This kind of good thing, Galome is a woman and a woman with good looks and small assets. Who doesn’t want it?

The two brothers stared at Luo Mei like flies all the way.
Luo Mei knows the seriousness and her current identity. Many pharmacists’ friends, especially male pharmacists, showed their greed for Luo Mei some time ago.
If it weren’t for the sudden forced recruitment by the military, it would be hard for Luo Mei, a poor girl, to fall into which noble or professional bed to be continued.
Solomoy cherishes the fact that he can get enough military industry and gain a firm foothold with the army, and it is best to get rid of this embarrassing situation by connecting with some people in the army.
It’s a pity that the two brothers who just set off are like dog skin plasters to give Romegan no breathing space.
I prefer to be quiet. Grandpa Shan smiled and didn’t explain much, but in the eyes of the Turk brothers, he was jealous.
Because Luo Mei sat next to Grandpa Shan, she actually started talking like this.
Although I am somewhat interested in a heterosexual active mountain master, I really don’t have any interest in shooting the breeze at this time. I’m a little tired and go to the carriage to rest first. Polite farewell nodded at the two old men. Mountain master looked at the hostile gaze of the two brothers, and hid in the carriage.
Luo Mei was disappointed, but the two old people changed their senses slightly for Master Shan.
Hiding in the carriage, Sun Yatsen thoughtfully connected the shadow again.
Eyes flashing, Master Shan finally gave up his plan to attack. Ten kilometers away from the motorcade, a group of dead people are dragging their feet. The number is small, but not many bones are converted into experience values. After all, this time, it is going deep into the Orc Empire, and there are plenty of opportunities to display their means.
This time, in addition to condensing weightloss drugs to the army, Master Shan will also stabilize magic drugs from time to time, but this time, Master Shan will go back to the army alive and record his contribution, which will double or even triple the compensation for Master Shan.
These are all revealed to Master Shan by the major general. After all, half of Master Shan’s potions are now earned by him. How can he not care?
Knowing the details of compensation has many advantages over those ignorant companions, Master Shan.
However, Master Shan’s main goal is that the undead have heard that there are a large number of undead in the orc empire, and a small number of semidemons have been finely doped in the imperial city, which has formed a certain scale of chaos.
Although it seems to be a good way to gain energy spar and increase experience value all the time, after all, it is a lack of war materials. The general has slightly woken up Master Shan once, which means to buy but not too much. If it attracts the attention of the military inspection brigade, even the less general will lose Master Shan.
In fact, even if the general doesn’t say anything about Shanye, he is ready to stop the acquisition. After all, this acquisition can’t last long, and it is easy to attract others’ attention and cause trouble. Shanye will buy it for a while and then give up this road.
However, smallscale acquisitions have never stopped, which is a way to gain experience.
Now that I have my own team, I want to win the war to get what I want. After all, compared with the purchase of spar, it is obvious that war gives me more experience.
What’s more, this campaign is dealing with the undead, and there is no pressure.
Didn’t give up the monitoring of these small undead. Grandpa closed his eyes and waited to start again.
Master Shan’s mind is all about gaining experience, so it seems very lowkey, but lowkey doesn’t mean trouble won’t happen.
夜网论坛The bigbreasted woman deliberately sat next to Master Shan when she went back after lunch. The two brothers looked at each other and became more hostile to Master Shan.
Master Shan’s eyelids seemed to be afraid, but they were too lazy to pay attention.
Turco sitting next to Luo Mei or just sticking to each other’s body Luo Mei had to simply squeeze into the mountain.
I don’t want to make trouble. Although it is a happy thing for a fragrant woman to stick to herself, at this time, my attention is focused on the smallscale encounter in front of me. My face suddenly looks a little unhappy and looks at Turk. Mr. Turk, is your ass big? Why is it always crowded on my side? Mountain Ye suddenly let several people in the carriage qi qi zheng immediately, and then two old men laughed in stitches, even the younger brother opposite Turk couldn’t help laughing.
Teke’s thin face was immediately blushed and his neck was thick. He argued that Mr. Sam, the carriage is bumpy, don’t take offense. He said that he took the initiative to move aside and moved away from Luo Mei.
Because two old men are nearby, Turk is also not good at hair. He glared at me with a sullen face and giggled. My younger brother stopped laughing, but Turk hated Master Shan and occasionally looked at him with malice and gnashing hatred.
Master Shan was unmoved, but the old god was still looking at the shadow and handing me the image.
The undead is coming! The dead come! !” Trembling glide, however, was soon followed by a loud roar from the whole team. Those who disturb the morale will be beheaded! !” Accompanied by this roar, a large number of cold weapons were swish when they were drawn.
After all, the quality of the rescue forces organized by the military is not comparable to that of the lords and mixed soldiers, and this little riot was immediately stopped.
The team once again, although the speed is a little slower, but everyone’s hearts are much more secure.
After all, the Teke brothers have never seen the world before, and they usually stay in the laboratory. When they hear about the undead, they immediately throw their usual manners and arrogance into their crotch.
But two old men have seen the world, and their faces have changed slightly and they have returned to normal.
Luo Mei is also scared. She wants to find a place where she lives. She is also shivering next to Teke. Of course, it’s not Luo Mei’s choice. Anyway, it’s crowded here. Luo Mei puts women’s reserve on the mountain.