"Inter Milan’s defence also made a mistake. Materazzi made a low-level mistake like Iankel. He took the lead."

"It’s strange that Lu Wenbin can’t catch such an opportunity in the forbidden area."
Hoffenheim players rushed to celebrate the stadium, and Inter Milan players were bereaved.
Lu Wenbin’s second goal stunned Inter Milan.
It’s too short at this time
Champions League history has never heard of scoring twice in three minutes.
The head coach had just reached the instruction to swing the bus to the death, and then Lu Wenbin scored twice in 3 minutes to equalize the score.
And like Hoffenheim’s experience, Materazzi’s low-level mistake led to the goal, which also hit Inter Milan players hard
Half-time Hoffenheim was hit hard, and half-time Inter Milan was hit hard.
Materazzi lifted his jersey and covered his face, looking ashamed.
Mourinho slammed the bottle in his hand and splashed a piece of water on the sidelines.
After breaking the water bottle, Mourinho had to start thinking about how to play the next game.
Attacking Inter Milan has been playing against counter-tactics, and the attacking players are not defensive enough, so they may not be able to defend themselves.
Obviously Hoffenheim has been crazy, and Lu Wenbin has been crazy.
Materazzi’s mistake is one thing, but Lu Wenbin can sweep the ball into the door frame and score a goal without stopping shooting, which is the embodiment of Lu Wenbin’s personal ability.
Mourinho was caught in a dilemma and asked for a monthly ticket.
Chapter 3 Count the seconds to kill
The game resumed when Mourinho was still hesitant about how to play the game.
夜网论坛  title=Hoffenheim was not satisfied with equalizing the score, but Lu Wenbin scored twice in 3 minutes and launched a more violent offensive.
Everyone wants to continue to rally to reverse the score.
In the next few minutes, Inter Milan couldn’t even cross the half-court.
Even if Inter get the ball, Zuculini and others will be crazy to force it back.
Seeing this, Mourinho’s gambling genes are gone.
Being equalized by Hoffenheim’s two goals in three minutes, Mourinho was very unhappy and his strategy of defending the championship by throwing a bus failed.
Although it is a draw now, there is still a chance to win until the penalty shoot-out, and Inter Milan’s goalkeeper strength and players’ penalty kick strength are better than Hoffenheim’s
However, kicking penalty kicks is more a test of luck, and experienced Inter Milan players may not necessarily win the penalty shootout.
Mourinho doesn’t want to stick to the end of the 12-minute game and then pin his hopes of winning the championship on the luck of kicking a penalty.
Besides, it is a question whether the average age and overall physical fitness of Inter Milan can last until the end of the 12-minute game.
Therefore, Mourinho simply did nothing, and the center Diego Milito changed to 37 years old, and his physical fitness has begun to decline seriously. Captain Sati changed to 4132 and fought with Hoffenheim, hoping to solve the battle in 9 minutes.
Lu Wenbin was handed over to Cambiaso to watch the defense alone.
Although there is one person missing from the defense line to guard him, Lu Wenbin seems to be out of luck.
When it came, the two sides fought against each other, but neither of them scored.
Milito’s shot in the forbidden area was blocked by chasing Zuculini.
Lu Wenbin also had a wonderful backhand shot which was saved by Cesar, otherwise it would be a classic goal in the Champions League final.
In this game, the injury time was 4 minutes until the third minute of injury time, and neither side had scored a goal. The score was still 22.
It’s already 93 minutes and 3 seconds, and everyone knows that Hoffenheim and Inter Milan are going to play overtime.
At this time, when Deng Baba was preparing to break through the bottom line, it caused the defender Qi Wu to foul. Hoffenheim got an Italian ball outside the forbidden area less than 5 meters from the bottom line.
The corner kick in this position doesn’t make much difference, but it is a little closer to the goal than the corner kick.
But it’s also difficult to score a direct Italian shot.
Lu Wenbin, a former Hoffenheim who won this position, never took the penalty, but let his teammates take him to the forbidden area to help him run and bounce for the header.
But this time Eduardo looked at two Inter players, Stankovic and Milito, who were lined up in front of the ball. He waved to Lu Wenbin to let him pass.
Running around the forbidden area, Lu Wenbin ran over and asked Eduardo, "What’s the matter?"