Sound like mosquitoes are generally small,When I said, the girl was tightly holding the calf.。
He should leave.!after all,Thank you,People’s vanity will be satisfied。
Then,That person will leave,I will forget her soon.。
Must be like this,This world is full of hypocrisy。
Especially those who choose,They are high,Treat her such person,I have always given some things that they seem great.。
Don’t know,This kind of thing is for her.,Nothing everywhere。
She received a bag of Mola,However, no one is willing to sell things to her.。
Instead, she will bring her bad luck and disaster to kick her.。
It turned out that she was defeated in the Lawrence family.,It’s hard to get the Lawrence family,But Mond City also does not have her own placement。
Just because she is surname Lawrence,Just because she has a curse。
this world,Never belong to her!
“little girl,Do you want to go with me??”
Francis’s face reveals a good smile。
How is this going?this person……Shouldn’t!People like her,Even people are disappointing。
Can,Does he come to another place??
“Mr. Lawrence!”
Girl gently spit out a sentence,After the end,Long Shu。
In this case he should……
Looking at the expression of the person, there is no change.,Beli feels that he should say something that is curse.。
“I……Hey!”Belle just opened,Just mentioned him.。
Don’t look at the game very short,What is the real situation? Everyone is a few minutes nearly one meter!
So at least France168NS!Although he didn’t quite……
Hold the little girl with the thigh,Run to Knight Headquarters。
Unexpected,Wennesha and Wendi should be。
Belle tightly holding the neck of Francesis,Closed eyes,This makes her feel a untrue warmth.。
“correct,What’s your name?”
Francis looks at the child’s scared child,Ask。
“what……I、My name is Beli.。”
“Belle??It’s a good name.。Green treasure?”Francis searched a memory of the mind。Belle has green gems,Lucky meaning。
“It’s very matching with you.!”
Belle blush,No one has passed her from a small to the big.。
Underground day,A handsome and clean boy holds a dirty girl,And the girl is still famous in Mond City。
How to say it is too attractive。
“You see the girl holding the girl,Is it the disaster star of the Lawrence family?”
“How many days!It’s still her.!Little brother,Far away from her,This girl is cursed!”
“Don’t worry,Others, a bunch of trouble!”