He felt a pain in his heart

But if he doesn’t say it’s okay, the only thing is that he can’t help it.
If you hadn’t gone looking for trouble, the labor and capital would be cool and arrogant, beating people instead of being down and out, bleeding here.
Section 23
If she hadn’t answered that, she would have suffered this foreign crime here now.
It’s all because of you, you old man, it’s all because of you. The only thing that looks at him now is his stinking face.
I don’t know how to punish myself if there is no one for a while, so she is still smart and preemptive.
But I don’t know what to say, and the more I feel wronged.
I wonder if it is because of this old man that she feels very wronged.
It’s all you and I who destroy you. Believe it or not, I let you go begging and bankrupt you. The only hand pounded Mo Yu’s rigid chest
Ink royal looked at his arms kept moving people just stop bleeding and flow out.
Don’t touch your forehead. Mo Yu’s knifeshaped eyebrows are wrinkled, so they are so quiet.
Can’t you behave yourself?
Don’t let those bastards mess with me first. It’s really a matter of mud. Don’t let him serve his ancestors.
Be quiet, you still have a reason, don’t you? Mo Yu hugged people and wouldn’t let her touch.
It’s all because of you, anyway, it’s because of you. The only thing that can be ignored is those who enjoy the ink in front of them.
Ink royal looked at his little wife with a sigh.
Can’t you be spoiled if you can’t scold this?
But who made him older than her?
Okay, okay, it’s all because of me. I don’t want to move, okay? Holding people in my arms, Mo Yu Nai.
Of course, it’s because of you, old man, that you are beautiful with me. The only one who continues to beat people?
Xing Yun was surprised to see the two people get along with each other in the front mirror.
His small temper is not something that ordinary people can bear. From childhood to adulthood, he is the one he fears most.
Poof but the only sentence I heard later made him drive fast and he couldn’t help but spit it out.
Beautiful as flowers? Fall in love with the country Close the moon and be ashamed of flowers? She’s sure she’s talking about herself now.
Her face foundation keeps dropping black eye shadow, thick eyebrows, exaggerated blush and red lips.
From that point of view, it is not related to these words, is it?
The only reflection when I hear this sound is that I don’t know myself when I turn my head and see it.
Does he have nothing to do when he is sick? He likes to watch people get along with each other. The only person who saw him was embarrassed.
Not shy, but fierce.
Sisterinlaw, I was wrong looked at someone around her and said carefully at once.
That man is very bitter.
Before the sound of Don’t talk while driving was restored, it was cold and hard, and there was no emotion at all.
Xingyun took a deep breath and tried to suppress the idea of wanting to hit someone when he heard the ink imperial words.
It’s really favoritism. At least they are iron brothers for more than 20 years!
The front is the hospital. There are some jams. Xingyun looked at the front and blocked the vehicle with a frown.
Now the lion behind him won’t listen to his reasons.
I don’t want to go to the hospital, I don’t want to go to the hospital. When I heard this, the sound of Mo Yu’s arms was a little sharp
Just some unclear consciousness is heard ink royal finely sound didn’t know the ink royal want to take her to the hospital.
Good obedient ink royal patiently coaxed his little wife in his arms.
☆ Chapter 26 You are my ancestor.
I don’t want to go to the hospital, I don’t want to go to the hospital. The only thing I struggled despite my forehead wound.
After you are my ancestor
But the ink royal looked at the fresh blood out immediately panic.
Don’t touch your husband. Take you to the hospital and have a look. Your forehead wound needs debridement or it will get infected.
Ink royal feel the first half has been smooth, it must be the second half of this little girl to torment him.
It happened that he had no choice.
桑拿会所  title=Xing Yun looked at his friend’s gentle and spoiled eyes.
The corners of the mouth are covered with black lines. Is this a wife or a daughter?
I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go. There are only tears flashing in my eyes, looking at Mo Yu, which is somewhat delicate and touching.
The only thing that sticks out his slender hands, holds the ink neck and buries his cheek at the shoulder socket.
I’m afraid of the big cuttlefish, I’m afraid … I felt the only trembling in my body and voice and the wetness in my shoulder socket.
The ink imperial body tightened and bit his teeth. He didn’t know why she was so afraid of the hospital.
But if she goes like this, she will definitely go into shock due to excessive blood loss.
Looking at the surrounding situation is more and more blocked ink royal holding people open the door of the car.
Xingyun, you immediately make a phone call to the military general hospital to send me the best doctor. Say that finish, holding people and turning away.
This road is very blocked at noon, and the only one is walking towards another fork in the road.
Where is the traffic flow not right?
I don’t want to go to the hospital, I don’t want to go. The only hand held Mo Yu Bo Le, and he had some pain.
But these are not his notes now. The most important thing now is to take a taxi back.
Well, we don’t go, we don’t go. Be good Mo Yu walked quickly while coaxing people.
Mo Yu, a perennial army exerciser, naturally didn’t spend much effort holding the only such a thin person.