Eye to be Chen Mo soldiers in the chase team suddenly took out a piece of blood ruby crystallization force to Chen Mo to chase a direction to throw a piece of blood ruby in Chen Mo road ahead.

If you want Chen Mo to keep chasing you, you’ll run into the crazy redeyed rabbit.
They still have this thing!
Chen Mo saw the flying blood ruby crystal horse step back quickly.
He doesn’t want to deal with crazy redeyed rabbits anymore.
When Chen Mo retreated, the crazy redeyed rabbit tore again and appeared in front of the blood ruby crystal
After appearing, the crazy redeyed rabbit’s red eyes looked around and seemed to want someone to slap him or her.
However, when it saw that there was no one nearby, Chen Mo and African team players were far away, it was too lazy to pay attention. It just grabbed the blood ruby crystal and left.
See where you can run!
Looking at the African team Chen Mo a sneer at.
He doesn’t believe that these six people can escape from him. Even if he is pulled for a while, he won’t be able to chase after six people.
He’s coming again!
African team players didn’t escape far and saw Chen Mo chasing them. Six people couldn’t help being more anxious.
There is no way for six people to let the soldiers throw out a blood ruby crystal to stop Chen Mo’s pursuit.
If we don’t lose them, Chen Mo will chase them and fight Chen Mo. They really don’t have the courage to compete with Chen Mo. Assassin players know very well how powerful this Eastern player is.
The crazy redeye rabbit reappeared. With the previous experience, Chen Mo simply stepped back some distance and continued to chase around the crazy redeye rabbit.
In this way, the distance between African players and him will become less during this period, and he will catch up faster.
Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the African players to find out that Chen Mo was not far behind them.
If I had known, I wouldn’t have provoked him.
Six people regret it.
But it’s too late to say anything now. Six people can bite their teeth again and continue to throw bleeding ruby crystals to stop Chen Mo from pursuing.
There are so many blood ruby crystals!
Chen Mo couldn’t help feeling that the African team was so lucky when he saw that they threw bleeding ruby crystals again and again to stop his pursuit.
If I hadn’t met him, this team would really be able to bleed a lot of ruby crystal pits.
However, when the African team threw the bloody ruby crystal for the first time to attract the crazy redeyed rabbit to block Chen Mo’s way, this time the crazy redeyed rabbit took the bloody ruby crystal, but instead of leaving the horse, he stared at the African team in the distance. As soon as he roared and jumped, his huge body chased after the African team.
Bang bang bang! ! !
Crazy RedEye Rabbit’s huge palm shot several African teams in a row, and six people were shot by crazy RedEye Rabbit.
桑拿会所They don’t have special defense skills like the silence, and they turn into white light death one by one in the middle after being shot.
Seeing this, Chen Mo was slightly stunned.
Let him think it over.
It seems lucky that the African team got so many blood ruby crystals, but it is actually a trap.
If the African team simply crystallized the blood ruby to attract crazy redeyed rabbits to come and have a big fight, there would be no problem.
However, if the African team keeps making blood ruby crystals in a certain amount, I’m afraid it will be stared at by crazy redeyed rabbits because it keeps making blood ruby crystals stained with blood ruby crystals in the tenth time.
It is natural to be stared at by a monster with the strongest level. Even if Chen Mo is stared at by a crazy redeyed rabbit, it will be a very troublesome thing.
The crazy redeyed rabbit killed six people in Africa in twos and threes, and Chen Mosui received a unified indication.
He was teaching an African assassin before, and the crazy redeyed rabbit killed six people, and then he took the credit.
Chen Mo is a little surprised by this, but of course he won’t have any opinions.
The crazy redeyed rabbit killed six people in the African team and then tore apart again, leaving six bodies that were gradually fading.
Chen Mo walked over and saw that six people left a skill stone tablet.
Skills fake death!
Chen Mo saw this skill and couldn’t help thinking that he was killed, but it was an African assassin who didn’t die.
Fake death will record the current coordinates of the player, and then in three minutes, the player will get a fake death state, in which the player’s blood volume and defense ability are greatly reduced. However, the killed player will not really die, but will return to the position where the skills are recorded. If the player does not want to randomly drop the body props, he must preset a kind of props that must be 100% dropped after death. This kind of props must be recognized as rare by the system.