Leng Jinliang was stunned by Huo Yin’s words. Leng Jinliang turned his attention to Leng Qiran. I don’t know when the people behind her had already gone to the main stage with Fu Si language and gave Huo Yin a thumbsup sign.
Shoulder a heavy Huo Yin warm big palm covering her shoulder, she stupidly Huo Yin plate facing her lips slightly hook saw Huo Yin bent down to kiss her thin lips flash cold Jin Liang consternation raised his eyes and dense eyelashes quivered slightly.
He possessed her ear and deliberately lowered his voice and said to her
Don’t appreciate me
At this time, Leng Jinliang knew that Huo Yingen didn’t kiss her because his head came from the side of the stage, but it was staggered, just as the borrowing in filming was the same, and in the eyes of everyone, the two men kissed each other intimately.
Lengjinliang suddenly has a feeling of being bought by eldest brother. At the moment, she can’t get angry at all, and she has to bite her lip and gnash her teeth with a smile.
Thank you so much, Huo Yin.
She bit the last two words very hard.
At the same time, the banquet hall sounded a gentle faint.
Everyone invited their female companions to enter the dance floor together.
Huo Yin pulled the two men away from the right hand and covered the back waist. The gentleman held out his left hand.
Miss Beauty, can I invite you for the first dance?
LengJin cool setting eyes bitterness held out his hand and put his palm grind way
Do I have a chance to refute it, my fiance?
Make progress so that I can go back to the imperial city at ease.
Huo Yin took her into the dance floor, holding her hand in one hand and covering her belt in the other, moving her around and dancing.
按摩Why are you going back so soon?
Didn’t he just come to A city and suddenly go back? Did he really come to her party and he would talk about this?
Why can’t you part with me?
I’m still that sentence.
Huo Yin’s long arm pushed Leng Jin’s cool half out, and soon the long arm closed Leng Jin’s cool and returned to his arms with his strength. Four eyes smiled at each other.
Lengjinliang withdrew from his arms, put his hands on his shoulders, followed his footsteps, and then lifted up his face and said with gratitude
Huo Yin, thank you. Thank you for giving me rebirth. Thank you for saving me. Thank you.
Do you want to commit suicide?
Huo Yin’s faint lips are indifferent, so his face is wiped with a hint of ponder. Leng Jin Liang Nai smiled. This man is not serious again.
Huo Yin suddenly called her.
Lengjinliang blinked and stared at his dark green eyes with a little smile.
If it’s not happy here, I’ll wait for you in the imperial city.
thank you
At the end of the song, the two men let go of each other, Huo Yin took her hand and walked towards Leng Qiran and Fu Si Leng Jin Liang, patrolling the banquet hall. Leng Jinxi and Chi Chen couldn’t help but frown. How did the two of them get together?
Think of last night’s scenes Leng Jinliang suddenly threw his eyes at Leng Qiran and saw him talking softly and in Fusi. There was no special reaction. Doubt frowned and he didn’t go further.
Just two people walked to the front of LengQiRan when a familiar figure rang behind her.
Su Zi
Words fall hanging side wrist was pulled up An Xia walked over to LengJinLiang excited and said.
You are Su Zi, right?
Lengjinliang smiled at An Xia embarrassedly and said.
I’m sorry you mistook me for someone else.
How can you be Su Zi? How can you admit your mistake?
An Xia can’t believe that Leng Jin’s cool face is the same. Although his temper has changed, he is still the same person.
An Xia also wants to say when a man suddenly sounded behind him.
She’s not Su Zi. She’s dead.
Fu Junting walked to the side of the two people with his hands in his pocket and his eyes touched her smooth back. It was already clear that unless she changed her skin, her back could not have missed a trace. Besides, Su Zi was dead at the bottom of his eyelids. How could she still be alive?