"Sometimes just coming here for a few days is a holiday," Li Jing said.

I pulled the corners of my mouth lightly and said, "When did you learn to enjoy it?"
Li Jingxiao said, "I will enjoy it when I come. It’s just a matter of the past."
"Lily, if you want to live here, I’m very welcome," said Li Jing, looking at me.
Why did you come here in such a mess without asking me?
I looked at him and was silent. He didn’t say anything. I knew he didn’t want to force me.
But I think it’s necessary to explain my situation to him clearly, so that he will be involved.
Thinking of this, I said, "Li Jing, don’t you even ask me what time I was here in the middle of the night?"
Li Jing took my order and said "eat first". I nodded and ate and watched what he said.
"No matter what happens, I will keep your mother and daughter safe here," he continued.
It’s false to say that I’m not moved. I appreciate even a glass of water when I help.
"Thank you, but there may really be danger. The Wei family will come to rob the bamboo," I said.
"Don’t be afraid that it’s so remote here that you shouldn’t find it here. I’ll pay attention to it if you live at ease." Li Jing first showed surprise but soon returned to normal.
I nodded, and now I really need someone who is so small as a bamboo and can’t camp out with me.
Therefore, bamboo and I lived here, and Li Jing drove outside to buy me clothes, bamboo and all kinds of things, which were bought nearby, were not too good, so I set my mind at ease.
People in the mountain village know that Li Jing is here, and both my mother and daughter have come to see it strange, but the people here are really simple and have brought us a lot of eggs, vegetables and other foods.
There is also an old lady who knows that bamboo eats milk powder and sent a lot of fresh goat milk from her home. I shirked it, but I took it all.
I thought I would let Li Jing send them some money later. After Li Jing knew it, he naturally promised to live here for a few days, and no stranger came to find me at ease.
Every day, I read and sing to the bamboo or chat with the villagers. It’s not a bad day.
These two days, after the school holiday, there is an extra 10-and 9-year-old girl who came here to chat with me. Her name is Xiao Fang, and she is ready for college.
Come to chat with me and see Li Jinglai, her eyes are shining, but she is too shy and nervous to talk to Li Jing. I can see that this girl likes Li Jing.
I know a lot about Li Jing when I get acquainted with the villagers. The villagers all say that several girls like Li Jing, make the boys in the village jealous and come to Li Jing’s trouble.
I naturally used it as a joke, but I couldn’t listen to it and used it to amuse Li Jing. When he saw this, he could make me happy and didn’t even get annoyed.
If he had responded positively to me like this when I loved him, I’m afraid it would be a different situation now.
Now … after all, I have to see Wei Qingqing to find out what happened, so I asked Li Jing to help me find Wei Qingqing.
"… I don’t believe that he will rob bamboo. After all, I told him that it would be impossible for him to talk." I said.
Li Jing listened to my words but was silent for a long time before saying, "Okay, I’ll think of some way to find him, but lily, what if it’s really a ghost behind him?" I hope you don’t blindly believe him all the time. Have you ever known him? How many things did he hide from you? "
Li Jing’s words made me fall into my mind and extricate myself. Yes, the left and right sides are just a transaction. My marriage with Wei Qingyi is a transaction, and now the children have to trade with them. How indifferent the Wei family is!
Is this the world of the rich? Or is society not me?
After all, I think too much. How can Wei Qingyi like me? Confession can get his response, but the result is …
But when I think that Wei Qingkui is kind to me on weekdays, is there any fake in my eyes? I think I’m evil influence, and I can’t understand whether I love you or not.
Li Jing, who has been waiting for many days, told me that I can’t force him too much without information. After all, not everyone has the ability to defend himself.
Haori has always been isolated from me. Have you only been hiding here for a few days? Less than half a month later, the Wei family called again. When those people blocked the door, I was calm.
The bearer was Wei Ke, who looked at me like a cat playing with a mouse. I endured it and pretended not to understand it. I tried my best to look innocent.
About no3 is just a deal. Chapter IV is amazing.
夜网论坛No matter how calm it is, it is also strong support.
Li Jing stopped Wei Ke and said, "I should call you an’ uncle’ according to seniority. Uncle Wei is afraid that there is no reason to break into houses."
"Hey, isn’t this Li Gugong? How? Uncle Wei didn’t invite me in when he came to your door. It seems that there is no such hospitality. " Wei Ke exaggeratedly said
Li Jing wanted to climb up the friendship and block Wei Ke from letting him in, but Wei Ke cleverly countered this point and Li Jing failed.
I was afraid that Li Jing would offend the Wei family and said, "Li Jing, let them come in. I don’t think running is the way. It’s better to make it clear to them."
Li Jing nodded at my words and held out his hand and said, "Uncle Wei, please!"
Weike ha ha smiled and stepped into the door. Several bodyguards guarded the door and two maids followed him into the house and into the kitchen.
Li Jing and I looked at each other and entered the house together. Weike had been sitting on the sofa with a big makin knife. I was wondering to sit on one side and Li Jing on the other.
Wei Ke said, "What Mo Yanli and I want to talk about is a private matter. Should Li Jiagong avoid it?"
It was a question, but the tone was sure that Wei Ke had finished acting like a host. Li Jing frowned and just wanted to say something. I stopped, "Li Jing, why don’t you go upstairs?"
Li Jing’s face sank at my words, but he still went upstairs with bamboo in his arms.