"We originally established this farm is to think about the ability to make a point for farming research. Now the children live in the city, there is no chance to contact crops, and lack of labor opportunities, so parents have come to this, let the children experience The charm of labor and the joy of harvest, I think it is very meaningful. "

Liu Chaolhui, head of Jiahe Modern Farm, introduced. "Today, I personally experienced the dug potato, and I learned about the growth of sweet potato, I learned the knowledge I haven’t had, and I exercised my body. I feel particularly meaningful. I have to take my martial potato to my mother. Look.

"Students from the fifth grade of the district experimental primary school said happily.

Agricultural Tillage is only one aspect of the implementation of the "Double Reduction" policy in Hebei Baoding Qingyuan. The area also actively explores the form of labor practice activities, open the classroom to the field, and cultivate students to establish the correct labor concept and enhance the labor ability.

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