Original title: a wheat breeding academic activities, why so "hot" Recently, the theme of "Family wheat plant genome research and molecular breeding," the Sixth International Forum in Zhengzhou Yellow River opened the forum to discuss how high the level of wheat breeding.

Just six hours to attract people online and interactive warm, suffering from acclaimed.

  Why an academic activity raised concerns so many experts, scholars and researchers, by academics at home? Reporters feel in the interview that the Academic Forum "fever", the influence of the participants of experts and scientific strength is critical, has improved the participants to make reasonable agenda-setting is also important. 6 domestic academicians, eight foreign experts and wheat genetic improvement, molecular breeding, plant pathology and more than 30 scholars engaged in cultivation of wheat from 10 provinces involved. Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Northwest A & F University and other research institutes to participate. "Wheat soil-borne virus: from laboratory research to field investigation, prevention and control of the field and then" "major progress of my country’s wheat breeding and challenges of this century" face …… from home and abroad the number of academicians and scholars to speak on the same stage, experts interactive site to answer questions. Young Scholars Yingui Hong deep experience. August 2017, the theme of "scab-resistant wheat genetic improvement of the summit," the Third International Yellow River Forum held Yingui Hong give academicians at the meeting in person guidance.

Since then the team has Yangui Hong "acceleration", three years three new varieties of wheat scab resistance through the validation. This rate is very rare in the industry. "For research, detours can save incubation time. Academicians and experts to guide the country, let us go the young scholars research detours." Yangui Hong said.

  Forum held six years, participants of 100,000 people, the number of young scholars therefore embarked on a bit of research "fast track." "Wheat is the world’s problem, the Yellow River Forum should also be at the international level, we must use international perspective to solve the problem of global wheat technology.

"This IYRF organizing committee said," international, academic, professional, continuity, innovation, persistence is the major characteristics of the Yellow River International Forum. "International Yellow River Forum started in 2015 by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the National 2011 plan Henan crops collaborative Chief Scientist Innovation Center wheat Cheng Shun and proposals, approved by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, showing a small-scale, short reports, long discussions, high-level and other characteristics , has been included in the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Faculty academic activities.

  "I hope the Chinese Academy of Engineering in major strategic consulting, project feasibility studies and major policy decisions, train top talent, first-class innovation ecosystem to build and so on, Henan provide intellectual support and talent.

I hope that academicians, experts seek good policy for the development of multi Henan, Henan into a powerful momentum for the modernization construction.

"Vice Governor of Henan Province, Wu said at a national sixth IYRF.

  Wheat basal rot of young domestic university teachers Yang Xia said: "This kind of academic activities, we understand the industry is an important platform for cutting-edge research, but also with the international and domestic top team a channel of communication, there will be new every time to participate It harvests.

"(Reporter Ding Yan) (Editor: Peng Wan, on behalf of Xiao Ling).