Well, I recently looked at the house in SH city and found you a fairly good place with better facilities than here. Chen Ranxin said seriously.

Lin God knows he was right.
It really is to move.
LSPL is in z city, LPL is in SH city, and it is naturally impossible to play LPL league here.
A few people have high expectations for going to SH, but they are a little disappointed at the thought of leaving this place conveniently.
Lin Tian looked around, and it was full of memories. Lin Tian knew that he wouldn’t appreciate it after years of estimation, and it was Ye Han who wanted to do things.
A few people have looked at it carefully for a week or four, even if they have been cynical and fat.
It’s good to be away. People are born with many new things.
But … Lin Tian thought for a moment and then asked Chen Ranxin, What about Xinjie Building?
The building is rented to Lin Tianer. What if their Z team leaves them?
Chen Ranxin seems to have thought of this for a long time. She said, Don’t worry, I have arranged for them to stay here for at least three years. Three years should be able to bring the real estate.
Sister Xin is indeed the reincarnation of Guanyin Bodhisattva. Fat is actually worried about Lin Tianer. They are relieved to hear Chen Ranxin say so.
Return the Bodhisattva. Are you the reincarnation of Pig Ring? Chen Ran heart laughed
Fat shrugged his shoulders and answered, How is it possible that I have to be at least a canopy marshal?
Is that all fucking different?
A few people made a few jokes, which were a little intentional and meant to leave here, and they were all in a low mood. Saying a few jokes also made everyone feel better.
The heart elder sister when do we start? Is there a schedule out? Meng Fan asked.
After such a period of time, Meng Fan’s health has improved a lot, and things should not happen now.
The schedule has come out. We got firsthand information. We played the LPL opener.
Opening game?
Lin Tian and others are all leng.
This kind of thing is more important. Generally, it is played by two strong teams. Although the Z team is also a strong team, it can’t be compared with those teams that have long been famous.
品茶论坛Then who are our opponents? Lin day immediately asked the key!
They immediately looked at the past only to find that Chen Ran heart was complicated.
A few bad feelings rose in everyone’s heart. For a moment, Chen Ranxin said, Our opponent is the CR team.
When I heard these three letters, several people showed surprised expressions. Fat people and others all exclaimed, Holy shit! CR team!
LPL league ranked first team CR!
CR team called the strongest team in China, but there are a large number of top players in it!
The five positions are the top teams at present!
Even if a team meets, there will be pressure, let alone forming a Z team that has just entered the LPL League for a long time.
The CR team can be said to be sitting on the throne, the team is like a tiger, and the Z team is a bit like a newborn calf.
That’s bullshit? Our first opponent is the CR team? ?” At this time Xingyu Lin also said
Except for Lin Tian’s accident, several others were surprised.
But the fact … Lin day is also very surprised and surprised.
Playing CR team is also a very difficult thing for Lin Tian, and it is recognized as a strong team.
Because we are the biggest dark horse industry in LSPL, we have also recognized that this is the first competition between LSPL and LPL. Chen Ranxin said seriously.
First pair first
This stunt is still very good
We’ll learn how to deal with each other’s details when we play. It’s not too important to win or lose. After all, we are newcomers. Chen Ranxin said to several people.
They immediately nodded.
But Ye Han has different opinions.
He shrugged his shoulders and said, the game is to win. We have no friendship with CR team. There is no friendship. The first game is the second word.
Brother Tian is domineering, then you will be arry.
Although you can’t be timid, you should remain humble when you meet a strong team. At this time, Han Xiao’s mouth seems to be educational, but it actually recognizes Lin Tian’s statement
We’ll talk about it then. Now you need to prepare a luggage. We may start soon, and the team words have been changed for you. Now it’s very cold. We don’t want to have any injuries, Chen Ranxin said seriously
Meng Fan’s face turned red. Although Chen Ranxin didn’t specifically refer to Meng Fan, Meng Fan still felt that Chen Ranxin was talking about himself.
He said, Well, I won’t.
Chen Ranxin patted Meng Fan on the shoulder. I’m not talking about you, but I want to say that we should refuse this kind of thing and our team should not always be plagued by injuries.
Several people immediately nodded Chen Ranxin said yes.
Playing a game often causes pain, which is naturally a very troublesome thing.
Everyone gathered to pack up after the meeting.
Fat while packing to Lin Tiandao ? Are you afraid that the horse will have a new journey? You call me a fat man and I’ll protect you.
You call me grandpa one day, and I will protect you. Ye Han answered while cleaning up.
Fat immediately said, Wow, I’m so angry with fat. Are you serious?