There is no thing Xiang Xue Xin Jing knows that it is the daughter of the poor people. This is good, but she is very good, very strong and very filial. The most important thing is that Jiang Xiao loves her. All of us in Jiang’s family also love me, love my dog. So what? Their husband and wife are so loving, I believe that it won’t be long before Jiang Xiao will let her give me another grandchild.

There is no thing Xiang Xue Xin Jing knows that it is the daughter of the poor people. This is good, but she is very good, very strong and very filial. The most important thing is that Jiang Xiao loves her. All of us in Jiang’s family also love me, love my dog. So what? Their husband and wife are so loving, I believe that it won’t be long before Jiang Xiao will let her give me another grandchild.
Why? Jealous Su Li said these words and squinted at this evil woman who seduced Jiang Xiao’s rebellious parents and now she wants to destroy Jiang Xiao’s family?
Jealous? Can you get it? Xiang Xue Xin smiled strangely and crossed a ray of light in the corner of her eyes. Aunt, don’t you think I should call you a mother?
Hello Su Li saw this woman named Xiang talking more and more inappropriately and asked sternly, Who’s your mother? I can’t afford to be a miss mom like you.
You are my grandmother. Shouldn’t I call you your mother? Xiang Xue Xin replied with a smile and a smile.
What? Mrs. Jiang was surprised that she was Xiangxue Xiner’s grandmother, that is to say, did she give birth to a child in Jiang Xiao? It’s impossible for her to be absolutely sure because as far as she knows, Jiang Xiao was not pregnant when she separated.
Xiang Xue was glad to see that the old woman had a face of surprise and seemed to be confused by herself. After sneering at it, her old woman solved the mystery.
Maybe Jiang Xiao hasn’t told you that he has a fouryearold son?
You and I will believe? Xiang Xuexin, even if you have a fouryearold son, I won’t believe it’s Xiao Er. People like you don’t know what kind of woman is a child or a man!
Mrs. Jiang is a woman who looks down upon this kind of fireworks from the bottom of her heart. She always thinks that she is covered in filth and will dirty her eyes when she looks at it. She is a mass of mud to Jiang Xiao and her son is a noble king.
Xiang Xuexin, despite her sufficient psychological preparation, was stung by Mrs. Jiang’s words of scorn and abuse. That’s how this hateful old woman scolded her, saying that even if she died, she would be worthy of her noble son. The old woman not only stepped on her dignity, but also stepped on her life, otherwise she would not have been separated for so many years.
I respect you as an aunt called by Jiang Xiao’s mother. Maybe you don’t believe that the dancers in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, were real virgins. My father had liver cancer. I was only ten years old. I couldn’t have watched my father die. My father ordered me to sell myself into a nightclub. Nevertheless, I don’t feel shorter than others. I still feel more noble than anyone, because I saved my father’s life on my own. Your son saved me more than once in the drunken world. I finally killed the boss of Wu Shuoqing gang for the first time. Maybe it seems to you that he is young and frivolous, but he loves a dancer. He is not wrong to disobey your elders’ decision to marry, and he is not wrong to accuse me. At the same time, have you not thought about it carefully? Maybe you tied him in chains, which led him to run to me again and again. It was you who pushed him into my arms. I accepted you for 500 thousand, and I was pregnant with Jiang Xiao’s child. The child was born at the age of four. I don’t want to tell you this. I think’ Haohao’ is really cute. He cried for his father all day, and I tied him up to help him all the time. After careful consideration, I decided to give him back to you to raise him. After all, he is Jiang’s flesh and blood.
Mrs. Jiang didn’t blink when she heard Xiang Xuexin’s words. She pondered the credibility of Xiang Xuexin’s words. She said that she had been a dancer in a Hong Kong nightclub for three years and was still a virgin, and Jiang Xiao had always protected her. She also said that she was pregnant with Jiang Xiao’s child the day she forced her to leave.
Are these words true? She didn’t ask if the export was a pair of big eyes that were hard to trust. Xiang Xuexin was also a child prodigy. At this time, Mrs. Jiang’s heart suddenly fell from the sky, and people couldn’t accept it. A few days ago, when she told Jiang Xiao, the man was malicious and could not chop her up. Lin Jing knew about his marriage. She really wanted to know what expression she would feel if Lin Jing knew that Jiang Xiao had a fouryearold son. Shock, pain and heartbreak should have all these!
Don’t doubt aunt, I love Jiang Xiao very much. I gave it to Jiang Xiao and Jiang Xiao is always the only man in my life.
Mrs. Jiang’s dubious face froze for a long time before she faintly asked, Where is that child?
America is four years old. She pulled out a photo from her handbag and handed it to Mrs. Jiang. Mrs. Jiang took the photo. When her eyes fell on the little boy’s face, her heart contracted violently and sharply. The boy almost looked exactly like Jiang Xiao when he was a child. Oh, my God! It turned out that she was almost sure that this little girl was Jiang Xiaoer and her grandson without any dna identification. It turned out that the Jiang family had already had a grandson, but she never knew that he had grown up silently in another part of the world in the west for four years. Xiang Xuexin had a woman’s family with a son and an illegitimate child for four years, and it was not a woman.
Can you let me … meet him? Jiang Xiao is thirtyone years old. She has long been looking forward to his marriage. It is said that the people next to the emperor love children. Compared with Jiang Mo, she really loves Jiang Xiao more. She has always hoped that Jiang Xiao can have a wellbehaved and obedient child. Jiang Xiao has always refused to get married. She is afraid that she will enter the loess and still can’t see her grandson. It’s pity that she is eager for her grandson! Five years ago, it was she who drove Xiang Xuexin away. This woman didn’t remember her revenge, but Jiang Xiao gave birth to such a beautiful and handsome son. She really wanted to thank her.
Go and take him over. Mrs. Jiang leafed through the photos in her hand and looked at the pink baby. She seemed to see that when Jiang Xiao was in trouble, she put Jiang Xiao in foster care with a poor relative in the township. Two months later, she rode a bicycle to pick up the child. Jiang Xiao was greeted just as she went to the door. At that time, Jiang Xiao was only three years old, with a round face and a white face. His rural friends were playing with a clay doll and he ran away with a clay doll when he heard someone tell him that his mother was coming to pick him up. Come out with a pink mouth and shout Mom. Then the clay doll slipped from his hand. He made a roll on the spot. It was the roll that made Suli’s tears flow. She hugged her little body and throat covered with mud, and she couldn’t say a word.
This photo child is just like Jiang Xiao’s seeing this photo in those years, which reminds her of that difficult time, so she can’t wait to see this child.
Aunt, if you want to see Haohao, I can have him sent right away.
Xiang Xue was glad to receive this hateful old woman’s heart without blowing force, and immediately took out his mobile phone and pulled out an overseas long distance.
The next afternoon, Mrs. Jiang met a little boy who looked like Jiang Xiao kuo. When she saw the child, her eyes widened in surprise. Oh, my God! It’s so similar, she won’t doubt it any more. This child is definitely her Jiang family. She held the child in her arms and called it affectionately. It felt like holding Jiang Xiao in her childhood.
Hao Hao calls grandma Xiang Xuexin teaches children to be polite. Jiang Haohao is obedient. Black eyes stare at the old lady holding her fierce kiss and she calls a grandma.
Uhhuh. Mrs. Jiang repeatedly replied with high spirits and brought Jiang Haohao home. When they went back, they knew that they were sitting in the living room with a bottle of flowers. It was purple chrysanthemum that had just been cut back from the hospital. She didn’t get up early in the morning. Purple chrysanthemum was like a sparrow chirping and told her that the wintersweet in the courtyard was very delicate and fragrant. She wanted her to pick a few bunches together and put them in the bottle to make the flowers bloom. It was said that the old lady Qian Jiang would go to the hospital to pick a few bunches by herself every year when the wintersweet was in full bloom. Come back to decorate the bedroom. I have been ill for two years, and I have lost my arty mood. I want to win grandma’s favor, so I asked Purple Chrysanthemum to pick it back and put it in a blue and white porcelain bottle to send it to grandma’s room. Just then, Mrs. Jiang came back with Xiang Xuexin and her two mothers.
Yan Jingzhi was intrigued when she saw Xiang Xuexin’s carefully depicted picture, and then when her eyes were smooth enough to hold the little boy in Xiang Xuexin’s hand, her heart beat inexplicably dropped for half a beat. She fiddled with the flowers and stopped the flowers, and the dew dripped along her glittering fingertips and slipped through her skin, which made her heart cold bit by bit.
Because that child’s facial features are too similar to someone else’s, Jing Zhi feels that his nerve endings are collapsing tightly.
I know this is Xue Xin. Jiang Xiao’s son is called Jiang Haohao, who is four years old. Mrs. Jiang is in a good mood and doesn’t care about it. Can the daughterinlaw accept it? She is so happy that her grandson is four years old. She is so happy.
Suddenly, several strings broke in her body, and she seemed to hear the tragic sound of string breaking.
At this moment, she feels that Jiang Xiao has not only betrayed her, but she has always been associated with Xiang Xuexin and her son is four years old. So what is she?
She really wants to leave because she doesn’t want to see Xiang Xuexin’s triumphant smiling face, and she doesn’t want to face the fact that Jiang Xiao already has a child.
But her feet were so heavy that she couldn’t walk away.
Hao Hao, go and call mom. Xiang Xuexin may have deliberately touched Jiang Haohao’s head and lowered his voice.
约茶Jiang Haohao looked at the sofa chair with a face as pale as a ghost, and the woman’s black eyes rolled. No, she’s not my mother, you’re my mother.
This highpitched crisp sound made Jingzhi’s vase fall to the ground and smashed to pieces. What are you doing? Mrs. Jiang saw a blueandwhite porcelain bottle and ruined her wife’s hand. She criticized such a big man can’t even hold a vase. Aunt Pei came to clean it for me.
Good Pei Yi several people are hiding in the corner of the room. They also heard the embarrassing scene in the living room. This strange woman, the second young master, gave birth to a child and is four years old. Mrs. Jiang actually brought them home.
They only get two or three thousand yuan a month, but they dare not ask too much. Pei Yi took a broom and cleaned the floor, quickly disposed of the vase debris and hid back to the original place.
He is Jiang Xiaoer and you are Jiang Xiao’s wife. What’s your name? Mrs. Jiang’s wife is unhappy about this matter. She thinks she is very reasonable! Is there anything wrong with it?
Mom, are you a woman? Silent for half a day, Jing Zhi’s motherinlaw and Shirley accused her of finally finding her own consciousness and tilting her lips to fight back.
Of course is an idiotic question. Isn’t she a woman or a man and an alien?
If you are a woman, you should be able to understand that your husband is cheating on you and your wife is sad. It is true that Jiang Xiao is your son, and it is true that your mother loves to have children, but even so, you should not take them to shame me.
I insult you? When did I insult you? Haohao is Jiang Xiaoer, and Xue Xin raised him alone for four years, which is also a hero for our Jiang family! Jiang Xiao loves you and I have nothing to say, but if you still want to stay in Jiang’s family, you must accept Xue Xinsheng, who is Jiang’s flesh and blood. I can’t watch Jiang’s bones bleed out.
But she is so wishful thinking. I wonder what this daughterinlaw is angry about. Xue Xin didn’t come back. She was fighting for her husband, but she wanted to send Hao Hao back to recognize her ancestors.
Jing Zhi hopes you won’t be angry. Xiang Xuexin smiled faintly and then walked towards Jing Zhi. She deliberately lowered her voice and said to Jing Zhi piteously, I didn’t mean any harm and didn’t want to destroy Jiang Xiao. Your happiness is that Hao Hao misses his father so much. I hope you don’t mind sending him back, and I hope you can treat Hao Hao as your own.
Wow, what is this? She Xiang Xuexin came back from abroad some time ago. Jiang Xiao deliberately left a red lip print on the neckline of her shirt and sent her a video message of love. It’s a treat for her! Now there is a child inexplicably, and the boy’s appearance makes her feel an intuition. The fact that this little boy may really be Jiang Xiaoer makes her gasp. She didn’t move, so she wanted to see Xiang Xuexin, and she wanted to sing the play.
I don’t mind bending down and kissing my son’s forehead and touching his head with a jade hand. After Haohao Mommy can’t take you, you have to listen to Jingzhi Mommy and Grandma.
No, Mommy, I don’t want to stay here. I want to go with you. Jiang Haohao may have understood that his mother was leaving and quickly grabbed Xiang Xuexin’s arm.