On the afternoon of November 10, the various districts and counties collected by the longevity nucleic acid samples were supported, and the work stepped on the return road.

A returned bus, sitting 51 health care providers from all hospitals from the river. Since November 4, they will help longevity districts, and they are distributed in 17 large-scale nucleic acid sampling points, persistently for 7 days, accumulating 47,728 copies. At this moment, I left together, and there was a special gift for longevity citizens sent to them. The bus slowly wandered from longevity, and the medical staff on the car gave a story behind the Chongqing Daily reporters.

  "Doctor Auntie, this is given to you" He Qiurong from the Pisjiang County People’s Hospital, has been holding a storage box in his hand. "This is a child who sent it. I have been reluctant to eat." She took out a pale yellow lollipop from the box.

  He Qiulong took aid in Wuhan, in this round of epidemics, she took the initiative to apply for longevity, and was sent to the nucleic acid sampling point of the Zhujiatan community in Yanjia Street.

  Zhujiaqi area has a large population density and the sampling task is arduous.

In the morning of the 4th, after she arrived at the sampling point and other team members, she quickly put into tensions.

On the 5th morning, He Qiusong after a long time, his eyes have been covered with blood.

At this time, it was a 3-year-old little boy.

Looking at the swabs of He Qiu Rong, the little boy underneath refunded back.

  "Is it afraid?" He Qiurong asked with concern.

"No, I am not afraid!" The little boy suddenly became brave. He shook his head and strive to take the mouth to the largest. After the sample is completed, the little boy is refused to walk.

He took a lollipop from the trouser pocket, stuffed into He Qiu Rong, said, "Doctor Auntie, this is given to you." He Qiusong tears.

  "Girl, is it cold?" "Although these warm treasures I didn’t use, I plan to collect them forever.

"Li Fang sitting in He Qiurong is also from the Pansjiang County People’s Hospital. She took out a thick stack of warm baby and told reporters a beautiful misunderstanding.

  On November 7th, the winter and the temperature dropped suddenly.

Li Fang wearing a thick protective clothing, busy working out nucleic acid sample. At this time, a big mother came over a bag of warm baby. "Girl, I think you always keep your hand, are you cold? This is I just went to the supermarket to buy it, you can don’t freeze bad "The big mother’s face is obviously worried."

Li Fang readily looked at this big mother before, and recognized a resident that just queued for nucleic acid detection. "I am doing hands because of cold, but according to epidemic prevention requirements, every time I have done it, I have to use alcohol to disinfect your hands." Li Fang explained. But the big Niang thought she was polite, she had to accept the pile of warm baby. In the next few days, there are still many misunderstandings, from time to time, there are nearby residents to send warm articles such as handbills, thermos bags.

  "In fact, the community has been equipped with sufficient heating, warm items, but the concern of residents gave us the biggest encouragement." Speaking of these beautiful misunderstandings, Li Fang feels, this winter is very warm.

  "You also have to take care!" Yu Ting, who was born in 1996 from the Shajiang County Maternal and Child Health Hospital, she is a minimum medical staff of the nucleic acid sampling point of Zhujiayan community.

  "This bag is a wife who sent it. I have to bring it home." Yu Ting carefully put the peanuts in the prosthetic layer of the luggage package, and I was afraid to lose. On November 4th, when Yu Ting was a class, a 70-year-old wife came to the sampling of the crutches. The old man looked at her protective clothing and wrote two words of "Phawan River", grateful to: "The old is far away, it is hard to work.

"After half an hour, the old man came back again, and there were more things in hand. It turned out that the old man worried that Yu Ting was hungry. She got home to send some peanuts." Sister, you must take care! "The bus continues to move.

Outside the window, the winter rain is floating; in the car, he will mean.

Listening to the story behind this piece, the medical staff on the car do not move, some are red. Car to the cushion river.

I have to get off, Yu Ting told reporters that this is the first time she follows the medical team to support, participate in large-scale nucleic acid sampling. "I have harvested, experienced, more intangible things, such as responsibility, taken.

"After the 90 girl picks up the luggage bag, the peanuts in the bag," there is this – touch and warmth! These special gifts, we must always collect.

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