I wanted to take a ride and walk less. I didn’t want to kiss for no reason!

What a loss!
Are you happy to see Mr. Mu stealing incense successfully?
Mr. Mu, calm down. Yeah, okay.
The spectators scoffed at your happy flight! Pack what!
Mr. mu’s evil smile, I want more than that, you make it ~
Someone slaps the table and yells, What do you want? What do you want? You fox!
☆ 4 Isn’t he your fiance? !
David and Alice have been home for about thirty minutes.
Left, right, etc. Lin Ya hasn’t come back yet. The man is worried about taking out his cell phone and calling in the past.
Alice has been blaming herself for taking Lin Ya’s place in the temporary past.
However, at that time, Lin Ya had fallen asleep in Muchuan Car.
Muchuan looked sideways at the woman beside her, whose eyelashes were long, thick and soft, covering her eyelids quietly and softly.
The man’s eyes moved lightly and frowned to see her lips touching a hair and reaching down carefully …
I was going to help her take off the hair, but a sudden cell phone bell interrupted him and woke Lin Ya.
As soon as the girl frowned and opened her eyes, she saw that her eyes were enlarged and her face was close at hand before she touched her mobile phone.
Muchuan’s face is less than three centimeters away from her, and the man has trapped her in a strange posture.
Look very like to … molest her!
Lin Ya’s eyes flashed a trace of anger, but a strong masculine breath lingered around her, white and pretty, and she couldn’t stop heating up.
So close that she could almost see the pores of his face.
Lin Ya’s little heart plops.
Then show eyebrow cluster carefully against the door back some to avoid the distance with this man.
Muchuan doesn’t know why, but she looks very cute in this panic!
A smile appeared in the man’s eyes, and he played a teasing mind.
You’re welcome to gather together. It looks like you’re staring at the hair on her mouth. I explained solemnly, "I’ll take it off for you."
Lin Ya consciously tried to avoid it, but she was already close to the door. Her head leaned back and hit the window glass!
With this sound, the man grabbed her head and took it to his arms with the load of eyes.
About the force is too strong Lin Ya again … Tragedy hit his chest again!
The man’s hard chest hit her nose with a tingle.
Lin Ya cursed what to do by staying in such a good shape!
After she recovered, she pushed the man away and stared at him!
Muchuan Gherardini looked at her and was not annoyed.
"I’ve always liked to help others!" he said in a light tone.
Lin Ya more think more gas gnashing openings "Mr Mu really warm-hearted! But at least ask people if they need it! "
God knows what possessed her to steal his car! The key to being taken advantage of now is that this man takes advantage of it!
If she reason with him like this, this man will definitely refute her slander!
This car is really humbled!
The girl couldn’t help but reach out and touch her nose again. Mu Chuan couldn’t help frowning when she saw this move and asked, "Does it still hurt?"
A man’s heart faint flush a trace of love.
Lin Ya angrily said, "A cat cries and consumes false compassion!"
Mu Chuan chuckled at his side and then said solemnly, "Oh, I forgot that everyone said that Miss Lin’s face was whole. Let me see if it was damaged?"
When the man finished speaking, he seemed to want to study whether her nose was true or not.
Lin Ya was annoyed and suppressed for a long time.
Twist a head and stare at him by his first name "Muchuan!"
I don’t feel right until I finish yelling …
The carriage was quiet for a while.
How long has it been since Muchuan was Zheng that no one dared to call him by his first name? At present, this woman seems to be angry and angry, and I don’t know if she coincides with someone in my memory.
This tone, this look is really like it!
The man’s eyes flashed a meaningful flash and then sat back to his position without moving.
Laughing, "I think it’s wrong. I think Miss Lin’s nose is really cruel!"
Lin Ya, the man didn’t peep out anything and was relieved.
Some secretly blame themselves for being reckless just now.
Bowing her head, she turned out her mobile phone in her bag.
Didn’t get david
Muchuan corner glanced at the face name and then looked up at the window and said, "Here we are."
Stop when you get off the bus.
Lin Ya received her mobile phone and thanked her. When she looked up, david and Alice were already waiting for the door.
I’m afraid I’ll stay with this old fox and drive the car as soon as I open the door.
She was so flustered that she even forgot to take out her shoes.
It was not until the soles of her feet stepped on the hot cement road that she remembered those forgotten carriage shoes.
When I turned around and was about to open the door to get it, I saw Muchuan, the man carrying her shoes, coming from the other side of the car.
He carried those ladies’ high heels naturally without any sense of disobedience.
Lin Ya stretched out his hand to thank the approaching man. "Thank you, Mu …"
按摩But before she finished, she saw the man bend down and put his shoes at her feet? !
Lin Ya whole person alpha males this person also some too considerate …
All the people were dumbfounded.