Ok, Han Dongyu stopped teasing the good news. I got up and went to Taiwan to pay the money before the real fish feast came to the good news. I was scared to death with a long breath. The rules here really allow me to eat as much as I catch.

Wu Zhen and Xin Tong’s position and good news can be seen not far from their table.
Xintong doesn’t talk much. Most of the time, he looks after his uncle with his head down. Most of the time, he is cautious. It seems that hanging out with his uncle is not a pleasure but a pain.
The good news is that Han Dongyu doesn’t understand that Xintong is only ten years old, which should be the age of being cheerful, lively, playful and laughing. He saw that Xintong had many characteristics, but she didn’t show up. Han Dongyu has never seen Xintong smile until now, and he doesn’t know what deprived a girl of happiness.
Wu Zhen was very interested in pulling out all the fishbones one by one before serving them to Xintong, just like Xintong is a baby who can’t do anything, but even if Wu Zhen took good care of Gu Xintong, he ate fish silently and said thank you politely.
Good news here fed the five zangorgans temple and began to look around. Seeing Xintong get up and go to health, she told Han Dongyu that she also went to health.
Although hygiene is separate, the place where people wash their hands outside is the public.
Jiayin deliberately washed her hands and arranged her hair in order to have a close contact with the girl. It would be better if she could say a word or two.
Sometimes when a girl washes her hands and sleeves, it’s good news to see that the girl’s little arm seems to have some blue and purple. When she looks at it from a different angle in the mirror, she finds that Xintong has her head down and her collarbone skin is also blue and purple!
Jiayin didn’t resist the temptation and asked, Little sister, did you get bruised on your arm by accident?
When Xin Tong heard the good news, he was so busy that he pulled the sleeve and replied, It’s not that I’m not injured. This is … it’s a birthmark.
The good news is that the girl is more and more surprised to have a birthmark. It is not surprising that there is a bluepurple birthmark. But it is strange that since it is a birthmark, why are you so nervous?
The girl doesn’t seem to want to talk to Jiayin any more. She wiped her hands and went out. Jiayin dawdled out and went back to her seat and quietly told Han Dongyu, I feel strange.
Han Dongyu frown what strange? Is there something unclean in the restaurant hygiene?
Jiayin shook her head and said, I just saw that Xin Tong’s arm and clavicle were all blue and purple, showing bruises after injury, but when I asked her how she was injured, she actually said it was a birthmark.
324 domestic violence
Han Dongyu eyebrows puckering Xin Tong arm has a bluish purple birthmark? How is it possible that the weather is still warm when we meet? She is wearing short sleeves and her arms are not blue at all.
Good news mysteriously leaned over, so I will feel strange. I guess Xintong must have been abused! Domestic violence is her uncle! Even if she is injured, she dare not say that Cheng is more afraid of that uncle today!
Han Dongyu’s brow puckered tighter. Good news! You’ve watched too many bloody dramas. You can actually think of these messes. Even if Xintong is injured, it should be an accident. How can it be a domestic violence, let alone a Wu Zhen hand? Look at Wu Zhen’s thoughtfulness and meticulous care for Xintong.
Good news pie mouth and know how to write the word sanctimonious? Do you know how to pronounce the word pseudojun? Do you know there is another word called pervert? I think Wu Zhen is very likely to be a hypocritical pervert! All his love and care for Xintong now is to cover up his mistakes to her or make up for his confusion and guilt!
Han Dongyu raised his forehead. The more you say the good news, the more outrageous it is. I’m sorry if you don’t write a novel.
Good news hey hey smiled I this time the brain opens a lot? Sorry, that may be that I really think too much.
The good news is gone, but Han Dongyu’s heart can no longer be calm. What happened to Xintong’s girl? She once met a stray dog who was squatting on the side of the road and crying. She was injured this time and said that the birthmark was small. What was on her mind when she shouldered her tender shoulders?
Section 36
And just when Xintong went to health, why did Wu Zhen naturally take her backpack to check her personal belongings, even her mobile phone, and looked at it for a long time until Xintong came out from behind and he did not move to put the mobile phone back in place.
Wu Zhen is Xintong’s guardian again. She is also an adult, and she also has private things and things. You can’t just open it and peek.
Is Wu Zhen really as good as saying that he is a hypocritical pervert and pseudogentleman?
Han Dongyu didn’t have the heart to eat anything, so he left the restaurant with Jiayin and went to the picking garden to pick Jiayin. I hate that I can’t move all the picking gardens back to Nai Hanyu. It’s a Buick, not a truck.
Back to the city, I picked out some good news and brought them back to Han Dongyu’s parents. All the rest were discharged to the door of the villa halfway up the mountain.
At this time, it should be returned to the company. Zhou Chuhan actually came out of the villa and looked at a circle of agricultural and sideline products and a few dirty wives, just like a village woman who went to town to buy food.
My husband came to see me catch a big fish! Jiayin’s little face is a little red and full of smug smiles.
Zhou Chuhan saw the good news and resumed this smile. His heart finally fell. He came over to see the good news and presented a treasure, pointing to the bucket and raising his eyebrows. Are you sure you caught this and didn’t buy it at the farmer’s market?
Husband, this is really my catch! This fish is very strong and almost dragged me into the water. If Brother Dongyu hadn’t even grabbed me with fish, I would have become a mermaid today. The good news is that she caught the fish and pointed to her clothes. Look at me holding the fish and soiling it. Smell it and smell it.
Well, I believe that you are picking so many fruits and vegetables to open a supermarket? Zhou Chuhan looked at a lot of vegetables and fruits and joked.
The good news lit a lot of things and said, This … can be juiced, this can be cooked, this can be made into salads and canned fruits. Anyway, it’s right to have them all. Come and help me move back. We want these things to make a big meal in the evening!
Zhou Chuhan indulged in saying, Well, just do as you say. Now our first priority is to move these things back.
Yes! Good news deliberately came to attention and was naughty. For many days, the haze and surgical failure were completely swept away, and good news became combative again.
The dinner was very rich, except for several delicious vegetables. After that, a big fish cooked several ways to eat fish head and boiled soup. Half of the fish made sashimi, and the other half made braised fish tail to make it bigger. It was simply beautiful to eat four fish.
Failure is frustrating, but make persistent efforts to adjust your mood. Maybe if you are in a good mood, there will be good news when you are pregnant.
After a few days, Jiayin went to Qin Jie’s to check that it would take another month to do it again. If it is done then, the fragile palace will be more unstable.
Jiayin accepts the status quo and tries to keep her mood full, waiting for an operation.
A few days later, Jiaxing called Jiayin and said that her mother was not in a good state these days. I don’t know if she was ill.
Hearing the good news, I immediately decided to go back to see my mother, Zhou Chuhan. I didn’t trust the good news. I insisted on going with them alone. When they arrived in S City by plane, I immediately arranged for Wang Yuee to go to the hospital for a physical examination, but it was strange that the results of the examination were nothing, but it was a fact that Wang Yuee had recently lost her hair and her bones hurt.
Jiaxing and Jiayin didn’t know what to do. Zhou Chuhan comforted them not to worry, so they really went to the United States to find Dr. Chris to see what was going on.
As a result, Wang Yuee couldn’t get out for a while. She was arranged to be hospitalized for conservative treatment first.
Wang Yuee is much thinner than before, and she looks more haggard and old. It’s good news to see her mother in pain, but she doesn’t know how to help alleviate the pain and stay by the bed.
Wang Yuee has believed in Buddhism since her divorce. She began to believe in Buddhism in order to calm her heart, but slowly she also realized some insights from Buddhism. She has now looked down on all the pain and took her daughter’s hand and said, Jiayin’s mother owes you this generation. Many mothers are karma now, and her mother doesn’t feel wronged at all.
Good news throat choked Mom, what are you talking about? You have never owed me anything. On the contrary, you have given me life, which means that my whole generation can never repay my kindness.
Mom brought you and your brother to this world but didn’t do her duty of love. It’s mom’s fault. Mom doesn’t want anything else now. I just hope that when your brother grows up, a girl will not abandon his legs and really love him. I hope you and Chu Han can have a good result.
品茶论坛Zhou Chuhan handed Wang Yuee two big red marriage certificates. Mom, we have already registered and always wanted to give you a surprise. It’s really a shame to tell you now.