Jiang Xiao’s rejection made Rong Lu have to take back his hand. I must be sorry for her choice after my company’s grade is discharged from the hospital.

That Mrs. Jiang has a good rehabilitation hospital. I’ve already said hello. I won’t bother Mrs. Jiang as long as you live. Mrs. Jiang will get together sometimes.
Rong Lu turned to leave and just walked to the door. Jiang Xiaoyin floated up behind him. Rong Zong’s demolition thing is just a few hundred thousand. Don’t go to a little money and dig again. It will happen.
It’s advice! Of course, Jiang Xiao also has selfishness, that is, he is afraid that his wife Rong Shi will encounter such dangerous things again.
Of course, of course, prosecutor Jiang, please rest assured that I have sent someone to deal with it.
Rong Lu clearly knows what Jiang Xiao cares about. It’s not a day or two for him to mix in E city. After answering with a smile, he took the driver out of the static ward. The man leaned deeply and couldn’t figure out what was going on in his heart.
Jiang Xiao took a look at his wife lying in a hospital bed and took out a cellular phone to call Jiang Guqin Lv Chen.
Lv Chen give me a trip to take wealthy family back
Come here.
Hang up after get Lv Chen should.
Why should I go back to Beijing? Jing Zhi was in a panic after hearing his order to Lv Chen. She didn’t want to go back to his house to raise a baby there. She didn’t know how much to eat. She was so fucking bitter that she wouldn’t go.
When you go home, my mother Pei Yi will take care of me before you can work safely.
I can take care of myself, but you don’t take care of me. Quietly, she won’t go to Beijing to kill her, and she won’t think of going to his house for the next time. His house is a mess, and his mother Suli’s face is a living hell. This time, when another man is injured, she doesn’t know what her mother will say.
Can you? He can’t get out of bed with these words, but he will try to be brave and take care of himself.
I can’t move, but I have my mother and my mother to take care of me.
Your mother should do as your father does. Don’t make trouble for your mother. She has been tired for a generation. I know that there are servants in my family. I know that you are biased against my mother. Now you are pregnant with our Jiang family. She won’t do anything to you. Jiang Xiao tried to persuade her that it was impossible. He also had to forcibly send her back to Beijing. During this period, he should stay there for two or three months when he was working on a case in Kyoto, and he could also take care of her.
I’m so sick that I can’t even take care of myself. Dad knows that his words are soft. She can’t give mom any more trouble. Mom is tired enough to take care of her father. Suffer the indignities! It’s okay. She can bear it with her teeth. If you want to make mom relaxed,
Seeing his wife’s head down and no longer gnawing at Jiang Xiao’s eyes, with a sly smile, I knew that his wife was a filial child and had no confidence in her father and mother.
Jingzhi was in a wheelchair with her hands sliding and rolling, and the wheelchair slid to the windowsill. There were several bunches of irises on the windowsill, which made people insert them beautifully in the morning. A few flowers were mixed with white flowers and looked unique.
Stretched out his hand and opened a window, a ray of sunshine shone into the room, closed his eyes and looked up. She smelled the unique sunshine, with a faint smell of grass and soil. Last night, a heavy rain and strong wind blew off some new blooms in the garden. The rain poured over the world, and the clouds in the sky were always clean and white, as if they didn’t contain a trace of human dust. In the blink of an eye, she had lived in Jiangzhai for almost ten days. Mrs. Jiang Su Li saw that it was not difficult for her to be injured in the leg and pregnant with Jiangjia’s flesh and blood. She also said a lot of help to her
Liu Shu came back from her parents’ home with her yesterday. At this moment, the mother and daughter are wearing flowers and laughing in the courtyard, and she is about to taste this family happiness! In the past two days, her leg injury recovered quickly. The doctor told her to try to grow up, but every time she fell back into the wheelchair. Pei Yi and several people took turns pushing her to the yard for a ride all day, eating and sleeping all day, and eating very happily. Last night, Jiang Xiao came back, as if he was busy at work and tired after taking a shower, and fell into bed, sleeping soundly. Because he woke up during the day and wanted to turn around in the dead of night, it was good to see him so tired.
She sat in a wheelchair and watched the sun on the horizon slowly turn yellow like blood, and the sun gradually turned into beautiful clouds. Then a celebrity came to ask, Does Second Mistress want to eat in the building?
Bring it! I don’t know why she doesn’t want to go upstairs for dinner tonight, because she seems to have heard Jiang Moyin, the man who is not responsible for Liu Shu. He is Jiang Xiao’s eldest brother. It is reasonable to say that she should respect him, but since she saw him punching and kicking Liu Shu, she has an unspeakable dislike for him.
Good the servant came back with a wooden tray with a big bowl of chicken soup and a small dish of purple vegetables. What’s the name of chicken blood dishes in my hometown? Chinese medicine says this dish has the function of nourishing brain and blood!
After the servant stepped back, she picked up the chopsticks and didn’t eat much. About half an hour later, the celebrity came to wash the dishes upstairs again.
The blossoming hongxia outside the window has been swallowed up by the darkness, and the darkness has come. She shouted at the door, Purple chrysanthemum comes in.
Well, here comes Second Mistress. Ziju is responsible for waiting on her young girl. She has been moving all the time. When she heard her call, she rushed into her bedroom. Second Mistress has something to do?
Come and help me. I want to take a bath. Ok Ziju came over and put her hands on the handles on both sides of the wheelchair and pushed her into the bathroom. She also carefully unzipped the back of her dress and lifted her from the chair, then carefully and cautiously put her into the warm tub.
Ziju, you go out first lay in the bathtub smoothly. Although the skirt was soaked with water, the curve of the body was bare and the zipper on the back of the skirt was already open, she still didn’t want Ziju to see her whole naked body.
Good Ziju is a spiritual girl who knows what the owner is doing, hangs her head and puts her hands and fingers on her abdomen and exits the bathroom in a polite way.
Purple chrysanthemum went out and covered the door thoughtfully, only then did she dare to take off her dress boldly. The white tape on the injured thigh had been removed, revealing a small wound. The wound was a pink cross with a faint trace on all sides. The tape was attached and removed. The wound healed slowly, but it could not be touched with water. I’m afraid there will be another problem. She carefully moved her leg to the edge of the bathtub, then picked up the bath flower by the bathtub, squeezed two drops of bath lotion, poured the bath lotion on her palm and soaked it with water foam. A fresh shower gel and fragrance filled the air on the clear water. She moved very quickly and soon washed herself. The water in the bathtub was very warm and overflowed her shoulder blades. She was enjoying this rare comfort in the bathtub, and her eyelids became heavier and heavier. I don’t know when she fell asleep.
I feel that someone’s dry hair slowly opened his eyes by wiping his body and saw Jiang Xiao’s handsome masculine outline.
Are you back? hmm! The man didn’t talk much and helped her dry her body, so he turned and walked into the bathroom. When he came out soon, he had washed his body texture, divided his chest, and a few drops of water kept slipping. He was wrapped in a beige bath towel, and his hair was wet and he came up to her with a dry towel.
What did you do today?
He dried his hair, and he found out how to blow her hair, and then he was considerate. She wore pajamas, and her thick fingertips swept over her chest, bringing her waves of unprecedented fighting. At the end of the millet, she got into bed, pulled her long hair aside, and her thin lips imprinted her neck. One after another, she kissed her passionately, and gradually rose to each other’s bodies in a warm atmosphere …
No, no, no, suddenly something got into Jing Zhi’s mind, and she realized that her body was different at ordinary times, and she was pregnant. She couldn’t do this kind of stimulating movement any more.
Jiang Xiao lamented a big palm caress and asked her abdomen stop for a minute earnestly, Is he all right?
hmm! Go to sleep! It is also a kind of faint happiness that the lamp sleeps and the palm reaches over and embraces her full body because of pregnancy.
Jing Zhi slept soundly that night. Maybe Jiang Xiao slept beside her! When she woke up the next day, he was no longer around, reaching out and touching the pillow. The cold temperature of the pillow fabric crept through her fingertips, saying that the man had long since left. Ziju tried to get out of bed alone and hop into the wheelchair. At this time, she opened the door and came in and pushed her into the bathroom to wash. When she finished washing her teeth, she took her toothbrush to the faucet to wash it and prepared to put a clean toothbrush in that cup. The dress was a white shirt that Jiang Xiao bought last night.
Purple chrysanthemum will take out this shirt of the second young master and wash it.
Yes, replied Ziju, reaching for his shirt and looking down, she uttered a surprise. Second mistress, what is this? Purple chrysanthemum is a 15or 16yearold girl who saw a red seal on a white shirt and quickly got it in front of Jingzhi.
Is it blood? Is the second young master injured?
Jingzhi raised his eyes and fell right on the red print, which was a rose color print. Although it was faint in some places, you could still tell that it was a beautiful woman’s lip print.
Women’s lip prints? These four words flashed across my mind, and I knew that I was stunned. There was a red seal at the neckline of my white shirt. What did this say?
I don’t know what to think about, but the red mark is like blood red, calling to her that something seems to be slowly losing …
☆, budding Chapter 75 Small three gorgeous return
Jingzhi raised his eyes and fell right on the red print, which was a rose color print. Although it was faint in some places, you could still tell that it was a beautiful woman’s lip print.
Women’s lip prints? These four words flashed across my mind, and I knew that I was stunned. There was a red seal at the neckline of my white shirt. What did this say?
I don’t know what to think about, but the red mark like blood red tells her that something seems to be slowly losing …
Second mistress, what’s wrong with you? Seeing that she looks pale and dazed, she just saw a mass of blood. Second mistress’s face is so poor. Ziju, after all, is very careful and simple and curious, so of course she asked.
It’s okay, Ziju, you can take it to wash for the second young master! Don’t want to let the purple chrysanthemum girl have a chance to guess and tell her quietly.
Good second housewife Zi Ju walked out with a white shirt in her hand. Rub the soap in the red seal several times to keep it from leaving traces.
Zi Ju went out with clothes, and Jing Zhi was in a wheelchair with one heart. There was always a voice in her heart telling her that Jing Zhi didn’t want to think about it. Jiang Xiao wouldn’t betray you. He was so kind to you, but there was another voice saying that he didn’t necessarily love you much. It is normal for him to have his wife, but now he is her husband. She can’t let her take him away and let the baby be born without her father. Now Jing Zhi really regrets it. Why should she have a baby so rashly? If it weren’t for this child, maybe she wouldn’t worry so much.
All day long, she was immersed in this contradictory and painful mentality and wanted to make a conversation with Jiang Xiao to find out that there was a red lip print on her collar. It was even a misunderstanding, which made him feel that he didn’t have deep feelings for him. Now she is a pregnant woman, and it is impossible to stop her from thinking and she is extremely afraid. What if there is a woman outside Jiang Xiao?
What should we do? Thinking of this possibility, she swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty. She couldn’t get down to business. The bright rose lip print kept popping up in her mind. If there was a woman outside Jiang Xiao, she would say I didn’t give it to you smartly.
She can’t do it. After all, he is her husband now, regardless of her. Is this marriage like the beginning? Jing Zhi was so upset that she began to wonder if she didn’t do well there. Suddenly, last night, the lingering images of entanglements woke her up suddenly. Could it be that she couldn’t let him enjoy herself because she was pregnant, so he went out to eat wild food?
The room was stuffy, and she felt it was difficult to breathe. Jade Finger grasped the handle of the wheelchair and rolled it slowly out of the bedroom, and then Liu Shu came upstairs with sweet greetings.
Why don’t I make you a cup of tea?
Ziju saw that Second Mistress rolled out of the room in a wheelchair and was hiding around the corner to peek at Ziju and came around quickly.
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Second mistress wants a building?
Jing Zhi listened intently for a while and heard the sound of a bowl breaking in the building, followed by Liu Shu slapping her crisp face, and then she severely blamed and angered The dead girl would not have been born if she had known, and she couldn’t even hold a bowl.
Liu Shu, what do you mean? Jiang Mo’s cold and harsh voice floated to Jiang Gu’s living room, and a tense war at home was about to break out.