Xiang Chen frowned deeper,He still has some memories about Yan Xiaoyi’s wife,But the degree of this memory is not very clear。
I looked at the woman in front of me and nodded constantly,Xiang Chen asked doubtfully:“Then why don’t you go in by yourself?”
The woman standing in front of Xiang Chen didn’t speak,In my mindwww.ytea.but it is:If my old lady can go in by herself, I still have to stand here and beg you?
I keep complaining in my heart,But in front of Xiang Chen,The woman still smiles amiably。
Xiang Chen stopped talking,Push the door and walk into the inn。
I happened to see Yan Xiaoyi and Han Genji drinking,Opened his mouth,I just wanted to tell Yan Xiaoyi that your wife is waiting for you outside the inn,Xiang Chen reacted suddenly,Why does Yan Xiaoyi stay at the inn?。
Like a mountain torrent bursting a bank,A lot of forgotten messages also appeared in Xiang Chen’s mind。
Opened mouth closed again,Xiang Chen no longer asks for boring,Dragging his tired body,Went straight back to my room。
“Really let her stand outside the door?”
After saying hello to Xiang Chen,Based on the amount of alcohol,Planted in front of Yan Xiaoyi for the first time。
“I have given her everything I have before,She looks back now,What does it have to do with me?”
Yan Xiaoyi is also drunk and hazy,When talking to Han Genji,The tongue has begun to knot unconsciously。
“Ah!I don’t understand,She knows mine now,When I was in the arms of other men,Did she think of me again?”
Yan Xiaoyi smiled miserably,something,It’s indeed my baby,But this baby is not his own,People will find,Actually, I’m not so persistent about the baby thing。
Turning to look at the figure outside the door,Yan Xiaoyi doesn’t even know,In the old days,Why can she fill her heart?
Wang Yufei was still looking at the situation inside the inn outside the door,But since Han Geunji rejected him,,It’s been a long time since Yan Xiaoyi rushed out。
Wang Yufei once believed that her boss could treat herself forever,Even without a status,The monthly income can also fill the void without Yan Xiaoyi。
But the day is not fulfilled,Who would have thought that his boss would fail to invest,Packaged and sold the entire company。