Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, from June 1st, Shanghai has more than 200,000 workers strikes, more than 50,000 students, and the business people in the public concession, the city has formed a vast "five-way sports". Subsequently, the anti-Division patriotic movement swept China as a fire.

The famous commercial landmarks near Nanjing Road, Henglong Square, in the 1920s, or an inconspicuous alley. The Shanghai University at the time was born, and became the source of the five-way movement.

In the five-way sport, students are not afraid of power, not afraid of sacrifice, becoming a silhouette of the Chinese revolution, Shanghai University students Zhu Youyi is one of them. In a bungalow in the Shanghai City, Zhu Youcai is holding a sleeve, full of sweating, is being confused on the steel plate. These flyers are the "secret weapon" he participated in the revolution. A Zhang Dynasty was exuded by the students in the streets of Shanghai. The horn of the strike, the tide of patriotism, spread throughout the country, gathered into a torrent power, unstoppable.

(Shanghai school) student three five complex, column flag, the book "Student Speech", and distribute two types, one is "students being arrested", one is "defeating imperialism."

Yang Yu, deputy director of the CCP, a deputy governor, told us that such a distributor is extremely adventurous at the time.

They are slightly inadvertent, and they are facing the hockey sticks and iron.

The small flyer seems to have a bullet, the wedge is in the conspiracy of imperialism, so that he has a thousand holes.

Deng Zhongxia, the early leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Workers’ Sports, in the "Experience in the Strike of Shanghai Japanese Girl Plant", this paper is an important role in the revolutionary struggle: Wu Xiaogong, a small small legend. The people ‘s fighting spirit, evoke the people’s consciousness, becoming a booster of this anti-imperialist patriotic movement. After the five-way movement, just as Deng Zhongxia said: "Revolutionary climax, a diarrhea". The Chinese revolution opened another wave of magnificent struggles. I am a grand gap Memorial Mission, Sun Zongshan, born in 1992, 29 years old this year. Three years ago graduated from the master’s degree, I came here to become a revolutionary cultural relics. Today, every cultural relics seen in the audience, such as the steel plate used in the "five-way sports" period, and there is a revolutionary past.

At that time, the Chinese people didn’t be ironless, and the red hand was empty, facing the full-deputy imperialist aggression, carry forward the fearless spirit of the enemy, dare to despise the enemy.

"Red blood is washed Shenzhou, and the ancient ancient times".

I will protect this spiritual home in the memorial, and willing to tell this history to more people.