"Well," said Gao Xiaoxiao, "then you can take a taxi and come directly to Ruiyuan. We will all sleep here this weekend."

Gao Xiaobai "Oh" said "Did you bring the jelly?"
"Yes, yes" Gao Xiaoxiao’s tone is a little impatient.
The child is closer to the dog at home than to his parents and sister.
Gao Xiaobai picked his eyebrows.
That’s no problem
I came to the high and small white window of Class One, Grade Two and looked inside.
When he saw Jing Anjiu sitting there listening to the class, his face instantly raised a faint smile.
a few minutes later
"Ok, so that’s all for today’s class. Students remember that there is a spot check in the afternoon. Everyone should recite this text when they go back."
After the teacher left, Gao Xiaobai entered the classroom with his hind feet.
Because he has come to Jing’ an Jiusuo classroom for a long time this year, others are not surprised. Some people even took the initiative to report that "Jing’ an Jiuhan Mobai came to see you again!"
Jing Anjiu was cleaning up the class and looked up at Gao Xiaobai, who had walked to his desk. "Xiaobai, why are you here?"
Gao Xiaobai glanced at the fat boy beside her and asked, "When did you change places?"
Before, it was Jing Saixixi and her deskmate.
Jing Anjiu glanced at "Oh, my brother changed places with him."
Why do the boys look at me with rival eyes for no reason!
"Xiao Bai!" Suddenly someone slapped me on the shoulder.
Gao Xiaobai looked back at a face of smiling Jing Saixixi.
"Small white to do? Looking for my sister again? " Jing Saixixi knows the past and asks
Gao Xiaobai said, "Looking for you two."
Jing Anjiu blinked, and Jing Saixixi immediately asked, "Why do you want to see me?"
Gao Xiaobai smiled and said, "Ma, your birthdays are coming. What gift do I want to give you?"
"Oh, I see." Jing Saixixi picked a small eyebrow. "You didn’t think it would be better to give me a gift, so just ask me for advice, didn’t you?"
Gao Xiaobai nodded
Jing Saixixi immediately said, "I want the latest boone!"
"Brother, you again …"
"Why? Small white and not bad money "JingSaixixi directly interrupted my sister’s words for fear that Gao Xiaobai would go back on his word and immediately turned away.
Jing Anjiu "…"
What do you want, jiujiu? Gao Xiaobai asked her
Jing Anjiu took a sip of his mouth and said, "No, Xiaobai, you often give me things for my birthday, so you can come alone."
桑拿会所Gao Xiaobai smiled. "No, the gift must be for you. Do you have anything in particular?"
Jing Anjiu shook his head. "I really won’t send it without you."
"Ok, I’ll decide for myself." When Gao Xiaobai looked at his eyes, "Why don’t you go home first?"
After leaving the classroom, a group of four people walked to the school gate with bags on their backs.
Gao Xiaobai and Jing Anjiu go together, and Jing Saixixi and his girlfriend Xiang Xiang go together. Besides being too young and too short, at first glance, it really looks like two couples.
Who knows …
Just arrived at the door, Jing Anjiu immediately "alas" and said, "Dad is here."
Gao Xiaobai "…"
Jing Saixixi immediately laughed, "Little White, hide."
Gao Xiaobai "…"
"Xiang Xiang bye-bye to see you." Jing Saixixi kept waving his hands and waited for Xiang Xiang to leave with his mother before he took Jing Anjiu to the familiar car and opened the door and climbed up.
When the two children were seated, Jing Muchen started the car and asked, "Isn’t Xiaobai going home?"
Jing Anjiu "…"
Jing Saixixi smiled and said, "Dad, do you have clairvoyance?"
Jingmuchen cold "hum" a dozen of the steering wheel will drive out directly.
He wouldn’t have turned a blind eye if he hadn’t watched the smelly little advanced placement and didn’t have the same class as his daughter.
After the black Range Rover left, Gao Xiaobai walked out of the campus and stopped a taxi back to the capital of Ruiyuan.
On the way, Gao Xiaoxiao came again for two short messages to urge.
When I finally got home, I entered the villa’s gate room, and it was full of laughter accompanied by the childish words of "Yi Yi Ya" in Xiaomo Mo.
Mrs. Han even rushed to shout, "Xiaobai is back. Come and give Grandma a hug."
High white corners of the mouth a smoke change slippers or lift away.