“Run,No matter who wins,We are all dead ends。”
So Li Tianzhen gritted his teeth and ran wildly,I saw the golden skeleton go away instantly,Suddenly it darkened,The rift in the sky finally can’t hold it,Cracked a few more big holes,Fragments fall continuously,Into nothingness in mid-air,Followed by,The surrounding scenery is constantly blackening、Shattered,Even explode。
“Shura mystery is over。”Li Xiucheng’s voice tightened,Seems to be bad,Li Tianzhen didn’t say a word,Crazy jump。
After a series of violent booms,The surrounding scenery and space began to collapse like rain,Shura Secret Realm is like the end,A big hand suddenly appeared in the sky,Facing Li Tianzhen, he grabbed it,Li Tianzhi,I want to change my direction,But not as fast as that hand,Black in front,Was held upright by the opponent。
The skin of this palm is as firm as steel,Crunching Li Tianzhen’s skeleton body,He sacrificed the leaf knife with difficulty,But I heard Li Xiucheng whisper,“Don’t be impulsive,Not yet a critical moment。”
Shout,Li Tianzhen’s body rose into the sky,Then fell heavily to the ground,He did not resist Li Xiucheng’s instructions,So I was thrown away,Open your eyes,Still the core position of the original battle group,There are two guys lying on the ground,Dimoro、The congenital Taoist did not run away,I seem to escape no matter how,Also failed to escape from the realm of the Great Asura God。
The stalwart body of the great Shura god,Hold a short gun in each hand,Watching the sky warily,The blue sky and white clouds in the Secret Realm of Shura no longer exist,It’s a dark night sky,The secret realm should be completely collapsed,This is the first time Li Tianzhu saw the complete body of the Great Asura God。
A huge body like a mountain,Exudes a fiery red light,Li Tianzhen is like being on the edge of an erupting volcano,The scorching breath made his breathing extremely difficult,It’s difficult to see the whole face even if the other person’s face looks up.,The great supernatural powers of the Shura world are really extraordinary。
Although the armor and robes of the Great Shura God are in tatters,But in another decisive battle,He doesn’t seem to suffer too much,The body stands upright like a huge rock,The hands holding the short gun are still strong。
But Li Tianzhen found the clue,Under the Eyes of True Vision,The hands of the Great Asura god are covered with fine lines,It seems that the vase that is about to be broken has cracked,Not just hands,All exposed parts of the body are cracked,The crack is very fine,It’s hard to see under the cover of red light,But only a short time,The crack grows bigger。
“You see?”A terrifying voice fell over his head,The Great Asura God bowed his head slightly,Eyes like searchlights are staring at Li Tianzhi,The cracks on his face are even worse,Just said a word,One side of the lower lip exploded、Fall off,And swept into the night with the wind。
Li Tianzhi’s creeps,Subconsciously summon a leaf knife,Flashing green,His figure is retreating rapidly,But the Great Asura God did not make a move,Just a weird smile,Because part of the flesh is missing,That image is very strange。