“did not expect,protect you,It’s really better than practicing in the museum.。”
Did not see it,This yellow caison,It’s a person who likes fighting.。
but,This look,It’s just right.。
Shen Xuan laugh and not speak。
all of these,In fact, Shen Xuan is a clear one.。
For these things,Shen Xuan is a look that it is completely designed.。
“I don’t care how many people you have today.。”
“Even if you are all people from Zhao’s family.,I can’t keep you!”
Shen Xuan finished,Speed up。
One of the Zhao family guards,Raise weapons in hands,I knocked over the head of Shen Xuan’s head.。
However,I haven’t http://www.guangcaizhixing.cn waited for this stick to tap into Shen Xuan’s head.,Shen Xuan’s body slightly,Directly avoid this hit。
Finish,Shen Xuan, a long boxing, in this person。
Another sound of bone fragmentation,This person has no breath,Direct down。
And Shen Xuan,Only no matter how much,Continue to walk forward。
Alongside,Shen Xuan still didn’t forget to say。
“Look,You also do this。”
“Look,Before, I was too highweed.。”
With Shen Xuan’s words,This is to let Zhao Mingguang’s heart is not exempt.。
How can this??
Especially Shen Xuan should pay,I can’t see the slight pressure.。
Such strength,This superb fighter。
But it is not a three words.。
I do not know how it is,Zhao Minggua faintly felt,Here,I am afraid I will cool it.。
If this is really the case,Then this,Never not good news。
“Shen Xuan,You are alone,Will http://www.jiubaisong.cn not have a good end。”
“You will become,The number one public enemy of the major families of Suzhou City。”
Zhao Mingguang stretched his finger to Shen Xuan,Bite the teeth,I want to continue to say something to Shen Xuan.。
“so,Is it not what you are afraid??”
Shen Xuan’s voice http://www.eshenglove.cn falls,Zhao Mingguang suddenly stuck。
actually,He is indeed afraid。
At this moment,Zhao Mingguang looks into Shen Xuan,Bite the teeth,In the heart of the dark disk, how to do it next。