Heart thoughts,Nodding,“Yes,This is I handed it in the morning.。”
“Do you remember the length of the person??”
The sound of the car is rushing to。
The color scale is somewhat unclear.,Still toddle,“remember。”
“Do you have his contact method?,Can you contact him??”
Colorful scale,“President,Home,Do you want to catch http://www.wsx2.cnhim??
I,what should I do?”
Listen to her,Liangqiu and the car are sealed。
Wei Yisi is speechless,The next conscious looks at the end of the side.。
How do these women repairs a brain?。
“What caught him?。”
The car can’t see it.,After all, the color scale is your own.,Snort,“That is a generic master。”
Packed scales,The knot is pointed to say。
She is a bit incredible,Just like Mu Wei,They can perceive the summer fluffy young atmosphere。
That is a young man who is young.,How can it be a big man?。
The president and the owner will not make a mistake.。
Moreover,If it is a big man,Why buy so many ordinary metal materials。
“Of course it is a big man,He only used half a day,In order to solve all the rewards above the 10,000 god dollars above the reward……cough,What do you say to you?,As I asked you,Is there any contact method?,Can you contact him??”
Color scales,Under the point of view,“Not long ago, he also came again to a refining area.,And I added five million orders to me.,I also exchanged the message volatility with him.。”
“Very good!”
http://www.ruishishoubiao.cn Liangqiu and the gaze have a bright look,Even can’t suppress the gas field on your body,Immediately scare the color scales。
“Color scale,You put all the things in touch,All said in detail。”
NS3862chapter Intend
Inns in the hotel,Summer is still interested in viewing the contents of the jade simple。
at this time,Brow。
He tongged his hand and took out the message.。