"I’m glad you can admit that you are Mrs. Lin." Lin Mo-chen’s eyes flashed with surprise when she admitted her identity. "And that husband was so sweet just now. Please call again and listen."

"Lin Mochen, you are sick." She just wanted to be angry with her father and dog.
"Mrs. Lin, you are medicine." Lin Mochen held her small bar with the other hand.
He spat at her face with the smell of tea.
Such intimacy still makes Lu feel uneasy.
She wants to struggle, but she dare not stand still for fear of getting burned.
"Mrs. Lin, there are two of us here. Take it easy." Mrs. Lin Mo-chen clapped her hands and shook her waist. She felt her body tense. "Even if we do something else, it’s normal."
His suggestive language made Lu feel ashamed, and his face was white with rouge, water and snow, and his skin was particularly white and red, like a ripe strawberry, which made people want to take a bite.
"Mrs. Lin blushed, is it not as hot as take off your coat?" Lin Mochen’s big palm has stopped from her waist, and her fingertips groped for the invisible zipper.
"Don’t fool around here, Lin Mo-chen." Lu You-hua’s slight discoloration is really afraid that Lin Mo-chen is bold.
"Mrs. Lin means that you can’t fool around here, but you can fool around at home." Lin Mo-chen picked up the words "Then let’s go home and satisfy you."
He misinterpreted the meaning of landing worries and made her really want to bite him.
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☆ 64 Who made Mrs. Lin so delicious?
Go home and satisfy her?
How can he say that his face is not red and he is panting
She won’t fall into his trap!
Lu sorrow extremely resentful eyes mercilessly stare at Lin Mochen.
While Lin Mo-chen looked at her angry, angry and lovely, but she was not annoyed at all. She smiled even more brightly than before.
"It’s so easy to get angry?" Lin Mo-chen pinched her cheeks and her fingertips felt very smooth.
"Are you still laughing when I am angry?" Lu You reached out and patted off his hand holding his face. "Let go!"
He was so handsome when he came, and now his smile is even softer. He has some cold lines, and the whole person is like the warm afterglow of the sunset falling into people’s hearts.
Lu sorrow looked at such a beautiful city. Lin Mo Chen’s deep ink eyes were gentle enough to drown people.
Her heart began to jump uncontrollably again, shaking her chest clearly and strongly.
She clutched her fingers a little messy.
"Mrs. Lin, do you know? You are so cute that I want to eat you in one bite. "Lin Mochen loosened his hand and looked at the frankness and sorrow.
All the women around Lin Mo-chen are like a model carved out. Before him, there are ladies who dare not speak loudly, eat, drink soup, have no sound, never have a temper and always smile.
桑拿会所They won’t be as angry as Lu You, and they will flee even if they refuse.
Perhaps he has never been so disgusted by women, and he feels worried about Lu, so that women are fresh and arouse men’s desire.
But there is no denying that she is also different, which makes him want to get to know each other.
"Lin Mochen, how can you be so rogue?" Lu you can’t find the words to form this man.
She’s pinned down by him every time. No!
"Ahem … Mrs. Lin, this is called husband and wife’s interest, which is the best way to enhance the relationship between husband and wife." Lin Mo-chen has been giving her a gift and her fingers are dexterous and faded by two inches.
Lu sorrow sensed that his body was so tight and stiff that it was not very trembling.
She clenched her rosy lip and raised her hand to stop him.
But he put her hands behind her with the other hand, holding her firmly in his arms and letting her move.
"There are so many people here, so it’s not good." Lu You even said that his voice was a little shaky.
"There are two of us here, and no one will bother us." Lin Mo-chen, a thin fan, gently vomited ambiguous language, but his fingers still didn’t stop because of Lu’s refusal.
Lu sorrow drew a gasp and felt that his back skin was crawling with bare air. Even his pores were open and his palms were wet and greasy.
"Lin Mo Chen …" Lu sorrow once again export words have been soft to have no strength.