He and Feng Jingjing knew each other because Chishi and Shimo had a good impression on each other during the construction period. He also felt that Feng Jingjing also had a good impression on him before his colleagues encouraged him to pursue Feng Jingjing. At that time, Feng Jingjing was really gentle and pleasant, but now he feels that his image is much worse than when he first met her, and he doesn’t know her like him.

He doesn’t know what’s changed. Is he bad for her? No, he has always been very kind to her. He always tries to satisfy her when she asks for anything, but what will change? What? Who is this woman who has become materialistic and vain?
"I said you have to promise me." Feng Jingjing first asked Lu Song to agree to her conditions.
"I have to know what it is before I can promise you that I can do it, and I can promise that I can’t do it. If I promise you, I’m lying to you." Lu Song doesn’t let go, which is also his usual style of being a man. He never talks glibly.
"You can do it. No one can do it except you." Feng Jingjing bit her lip with anger.
"Then let’s hear it. If you don’t want to talk, just go upstairs. Mom and Dad have been waiting for us for a long time. It’s so rude." Liu Songshi didn’t want to know the condition either.
Because he really doesn’t want to force Feng Jingjing to do something she doesn’t like, although he likes to have a child who belongs to Thaksin, he can’t be tough and force her.
He would rather compromise than do so.
"That you listen to clear" Feng Jingjing bite bite lips cleared a throat "I can have children but you have to say that Lin always don’t aim at ChiShi group again, let him spare ChiShi and let us catch our breath, then I will have children and give Lu Jiasheng a child to fulfill your mother’s wish"
"What?" Liu Song was firmly shocked, and the whole person was petrified on the spot for a long time.
"You what what ah!" Feng Jingjing stared at him and thought he was making a fuss. "Mr. Lin is always aiming at Chi’s family, but he doesn’t care about small worries. He knows that Chi Ershao has been in contact with Lu Youshao, so he spilled this anger on Chi Ershao. You said that Xiao Youshao and Er Shaoshao broke up before they were together with Mr. Lin, but Mr. Lin was narrow-minded and counted this matter as Er Shaoshao. Do you think this is fair to Er Shaoshao?"
As soon as I got to Chi Yiming and Lu Song, he was angry with Lu.
"How is it unfair? I think this is fair! " Lu Song worries about this side. "Who let him do something sorry and shame their engagement party?" Otherwise, how could manager Lin target him? This is all because he asked for it. I can’t blame others. When I met Chi Yiming, I wanted to beat him. I hate that I can’t help Xiao You, but Lin can always hit this shameful person. I am happier than anyone else! "
You!’ Jing-jing feng a mouthful of old blood almost didn’t spit it out "did you make you talkative? Did I ask you to comment? Why don’t you always start a company like Lin? You just have a strong mouth, don’t you I’m talking to you now to get down to business and ask you to persuade Lin to let ChiShi go, not to let you talk nonsense. "
"I’m telling the truth," said Lu Song. "I can’t speak with my conscience, let alone protect the bully! Jingjing, you are a little worried sister-in-law. How can you protect that scum like this? "
"I’m sister-in-law Lu sorrow but did he treat me as a sister-in-law? If so, she should take the initiative to persuade manager Lin to let Chi Er Shao go, or is it difficult for our manager Lin to suppress Chi’s company so much? During this period, there was a dangerous atmosphere in Chi’s family, and everyone was nervous every day, trying to find a solution in overtime, but no one wanted to offend Lin Mo-chen. If Chi’s family fell, I would lose my job. What can I do to raise a child? You have to have money to have children, right? Are you a pig brain? " Feng Jingjing scolded Liu Song and hated him for disappointing.
"Lost this job can’t find another one? Does it have to be Chi’s? I really don’t like your job there, "said Lu Song from the bottom of my heart." It’s better to take the opportunity to change it. "
"It’s easy for you to say that I climbed from a small clerk to today’s position. Is it easy for me? You said don’t say don’t, then find me a job. I want to work in the giant ink, but I have to be a department manager. Can you do it? If you do it, I won’t let you say manager Lin. If you don’t, you can’t. Let manager Lin let Chishi go. It’s up to you! Otherwise, I’ll just I’ll-"Feng Jingjing reborn the last two words without putting it more bluntly" I’ll make you look good anyway "
"You when the giant ink group is me? I’m just a small supervisor inside. "Lu Song is very resistant." Can I always listen to what I say? Don’t you think you are whimsical? "
"Why not? Yu Gong, are you a giant ink clerk in private or a big uncle Lin? He can still call you a big brother with respect. Can you be a little more productive? Even if you can’t, can’t you tell Xiao You? You will listen to your little worries! " Feng Jingjing has been forcing Lu Song to accept this matter and try his best to repay Chi Yiming. He also wants to climb higher. "This matter is a piece of cake for General Manager Lin. The thing is to move your fingers unless you don’t want to!"
"I really can’t communicate with you!" Liu Song frowning deeply "you let me how to say you can be white! The giant ink is manager Lin, and neither I nor Xiao You can make decisions! There is really no way. "
"Liu Song you answer or not! If you don’t promise, I won’t go. You can go by yourself anyway, that is, I am more than one person, less than one, and less than one. "Feng Jingjing wouldn’t want to come if she hadn’t seen Lin Mochen.
Feng Jingjing was a little angry. I didn’t expect him to be so embarrassed by Liu Song. There was fire and anger in her heart, and she was going to die if she didn’t vent it.
"Jingjing, how can you talk like that? Am I bad to you? My parents are like daughters to you. What do you mean, be alone? Come on, don’t lose your temper. Let’s go upstairs. "Lu Song wanted to stretch out his hand to hold her hand, but when he gave her a harness just now, she resisted the reaction, and he withdrew his hand." Let’s go by yourself. "
Then he turned to leave.
He took two steps and looked back to see that Feng Jingjing didn’t follow the reduction and glared at him mercilessly. His eyes were unwilling or hateful.
Section 12
"Jingjing, can we not do this?" Liu Song sighed. "Today is my dad’s birthday. You have to smile after dinner anyway, right? This is our female responsibility."
Feng Jingjing is biting a mouthful of silver fangs, and she is even more disgusted with Lu Song.
She regrets this marriage even more.
Feng Jingjing clung to the gift in her hand and then walked away from Lu Song before taking a step. When Lu Song was angry, he couldn’t say the pain.
Liu Song followed the building and took one look at Feng Jingjing when she opened the door with the key. She was worried that "Jingjing will be here for a while-"
Feng Jingjing coldly lost this sentence, "If you don’t say it, I’ll say it myself!"
"Jingjing, don’t fool around!" Lu Song drank the bass.
"I’m going to fool around to see what you can do with me! Anyway, if you don’t help me, I will help myself! " Feng Jingjing defiantly didn’t wake Liu Song up.
夜生活"Jingjing, I don’t want anything unpleasant to happen to my dad on his birthday, otherwise I won’t forgive him!" Lu Song warned her.
"I don’t need your forgiveness!" Feng Jingjing pushed the door open and went in.
Lu Song grabbed her, fastened her wrist and pulled her out.