Last season, Lu Wenbin Hoffenheim defended the Bundesliga Golden Boot with 52 goals in the Bundesliga and also defended the European Golden Boot.

Lu Wenbin scored 52 league goals in 31 appearances, which also set a new record for his highest goal and highest score in the European Golden Boot Award.
With more than five league goals in a season, his players can probably look up to it.
Perhaps only Lu Wenbin himself can hope to break this record.
After the European Golden Boot Awards Ceremony, the sixth round of Serie A of Inter Milan vs Juventus 21211 officially started at 21 pm.
In this game, Juventus No.1 goalkeeper Buffon showed Lu Wenbin the power of a world-class goalkeeper.
In the 17th minute, Lu Wenbin was offside and received a single shot from Steward. As a result, his single shot was blocked by Buffon’s leg.
Lu Wenbin’s rare goalkeeper failed to shoot in a one-on-one duel.
In addition, Juventus midfielder Melo and chiellini keep a close eye on their opponents’ overall defense, which makes it very difficult for Lu Wenbin to get a shot.
Lu Wenbin got only five or six shots in the whole half-time, and his opponent interfered with him. He hit the doorframe three times and Buffon jumped out.
Good Juventus’ own offensive line is also not playing well. Iaquinta missed an opportunity to make up the shot less than 10 meters in front of the door.
Both sides entered the halftime with the score.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides changed sides and fought again. Mourinho asked Lu Wenbin to strengthen the number of assists.
One of the important reasons why Lu Wenbin didn’t score at half-time was that Juventus focused on defending other players.
Fame and the pre-opening European Golden Boot Awards ceremony made Juventus almost win the defense of Lu Wenbin.
Juventus’ defensive center of gravity has not changed at half time.
So in the 59th minute, Lu Wenbin broke through Melo and chiellini in a row in the counterattack, attracting the remaining two defenders to himself. Suddenly, his ankle shook and the ball went to the other side of the forbidden area.
桑拿论坛  title=Juventus players were shocked and kept bowing their heads with the ball. How did Lu Wenbin see the other side?
This is the full field of vision.
Sometimes without looking up carefully, Lu Wenbin can know the other side of the opponent’s defense zone at a glance when he is running.
Sure enough, Eto ‘o kicked the ball to the goal with a volley at high speed on the other side.
Buffon responded quickly and saved the ball, but it didn’t help.
Eto’ o’s volley was too strong. Although Buffon stabbed the ball, he still hit the post and bounced into the net.
Lu Wenbin assisted Eto ‘o to score. Inter Milan finally broke the deadlock and led Juventus 1.
This Inter Milan can play a real defensive counterattack with peace of mind.
Juventus had to attack as a whole to try to equalize the score.
However, after the overall pressure, Juve’s backcourt is bound to expand, leaving Lu Wenbin and Eto’ o, two super-fast strikers, with a bigger sprint.
Gallo Wenbin assisted the first goal, and the Juventus defender also had to devote part of his energy to defending Eto ‘o.
So Lu Wenbin’s opportunity came.
It was only ten minutes before the first goal, and in the 69th minute, Juventus striker Quagliarella’s ball was intercepted by Lucio.
Lucio, who broke the ball, did not give full play to his characteristics as a defender with a knife this time, but decisively gave the ball to the winger Stankovic.
Then Stankovic didn’t stick the ball, turned around and adjusted it. After that, Lu Wenbin was forced to go straight with an oblique foot, and at the same time, he successfully inserted the ball at a high speed near the corner of the forbidden area against offside.
Lu Wenbin’s full speed was too fast. When he received the ball, he left behind and the defender didn’t catch up with him yet.
Lu Wenbin naturally won’t wave opportunities.
Facing the plugging near corner, Buffon Lu Wenbin took a long-range arc with his foot.