon has not been punished by justice after his fall, but has been tortured by his master. It seems that he is dying.
His body has been twitching, his eyes have been wandering, and he is not far from death
What is this? Jiang Weihan couldn’t help laughing. Yougesalon, will you threaten us in this way?
I don’t think Yogsalon must be trying to blackmail them by killing Loken and activating the way of observer arrival.
But before, he did not hesitate to kill Loken to threaten Yugsarong. How can he retreat now because Yugsarong wants to kill Loken?
Can make such a faint move that this evil god has been ill and rushed to the doctor.
I know your identity, Jiang Weihan